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  1. Their own newsletter/email "The new 1/32 Westland Whirlwind is also due for release sometimes very early in 2021" I hadn't heard of this till nwo, quite exciting IMO. Roger.
  2. Many Thanks for sharing. Outstanding images.
  3. You have out done yourself. I find it hard to believe it is in 1/72 scale! A work of art if there ever was one. regards, Roger.
  4. I'm following with interest. I have the E-2C original boxing, with the same detail sets. I had to chase Kinetic for the wing fold set seperately as it was missing. The radome size is quite impressive.
  5. I've been following Chris Parry's updates on twitter recently, he was a warfare officer who was on the Humphrey that depth charged the Arge sub at SG. Some of the actual photos taken by him and others who took part are also on twitter of the actual helo's. You can see other updates he sent earlier than the ones below with his account of the SAS drop and rescue. Might be of interest for modeling the Humphrey. I'm just trying to source one in 1.48 myself.
  6. I like it, reminds me of those Pertwee days. Great work! One observation...where is Sergeant Benton! regards, Roger.
  7. Superb! I like to see it in its different stages
  8. I'm an IPMS member and dont use facebook and find their magazine is enjoyable. I buy the SAM magazine or AMW on alternate months or miss them all together.
  9. Just seen this one listed for sale on here: Hasegawa A-4C Skyhawk - £25
  10. This one seems to be the Hasegawa version?! It isnt my auction but I do have one in the stash. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Eduard-1-48-A-4-Skyhawk-Vietnam-Scooter-Hasegawa-Ltd-Edition/193347830458?hash=item2d046dc2ba:g:SXgAAOSwx1ReSZtn
  11. Stunning and inpirational! Thanks for sharing. Roger.
  12. Great looking build! Can I ask what you used for the mud accumulation on the side skirts and front? Roger.
  13. Looks too good to not finish in my opinion! I would feel disappointed in myself for not completing it.
  14. Looks excellent and i will be using that camo technique on mine! Well done. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Roger.
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