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  1. Hi modellers, My next project, a F-4E Phantom II Kurnass 2000 from the Israeli Air Force (IAF). Hasegawa No. 09566 1/48 Aftermarket: XMM Air intakes Eduard No. 648009 Seats Master No. AM-48-050 Pitot tubes Eduard No. 49 231 Exterior PE New Ware masks No. NWAM0347 Icarus Decals F-4E Stencil Data - Black True Details F-4 Phantom II Wheels Paint: Gunze Aqueous H310, H311, H312, H313 and H314 Stay tuned... Cheers, Jos
  2. Outstanding and stunning build...really a beautiful Navy Phantom !! Cheers, Jos
  3. Outstanding nice and clean build...well done! Cheeres, Jos.
  4. Hello Phil, sorry for the late response...you can see the building progress in the link below; https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=35457&p=albums&album=53208 I used these main colors for upper surface; Gunze H330 Dark Green BS381C:641 Gunze H331 Dark Seagray BS381C:638. For the bottom I used; Gunze H332 Light Aircraft Gray BS381C:627 Cheers, Jos
  5. Many thanks guys for your overwhelming kind and supporting words...! @t15dja I use a 50/50 mix from HATAKA; XP07 Matt Laquer Clear Coat and XP08 Satin Laquer Clear Coat...IMHO a real spot-on matt coat, and super strong!
  6. Hello fellow modelers, On New-Years eve I had the roll-out of my recently build model, Tamiya 1/48 F-14A Tomcat kit from the VF-84 Jolly Rogers...FEAR THE BONES !! It was a joy to build this shake-and-bake kit from Tamiya, the only aftermarket stuff I used were: PE seatbelts STEEL No. 49806 from Eduard; F-14 Alfa Probe AM-48-007 from Master-Model. I used my favorite paint, Gunze Aqueous: Grey FS16440 H315 - 10ml; Insignia White (FS17875) H316 - 10ml. For the panel lines, I used the PLW from AMMO: Fo
  7. Very well done, nice build! Cheers, Jos.
  8. Thanks TheFlogger, High-Lander and Simon Dyer...I appreciate your kind words...and hey you never know TheFlogger, what's next on the bench! Axis fighters give me a lot of mojo...! Cheers, Jos
  9. It's really true Vinnie, my preference is for 4th gen fighters in 1/48 scale and this model kit is the first propeller plane in my collection...! But I love playing with different color tones, the BF f -109 have great camouflage schemes.
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