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  1. Hi Everyone, Thanks again to Bertie for inviting me into the Bunfight. Not all my selections went through but some so I cannot complain. As for the entropy build I am going with a dilapadated F-14 Tomcat pending the scrap man's torch. Question as I have not entered one of these before. Do we have to wait till July to start and build it before the end of October or can we start anytime? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks. Regards, Michael
  2. Great build. Looks like a fantastic kit.
  3. That's wild. I love it! The paint scheme is fantastic. Great job.
  4. Hi Bertie, Still getting a handle on all this. Does fire damage count under entropy? Thanks. Tomcat101
  5. Hi All, Years ago I bought a 1/32 scale Revell Me-262 at a model show for two (2) dollars (1 pound). The kit from the 1960s was terrible. The plastic so brittle that it would break by just looking at it. Being a glutton for punishment I decided to do something 'weird' with it. I first re-imagined it being a naval fighter in a post-war victorious Nazi Germany with folded wings. I then thought about prone-position experiments carried out in the U.K in the late forties and decided to put the ideas together as a research aircraft and give it a go. So the result as I said is weird - but was fun. For those attempting to dissect the parts it includes the following: horizontal stabilizers made from the vertical stabilizers of a 1/48 scale SR-71. The IRIS-T missiles are from a 1/48 scale Typhoon and the Redtops from a 1/48 scale EE Lightning. The vertical stabilizer is from a 1/48 scale Tornado F.3. Finally the prone position portion was made from the front half of a 1/48 scale Buccaneer. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Regards, Michael
  6. Hi All, Great comments and ideas all. This looks to be fun. I was too late for my topic - but will submit it again for 2024. I have also placed my votes for this year. Regards, Tomcat101
  7. Hi Everyone, I am a bit of a nitwit. I finally found this page - still struggling to navigate the site. Perhaps its too late to submit a topic but I wanted to submit one just in case: Our Time Has Passed. The thinking being that as we get older the constants in our lives age, retire or are discarded. For me I was a child when the teen series fighters entered service starting with the F-14 Tomcat. I first saw a Tomcat when I was 7 years old and attended its last airshow in 2006 (30+ years later). If you like the idea and it can still be entered please vote for it. Otherwise next year. Now to start looking at the options. Regards, Tomcat101
  8. Spectacular. The decals must have taken you days.
  9. An unusual subject beautifully built. The finish is extremely well done. Great job.
  10. You can never go wrong with a Tomcat. Well done.
  11. That is one funky looking airplane. Nice build.
  12. Fantastic! One of the best builds I have ever seen. I really love the paint job.
  13. Greetings Entropists, Glad to be one of your number and thanks to Bertie for the invite and welcome. For the upcoming event I was thinking of doing either an F-14 Tomcat or F-15 Eagle whose flying days have past. Enclosed are a couple of sample pictures of possible ideas. Kindest Regards, Tomcat101
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