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  1. Hi Yes, a typo on my behalf, sorry; I have seen references to 65mm and 70mm.
  2. I can't find a topic for this release, apologies if I have double posted; I feel it's worth another mention. This is the film released back in July with all the other 50th Anniversary releases. This film was created by digitising a set of 64mm panavision reels of fillm which had never been seen before, it is going to be a future classic. It quietly appeared on Amazon Prime, is available on Bluray in 4k. It's not free, but worth watching. I saw it first in Imax cinema, and it was stunning; also watched it at home which was a different experience, but still very good to see. There are 64mm reels covering other missions, so hope to see releases for those too in the future
  3. Thanks for your reply, I have reported it to eBay, but have got no assistance there. I don't really want to post item numbers here as it would identify the seller, which I feel is wrong on a public forum in this discussion. All you would see, is a listing for 3 kits which sold, and was re-listed for an identical listing for 3 kits a little later which sold
  4. Warning! sorry my post is going to be a bid gloomy, if you just want happy threads, please move to the next thread. Had a strange eBay experience. Found a couple of really good listings with a photo of 3 kits in each. I paid for one, and put in an offer for the other one. The one I put an offer in for sold at full price, so my offer was declined, no problem Got a message a bit later, saying there was an error in the listing and price was for one kit only, so he would have to cancel my order. Really gutted at that but understandable situation. What I can't understand is what happened next I found the original listing I bought, re-listed again, exactly as it was 3 kits in one listing, was bought by another ebay member I also find the other similar listing for different kits, remain sold I can't see any new listings for each individual kit. I try and ask seller why he has screwed me over like this, but getting no real answer, he just says it's my right to cancel Has anyone any ideas as to whats happened. I just want to avoid situations like this. My feedback is good, with comments praising me as a good customer
  5. I bought the most recent release of the AN 225 in the new decal scheme (wish I hadn't bought the old one now) Last month have bought a model kit I have been looking out for years for, the Revell Apollo Lunar Spacecraft, that's the kit in 1:48 with the LM CSM LM Adapter and Escape Tower. I think I have paid a bit over the odds for it, but happy to have one, at a price I would not be deterred from building. Need to tame my buying for 2020, last year has been a big year for additions to my stash, some have been great, but there are a fair chunk of purchases I am not so keen on along with a raft of others I decided not to purchase but now very much wish I had
  6. Not a fan of Dr Who in general, but was looking forward to start of this new season. I stopped about half way through first episode, the actor's just didn't seem to gel together, and didn't really feel the female Dr Who actor was any good, it is like she is trying to tell a joke way too fast with no emotion to get to the punchline as quickly as possible. Shame, I will probably catch up earlier series on iPlayer, have plenty I have not seen. I received the Airfix Dr Who in Manhatten kit Today, maybe best place to start. I didn't finish watching that episode either, but enjoyed what I had watched. Paul
  7. Looks like a scam, when I have had similar experiences (six), you need to wait until the end of the estimated delivery window before raising a claim. Really annoying, and I have a chaotic life, so I am sure I have missed some of mine. That's what they gamble on. I had an odd situation once, when the seller sent a very low value item as a "gift" along with a note that model kit is out of stock but soon on its way. Problem is eBay take it verbatim that gift which had full tracking is proof of delivery. Was a worrying time trying to get through to eBay that item tracked could not be what I orderred. Another thing to look out for is when something goes wrong and seller re-schedules delivery and gives a wide window. If it takes you beyond 30 days after the latest orginal estimate you lose eBay protection. You may still have paypal protection, but I never got that far.
  8. That is a really brilliant build, absolutely stunning. The canopy and cockpit are great, love the camo scheme. How long do you think you spent on the build ?
  9. Hi Have been scammed on AliExpress, I thought it seemed a bit dodgy to start with, but thought what could go wrong. I am only out of pocket by low value as far as I can tell, but want to fight it on principle. I am new user so unfamiliar with the web site and wondered if other experienced users might be able to give me advice. Anyway here's what happen - Found really cheap item and went to buy it, I normally pay by paypal, but there was a fee for that, so used my credit card directly. - About a day later I get notice that the price has been increased on the order I confirmed (massively increased) - I follow link through to cancel the order, which happened within about a minute of this message, order status is unshipped - A week later get shipping confirmation email Now I am thinking of contacting my credit card company, but worried if that ends up with me paying more, or credit card company insisting it is posted back to sender which will cost way more that the item value. So there is buyer protection, but finding their site very difficult. There is no link to the order in the shipping confirmation to the order. It mention there is a period that buyer protection is available, but on the order all I get is a 2 month lead time for the delivery. Anyone knows how does the buyer protection works ? Is it any good ?
  10. Hi Ewen, I understand situation, I feel writing off the money is morally wrong. If accounting practices are forcing them in to this situation, then I feel the organisation should have decided not to offer gift cards in first place. I don't see why there could not be an option for a holder of a gift card to apply to have cash equivalent, maybe less a reasonable administration charge, for a limited period after the card expires. In the company I used to work for, we dealt in different currencies, predominantly US$, although main base was UK. When there were swings in the exchange rate, this would affect profit and loss. This was accounted for by including another figure in the reports which smoothed out the currency fluctuations. I am no accounting expert, I feel something similar could be used for the situation you mention with gift cards. Sorry a bit of a rant again, gift cards are a pet hate of mine.
  11. Looks promosing, I think this has been available on other platforms should soon be available on BBC Unoficial Trailer:
  12. Hi I recorded this series over 2 years ago on my freeview box, I thought it was really well done and good to watch Available on iPlayer for next 2 months, worth a watch https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/p022twsy/our-world-war
  13. Technically they do have an expiry, fairly generous for the tesco gift cards. It is five years from purchase or last use (I have been told use includes doing a balance check on the cards). Should be well within those limits, even just from purchase. Personally, I feel expiry on gift cards is morally wrong, there is no reason to expire the card.
  14. Hi A bit of a pet hate of mine Gift Cards, a year or so ago I had some Tesco & Marks and Spencer Gift Cards. I have been unwell and didn't get round to using them for a year. But I checked balance on all the cards withing one year. Oddly there was a card which showed 0 balance and I was sure I didn't use the card, but it prompts you to think if you used the card, and led me to thinking well I may have used it. I balance checked about a year ago, I had another couple of instances shopping where card was showing no balance but I was sure there was a balance there. I even keep receipts with all the gift card transaction, but this does not prove it was final transaction on the card. Roll forward to Today, paid for a load of groceries with my gift card, spotted something I wanted while walking out, paid for them on self service tills and gift card shows as zero balance.So this time I have absolutely no doubt money has been wiped from the card. The first receipt shows a balance on the card. I am angry, I am convinced this means earlier "glitches" mean money was most probably taken from those cards. Unfortunately while checking balance on some of those cards, the assistant disposed of the cards. Sorry bit of a rant, it helps to write things down. Paul
  15. I want to buy some US released kits, and one small-ish kit costing $38 costs another $40 to ship to UK The kit weights about a kilo and 2 kits would fit in UK small parcel size
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