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  1. Awesome - thank you very much.
  2. Chaps, Would anyone happen to know what grey the current Merlin HMA.2s are painted in FAA service? I am after a good acrylic spray-able paint in perhaps the Gunze/Mr Color or Tamiya ranges but want to make sure it's the right one. Cheers for any help. Andy
  3. AjD

    Harrier Mk 7

    If you're building a GR.7 from the days of the dark/lichen green camo then cannon pods were commonplace, used as Lift Improvement Devices (LIDS) as mentioned above. They were modular units that were fitted in stages but contained no cannon. Strakes could also be carried but it was quite normal to see a mix both at home in the UK and on jets from the Germany-based squadrons. Point to note - if cannon pods were fitted then different 'ears' were attached to the LIDS dam fence that dropped down aft of the nose wheel when in the hover as the normal ones used with strakes would have been obstructed by the pods. Cannon pods were also seen on grey GR.7s but by the days of the GR.9 they had been pretty much phased out due to reasons such as those above (intro of TERMA/SNIPER ATP). At home it was almost exclusively strakes used by this stage. The only Squadron that still occasionally carried them was 41® at Coningsby. So, depending on the timeline your model fits, it may well be appropriate to use them as you seem to be talking GR.7...
  4. I'm sorry to say not a lot. I've had some big projects going on recently and at best any spare time in the evenings has only really materialised at about 10pm so there never seems much point rushing things when I'm tired.
  5. Et voile...albeit on a rather dull day.
  6. Definitely domed nowadays Si. Bit out of touch with developments on BM recently but great to see you still cracking on. I'll be browsing back through this evening. Keep it up!
  7. You won't be waiting long ;-)
  8. Stunning photography. Very nicely done and great tribute.
  9. Another very negative comment Mark. Perhaps you could show us all how it should be done?
  10. Hi chaps, Nice of you to be interested. I've had some pretty enormous projects on at work recently so every spare minute has been completely swallowed up but I hope to find some time of my own this week. It would be nice to get back to the Jags. I'll perhaps try to explain what's had me focused elsewhere in a few weeks. Thanks again for your interest in it all. It's pure chance that I've swung past BM tonight but I wasn't expecting to see my dormant thread on page 1! Hopefully a bit more to come soon. Andy
  11. AjD

    28 Squadron Wessex

    Hmmm. Interesting. The Sqn colours are yellow and dark blue so either that's an oddity where that badge is concerned or the artist has made an assumption with reference to a photo taken from distance. I wonder which... Thanks.
  12. AjD

    28 Squadron Wessex

    Thanks for your help - the background will be dark blue. The badge just looks like a slightly different style to today's version though which is why I wondered what it looks like close up. Andy
  13. Hello all, I am after a good quality image of the badge shown on the tail of this 28 Sqn Wessex. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? Many thanks, Andy
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