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    My main interests are in US commercial trucks, Military vehicles (half track and tank transporters), Cargo airliners, x-planes.

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  1. paulj

    model hobbies - shocked

    Thanks for the replies, I have sent them a polite message this morning asking them why I have been blocked. I am having difficulty with my feelings over this, I don't feel particularly angry over it, but it is a very bitter experience, certainly putting me off buying on eBay Paul
  2. Hi A bit shocked at what has happened, I have spent a lot of money and bought a lot of kits from model hobbies, have had no problems. I went to buy another small kit Tonight, and looks like seller has blocked me. I couldn't think of what could have caused this, the only thing is that I did start a return for an unwanted kit earlier in the week. That kit represents only a few percent literally money wise I have spent with them very recently, I made no complaint. I thought it may be a technical glitch, but my Dad has no problems with ordering, and I have no problem with other sellers, so think the message I am getting is genuine In the end I decided not to return the kit anyway, I was surprised the return was started, I thought I had abandoned it. Totally shocked how they would treat a good customer, and feel bad about sticking up for them in the past when other's have mentioned bad experiences. Not that I dis-believed the other experiences.
  3. More madness with model hobbies clearance on eBay
  4. I went mad and splurged out on the Model Hobbies clearance Today Revell 1/32 Hornet Revell 1/48 Phantom Revell 1/72 DC-4
  5. Thanks for all the information, very helpful. I will follow this, and am planning a trip to two of the three areas I am focused on. I will combine it with a couple of stop offs I would usually do as a day out, the lincs aviation musuem, hopefully to see the Mosquito run. I now have a good feeling about the area this house is in, so will be main focus. Somewhere commutable to Leeds, but far enough away to be in village like, or edge of a small town.
  6. Thanks for all the information and advice, has settled my anxiety on the move. I phoned estate agent to arrange a viewing next Wednesday, but dealing with estate agents seem to be extremely difficult. They said they have a number of offers, and are considering them now likely to move on one Tommorow. I said I could move quickly and have financing sorted, but she implied it would not make a difference. I was mistaken when property was listed, it was actually listed on Monday 30th, I can't beleive how fast this has done. I did have a viewing arrnaged for Wednesday, but am not in good health at the moment. I don't know what state I would have been after driving nearly five hours. I am not sure if I would be able to make the journey, I spent Tuesday researching everything I could about the place and home I have re-arranged a booking for next Wednesday, but seems likely I will get a phone call to say it is no longer available. Really gutted, and angry at myself for not being able to go this Wednesday, my anxiety got really high about things. I am thinking of putting an offer in before I view, I only have this afternoon, and the estate agents rarely pick up their phone, and don't return calls when you leave a message Paul
  7. Hi Thanks for the replies and info I suffer from Anxiety so trying to tie down concerns is difficult. The thing that concerned me was quote on wikipedia of "characterised by pockets of severe deprivation", I took a look on google maps street view and in town centre there were areas with a lot of shops. mostly street corner shops which were boarded up, and appeared to be like that for a long time. I My concerns are effects of crime antisocial behaviour. To try and minimise that I am looking to live on the edge of town or in a small village away from town centre. To answer questions directly - A bit remote? No, I do need some isolation, but need to be short driving distance from main supermarkets and shopping areas. - A bit rundown ex-industrial? I don't mind ex-industrial, but being run down does concern me - A bit too near Yorkshire? No, really like Yorkshire - Too much rain? I like rain - You don't fancy having to eat parkin/black pudding/Eccles cakes? Extremely fussy eater, there's a lot of general food I don't eat so adding a few local delicacies to the list does not make much difference. - you won't be familiar with hills - No prefer more terrain, would have problem with almost perfectly flat terrain like in fenland cambridgeshire. I am looking for - Quiet area - An area that does not attract crime or anti-social behaviour - A bit of isolation, outside City, on edge of a town, or in a village or rural location. Lower population density, I need some space around the house, the very modern estates are too cramped for me. - Short drive to main supermarkets and good shopping area (15 mins) - Good road and rail links - Good broadband - Multicultural With regards to my lifestyle, I was reclusive in nature, after leaving work I am effectively living as a recluse and find going out difficult. I think it is important for me to be around people, although reclusive I like to think that I am fairly sociable. I do visit occasional events, music related, a couple not model shows recently, aviation and military events. I am effectively retiring and want to pursue my interests (scale modelling, radio control flying, retro computers, aviation, music). Have a bit of a shopping addiction at the moment after leaving work which I need to tame; but that's shopping online. Not sure if that answers what you are looking for to advise me, please let me know if there is anything else which would help Thanks again, Paul
  8. Hi I am looking for some advice on a move, I have found a house I like in Nelson, Lancashire. I am a bit concerned by some of the information I have found online, but wondering if anyone on the forum knows about living in Nelson or surrounding areas. For those who are unfamiliar with the town, it is 30 miles north of Manchester, 30 miles west of Leeds, close to the southern tip of Yorkshire dales. I would be interested to know about other towns / villages in Lancashire, it's just the place I have found is in Nelson. Just me on my own, no children; I recently left work and don't feel I will be able to return, availability of work is not an issue. I currently live in Felixstowe, Suffolk, I really like the area and have been here over 20 years, but am renting. At the moment, I can afford to buy a place Midlands / North of the country in certain areas, which would be sustainable for me long term. My plans are flexible so may enquire about other areas. Thanks, Paul
  9. eBay fees are high, as a consequence they have been doing the £1 max final value fee offers, and I've been using those to reduce costs. I have saved a lot using that, still have the paypal fees and postage. I don't offer free postage on listing, but if buyer messages me and wants free postage I would offer it, only had a couple of requests for over 300 sales. I am not quick, and have 3 day lead time, but had not had a lot of problems, I've had a few insistant memvers chase me up for despatching items. I have 3 day lead time, used mostly so I can co-ordinate dropping items off with usual visits in to town. My buyer have left some feedback that items arrived quickly When I buy stuff, I don't like the rush to get everything on its way next day. In many cases with Royal Mail it has ended up with me waiting a long time. When I would be at home 1 or 2 days during the week, if I missed delivery you have to wait another 48 hours for re-delivery.Have tried explaining it to sellers, but some are just too worried about their stats. I am happy to continue selling on eBay, my sales have slowed down recently. I put everything on buy-it-now, with a conservative/low postage cost. I find if you put high postage, it can put people off. I am considering going free postage and increase my prices to cover most of it, or delay a price reduction. It all started as an exercise to reduce the size of my stash, but ended up with more kits than I started with as I have been buying a lot Paul
  10. Landed on my door step a few hours ago, have wanted to post earlier but seems to be a bad karma when I list stuff on this thread which are on their way, mainly ebay "used" item which turns out to be a dud. I won this on eBay earlier in the week at £220, it's the Revell re-issue of the Bandai kit with all the options including photoetch and lighting kit. Had a £100 eBay voucher so not a big hit to my credit card. Jumblies did a good job of packing it, double boxed and sealed in it's shipping crate. I like to keep it sealed in its shipping crate, I don't know what the box art looks like, this picture is on Revell's web site, but is branded Bandai. It's a belated Birthday present to myself, but came out of the blue. I had it on my wish list, returned from a hospital appointment and just logged on to ebay, and this one was finishing in the next 4 minutes. Had to do quick search to check this was not the standard version, and my bid was only about £5 above current
  11. paulj

    eBay Hassle

    I lost an item this morning, but can't understand behaviour of the seller. It was listed buy it now in middle of last week, priced at £70 which was above where I felt it was worth to me, around £50. I message seller and politely offer £60. He did not turn it down, but said he want to wait a few days before considering it. So I wait patiently for seller to respond, or someone buys the kit. This morning the kit has sold, but seller changed the price to £55, under what I had offered him. Really hacked off with it, but just can't understand the behaviour of the seller, any ideas ?
  12. I thought I was doing well to tame my buying, but composing this post, I am not so sure. Finally got my hands on an ERTL Mack Convoy kit. Have had a bad history with this one. Don't have it in my hands yet, but is on its way, hopefully it will be ok - 3 x AMT Cat Bulldozer (recent re-issue after many years) - AMT Mack Cruiseliner (re-issue) - AMT American LaFrance Aero Chief - Revell History Makers Saturn V - Revell History Makers Jupiter C - ERTL Mack DM600 Convoy kit - ERTL Payhauler (original release) - Matchbox Lancaster (turned out to be dud kit, but can use parts to make good 2 other kits of same with issues) - 2 x MiniArt T-55 with interior From the Ipswich IPMS show - Airfix TSR2 - Revell V2 - Airfix Piper Cherokee - Airfix Auster Antartic - Matchbox Lancaster - 2 x Halfords Plastic Primer - Tamiya Acrylic Retarder
  13. Good bits, prices, It can vary but kits arrive 2-3 weeks, although I have had some arrive quicker. Bad bits, can't combine postage on smaller kits, larger kits tend to have internal packaging like glued cardboard dividers ripped out and inner cardboard boxes removed (parts re-packed with other sprues). Just makes it riskier that some parts may get stressed or broken on a long international trip Don't expect any assistance from them, I did have a couple of kits with broken parts. On one I sent photos and highlighted positions of sprues so he could easily locate parts that needed replacement. All seemed ok, and he said he would send them, never showed up a few weeks later, and ignored any communication, by which time eBay 30 guaranteed had passed by. I don't use them any more
  14. Services are not great in UK, I live in a retirement town. We have a flashy gp surgery, problem is you can't get an appointment with your gp, you have to see a duty gp, which is a random selection of gp. Each appointment lasts 5 minutes, and you have to explain everything from scratch, so don't get very far if you have anything which is not a simple case. The gp's have different opinons about things, which causes further problems. I am not a senior, but getting closer. I am classed as having "complex" needs, but I feel should be straight forward. I am currently being dropped from my care team because I don't meet their criteria which they have recently changed. There is another team which should provide care I need, but they don't want to take me on. I have found there are "services" which on the face of it provide an extensive support, but when you go through things with them, they are mostly a "directory" service which "sign-posts" you to the correct care. It is quiet sureal how this service suddenly crumbles to nothing in front of you, and you are back at square 1. Although this interaction is recorded as a "positive outcome" and this department takes credit for the service they have signposted you to, which skews all the statistics collected to measure the quality of care. Sorry, a bit of a rant
  15. Have been too active recently on adding to the stash, notable additions Revell 1:144 AN-225 (Had wanted a kit of this for years) ARK Models 1:144 Buran (Just had too with the AN-225) FineMolds 1:72 Millenium Falcon (On my wish list for years, but not the coolest kit these days) Tamiya 1:32 P51-D Mustang Revell 1:48 History Makers Apollo Spacecraft (CM SM LM + LM Adaptor) Sadly missing a couple of small parts Revell 1:96 Saturn V Italeri 1:9 Kettenkrad Trumpeter 1:25 American LaFrance Eagle Fire Truck I really need to tame my kit buying
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