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  1. Hopefully A&A Models will also repop the "US Aircraft Weapons" set as well. A simple enough thing to do as all the bits for it are on their own sprue.
  2. This looks good and I'm buying a copy for myself. I do wonder about being able to cleanly paint the landing gear hubs and struts with the landing gear doors moulded in place. Odd choice of moulding, that.
  3. Excellent news! Glad to see this! I'll definitely be buying one of these!
  4. Damn but, those look tasty! I'm definitely gonna be to buying one!
  5. Another great kit coming from MikroMir!
  6. I bought a Type I and a Type III. Same sprues, as expected. The difference being what parts get left on the sprues in your building the different variants. These are basic and simple little kits. Well enough done and look to be simple enough builds. The Type I was apparently meant to take off from a runway and thus used landing gear that was dropped upon becoming airborne. The attachment locations for the gear leaves plenty of room for your creativity - i.e. there is none. So, a bit of judicious judiciousness is in order there. Otherwise? The kits look fine enough rendered. The proof will be in the building but I'm not anticipating much problems there.
  7. Modelsua just got some of these in stock. They're back to operations, selling and shipping what they have on hand. I got my order in yesterday. "US Army?" That's a "WhIf" right out of the box!
  8. A Bayraktar TB2 in 72nd? Excellent! I'll definitely be picking one of those up. It'll go great next to my Brassica Zetor 8011 pulling a T-72!
  9. These guys still in business? Their listed website comes up missing.
  10. Tim, Thank you for sharing this. Just bought my copy. Looking forward to getting hold of it and am happy to be helping out as well.
  11. Kawanishi Baika Type I Model: KPK72141 Kawanishi Baika Type II Model: KPK72146 Kawanishi Baika Type III Model: KPK72148 Yeah, those pics look like they're all of the same spures. But, the LF site has 'em labeled as being unique for each kit. So...
  12. Same notice is up on modelsua.com "Dear friends. Sending orders is temporarily suspended. Keep in touch."
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