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  1. Freetime Hobbies is now listing these as available for pre-order 1/72 Kitty Hawk F35B Lightning II Fighter - PREORDER
  2. Well, best of luck to Airfix with this. I hope the kit earns them lots of money for their efforts.
  3. No, you're all wrong! It's either going to be a new tool 1/72nd TSR.2 or a 1/72 Avro Arrow!
  4. All in all, I'd rather have the fully carrier equipped version than otherwise. It's what makes the T so distinctive and noteworthy.
  5. Madoc

    I hope this is a (bad) joke....

    And as an other American I also feel it my duty to remind all that voter fraud was rampant in that election and that some studies have shown that the number of illegal alien voters - i.e. those not even legally allowed in the country and especially not legally able to vote in our elections - was at least 3,000,000 nationwide. Subtract their votes along with all the other voter fraud and there's every reason to believe that Trump may have actually won the popular vote as well as the Electoral College vote. And that "quirk" in how the United States elects its president is there to ensure that each presidential candidate has to pay attention to the entire country and not just the few states within it that have the highest populations. Otherwise it would only be - and always be - the states of New York, Florida and California - which decided our national elections. It's sad to see the calls coming for the elimination of the Electoral College as that shows how poorly American Civics has been taught in our schools. It's also interesting that such calls only come out when it's one particular political party which loses the Electoral College count... As to Trump himself? I find it pretty amazing that despite the non-stop negative press and over the top hate directed at him that he's gotten so many positive things done for the nation and the world, actually. The end of the Korean War, the denucularization of North Korea, the elimination of ISIS and a stunning turn around of the US economy are but some of those things. It's telling that so many would choose to ignore all that in their rush to join the mob being so blindly hateful. And mind you, this is from a guy who did not vote for the man. Now, with all that being said, can we please get back to discussing model kits?
  6. An excellent choice! I'll definitely be to buying one!
  7. Madoc

    I hope this is a (bad) joke....

    Wow. You guys have no imagination! Can't you see that having the Trump figure available allows you to readily make this vision come to life in scale form?
  8. Andre, Nope, it wasn't a Stiletto but it sure was close looking to one. Hence the "as a basis" part...
  9. Well, you could always use the older iterations of the Stiletto as the basis for a Douglas Model 1186C... https://retromechanix.com/douglas-model-1186-c-long-range-special-attack-aircraft-scratchbuilt-148th-scale-model/ Unless, of course, you've already picked up Renaud's 1/72nd rendering of it... https://www.sharkit.com/sharkit/Douglas1186/douglas1186.htm
  10. Of course this would have to come out after I'd already bought an ICM Mig-25PD and the Pavla conversion to make it into the RB/RBT...
  11. It's interesting how different the various existing 1/72nd scale kits are in how they've rendered this subject. They all have unique takes on the shape of the nose and the canopy / windscreen. It'd be nice to see an accurate one rendered in 1/72nd styrene.
  12. I don't often get to say "too cute for words" about model kits of the Starfighter but, this time it fits!
  13. Kevin, I'll second what Alexey has to say about Modelsua. I've been dealing with Ivan Kolenko for years now and it's always been satisfactory. Sometimes shipping out of the Ukraine can take a bit and there are times it takes longer than expected for him to have his stock in hand and ready for shipment but I've always had success in my dealings with him and it's tough to beat his prices. Madoc
  14. Madoc

    1/72 Sword Avenger TBM-3w

    Dude, seriously? Have you not seen what the Fleet Air Arm sent aloft in the 30s, 40s, and 50s? Even as lumped and bumped as the "Guppy" was it still doesn't even come close to what clawed aloft from the Royal Navy's carriers!