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  1. Histoire & Collections, Planes and Pilots No.12. MiG 21 Fishbed (1955-2010) by Gerard Paloque Great reference. Goes through all the users of the MiG 21 with a number of schemes that they wore with each nations Air Force. Not sure on accuracy, they do give a sqn and time when the plane wore that particular scheme but there are no references or sources as to where the artist got the info to paint each profile. Hence questions being posted here on BM. Cheers
  2. Love the concept aircraft as I like oddball, unusual and anything different plus the endless possibilities of camo and camo colours. Well done on your two models.
  3. Love the modulation in the camo colours, very well done. Lovely model overall.
  4. If only it were true. A squadron or 2 of A-10 's instead of the F-35's would suit us better.
  5. Very interesting scheme and superbly done. Gotta get me a Cr.42, its on the wish list.
  6. Nicely done Andrew. Paint job is well executed and that canopy looks so clear.
  7. Nice pair. Great work on the kit bash. If only Airfix would re-release the Mk.22
  8. Both of mine have very well worn corners and edges from the numerous times I get them out to check them for info. Covers all variants including prototypes with changes to each airframe, their colours and markings (if info/photos are available), Walkaround photos of restored aircraft and wartime photos of different areas of aircraft, a few builds of different scale kits, a very comprehensive review of all kits available, plus decals and accessories and a few some colour profiles. Very comprehensive and reasonably priced (against some others which I'd love to have but $$$)
  9. Just to add to your confusion. Tamiya XF-70 Dark Green 2 & XF-1 Black in a ratio of 2:1. As used on this 1/72 Spitfire Mk.Vc (with a darker tone around panel lines and lighter tone in the center of panels for variation) with Gunze H72 Dark Earth (Arrived in Australia in desert camo of Middlestone & Dark Earth, wereby the Middlestone was covered by the new RAAF Foliage Green and then later the RAF Dark Earth would be changed for RAAF Dark Earth Brown) Also on this Beaufighter Mk.21 (same variations used but doesn't show too well in this photo) Chee
  10. Another one I prepared earlier Bf 109E in Swiss hands. Switzerland purchased 50 E models as well as the earlier D and later G. Used to protect Switzerland airspace against both the Allied and Axis Air Forces. Tamiya 1/48 Bf 109E-3 with Rising Decals 'Unusual Emils' (RD48012) Only used the numerals from the sheet as all the other markings are painted. Cheers All Red Dog
  11. That Ju 88 has something there for those who can't decide or want to change their minds mid painting. Paint Session 1 - 'Yeah it's going to be in typical RLM 70/71 over 65'. Paint Session 2 -'Nah, I'll give some RLM 65 squiggles over the top'. Paint Session 3 - 'Hang on a minute, what if I gave yellow wings and rear fuselage with early US markings, really big ones on the wings'. Paint Session 4 - 'Why don't I give the cowlings a coat of red and have one spinner in red and one in RLM 65, Yeah that'll look cool'. Paint Session 5 - 'Just to confuse everyone, I'll give it
  12. Glad I found this post, very interesting .I have a couple of movie stars on the shelves albeit in 1/72 with a Buchon recently added to the stash to do up as a BoB Star. Great job so far Jamie on the Buchon. Your attention to detail is annoyingly superb. Can't wait to see the two 'Stars' together again. Lovely Spitfire Mk.IX/I FG2Si, beautifully done. Well done guys, look forward to seeing more. Cheers Red Dog
  13. Yep, Amazing model. Well built and the finish is flawless. I just keep going back over your pics and marvel at your skill. Great job. Keeping this this as a reference when I get round to doing my VF-84 Tomcat.
  14. Love it. She's a beauty. Great skills on show there Andrew. Got her big sis in the stash waiting for the confidence and skills to not stuff it up. You've also given me the confidence to use AK's MiG 25/31 Grey. Looks the part.
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