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  1. It has all been said before but this is a work of art by an master of the art! And I love your quote from the build: When you start such a project without knowing how to do it, you can only progress. I hope the foreman get his credit too! Best wishes, Roger.
  2. Are the display stands similar to the Spitfire one? Outlines of the aircraft or generic? EDIT: I see now it is just one stand for both models. Ignore me.
  3. I just scan decals using my old canon ink jet printer/scanner and print them on it to decal paper. Seems to work ok. I have the F310B kit myself and the decals are a little yellowed.
  4. Are you able to print decals yourself? If you had a copy of them for example.
  5. I have been doing right all these years!! Nice photos
  6. lovely build and the figures set it off so well!! Those aircraft are so small! regards, Roger.
  7. Great work! the paint and decals look outstanding, something that "has" to work for the whole model to come together for cars I think. I am using your thread as inspiration as I tackle a Protar Ferrari F1 88. Regards, Roger.
  8. I just saw that too, wasnt shown earlier! 1/72, so new tool?
  9. I can see why they haven't for a while, but I would like them to re-release, as they have with some armour kits, the 1/12 scale bikes such as RC211V kits and 1/20 scale F1 car kits. Roger.
  10. Hope to see some more of your inspiration builds in the future Nigel, get well soon! Regards, Roger.
  11. I'm look forwards to this build, looks great. These Tamiya Porsche kits seem to be difficult to find other wise I fancy building one. Is that white primer on the upper surfaces? if so which do you use? regards, Roger.
  12. Outstanding, the WIP, the attention to detail and the final build. Beauty of a car. I am still struggling to comprehend the number of rivets and how you did them. Regards, Roger.
  13. An outstanding build and modelling example. Well done!
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