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  1. Great looking build. And the orange panels look perfect. Would you mind sharing how you accomplished the subtle fades?
  2. Really nice weathering. You should hold clinics.
  3. Really, Really, Really nice job! Easily one of the best this year. Phenomenal
  4. I used testor model master enamels for the yellow. Aluminum is alclad. Red is tamiya acrylic. I've taken to using future and cotton swabs for my gloss coat lately. It's more time-consuming, but more forgiving and a very smooth finish. It probably won't work on larger models, but is great on small kits.
  5. I didn't take construction photos, sorry. But... beside the front of the pylon, which is reversed in angle, there's a couple of extra lumps and bumps near the front of the rocket mostly on the port side. The nose is redone - I recall using the fuel tank from a Tamiya F-15 to get the correct shape, including some brass tubing to extend the small prop at the tip of the nose. There's also a couple of new holes/vents near the rear of the rocket. And some additional "stringers", for lack of a better term, just in front of the rear pylon. I'm trying to remember to take construction photos, but sometimes get carried away. HTH, Mark
  6. What breed is that big boy? We adopted this guy a about 18 months ago, from a shelter. He's a great fella (although apparently a runt at just over 100lbs) and has settled in nicely. But the Vets and dog folk here seem baffled at his origins. I'd never seen another like him until this thread. Much Thanks, Mark
  7. Sorry if this is in the wrong category, but it's definitely not Armour, and it's definitely not a Non-Military Vehicle, and it refuels Aircraft, so... here we are. Finished this weekend, and glad to get it off the bench. I have two more; one I'd like to build in Desert Cam, and one I'd like to use for dioramas - really detail the refueling gear. When I build the next two, a couple items will be on my build list; 1. Use slow setting glue and level weights to ensure the frame is perfectly straight. I ended up with slight warping on this one. 2. Add some interior detail - beautiful dash and console, but spartan everywhere else. 3. Spend more time on the wheels/tires. They were the "wheel insert/tire halves" design and not very convincing. 4. Get some aftermarket or print some decals. The kit decals laid down beautifully, and were super thin. Unfortunately, they were also out of register slightly, so white "peeked" from behind the red. 5. Add detail to the lights and windows. Hindsight what it is, I should have added a black frame to the windows before gluing them in, and added wipers to the windscreen. Despite all the above, this is a 1/48 Modern Fuel Truck! Great for Aircraft Dioramas and Airfields. Anyway, please enjoy. Comments/criticism always welcome, Mark
  8. Hey All, I finished and photographed a couple models this weekend. A JB-2 Loon, R-11 Fuel Truck, and this little guy. Pretty easy kit, tiny parts count and great fit. If you want a quick build to restore some mojo, I highly recommend. Thanks for looking, Mark
  9. Hey All, Thought this was the best place to post this. It's a pretty straight forward conversion. Added few outer spars, reshaped the nose and the "pedestal" for the rocket. A few other small bits, and Voila! a Loon. I was after this; Zero weathering, as I don't think these things survived multiple launches. One and done. Critiques are always welcome. Mark
  10. This is a totally inspirational build. You should teach a class on how you plan and execute the internal bracing, fabrication, and scratchbuilding. Masterful!
  11. Fantastic job! You could/should give a class in BMF weathering.
  12. I thought it would be fun to practice my rust skills. And since I accidentally butchered the paint job on the German truck, why not? Enjoy the silence
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