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  1. Looks too good to not finish in my opinion! I would feel disappointed in myself for not completing it.
  2. Looks excellent and i will be using that camo technique on mine! Well done. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Roger.
  3. I accidentally came across this and thought I would share here. Pity its in the states but at least someone will keep it flying.
  4. I saw it Sunday, enjoyed it, good film but I was hoping to see more of his earlier life.
  5. Looks complete! And very good it is too! Roger.
  6. Crackin' build! Inspirational! Thanks for the updates, Roger.

    vallejo model air

    Its all about trial and error with air brushing until you get the balance of paint mixing/thinning and spraying at the right pressure.

    vallejo model air

    I have found some are thicker than others even after considerable shaking/mixing and have thinned those a little but overall they are once mixed ready to airbrush in my experience. Mixing wise I now use the badger paint mixer and it really is worth it, I also have ball bearings in some of my bottles to aid mixing. Roger.
  9. I have a roll of this, used it for canopy masking with some success.
  10. I was struck by the metal finish on the starfighters!!
  11. A great tank build, but in the vignette it is brought to life! Outstanding Stix!!
  12. Check out the COBI range of "brick" tanks. Been tempted for my young one, but a bit expensive for the tiger. I would have a quick build tiger!
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