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  1. Well, there was one done in 1/72nd. Resin, not plastic though... https://fantastic-plastic.com/BV-32FlyingWing.htm
  2. Ouch! That's harsh! You're not wrong but... ouch!
  3. Well, so much for Clearprop's "thinking about releasing" a 72nd scale version.
  4. In anticipation of this being released... What are the best books about the 307?
  5. Mike, Agreed! For me, the USAAC livery is the classic look for the B-10!
  6. Damn but, that looks so gloriously absurd! But even despite that, it actually flew! Yeah, I've mine on order through modelsua and am looking forward to it muchly!
  7. 1/72nd? Great! I'll take two! One for "stock" and the second for a WhIf!
  8. James, You bet there is! So, how does one go about acquiring this kit?
  9. Excellent! Got mine on order through modelsua.com
  10. Outstanding! I'm really looking forward to this one and will certainly buy a kit of it for myself once it comes out. I'm also really glad that we've got kit manufacturers who aren't content just to spit out endless boxings of more Me-109s, P-51, Spitfires, Zeroes, and LaGs. Good on Pepelatz for keeping things new and interesting. Hopefully, we'll see more such 1950s proposals making their way to kit form! This is great news!
  11. Allan, With some resin kits out there I can definitely understand that sentiment. But have you looked at the parts Pepelatz renders? They're about as close to "injection moulded" as you can get in resin. As such, they're easier to deal with than a vacuformed kit. And their fit 'n finish are superior to quite a few styrene injection moulded kits we've all encountered as well (I'm looking at you Mach 2!)
  12. Robert, "Bogus?" No, it was an actual design proposal by Lockheed. A "paper project?" Yes, definitely as it never got beyond that stage. But not "bogus" as in false.
  13. Yay! Closer and closer it gets to being ready for ordering!
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