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  1. Yes and what is the aircraft in the lower left - 045?
  2. Alexey, Ah, that does help. I read through that forum but there was no pricing or sale notice that I found. Thanks!
  3. And how does one go about acquiring one of the kits of this beauty?
  4. New tool? Someone else's molds?
  5. This is looking fiddly as all get out to assemble! This, like those ICM TB-3 kits.
  6. Um... WTH (What The Heck) is this? Okay, so I get the Buchon as a subject. I understand how the Spanish built Merlin engined Me-109s were repainted to stand-in as Hurricanes for filming some aerial movies. I get that. I also understand the Germans pulled an engine swap on a captured Spit to create a "MesserSpit" thing. But what is this? Aside from pure Whiffery?
  7. Dude, you still using vinegar and lemon juice in your coffee or what? Damn! If you don't like the subjects then don't buy 'em. Oh, and lay off the prune juice too!
  8. "...their fantasy range." Perhaps. But it is an exceptionally well rendered range of kits. The moulding is first class as is the kit engineering. For subjects less fantastical you've but to look at their range of other "real world" armor kits for proof of their quality. I picked up one of their B-2 kits and it superbly done. Thus I've great hope for their BUFF.
  9. The clever lads at OKB Grigorov have just released a brand new injection moulded M24 Chaffee light tank kit in 1/72nd scale - and it's a real gem! All the hatches are separate pieces. The tracks are length-and-link. The mouldings are very cleanly executed and the finesse of the detail is wonderful. This kit blows away the Hasegawa rendering in all measures. Plus, it's very attractively priced. Even just the "basic" version is only 17EU. US Light Tank M24 Chaffee http://shop.okbgrigorov.com/product/639/us-light-tank-m24-chaffee.html The "Mammoth Edition" is also a bargain when you consider all the photo-etch, resin details, and turned metal gun barrel that comes with it. http://shop.okbgrigorov.com/product/641/us-light-tank-m24-chaffee-mammoth-edition-1-0.html
  10. All, Thanks! I've the Heller kit now so I'll go with that and root 'round for some Maintrack bits. I appreciate the tips here!
  11. So, after reading through this thread I'm still left wondering - which is the better kit? Which, out of the box, better represents a Javelin? Is it the Heller kit? Or is the Frog kit? And if the Frog, are the Novo versions still worthwhile? If it takes an aftermarket conversion kit to "upgrade" either the Heller or the Frog kitting into an accurate rendering of a Javelin, then which mod kit would do the job?
  12. The FDIII would indeed be hellacool - and hella huge! That thing was an absolutely gloriously huge beast of a plane! But, if we can have the F-108 Rapier in kit form then we certainly can have the FD III!
  13. Hot damn! That is about the coolest looking jet to come from Britain - ever! I've long wanted to see one in kit form and soon it will exist!
  14. I would definitely be in for at least one Type 559!