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  1. MikeyJ

    WW 1 concrete cargo vessels

    There is also the wreck of the MV Creteblock visible at Whitby too. http://www.hidden-teesside.co.uk/2011/10/04/wreck-of-the-creteblock-whitby/
  2. Finally completed this pair a couple of months ago. They started out as an Xmas pressy for someone, but with one thing and another and loss of interest, the build dragged on and on. The Airfix etch set was used and really makes a difference to both vehicles
  3. MikeyJ

    Airfix F5A - Finished

    Made 2 of these as a kid, a Silver USAF one and the F5 Tiger II which wasnt too bad, or its my rose tinted memory...Built one a couple years back from the PM models kit of the Turkish Stars F5, obtained from a stall at Waddington airshow since it was cheap - now that was a really bad kit.
  4. MikeyJ

    Airfix WMIK & Snatch Landrovers

    A small update before packing up modelling tools for a couple of weeks. Finished assembly of both chassis & assembled and fitted the brass rear step to the Snatch Landy but had to salvage the two plastic bumper protusions from the bin due to loosing an etch part, while i was at it i refitted them to the WMIK too. Just little bits of painting left and a blast of matt varnish then on with the bodywork.
  5. MikeyJ

    Airfix WMIK & Snatch Landrovers

    OK, thanks for the info. Black chassis it is.
  6. MikeyJ

    Airfix WMIK & Snatch Landrovers

    First job was cut the rear step and bumper bits of the rear of both chassis. Couple of hours later, both engines and 1 chassis partly built The instruction call for chassis to be painted black, but I'm not convinced about that so they will be painted in the same sand colour as the body
  7. For my first work in progress I am going to have a go at the Airfix WMIK & Snatch landrover set. After a look at the parts and seeing it uses decals for window grills I decided to complete it with the Airfix etch brass detail set. Vehicles are not something I build very often and for me using etch for any model is even rarer. Four grey sprues of nicely detailed parts but seems quite few need work to clean flash and mould lines up and one clear The etch is very nice. The bonnet checkerplate and grills are very finely done. So lets see how this goes...
  8. MikeyJ

    USS Bonhomme Richard.

    Shall follow with interest, and watch out for the kit too since I have a scratch built HMS Serapis on the go
  9. Fantastic work, love the quality of the woodwork. Is it seven feet without the bowsprit?
  10. MikeyJ

    Humbrol Silver - what is wrong with it?

    I think all Humbrol metallics are the same, brushing needs 3 or 4 coats over a matt undercoat to get decent results, but strangley when ive sprayed the same paint it goes on great, although I just had to get a replacement tinlet of 64 light grey and that is truly awful compared to every other tin Ive bought.
  11. MikeyJ

    Airliner III Group Build Chat

    I voted and am interested in joining too. Have got a spare Airbus in the pile - might try something different with it.
  12. MikeyJ

    Tornado F3

    Model with working lights?
  13. MikeyJ

    Tiger ! Airliners too !

    That is some cool nose art.
  14. MikeyJ

    Stuff you don't see any more....

    Theyre still on bikes here in bridlington
  15. MikeyJ

    Airfix 1/72 Spitfire MK22

    Thanks for the comments. I've noticed this effect before on flat silver, although i did use a satin finish so maybe probably due to not using the flash and the low angle?