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  1. Hairy stick my friend,to much faf on with the airbrush for my temprement,do more smashing than painting.Next could be the 1/72 warhawk in British livery.
  2. Started the airfix 1/72 mustang on Tuesday. Bloody good model to build ,dead easy, so i tried some different things as i went alone.I tried (about ten times) making my own spinning prop for this ,using clear plastic,on about number 8 i thought i had cracked it,went to put it on and the paint came off in my hands (dry).tried again but this time i used enamels.but these didnt dry after two days.Oh dear ,what a shame ,never mind. This model should have been done in the British grey green camo scheme.But i used my new revell aqua metal paint on this one .Turned out great,not the aluminum
  3. Hi folks,well got the hunter all glued with only minimal filling needed and some sanding.put some paint on sunday night and left to dry.Gray and green looks great but not sure i like the silver underside. a b by skellitor59, on Flickr a sunday 1st coat of paint 1 by skellitor59, on Flickr a1a sunday 1st coat of paint 1 (1) by skellitor59, on Flickr a1a sunday 1st coat of paint 1 (2) by skellitor59, on Flickr
  4. As its a bigger build i feel a WIP is called for.Started last night for an hour looking at the instructions ,threw them down n started with the cockpit (as ya do),so many fiddly bits for my podgy hands to hold.Left out the seat cause im bound to knock it loose before i start painting anyway and it gets in the way of the masking tape.Clamped it in the front bodywork and called it a night.Far to hot in the kitchen so i left it till the sun went over and got the fan out .Checked the cockpit was ok and continued with the other bigger body parts.Rear body assembly no bother,wings, no bother,come to
  5. Airfix 1/72 benevolent fund hawk,nice little kit.Every thing went were it should do except for the canopy which still needs a little more paint and two tiny probes /antenna Which has found a loving home in the outside bin.No real problems that couldnt be fixed ,except for the white decal.The minute you leave the transfer paper they disintegrate.Not all of them just the longer ones so ended up painting most of them on.Thats about the only problems i had with this build apart from that its a nice little hawk.Dont know why i was fretting about this one. Onwards n upwards. 1 by skellitor59, o
  6. Hobby boss RAF lynx 1/72 ,thats what the box said.So i ordered it ,arrived in two days. Champion.Got all the way to the end of building,so far so good no real fit issues,only a small bit of filler,Glass went in no problem,paint looked good ,yeah pretty good build, and get set for putting the decals on.Q trouble .Only two sets of decals and neither was for the RAF lynx.Instead they were decals for the royal Neitherland air force or the German marines.Bol lix!!!What to do>????I know paint it in green n grey camo and managed to find some decals from other builds.I dont know if our RAF does a l
  7. Thats just me being heavy handed .the wheels started buckling while i was taking photos,so im still not finished i suppose..i need to strengthen the legs /wheels with pins (again)
  8. Straight out of the box ,not to much to say about it .It went together pretty well.very little filling and sanding.Smaller parts are becoming a real pain because of the meds and shoval fingers.Once iv complaeted my stash of 1/72 i wont be buying anymore.Colour went on great ,only took 3 coats with no runs,but i think its to dark compaired to the photos of it.Once again the more i handled it the more that fell off.(does glue go off????),and lost a few of the antennas.Clear plastics didnt frost over and fitted pretty good with the exception of a small gap under the windscreen(used pvc glue to fi
  9. Suggestion noted,im disabled not a photographer, and the kitchen is the best room for light. Thanks mate.
  10. The one aircraft iv been wanting to do is finished,and so is my affair with italeri models.Nothing fitted,missing parts,masses of filler,decals fell to bits,parts fell to bits.Everything that could go wrong with a model this is it.If you like to loose your temper ,be frustrated,swear ,cuss.Even couldnt take a decent photo of it during the build ,Oh i could go on but never mind whats done is done ,onwards and upwards. IMG_1807 by skellitor59, on Flickr IMG_1832 by skellitor59, on Flickr IMG_1838 by skellitor59, on Flickr IMG_1844 by skellitor59, on Flickr IMG_1850 by sk
  11. Deffinatly has a green tinge to it in the photo.thanks for the info,Looks like its going to be black.
  12. Would anyone be able to help with a colour scheme.In the middle of building an italire 1/48 tornado and im confused over what colour 16 squadrons The Saint is. Instuctons say black but photos im useing for some reference is green.Which is correct??????
  13. Dont have a clue where the photos went so here they are again. light 1 (19) by skellitor59, on Flickr light 1 (18) by skellitor59, on Flickr light 1 (17) by skellitor59, on Flickr light 1 (11) by skellitor59, on Flickr light 1 (7) by skellitor59, on Flickr light 1 (5) by skellitor59, on Flickr light 1 (4) by skellitor59, on Flickr 6 by skellitor59, on Flickr 4 by skellitor59, on Flickr
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