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    My main interests are in US commercial trucks, Military vehicles (half track and tank transporters), Cargo airliners, x-planes.

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  1. Thanks for your message On my last trip, approx 15 mile round trip the car repeatedly stalled, I also had trouble re-starting the car, with that and having to charge my mobile to arrange help took all the charge. I think main cause of that is overheating, which is clear as the car now dumps significant amount of coolant when started. Now have a new problem where car revs high on its own just after starting I have garage booked to look at it over next couple of days, I am very worried how much it is going to cost to repair, at some point I am going to have to
  2. Hi, thanks for the replies and advice, I do have a charger, not sure how effective it will be. Will send you a pm bentwaters81tfw Update: Got the battery charged now, engine revs way too high and coolant was dumped from radiator, frustrating as I have just pumped £600 in to the thing for repairs
  3. Hello Sorry bit of a newbie problem, my battery is flat in the car, although I expect the battery is healthy. I think I need to remove battery and charge it as Car is parked at end of my drive but there is a public pavement between the drive and the car. Have searched videos about removing battery and have been given different advice about which terminals I should remove first the positive or negative. I think it should be negative first then positive, but want to make sure beforehand, I would appreciate any advice please Thanks
  4. After years of good service from him I had a really dire experience trying to resolve a problem with a large order, personally I would avoid
  5. Hi I have had a fleeting interest in Pocher model kits and don't own any, got close to buying the Aventador kit, and I won a Rolls Royce on eBay, but seller said it was damaged and didn't ship it (or offer a refund which was a bit of a nightmare). Have just found the new announcement of the Lotus 72D and this is one I am very keen to ger hold off. It's just that not best of times for me to spend a lot on model kits, and would like to buy it in 6 months to a year's time. I am just a bit uneasy about what expected availability will be like after the kit is made available
  6. Personally, I would avoid mr Coley, had been satisfied with him on the occaisional order I placed until a fairly straight forward issue on a large delivery last week, the response from him has been very poor to say the least. Don't want to go in to detail about it on the forum, I feel uncomfortable with them being recommended to members here. I would recommend Creative Models, have a lot of kits on special offer. Jadlam also have some good deals,
  7. Tamiya 1:6 Suzuki Katana £70-£80-ish Magnifier 1:12 (ex Trumpeter) Ford GT 40 @ £80-£90 if you can find stock, this does have etch which may not meet your complexity requirement
  8. Has been a expensive month, after about four months of not buying 4 x Tamiya 1:12 Porsche 935 Martini 3 x Magnifier 1:12 Ford GT 40 2 x Rye Field Models Sturmtiger with interior 1 x Rye Field Models Tiger 1 with interior 2 x 1:48 Zvezda Mil Hind 2 x Revell Bucket Wheel Excavator 2 x Dragon Apollo 10 CSM+LM+Adaptor 2 x Dragon Apollo 17 CSM+LM+Rover 1 x Eduard Spitfire Story Dual Combo 2 x Bandai Death Star & Star Destroyer 2 x Airfix 1:48 Boulton & Paul Defiant 2 x IBG Scammell Tank Transporter 2 x Mini Art German S
  9. No, Just checked it out on line and looks very good, one to add to the wishlist, thanks for the heads up
  10. Had a trip to London to deliver some speakers I sold and collect a bunch of model kits I bought, I had convinced myself the physical .size of my new acquisitions would balance out, but I think the model kits have turned out to be double the volume of the speakers. First time I have seen the Shuttle Launch Tower kit, although I have one of the re-issued set with shuttle stack. I had one of the big shuttle stack kits I purchased on a holiday to Florida many years ago, I sold it for peanuts when I wanted to downsize my collection, for some reason there were two extremely low sales on eBay for the
  11. Went a bit mad in Jumblies sale - Revell Phantom FGR 2 - AMT Ford Delivery Truck - AMT GMC Astro Truck - Rye Field Model Tiger 1 - Rye Field Model Sturmtiger - Moebius 2001 Discovery (1:144 scale) A little gutted I found the Rye Field model kits a good bit cheaper elsewhere afterwards and the boxes for mine were a little worn although the packaging was extremely well done. They are awesome kits though, extremly impressed. The discovery is a big leap given the expense for such a small box, it is my second, I don't think I could contemplate a bui
  12. I use eBay's global shipping program to sell abroad, I have not excluded any countries and have had a few sales to Italy. As for posting the item, you are coverred if it goes missing or damaged (although you have to ensure it reaches the global shipping centre ok). It has worked well for me, and you don't have to worry about sorting out foreign postage rates or customs forms. I have heard unofficially that if any case is raised, the global shipping team tends to deal with it directly, and if negative feedback is left for you it is removed. Paul
  13. It gets much worse if you want to transfer a significant amount of money I had situation recently where I made the transaction on my mobile phone instead of using pc, so there is no point to send verification as you are using the app on the phone, the phone has fingerprint recognition. I went through additional prompts only to be asked to phone a number to their security team. I phone them to be advised I need to take my debit card and passport in to local branch. I did so, and although I had three forms of identification, they needed two, they would only accept debit card verifie
  14. paulj

    Postage rates

    A bit of a rant, but I have just packed and labeled a kit to go Royal Mail special delivery. I tend to go overboard on packing it well in a strong box with plenty of padding. Total weight 2.3kg. If it was under 2kg, cost is £11, if it is over 2kg cost is £26.60. Really gutted at such a jump, is crazy to have such a massive step up, so 300g has cost me an additonal £15.60.
  15. Bumping this old thread because I spotted it in radio times tv listings on sky documentaries channel at 9pm tonight with repeats on Sunday at 7pm and Monday at 9pm. Can't reccomend this movie enough, even if you are not particularly interested in space. https://www.radiotimes.com/film/gvmbwd/apollo-11/ (There seems to be some distinction between "NOW TV Sky Documentaries" and "Sky Documentaries", so unless you are watching on Now TV you may only be able to watch it on Saturday or Sunday)
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