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  1. Yeah nice one. Great finish, the shading is just superb. Hobby Boss' A-4's look the business. How does it go together, any pitfalls to be aware of?
  2. Someone does likes it, I was just talking to them a minute ago... Sweet finish, just enough chipping and scrapes to make it look used and worn. Wheels look fantastic with the dusted effect. Top stuff.
  3. Stunning. Love the 'What if' theme. Brilliantly finished and weathered, just amazing. Results we all aspire to.
  4. Simply stunning Daryl. She's dirty alright. Love the paint job and weathering. Such attention to detail including the touch up painting on individual panels. Well done. Look forward to the next one.
  5. Thanks for the info Pin and Rod. I'll have a look for that book. Good to have the info all in one place and at your fingertips. Cheers
  6. Does anyone has an easy to read/look at reference for Soviet/Russian aircraft weaponry? Something that covers and describes what all the prefixes and suffixes mean and covers all air to air & air to surface missiles, guided & unguided bombs etc. Starting to get a handle on a few terms but still need more info. Got few Russian jets in the stash and just trying to get possible loadouts organised. Starting out getting the terminology in order and what aircraft would use what weapons. Should have plenty with the kits I've got in the stash (all 1/48) Trumpeter Su-24M 'Fencer D' KP Su-25K 'Frogfoot' Hobby Boss Su-27 'Flanker B' Kitty Hawk Su-34 'Fullback' Kitty Hawk Su-35 'Flanker E' (already started and in the paint shop) PS. Any word on how the Hobby Boss's Su-25 is coming along? Cheers
  7. Cheers bertielissie, Grew up and lived in Melbourne for the first 21 years before galavanting around the country and settling down in Tassie. Got have a bit of colour in there and being Aussie too, couldn't go past it. Thanks again
  8. Superb finish on this well worn beast. How did you achieve the realistic chipping effect on your model. Looks great. I see we both ran into the same problem around the front end though
  9. Red Dog

    Ploesti Raiders

    Any thoughts? ANY THOUGHTS? 'You lucky, lucky bast..d' 'Ohh! What wouldn't I give to be spat at in the face! Have a HB 1/32 B-24J! I sometimes hang awake at nights dreaming of being spat in the face having a HB 1/32 B-24J! Sorry couldn't help myself. Sorry I cant help you either Merv but I am looking at Robert Taylor's magnificent print of the Polesti Raiders 'Polesti - The Vital Misson' on my wall as I read your post. Good luck with your research and I'd love to check in on you every now and then if you do happen to do a WIP
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