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  1. Darn, and here I was thinking 6 or 7 kits would do. Really do like the different/oddball schemes on many aircraft. Thanks for those extra shots Sabrejet, they're brilliant. You must have an extensive library.
  2. Orso, would like to hear more about your builds/ planned builds. Mine are all Academy's 1/72 F6F-3/5 built out of box with no additional changes that the real aircraft had (elongated tail wheel strut, extra horizontal antennae on tail antennae). Just showing off the different coloured paint jobs, besides trying to add that extra antannae would only lead to pain. Plan on doing one of each colour eventually. So far done yellow, green, pink and dark blue all in final stages of painting.
  3. Fantastic info Sabrejet. What started out as a project to do something slightly oddball or different has been really fascinating, finding out about the whole back story and extra tid bits. Keep it coming.
  4. Yes your right Orso on those numbers. I do have that info, just didn't look at my own notes close enough. That last point of a dark blue tail with no. 11 is actually an all blue aircraft, maybe No.11's control aircraft? same line up from the front
  5. Brilliant. Thanks guys, great info, just what I was after. Different sizes it then. Appreciate your input and help in this matter. On the coloured tails. It seems there's no evidence of what nos. 5 & 6 were. The actual colour of the numbers on the tails as far as I can tell was 1 to 10 were white and 11 to 20 were black. Cheers all
  6. Hi all, Doing a few Academy 1/72 Hellcats as post war drones. You know the ones, bright red with different coloured tails used for testing the radioactivity of the air over atomic detonations post war. Anyway my question is about the stars and bars on the fuselage sides and on the wings. Were they the same size or were the wing ones slightly smaller? I have Alley Cat's set of decals for these planes and their decals have 2 different sized stars and bars (larger for fuselage, smaller on wings) But both Eduard and H-Models have only one size of stars and bars for fuselage and wings Further research. Do these both look the same size? I ask this as I will need to purchase After Market Star and Bars Decals and just need to know if I need only one size or two. Cheers ad thanks for any info or answers.
  7. Summed up in one word, 'Wow'. Truly superb job. Well done.
  8. Each paint brand claims to have the correct colour but who is correct when they all appear to be quite different interpretations of the same colour. Where do they get their samples from? How do they go about then making their versions? I'm not one looking for the exact colour (cos quite frankly that's an impossibility with such things as in the real world there was different manufacturers of the same colours, different recipes due to changes forced because of raw material shortages, differences when mixed or thinned at bases or repair depots, differences in weathering, differences in interpretations because of the type of film used in cameras taking the pics of the subjects, the list goes on) I just want something in the ball park, and when its a two or three camo scheme, colours that look good together when on the model. Below are few of the different interpretations of the same colours from different paint manufacturers Even now shades will be different from their original because of the camera, computer and screen, but you get the gist of how different some colours are. Apologies for some of the reflections of light especially in the Mr. Paint RLM 02 There are three shades of AK's Real Colors Air RLM 81, I have version 1 and 2 which are both in the one square diagonally split. Top Right is V.1 bottom Left is V.3 I use and am happy with Gunze's Mr Hobby Colors including their RLM 74 & 75, for my Luftwaffe aircraft (although I have made my own interpretation of RLM 81 using a 2:1 mix of Gunze H-421 and Tamiya XF-64 which I haven't included on the card but you can see it here below with Gunze's RLM82), but was interested to see what the other manufacturers interpretations were like. I suppose you could say I was interested in what I was missing out on. Firstly my mix of RLM 81 with Gunze's RLM 82 And the comparison card Comments, thoughts... Cheers Red Dog
  9. She's a beauty. The different shades in the paneling look good. Nicely done.
  10. So it is Ian. Buggar, hadn't noticed before but now it's going to bug the hell out me.
  11. Ventura Publications Classic Warbirds No.11 'Merlin PR Spitfires in detail' by Malcolm Laird & Wojtek Matusiak is your book of choice. I'II try to I help you out a bit as I have it here. From the book - 'The PR.XI was eventually developed from the F.IX, rather than the the F.VIII and an order was placed - although never fulfilled - for 70 PR.VIIIs based on the F.VIII.' On the windscreen From the book 'PR.X canopy - Being pressurised, the PR.X had a 'Lobelle' canopy with its heavy external rail. Note the PR.X had a full depth rear window and rubberised sealing strip along the rear edge of the sliding part of the canopy. This cockpit canopy and windscreen set were standard on the pressurised F.VII and PR.X. (yes read X not XI in the above quote. it doesn't say anything after this concerning the PR.XI canopy) Struggling to find the exact details your after from the book. Nothing about different canopies on the PR.XI. It's getting late here so I'll sign off but will have a closer read ASAP for to find if what your after is in the book. Cheers
  12. I know how you feel. I saw Daniel Zamarbide's outstanding example and thought the exactly the same. So go ahead a do it whiskey. It can be a bit time consuming with the masking but a great learning experience getting the invasion stripes to look hastily painted as they were in real life. Do you have the Eagle Editions book 'The P-51's of Major George Preddy'? The decals that come with it are great and go down real nice with solvset.
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