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  1. Mine arrived this morning, do I need to be concerned with up to 130g resting on the undercarriage? Thanks Chris
  2. Hi all, just used the Polish airforce set on my PLZ P11 and have fallen in love with them. Do I need a clear coat before I put the decals on?
  3. A quick update, Seatbelts fitted. Took a short break for my youngests birthday and my oldest deciding she'd break her leg the night before!
  4. Just a quick single day build to commemorate the 85th Anniversary of the Spitfire. Not my best effort but I've some more in the stash which I'll take my time on.
  5. As it's the 85th birthday of the Spitfire what better time to start another build?! This one will be built wheels up, with aftermarket exhausts and motorised. I'll be mounting it on a square brass tube, canted over on an angle on a plastic or metal enclosure acting as a base, hiding the wiring and batteries. Once again I've started by marking out the parts I'll be using.
  6. I miss working on these, I've had various stints at BCE including 18 months just designing for these
  7. I was able to work on a couple of these, modify them to become the Indian Head of States transport, they were quickly called Air India One and Two
  8. Not much progress today, waiting for the Eduard Seatbelts to arrive. Added a wash to the radiator faces tho.
  9. Decal for the instrument panel looks ok at this scale. I've also drilled out the holes in the frames within the cockpit. I was thinking about shaving a bit of sprue down and drilling holes for the flare rack but had a look online and saw one with the brown seat which didn't have it so i shant this time!
  10. Probably should have mentioned that this is going to be nearly as simple a build as possible, not opening the gun bays but the door will be open and I'll be adding Eduard seatbelts.
  11. First Steps were to go through the instructions and work out which parts I was going to use. I went through the sprues and went over the idents with a sharpie to highlight the parts i needed. I also crossed off the various options that I wasn't going to use in the instructions. Then assembled the relevant paints, I mostly use Acry;ics, Humbrol, Revell Aqua or Tamiya mainly, The Wing Spars/Undercarriage Mounts Fitted together nicely. Most parts were painted on the Sprue for ease of handling.
  12. Hi All, I know there's plenty of builds of this around but it's going to be my first time fully documenting a build on here. TIA Chris
  13. A couple of basic but very quick builds, first finished tanks for me.
  14. Is that a mix of Meteors and AIM120 under the fuselage as well?
  15. This is the same kit as the snap together kit. The same plastic is sold in 3 packages in hobbycraft, £5 for the bag version with stickers, £6 in a box with transfers and £13 with 3 paints, some glue and a double ended brush. Looks like you've done a good job of it.
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