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  1. I thought "Space: 1999" was about the coolest thing ever, on TV, when it first came out. It was "high budget" science fiction on television! And it was thus an appreciated alternative to the reruns of Star Trek, as good as that was, that seemed the only other thing out there. Yeah, the "science" of "Space: 1999" was appallingly ludicrous. And, yeah, the show got pretty cheesy pretty quick. But it also managed to achieve iconic status with the Eagle. That spaceship design has its faults (Fuel? What fuel? Who needs fuel tanks for rocket powered space flight!) but it is one of the more readily recognizable science fiction spaceships ever created. Thus it has a well earned place among desirable SF kits. I'm looking forward to Round 2's rendering as the old Airfix kitting of the Eagle was always somewhat... lacking...
  2. Outstanding! Good on Round 2! I just placed my preorder!
  3. Okay, so if I'm understanding things correctly... this is the same plastic bits as their previous Ki-94s just with a different set of decals and paint job. Right?
  4. Squadron is having another of its sales and has decided its inventory of Haunebus has lingered on their warehouse shelves for long enough. https://www.squadron.com/Squadron-Models-1-72-Haunebu-II-Premium-Edition-p/sqm0002.htm They were originally listing at about $100USD two years ago and now Squadron is putting 'em up for just $29. I think it's a shame that they couldn't have gotten the original price lower as they are pretty nicely engineered and have a lot of Whif potential. At $30USD however, they're almost a steal now. The straight-up military version is being listed for even less - just $20.51! https://www.squadron.com/Squadron-Models-1-72-Haunebu-II-German-Flying-Sa-p/sqm0001.htm Squadron also seems to be trying to get their money's worth from the original moulds by coming out with an "Alien Invaders" version of the Haunebu that removes the original turrets and replaces them with "laser units" for $64 https://www.squadron.com/Alien-Invader-p/sqm0003.htm I hope they at least manage to break even with all this as I don't want to see the company get discouraged from releasing other science fiction themed original kits.
  5. Finally! I can remember cheering when this was first announced way back in.... well... way back when dinosaurs were still roaming the Pangaea... I'm gonna have to get me one of these gems!
  6. I dunno about this. I mean, just look at the tread pattern on the nose wheel tire! That is most definitely and assuredly incorrect for this model of the Buccaneer! How could Airfix get that so wrong!
  7. And all kidding aside, yeah, I gotta get me one of those "pieces."
  8. "Only 500 pieces?" For a 1/72nd scale kit of a subject that small to begin with? Holy frack! That promises for an insane build trying to put together 500 pieces that tiny! What are they thinking?
  9. Hello all! Any further reviews of this kit now? Anyone else here get their hands on one and can tell us of its glories? Or of its infamy?
  10. Freetime Hobbies is now listing these as available for pre-order 1/72 Kitty Hawk F35B Lightning II Fighter - PREORDER
  11. Well, best of luck to Airfix with this. I hope the kit earns them lots of money for their efforts.
  12. No, you're all wrong! It's either going to be a new tool 1/72nd TSR.2 or a 1/72 Avro Arrow!
  13. All in all, I'd rather have the fully carrier equipped version than otherwise. It's what makes the T so distinctive and noteworthy.
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