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  1. Looks, great, out of interest how tall is he, and how long is the blade on the lightsaber?
  2. Just a quick build of Bandais 1:144 Tie Fighter crashed on a desert planet, undamaged solar panels scavenged for scrap.
  3. Good old Blue Circle Radar! although this one had the Sea Harrier Radar fitted for at least a time
  4. In this case it was only due to the manufacturer drilling some holes incorrectly in 16 of the new F3 Fuselages so the relevant frames from the F2s were sacrificed rather than delay the build of the new aircraft.
  5. Maybe it's the extended time I've had off, maybe I'm just going mad but I've had an idea... If I combine Revells Tornado F3 with their GR4 along with some scratch building in the cockpit and between the nose and the windscreen, I reckon I can backdate an F3 into the sole F2A, other wise known as the Tornado Integrated Avionics Research Aircraft (TIARA for short). Due to the parts break down of the Revell kit it's pretty simple. The main changes are swapping the vertical tail from the GR4 onto the F3 including the lower fillet, along with the shorter engines and the rear fuselage plug between the tail lugs and the thrust reverse buckets. There aren't much in the way of markings to worry about so that just leaves the cockpit modifications and the nose. The area just aft of the hinge line for the radar was modified to test an IRST, which I believe influenced the decision for one to be included on the Typhoon. There may be a few changes to aerials due to the systems added over the aircrafts life but nothing to hard to fix. It does of course leave me with a what if Tornado GR5 which will be a GR4 with the longer engines following the retirement of the F3 fleet. The other alternative was to do the F3 in it's final flight configuration, with a single Meteor Test Missile under the rear port missile station (ok, so not the final final flight) but that would need markings sourced and I don't have access to the drawings for the added calibration markings, extra Skyshadow Pods to convert to camera pods, etc. The GR4 would become a GR1 ZA326. As far as I know the F2 had the extra Fuel Tank behind the cockpit the same as the F3. Are there any other external changes between the F3 and F2A that I've forgotten about? TIA Chris (an obviously fevered mind, or just far too much time on my hands) PS. I worked on TIARA, the Meteor Trails Tornado and ZA326 years ago so I'd be happy either way. I might do the GR5 as 326 just to mess with some heads
  6. It comes with the markings for 558, thankfully we aren't short of reference material for that!
  7. I got the Top Notch mask set for this and to be honest I'm a bit disappointed, there's no allowance for a surface that's curved (like the engines on the underside) top and bottom halves don't match up, the entire nose masks are a completely different shape...
  8. On a plus side it looks like the canopies fit without modding the seat, just need to get a pilot and try with him sat in it, I could theoretically get away with a single pilot but I'm not sure
  9. Ahhhhhh!!! Just taking a moment to check out the headrest/canopy clearance and the canopy has some cracks!!!! What are the chances of them disappearing if I did it in Klear?
  10. Also I've figured out the issue with the fit of the various panels in the closed position, kitty hawk have done. Nice job doing in inner surfaces but the latches then interfere with them being closed, if you remove the detail at the edges and a small amount of material along the hinge line the fit isn't that bad in most cases
  11. I was thinking one way around building the undercarriage and using any zinc chromate paint would be to add a pair of figures and do it airborne
  12. I'd like to see an expert make one too!! I was going to record all the errors to feedback to kitty hawk but I heard this afternoon that they were closing down...
  13. Yay, now the fun really starts, the undercarriage part call out is all over the place, parts called up on the wrong sprue, parts used in multiple places instead of the opposite hand...
  14. The seat doesn't look too bad, still got the straps and handle to do yet
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