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  1. Sent you an email ages ago about the Airfix Mossie you "sold" .

    Please reply .



  2. My best friends dad flew the vulcan for thunderball, i have his logbook with the filming flights logged in it
  3. Are there any short nosed hawks at all with the digital cockpit? Im building an rc model shortly when i get over a proper dose of the flu, i have a kit that has standard t1 nose but would like to build it with the digi screens in the cockpit, i will convert if necessary but if i can get away and save myself a couple of weeks work i will
  4. Many thanks chaps ,mlooksmlike dk seq grey overall then....
  5. Thanks guys, keep digging, i would much rather have camo on the tanks!!
  6. Were EE Lightning overwing tanks just silver or grey? Does anyone have pics of them with camo on? Am including them in my build but would prefer camo on them as opposed to just one colour but obviously wont if that makes it wrong...
  7. Shockloading on components alone would require so much ndt itouldnt be feasable, added to saltwater through 2 turbines,, a scrapper...
  8. Love the idea of carrying the camo onto the stand, not seen or done that before but will do in future
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pn6_F8LpNZ4 Have installed some servos in the pilotmto improve the reality, you can see 2 here operating his head, there are 2 ,ore that i havent videod yet of the servow that move his right arm and control column
  10. As a tip for planking to make things easier, use wedge shaped planks, if you measure the circumference of the largest former (A)and the circumference of the smallest (B,) then decide on your plank width,© divide A by C and B by the answer, it will give you your taper......
  11. On a number of reference pics i have of the F6 lightning cockpit there is soething that looks like an armrest with some sort of handle/joystick on the end that protrudes, i assume from the rear cockpit wall past the left side of the seat..... What is it?? Anyone have a pic of it attaching to the rear cockpit wall?. Also there seems to be a gap to the left of the seat ? Between the seat and the console? Whats between the seat and the side panel?
  12. Thanks for that, the plans i used were from a mk 2 for the base of the seat which is the same as the 4, it enabled me to ensure it was bang on 1/6, the details were added from the site you created a link to... Not all the belts are there as there is a pilot to go in yetBUT i might change plans a little in terms of completing all the belts and make the pilot removeable and only to be sat in for flights, that way he doesnt obscure any of the detail when its on the deck with the canopy open, like i said not sure but its a possibility, Its difficult getting really good pilots for rc aircraft, im
  13. More detail added, a fairly relentless task as this scale, the crowded look of the Lightning cockpit is starting to appear though ...
  14. Seat cushions and few straps done, there's a lot more straps but pilot will need to be installed first as they interact with him, just need to do the seat details now, rivets , connectors etc
  15. Ahh has the seat is right, the plans were just for size of the base part
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