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  1. Go ahead Procopius the shoulders as you say are fairly broad, but I'm sure it'll work out for a fairly decent result. Looking good.
  2. Cracking build and paint job, loving it.
  3. Thanks Massimiliano, used water colours for panel line wash. A dark green (mix of green & black) over gloss coat. Roberto, haven't got any underside pics on file, will have to take some and then post. Stay tuned.
  4. Finally got round to completing this one. Sat on shelf of doom for a while till I managed to fix the windscreen (well replace it with a vac formed one as I broke the kit one) Kit - 1/48 Special Hobby CAC-13 Boomerang Additions - Ultracast resin seat (for P-39 Airacobra, looked like a close enough match and you wouldn't have known unless I told you) - Tasman (Falcon) vac formed windscreen - Replaced resin cowling flaps with homemade ones from plastic strip and sheet - Uschi rigging thread for antennae wire Markings - Montex Masks (for SH's CAC-12 Boomerang, codes and insignia are all the same for later -13 version) - Kit decals for the serial number and stencils Paint - SMS (Scale Modellers Supply) Foliage Green - Own mixes of Tamiya paints for shadows & highlights of Foliage Green and Off White for wing leading edges & tail Nicely detailed kit, can be a pain to put together (just read a few of the online build reviews for proof). Grass mat and background don't match but the sun was out for first time this week so took the opportunity to take some nicely lit photos. Just noticed in the pics that I didn't drill out the exhaust . Posted in WWII asking for people's preferred panel line wash for Dark Green. Thanks to those that replied it did help immensely with finishing off this a/c. Thanks for looking, comments welcome. Cheers
  5. Calling this one done. Was thinking about adding some nose art but couldn't find any decals of appropriate size. May get round to it a bit later. Anyway a couple of shots here and the rest I'll post in 'Ready for Inspection' section. Cheers. .
  6. Sweet model and fantastic finish. Nicely done.
  7. Agree with what others have said about the beautiful airbrushing of the mottling. Superb.
  8. Thanks Jackson that reasoning does sound true. I am definitely going to redo the √ćmpala, the light grey just doesn't look right especially as you explained in the join between control surfaces and wing proper. I cleaned up the Boomerang significantly and has turned out quite well with the dark green panel wash. Will post some pics as soon as I take some. Appreciate all comments, thanks. Still keen to know what others use and tips or tricks for working out what to use and where. Cheers
  9. Cheers guys, thanks for your input. Went with a dark green on the Boomerang. Used water colours mixing green and black to get something that would be dark enough to subtly show through all the green already on the a/c. Still need some cleaning up in places. Paint is SMS (Scale Modellers Supply) application is a coat of base colour then a darker version over panel lines with squiggles and random splotches over most panels then a lighter version of the base colour in the center of the panels and to highlight raised parts, followed by a recoat of base colour to blend. Tamiya X-19 Smoke was applied over entire airframe to blend the white and green together. Gloss coat for panel lines and decals (insignia and serials have been sprayed with masks). Some scratches have already been applied with Dark Grey and Silver. Tried a different approach with this South African MB 326 'Impala'. Used a Grey on the Dark Green and Brown on the Tan and Medium Green. Not to sure about the results. A bit starck maybe? Opinions I know that there is a place for different panel line washes on the same a/c as in the Artic Cow scheme on F-16's where white is used on the Black and Black on the White and Light Grey but it just doesn't look right here. Keep your expert advice coming as I'm looking for any help I can get thanks. Cheers.
  10. Was watching the ongoing build and the final result is brilliant, well done Andy.
  11. What panel line wash do people prefer to use on Dark Green subjects? I have seen Light Grey used to good effect on Japanese a/c and have used Light Grey/Off White for Black P-61B and Sea Blue/Intermediate Blue F4U-1A Corsair to depict these a/c operating off carol atolls in the Pacific and being covered by the fine coral dust. Working on an RAAF Boomerang in all over Foliage Green and wondering what others prefer for dark subjects. Go darker or lighter? 4 Sqn RAAF Boomerangs operated off airstrips in New Guinea so will use dirt coloured pastels for adding more weathering but wondering what to use to enhance the panel lines. Yes I'm going for an artistic enhancing impression not totally realistic representation. Cheers.
  12. I echo Bell209 in that's how they should look in SEA scheme. Superb build and the paint job is just fantastic. Nice, smooth and vibrant. Well done.
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