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  1. It's a nicely done kit. Few parts and it should go together simply enough. I'm wondering how much nose weight to put up front there as it is bound to be a tail sitter otherwise.
  2. And the news for us Star Wars fans just keeps getting better and better! Now AMT is bringing out a 1/72nd scale Razor Quest from the Mandalorian TV show. No more word about it than this placard on display at WonderFest this weekend. So, Revell has already announced they're doing one in 1/72nd as well. And there's also the Bandai one - but that looks a very small kit from the imagery thus far. Is AMT's a reboxing of Revell's? Is Revell's just for the European market as was their Republic Gunship? In any event, a 1/72nd Razor Crest is hella cool
  3. My two Skysharks just arrived from ModelsUA and they look great! Clear Prop is doing excellent stuff! Clean moulding, crystal clear canopy, and very clear directions. This is a top notch kit!
  4. Hmm.... That instructor pilot isn't gonna have any view forward. Which makes it a tad difficult for the guy to do his instructing job, eh? So, perhaps a bit of clear sprue bodged up to emulate one of those periscope rigs like were fitted to MiG-21 trainers?
  5. I've got two of them coming my way now from Modelsua.com!
  6. At this rate? Between Mikro Mir and Clear Prop and others out there east of the Rhine? The way they're going through the "obscure 1950s American aircraft" subjects? Yeah, we'll soon be to having those as well!
  7. Oh yeah! Gonna be to gettin' me one of these!
  8. Excellent! I'll definitely be to buying one of these!
  9. Oh yeah! I'm definitely gonna get one of these!
  10. It's a nicely done kit of a very unusual aircraft. Glad I got my copy already!
  11. Looks to be superior to the Sword rendering. Excellent!
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