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  1. Belly ready, first base color of the IAF scheme is on...one down, two to go!
  2. What a great Tornado, absolutely an extraordinary build !! Cheers, Jos
  3. Very colorful one-o-four, great job on that widow maker! Cheers, Jos
  4. Hello exdraken, they definitely did caring the AGM-142 Popeye missiles. I have a great reference book about the Kurnass, see link: https://www.scalemates.com/books/israeli-phantoms-ultimate-f-4-phantom-ii-collection-2-andreas-klein-shlomo-aloni--100576 I found on the internet also a picture: http://eagledesigns.50megs.com/images5.html
  5. Two AGM-142 Popeye missiles...they are huge! Actually they're Air-to-Ground missiles...
  6. Black Primer from Gunze Mr Surfacer 1500...but, I forgot one thing that was mentioned by a modeling mate. Those bulges on top of the wings doesn't belong on IAF F-4E's only on USN and USMC versions...
  7. Thanks for the advice dov, but I don't have the metal gear. This kit contains the plastic version, and I don't have had a bad experience with that. My previous Phantom was also a Hasegawa kit with plastic landing gear, no problem...but thanks anyway mate! Cheers, Jos.
  8. Thanks Antb...it pays off, for sure! Cheers, Jos.
  9. Welcome aboard Marlin, this will be my second Phantom build...love this iconic machine! See link my first F-4... Cheers, Jos RAF Phantom FGR Mk.2 / Revell-Hasegawa 1:48
  10. Thanks McG, for the exhausts I used a whole palette of different metal colors from Alclad II. I play with those colors and then I apply some shadow effects with matt black, I always use a piece of masking tape to tape this on a panel line. Good luck, Jos
  11. Absolutely a stunning adversary Hornet, excellent Build Rene! Cheers, Jos
  12. Thanks gentlemen, I really appreciate your kind words...! Cheers, Jos
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