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  1. Fantastic job! A couple questions regarding the det cord; 1. would you mind sharing the .svg file for the cut? 2. did you make it yourself, or get it from another source? Again, great work on the jump jet, you should be proud. Mark
  2. Mathy, your work never fails to inspire. Great job!
  3. Wow! Really nice job. The definition of a silk purse from a sow's ear.
  4. Fantastic job! really nice weathering also.
  5. I don't know that I can add to the praise. Well deserved praise, btw. Never been interested in this kit, until seeing you work. Congrats.
  6. Really nice job. And I always dig the in flight displays! When I built mine, I noticed the gear doors weren't really engineered for gear up. How difficult was it to adapt the "gear-up" build? Mark
  7. Great job and presentation! I was slowly perusing, thinking "man, that shape looks familiar", and chuckled out loud (COL?!?) at the last few pictures. Thanks for the laugh and congrats on a job well done. Mark
  8. Beautiful job on this kit. Even as well as it fits, your canopy and windscreen look PERFECT! Nice work.
  9. It is OOB - 100%. I even used the kit decals, including the seatbelts (I used "modge podge" to make them as thick as possible and not settle into the seat cushions). Thanks for the kind words.
  10. Just Wow! What a great finish. Best Metal I've seen in a while.
  11. Great job on this kit! And your weathering is spot on.
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