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  1. Ah, thanks Stephen. Been out of fixed wing modelling for a while.
  2. Hi all, Hope someone can help me out with this. What is this pod on the wingtip? And can I get it in 1:32? http://www.airliners.net/photo/Switzerland-Air-Force/McDonnell-Douglas-F-A-18C-Hornet/1642112?qsp=eJwtjbEKwkAQRP9lawWDaJEuljZa%2BAPL3hAPztyxu4Ih5N%2B9C%2BnmzQwzC0meHD9/zQXUk4FV3nSgwsofo34hxRjNlT3maRD/cqq9%2B/Fy6rras6x%2Bm6sT2DGIoDjC7j80QFsEk21ybBfnJqHPna4VQ7SSeFuBc0y0rn%2BEmzIc
  3. It can't. The blue ice is the neat water and sanitising chemical, quite often found around the fill point. There is only one valve on the fill system, for replenishing. Too drop the tank there is at least two valves. The system is pressurised in service so even less change. I have had the fun of servicing toilets on everything from a Citation upto B 777, for a living.
  4. Hi all I'm not in the GB but I thought I'd share a couple of pictures that I took over the years now that I have found them Wish I knew where the detailed pictures were
  5. Now that's nice, would love to see more pictures.
  6. Lovely looking scheme, I can't wait to play with her at Abingdon Air & Country Show and all the other lovely planes we're getting.
  7. Hello all, Long time no update Well here is a quick 1. I have been busy with bit's and piece so I thought I would show you a couple of pictures. I have laid some filler round the track in the area where there is going to be a factory/ goods warehouse to represent concrete. Fitted the backscene and painted it to look like sky, couple of bits to finish on it including lining up the joint where the boards meet, still haven't quite worked that out yet. I need to hide it some how. The other major area that I have been working on is starting the landscaping. For this I have been u
  8. Lovely scheme, BUT who will see it as looking through their 2010 calander they are doing 0 events
  9. I had to get my class 23 looked at and have now got it running again so that I could check all my wiring, and the good new was it all work The only problem I have is that when I was in the shop getting the loco repaired I accidently bought this A trix 212 loco DCC installed. It runs great apart from over my double slip Fleishmann part no. 9184, can anyone suggest a cure It looks like it losses power as it hits the middle of the crossing where it looks like there is a plastic spacer. Also here is a better shot of the main station area. The 23 is on what will be the fiddle yard be
  10. Hi everyone, Well I've not posted on here for ages so I thought I'd show you all what I have been up to. This is my first attempt at a proper layout, so please be kind. I bought a starter set last christmas and since then have changed my mind various times until I settled on this plan. The layout is a smallish branchline through station with an endloader and over head gantry on the rear loop, and on the spur will be a small industry or similar. The layout is 7' x 2' as that is all the space I had to play with. The two parrel tracks at the back will be my fiddleyard so will be hidden
  11. Hi Geoff, Love the video, they do sound good. Sorry it's been a while not been on here much. Sounds like you had fun rallying then. I'm wanting to get the engine running in the Ponti this year, just need some time and an engine crane. Been shopping today and bought a station building and an overhead gantry for my layout. I have had a change of plan's so to speak. Once assembled the layout was to big to access, so after some searching I've found a small station to base a trackplan on. Will have to update my layout pages.
  12. Looking good Jerry. Trucks are us. I've just started my KFS ERF ecs.
  13. German stuff is quite easy to get hold of for me, there is a model shop in Brackley high street A and H models that sell mainly cotinental railway products and near my parents in Weston-super-Mare there is a big shop Model Masters. Am planning on it being mainly steam but will have a selection of diesel and electric as in germany they overlapped by quite a bit, if the layout goes to plan then I can run anything from around 1960's upto current stuff, as there shouldn't be anything that ages the layout other than the rolling stock or removable buildings. I am actually looking forward t
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