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  1. Today we move a step further, for Ace i wanted a more spacey type finish so i used Vellejo Metallic Aluminium mixed with a little metal medium to lighten and also make the colour more pearlesent. Still loads of detailing to add before finish, tomorrow it`s the drummers turn.
  2. Bit more progress, used Vellejo metallic gunmetal mixed with metal medium to create a super metallic, can`t really see the effect in the photo but it really pop`s
  3. Little bit of progression, black base coats done and a little flesh tone base added. Still lots of detailing and shading to do but we`ll get there.
  4. Coming along nicely, starting to look more like the real thing now they have faces.
  5. Just completed the Ravell 1:44 Saturn V Rocket, not bad for a beginner though i say so myself. Used Vellejo paints and clear coat, i did get the USA decals the wrong way round but they were dry before i noticed so left them as they were with the bigger one at the top and the smaller ones on the bottom stage but i think i can live with it, even gave my little dudes a hi-vis vest each to comply with H&S lol Thanks for looking.
  6. First fill and initial primer, these really are a pain in the A**E to sand due to all the detail around the seams.
  7. Ace is the second one down, leave Paul`s chest hair to me....i have a cunning plan
  8. Decided to drag these guy`s out of the stash as we are on lock down. Been meaning to do something with them for some time now so the plan is to build a suitable diorama for them to live on, the rocks they stand on will be discarded but for now they act as stands for painting. I have left the hands off as i plan to create some scratch guitars and i may have to swap and change some of them in order to incorporate them later, i`m also gonna take this opportunity to create some home made decals which i have never done before so if anyone has any recommendations for decal paper that would be good. Finished filling gaps with Vallejo plastic putty and once that`s dried i will do the first sanding and re fill any gaps missed then hopefully into the booth for an undercoat. Thanks for looking.
  9. Thanks guy`s.....watch this space i reckon Found this link of a conversion, does not look simple by any means, oh and turn the sound off as the music is hideous.
  10. Cracking job, what paint`s did you use ?? Sorry scratch that just read it at the top lol.
  11. OK guy`s so i`ve managed to bag myself the Ravell 1:9 scale Kubelwagen type 82 for a price so low it`s embarrassing. Been wanting this kit for ages so i`m gonna make sure i do all my homework before even opening the bags, my question is can this be converted into a remote control kit ?? looked everywhere on the net but found nothing apart from the standard kit builds out of the box. The size of the model say`s you should be able to do it but i have no idea where to even start as a scratch build so i was wondering if an off the shelf conversion is / was available that i cannot find. As always feedback greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi all Bought this kit second hand and i have a sneaky suspicion some parts are missing, searched everywhere on T`internet and cannot find anything about it. There is no mention of it on Trumpeters web site although there are some versions of it for sale on the good old auction sites. The one i have is the motorised version and i was wondering if any of you good folk have built it, or even have the kit with instructions which show how the motor part is assembled as this i believe is where the parts are missing from. Model number is MM-00301, but does not appear to exist. Thanks in advance if anyone can help
  13. Thanks for that, good advice but what do you use to actually make the parts. Do you use resin, air dry clay, or modelling putty, or something totally different ? Regards
  14. Gonna start a new project soon which involves 4 figures and my question is this. The subjects although well modelled lack certain features for accuracy, if i want to add bits such as horns, wings or tails what is the best medium to use. The models are plastic and not resin so i was thinking modelling clay but i`m not sure if this will stick to the plastic, also would i be better moulding the parts and then sticking them on with glue once dry or moulding them to the figures when wet and letting them dry that way before paint. The figures are quite large, around 6 to 7 inches in height so the extra detail will be quite large in pieces. Any advice as always is gratefully received Regards
  15. WOW!! fantastic build, love the couple at the bow, nice touch.
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