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  1. Try looking through these pages of profiles for some inspiration. Plenty of options you can use straight up or modify. http://www.luft46.com/profiles/paprofil.html
  2. Quickboost have both the He 162 and Ta 183 seats in their product list. Both will suit the time frame of a Luft 46' subject. I've used their Ta 183 for Amusing Hobby's Triebfluge and have another waiting for the Weserflug P.1003. He 162 Ta 183 Good modelling
  3. Thanks Finn, some interesting shots of Vietnam era aircraft there. Sorry I can't provide any more info on the pics I posted other than both are from 'Pintrest'. Was just collecting pictures for my own use while building my model when the query about armament came up. Appreciate all you've done so far. Please don't go out of your way for any more info. Will hopefully show some pics of the finished model later. Don't hold your breath but it will get done. Cheers Red Dog
  4. Nice job. ๐Ÿ‘Very appealing scheme. Have to agree with others here - prime with white before laying down yellow or any light colours. I'll even put down white before red. One layer of white and one layer of yellow is better than three layers of just yellow.
  5. Thanks again Ron. Really appreciate your input and help. Sound perfectly reasonable that '393' could've been transferred, hence the differences. From just asking an armament question, I'm getting really interested in this plane and would love to find out more about it, including the two airmen in those shots. I'll keep digging away and see what else I can find. I have very limited F-4 references so google has been great so far. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for your replies Finn, Scout712 and f111guru. That clears that up perfectly. 2 x AN/ALQ-87 's in forward sparrow wells (stations 4 & 6), 2 sparrows in rear wells (3 & 7) a BLU-27 on centerline (5), Mk. 82's on MER's (2 & ๐Ÿ˜Ž and fuel tanks (1 & 9) ๐Ÿ‘ I have all of these items either in the kit (Hasegawa's F-4E - with swapped hard wing from Has F-4EJ) or in Hasegawa's Weapons sets. Those extra pics are fantastic Ron thanks for posting. I think I may have found my modelling subject F-4E 70393 A couple of follow up questions if I may. It seems from what I can see (it is hard to be certain) that 393 in the pics that I posted has the JV code of the 469th TFS 388TFW but in Rons pics 393 is definitely coded JJ of the 34th TFS 388TFW. Is that possible a switch between squadrons or am I seeing things incorrectly in reading JV? Also, what is the significance of the green with white border marking under the canopy? Appreciate all your help so far. Thanks Red Dog
  7. Hi all, Just after identification of what's on the centerline pylon on this F-4E please. Is it a BLU-27 Napalm cannister? Also Right forward sparrow station (unfortunately unseen in both pics) From what I can see and identify: Left Outer pylon - Fuel tank Left Inner pylon - MER with 3 x Mk.82's Left forward sparrow station - AN/ALQ-87 Left rear sparrow station - AIM-7E sparrow Centerline - BLU-27 Napalm? Right rear sparrow station - ? (Aim-7E like LHS?) Right Forward sparrow station - ? Right Inner pylon - MER with 3 x Mk.82's Right Outer pylon - Fuel tank Any help or corrections greatly appreciated. Cheers Red Dog
  8. Hi all, Anyone seen decals done for this aircraft or who must I bribe to get a set done in this scheme? (1/48 scale) EA-6B Prowler of VMAQT-1 'Banshees' MCAS Cherry Point 2016 (Retirement). Good looking scheme.
  9. Thanks Archelaos that's certainly an option. Thanks Ed, also seeing what else is there on your site.
  10. Ungainly, ugly, out of place - just the reason to build it, I think. Nicely done.
  11. Great build. As others have already said the weathering is top notch.
  12. Red Roo here in Oz do make a vac formed canopy replacement for the AZ Vengeance kit. Has anyone tried fitting this to the Dora Kit? If someone has the vac formed replacement for the AZ kit would you mind taking some measurements. Span of the Dora Wings fuselage is 11mm. Maybe a combination of kit parts and Red Roo's AZ vac formed canopy may work?
  13. Has anyone found or made a vac formed canopy replacement for the Dora Wings Vengeance? Would like to pose with an open canopy. The kit only allows for closed canopy and placing one canopy piece over another makes it sit way to high and besides the gunner/observer's part would slide under the middle/center piece. Any help or suggestions greatly welcome. Cheers Red Dog
  14. Did someone say excessive packaging? 1/48 paint mask for scorpion markings on an Israeli F-16 tail. As can be seen next to my wallet, no bigger than two postage stamps. Have fun with the Fw 190D-9. Have built a few of these and they are quite simple to put together.
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