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    My main interests are in US commercial trucks, Military vehicles (half track and tank transporters), Cargo airliners, x-planes.

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  1. paulj

    Radio Control Aircraft

    Hi I am thinking of expanding my modelling interests to Radio Control Aircraft for flying outdoors. I think electric would be easiest to start with. I am a total newbie and looking for any advice to get started, and good forums dedicated to radio control. Hopefully there are some members on here who have experience and can hep me get started. Thanks
  2. Hi,


    I will take the HB Flanker B & Osprey please @ new prices


    Best Regards,


  3. Hi,


    Sorry you are having to part with most of your collection. A couple of kits on their I would have bought, but have been sold.


    I wonder if I could ask a favour please, I would like some hi-res scans of the painting guides and decal placement for the FineMolds Slave 1 kits; both for Jango Fett & Boba Fett versions.


    Would that be possible please ?


    Best Regards,


    1. Nocoolname


      Might take me a few days but I'll see what I can do. If you don't hear back from me by Thursday give me a nudge!

  4. Hi, Part of my interest in model kits covers the Tamiya Big Scale formula one kits. I managed to source a couple of the newer issue 72D kits and have been wanting to buy some third party decals for it. I bought a set off the bay of evil and they arrived Today. These decals coverred the 72 and 73 seasons, and I was surprised to see they were not metallic finish but a solid gold finish. I know later seasons scheme was a solid finish, but wanted to check with others on here that correct colour would be a metallic gold for the 72 and/or 73 seasons ? Paul
  5. paulj

    Just Curious about Selling

    I have been selling kits for past couple of years. and have a big buying spree this year. I do regret selling a few including a Tamiya Harley Police Bike. I have bought several kits again when I find them for sale. I think the selling has sparked an interest off again, and there have been some great issues recently
  6. My Dad didn't put the tv on for Apollo 11, I was three years old and probably wouldn't have remembered; It would have been nice to know I was there when it was broadcast live on tv. He did remember and prepare for Apollo 12 and I remember waiting to see the broadcast but we know what happened. For Apollo 13 he probably didn't feel it was appropriate to see the unfolding situation. Paul
  7. paulj

    Internet woes

    I am on BT Fibre and connection has been fine Today
  8. paulj

    Best boot sale or other bargain model?

    For a brief period over 10 years ago, I spotted a seller on ebay who I suspect was Airfix themselves clearing kits. I asked if they had any other kits for sale, and there was the 1:12 Bentley for £12 new, and a 1:24 Airfix Harrier for £12. Bought a couple of Bentley's and a Harrier, wish I had bought more. The next one is a new kit, was at top of my want list for years, an AMT Payhauler dump truck. Kept bidding on ebay around £120 mark, and was always outbid by one member. They were re-issued in the US and I shipped a crate of six brand new re-issues for around £28 a kit. The original kit prices dropped like a stone, and I bought an original sealed kit for £50
  9. paulj

    Is a kit box a shipping carton?

    Ironically that would be classed as frustration free packaging
  10. Really terrible news, I had pleasure of meeting him a couple of times, really nice person. Rest in Peace Alan
  11. Hi Julien,


    I would like to buy the Patriot launcher set please @ £100


    I may be interested in the Typhoon package £170 for the two ?


    Best Regards,


  12. paulj

    Space Probe Voyager 1

    Hi, That really turned out great, I have the same kit in the stash, also have the eduard photo etch. Have been concerned about the difficulty in build the mast with it being in two pieces and needs a twist. How did you find that when constructing it ? Thanks, Paul
  13. Hi Again,


    Would you be ok with  £95 for


    Revell ISS

    Airfix Skylab

    Revell 1:48


    If not I will take ISS @ £50 please


    Best Regards,





  14. Hi,


    If the Revell He219 had the BigEd eduard set, I would like to buy it please.


    Best Regards,


  15. paulj


    Dang, I had talked myself out of buying in January, but reading recent comments on this thread has changed that and I now have one of the moebius discovery kits on its way to me from US. I regret not buying the fine molds millenium falcon kits when they were available Paul