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  1. LOL i just used a few shades of black and grey, then with a very fine brush painted little c shapes to represent small curls
  2. Thanks, it was a trying project at times.
  3. One of the hardest things i have ever attempted to paint, bear in mind when i walk from the kitchen with a glass of milk it`s yogurt by the time i get in the living room my hands shake that bad lol. Enjoyed it but what a pain in the backside, bottle there for scale. I used gloss black mixed with Vallejo metal medium for the armour and picked the detail out in Vallejo old gold, sword is Vallejo Silver and the base is Vallejo bronze with a few drops of metal medium.
  4. Just finished the Destroyer set from Polar Lights, work will commence on the background set once the Covid 19 lockdown is over and i can get hold of supplies.
  5. Calling these guy`s done for now, gonna work on a stage set once i can get hold of some MDF after this covid 19 madness is over. Posted some more photo`s in the finished section.
  6. Not a good day today, spent most of it painting the sequins which drove me crackers then ruined it with a poor attempt at a hairy chest lol. Back in the paint booth tomorrow for a wax.
  7. Peter Criss now almost done, used Vallejo Steel metallic this time just to give each model a slightly different tone. Once shading and weathering is done they should look well.
  8. Today we move a step further, for Ace i wanted a more spacey type finish so i used Vellejo Metallic Aluminium mixed with a little metal medium to lighten and also make the colour more pearlesent. Still loads of detailing to add before finish, tomorrow it`s the drummers turn.
  9. Bit more progress, used Vellejo metallic gunmetal mixed with metal medium to create a super metallic, can`t really see the effect in the photo but it really pop`s
  10. Little bit of progression, black base coats done and a little flesh tone base added. Still lots of detailing and shading to do but we`ll get there.
  11. Coming along nicely, starting to look more like the real thing now they have faces.
  12. Just completed the Ravell 1:44 Saturn V Rocket, not bad for a beginner though i say so myself. Used Vellejo paints and clear coat, i did get the USA decals the wrong way round but they were dry before i noticed so left them as they were with the bigger one at the top and the smaller ones on the bottom stage but i think i can live with it, even gave my little dudes a hi-vis vest each to comply with H&S lol Thanks for looking.
  13. First fill and initial primer, these really are a pain in the A**E to sand due to all the detail around the seams.
  14. Ace is the second one down, leave Paul`s chest hair to me....i have a cunning plan
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