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  1. The flaps,slats and airbrakes are fully scratchbuilt. With a few stiff spars inside the wings and some careful filling I was very happy with result
  2. Thankyou very much...sadly I didn't have a good quality camera to hand so best I could take but I appreciate all comments
  3. I'm very glad you like it....we may well get round to fi Islington the other but we are busy at the moment and flyung legends airshow and Riat we are attending so we plan to come back with a few new ones
  4. hellothere A while ago i started a WIP of 2x b1 lancers being built however due to an illness shortly after and being busy i never got round to catching back up. I did however manage to complete at least one and have looking forward to getting the pics up here. So here is the 1/48th B!-B lancer with eduard photo etch interior and exhaust sets with full custom wing fittings, flaps and slat, fully open starboard engine and lots of extra cockpit and gear well detail. I have kept one side of the aircraft closed up with FOD covers on the port side and have highly detailed the starboard side to
  5. hello Some great progress today. Bomb bays and main undercarriage wells is coming along very nicely on mine got rid of most of moulding pins and have begun detailing certain parts.My father finally got round to his and has made it his first job to hide seams on intakes and add appropriate detail. enjoy
  6. POTKC sorry I should of been more clear....me and my father both are building one I'm not building both....as for the plans they were just off Internet and enlarged to correct scale....the reference book is a full look into the b1 and was a downloaded pdf file which we took colour pictures from and we have also placed are own found images from various sources
  7. hello Well after a very quiet evening to myself I was able to get round to the start of my B1..Now given this model was new in the 1980's I was expecting some problems straight out of the box. To be fair to the model compared to the reference I have as you will see in the photos the attention to detail in the main undercarriage well is pretty close and won't require to much additional detail (well for me anyway). Having said that though they have hidden some really nasty injection marks right where parts close on the gap.. Luckily so far a lot of the etch has covered a few but there are still
  8. hello all Since I was very young probably 6 or 7 I remember seeing this model in the flesh and being amazed by the size. Over the past few years I have always had this model in the back of my mind on the todo list.Well after watching some inspiring builds over different forums and finally viewings rom1's build on here me and my father have over the last few weeks got together 2 of these beasts and plan on fully stripping and detailing them where we see fit. Firstly I would like to thank VonkeyVong for the purchase of his B1 with eduard etch we wouldn't of been able to get two so quickly with
  9. hello there Well after a solid weeks work just over 50 hours week my f15 is finially finished and has been displayed...wow what a payload.carrying 16 bombs and 4 sidewinders with a giant bomb underneath forgive me not knowing the names this aircraft is not be be trifled with enjoy photos of f15 and also sat next to my last model the trumpeter 1/32nd su-27
  10. ok posted for markjames68....yes that is a half scale flying rc spitfire..1/32nd zwilling both the 1/32nd revell kit with scratch build wing detail...more of the 1/18th hornet fuselage....and a 1/24th fully scratchbuilt f35 Enjoy
  11. hello there ok well the su-25 is fully complete and is ready for inspection... man does that plane carry a lot of bombs.As for the f15 after a full days masking and a fews hours spraying she has had her full paint job and assembly on the final part had begun...Again the f15 is in high gloss and my camera is bleaching the shading of the panels so hopefully get some better shots when the build is complete but not long to go now. enjoy
  12. hello there ok very big update. The su-25 is now fully assembled decaled and weathered waiting on final ordanance to be cleaned up.. the F15 has now had the interio fitted and the intakes seams removes as well as the canopies clear seam line. The conformal tanks have now also been added as well as filled is lightly with very minor sanding.fuselage is assembled however will post pics up for that tomorow when i have had to chance to finalise the clean up. su-25 sill has a very heavy gloss on it from the decaling and is waiting its matte coat at the end canopies are just sat in place. The rare
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