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  1. Dan, Got my refund. I'd rather be getting your kit. But, I understand the problems you've run into that make that impossible. Thanks for being so quick to wrap up these loose ends. Best of luck to you! Madoc
  2. An injection moulded Sanger Silverbird! Awesomeness! Up until now, the best we had in this scale was one of Renaud's fine creations. Sänger-Bredt Antipodal Bomber SILVERBIRD
  3. Mine just arrived in the mail yesterday and it looks quite sharp. Nicely moulded, lots of good detail. This should go together well enough.
  4. Yet another wonderfully obscure aircraft being rendered in styrene! Yes, this is yet another purchase from AviS for me!
  5. Well, I could see some "alt history" tale making use of it. Say it was acquired by some "idiosyncratic" English nobleman. Then, come those dark days of 1940, his son - a fine gent who inherited his father's propensity for "idiosyncratic" behavior - discovers the plane all nicely stored away in the family's castle. And wanting to do his part in defending the British Isles, the lad dusts it off, finds a spare Bren Gun or two, and takes to the skies with it after having first suitably painted his mount to make it clear which side he was taking to the skies for. And the rest, as they say, is history... Hah! Agreed! On all points!
  6. Hmm... This looks interesting. There's an existing kitting of this but it's very rare and thus pricey as all get out even when you do find it. I'll be to keeping my eyes on this one!
  7. How so? Nothing's on their website about this.
  8. So, if I'm reading the Airfix site correctly, the latest offering of this will come in a standard He111 H boxing. Not the special Motörhead boxing. That being the A07007A boxing and the latest being the A07007B boxing. Have I got that correct?
  9. Serge, Okay, thanks for the warning about the psychotropic laced ice cream. Which of the ice cream flavors are the ones with the Polonium? You gotta admit though, Putin must be running some pretty darn good deals if he can get Erdogan to hold his ice cream for him....
  10. What? You mean Vladimir Putin will not personally fly my Su-57 to me? Well that's it then. I shan't be wasting any more time on getting a Sukhoi Su-57 "Frazor" of my own. Now, as to a Zvezsa Su-57 kit, that's an entirely different matter...
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