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  1. One of my favorite aircraft. I usually prefer them in metal finish, but yours is a definite exception. Well done!
  2. This kit is my first official post of 2021( I have finished a bunch of 1/48 vehicles and figures, but this is my first wing thing) I should call it Lazarus as this thing has been resurrected from the dead multiple times. It started as a Thunderbirds livery, but the white paint started cracking to the point I had to strip it completely. Then something clouded the canopy and I had to refinish/polish it back to something barely acceptable. Then a barn cat found its way in the house and the pitot, landing gear and tail had to be repaired. On and on and on. I have a rule that I never leave a book or model unfinished. But...I decided to try something different using my cricut to cut some patterns. A few days late for 4-1-21, but hope you enjoy.
  3. Hi All, I'm ready to tackle this beast finally! I've wanted to do a flaps and slats down version for as long as I can remember. In fact, the white (yellowed) plastic in the pics are from Circa 1987/88 Anywho. I - very carefully - cut the flaps and slats with the intention of making an internal structure for the wings. And of course, the wing halves immediately pancaked. So I ordered a third model once Revell Germany re-released the kit. With the intention of making a "buck" of the inside of the wings, I reckoned I could make a positive of the interior of the wings, cut it to shape, then mold that for the internal bracing for the flaps and slats. Unfortunately, the kit I bought had warped wings. So... I've built a jig to keep everything straight while I make a mold of the interior. My question to the scratch builders in the group; What's the best filler I can pour in to make my mold? I'm worried any kind of resin will get too hot and melt the plastic. Wax will crumble when I try to cut it afterword, Expanding foam will probably just pop the seams. BTW - second biggest model box I've ever received. TIA
  4. Fantastic job! A couple questions regarding the det cord; 1. would you mind sharing the .svg file for the cut? 2. did you make it yourself, or get it from another source? Again, great work on the jump jet, you should be proud. Mark
  5. Mathy, your work never fails to inspire. Great job!
  6. Wow! Really nice job. The definition of a silk purse from a sow's ear.
  7. Fantastic job! really nice weathering also.
  8. I don't know that I can add to the praise. Well deserved praise, btw. Never been interested in this kit, until seeing you work. Congrats.
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