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  1. Excellent, Thanks Giorgio. Simple really, when you know. I'll see what codes I have in yellow. Cheers
  2. Researching this spitfire oddity the PR.XIII Going with Medium sea grey & Dark green over PRU Mauve as has been mentioned in previous posts (debatable but have go with something). What I'm after is opinions on the colour of the squadron codes when they were being used for training by 718 FAA as in the b&w pics below Knowing that FAA seafires used both white and yellow (as well as sky and red). Have seen both yellow and white used for same squadron (model by tonyot here on BM) From page 84 of Ian Allens Spitfire at War part 4 To me they look very white ie. bright and similar in tone to the white of the fin flash. Also of note is the light colouring of the ailerons. I have seen profiles of FAA spitfire with yellow ailerons & wing tips. Could these also be yellow? Seem a tad darker than the fuselage codes. Is that an indicator for a training aircraft? As always any help is greatly appreciated, Cheers
  3. Lovely paint job and weathering. Great skills on show. Well done Thant.
  4. These Arma Hobby kits are becoming more and more common amongst these pages. Another fine example Ali. May have to look into where I can obtain a few.
  5. Superb. Fantastically built model and the paint job really brings it to life. The exhausts are especially nice. Well Done Franz75.
  6. 'Tell him he's dreaming'. Things could not be that good. Eduard are bringing out a Vb & Vc dual boxing. Revied here by Brett Green on Hyperscale http://hyperscale.com/2021/reviews/kits/eduard11149reviewbg_1.htm Would be good marketing though. Different boxings could include USAAF Vc & VIII (North Africa) RAAF Vc & VIII SAAF Vc & VIII RAF Vc & VIII in the Far East I'm sure there's others.
  7. My eyes have been opened. Disappointing to hear about the errors in the Airframe & Miniature series of books. I do like their format but to have such simple errors on easily accessible information seems lazy. At least we have a platform here to share these inaccuracies and learn . Thanks
  8. Amazing the wealth of knowledge you have collected over the years Peter. Thanks for clearing 'the two greens' theory up. You just wont let me model something different and slightly off beat will you. I'm open to new info or interpretations but do like to confirm it if possible. Very jealous of you being able to spend time and talk with some of our nations heroes and now share their stories. Fly in at Swan Hill you say, I may have been at that one too. Was at many a fly in during the 80's with the family and the AAAA. Thanks heaps for your time and replies. Andrew (Red Dog) McLean
  9. As others have said you are the man when it comes to Aussie Spits, Thanks Magpie22. Interesting info about Earth Brown and its use or lack of with Spits, but also very logical for the times and situation. I'll keep my bottle of Earth Brown for something else, something locally built as you have stated. Now that Earth Brown story has been cleared up, what about the reports of a mid green used on 79 Sqn Spits? From Valiant Wings Airframe & Miniature No.12 The Supermarine Spitfire Pt.1 (Merlin-powered) by Richard A. Franks 'No.79 Sqn carried a distinctive scheme from March 1945, the standard grey/green being too obvious at low level over jungle or tropical waters, so the grey was replaced with a lighter shade of green mixed by No.6 Aircraft Depot using six parts Cockpit Green with one part white (RAF Interior Green not US)'. Now there's something different. I have seen one Spitfire model painted in this scheme which definitely looks different. I'm all for different and unusual. Interesting photo and observation Drop Bear, I'll keep those points in mind when I eventually get round to doing the Mk.Vc in RAAF service. Shouldn't be too far away with Eduard now releasing their Vc. Will be easier than taking the knife to the Tamiya Vb's in the stash. Cheers
  10. I wish my wife was that dirty! Superb job, the extra effort was well worth it.
  11. Nicely done, great finish. Love this scheme and have plans to do one in the same scheme with Italeri's boxing of the Accurate Miniatures kit.
  12. Thanks Michael I stand corrected, have edited my previous comments. Apologies for misleading anyone. Interesting subject and story with the 4 cannons.
  13. Thanks Michael, That info pretty much confirms what I have collected and concluded. Seems only reasonable that they overpaint the one conspicuous colour in Middle stone. If stencils can still be seen on the brown = Dark Earth (RAF) Overpainting of roundels can be seen on pics then use of (RAF) Dark Earth will show up as darker (fresher) or locally supplied Dark Earth or Earth Brown will also provide contrast in pics. Much appreciated but ruins what could have been a very interesting paint job.
  14. Here's some of the discrepancies that are seen online. The profile above of Clive Caldwell's a/c (A58-484) as Eduard (Peter Malone) have stated in their painting instructions is in Foliage Green/Dark Earth & Azure. This pic (unknown source) of the exact same a/c states it to be in Foliage Green/Earth Brown & Sky Blue (a total repaint from original desert camo).
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