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  1. This is the 1;700 scale version. This was an ebay bargain that came with a damaged hull side that was so easy to repair and most of the paints all for under a tenner. An enjoyable build even if it drag on for 8 months. Most of the parts fit perfect the only real issue was the black decals on the front superstructure under the bridge, none of the window openings lined up with the decal ones so painted instead. Added the glazed side cabin gallery railing from clear acetate and gave all the glazing a 'smoked' effect with gloss varnish and a bit of black added.
  2. Brings back memories of a house move we did years ago, i burnt a half built model of Billings Boat's Lila Dan that someone had given me because they couldn't finish it and i was finding it too difficult for my skills at the time. I wish i'd kept it now.
  3. Yes i forgot to mention its 1/72 Parts on this were OK, non warped. Decal sheet looked very good for age as it everything was still sealed up in factory bags when i got it. Most decals came straight off with no problem, but a couple of the longer stripes needed an extra soak and a little gentle persuasion in a small area to leave the backing sheet
  4. This is the Hasegawa kit, from the late 80's i think of an unusual NASA prototype. There wasn't many parts so most of the assembly was just a few hours, and hardly any filler at all.
  5. Built one of these when it was just a GR1, many years ago in my teens. i remember the fuselage having the same fit issues way back then and the chunky sprues, but the swing wings worked great
  6. Shallow water and coastal defence I believe, not sure about the carronade but I think the main cannon was a 24pounder
  7. No, not this one its never left the house.
  8. This is something i scratchbuilt a few years ago using free magazine plans: Not sure of scale or if its accurate or not but its about 13inches in length, built from wood plank on frame in clinker style. The cannon barrels were made using rods of P38 car body filler resin moulded in tubes and turned. It could be displayed as it is or with mast raised and bowsprit fitted, but i didn't fancy rigging it at the time. Overall it took about 8 months to complete
  9. Revell Eurofighter in 3 Squadron anniversary scheme. Kit built OOB and not the easiest of kits to build. The decals were from Xtradecal and were an Ebay win, but they turned into a nightmare to apply due to them breaking up, presumably from age or poor storage. To cover the terrible transfers i dirtied the plane up a little using crushed pencil graphite.
  10. These are great little subjects to model. And great for practice for wooden hull construction. I scratchbuilt a 54foot version years ago but with clinker hull, and complete with a cannon and caronade onboard.
  11. There is also the wreck of the MV Creteblock visible at Whitby too. http://www.hidden-teesside.co.uk/2011/10/04/wreck-of-the-creteblock-whitby/
  12. Finally completed this pair a couple of months ago. They started out as an Xmas pressy for someone, but with one thing and another and loss of interest, the build dragged on and on. The Airfix etch set was used and really makes a difference to both vehicles
  13. Made 2 of these as a kid, a Silver USAF one and the F5 Tiger II which wasnt too bad, or its my rose tinted memory...Built one a couple years back from the PM models kit of the Turkish Stars F5, obtained from a stall at Waddington airshow since it was cheap - now that was a really bad kit.
  14. A small update before packing up modelling tools for a couple of weeks. Finished assembly of both chassis & assembled and fitted the brass rear step to the Snatch Landy but had to salvage the two plastic bumper protusions from the bin due to loosing an etch part, while i was at it i refitted them to the WMIK too. Just little bits of painting left and a blast of matt varnish then on with the bodywork.
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