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  1. Thanks stevej60...glad you like it...twice !
  2. Thanks Lightningboy2000...! Thanks Mike...!
  3. Thanks Gary...glad you like it...! Thanks Flight Line Media...!
  4. Thanks 2lefthands...! I have not had any yellowing with Humbrol Clear so far. I used to use it to dip the clear parts, but now I use Future for that. I have treated the front window with 'armored glass' from Alclad II, and indeed very subtly otherwise it becomes overdone. Cheers, Jos. Thanks Murewa!
  5. Extraordinary build mate, what a stunner...beautiful paint work! Jos
  6. Thanks Erik, this model will definitely shine on our showtable during the ESM '21 in Houten NLD...! Thanks F-32...!
  7. Thanks Colin...I am very pleased with the right BLUES blue color...also I did a very subtle wash with Midnight blue oil paint from 502 Abteilung. The gloss layer is from Humrol...IMHO a great shiny look!
  8. Thanks Matt, it was not easy to find out the right blue and yellow color. Many (old) pictures of a Blues Scooter are to dark and old ancient. Glad you like the paint job...!
  9. Beautiful French crusader...well done! Cheers, Jos.
  10. Absolutely a beautiful Iranian cat, and also a stunning flight line! Cheers, Jos.
  11. Hello fellow modellers, Finished finally my 'Blues' Scooter from the US Navy aerial demonstration team, the Blue Angels. I used the Hasegawa kit No. 07221. Paints: It was pretty difficult to find or mix the right Blues Blue color, therefore I mixed 50% Tamiya Blue X-4 and 50% Tamiya Royal Blue X-3. Gloss varnish layer from Humbrol Subtle panel line wash Midnight Blue from 502 Abteilung Aftermarket: A-4F Interior set from Eduard No. 49273 1/48 A-4E wheels early from Eduard No. 648213 1/48 Decals: A-4F Skyhawk Blue Angels 1974-86 Seasons from Yellowhammer Models No. YHD48-19 1/48 Masks: A-4E/F Eduard No. EX023 1/48 Enjoy the reveal pics! Cheers, Jos.
  12. Belly ready, first base color of the IAF scheme is on...one down, two to go!
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