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  1. Really nice job! I especially like the soft edge on the camoflage.
  2. The cowling guns dropped in fairly easily. BUT... the cowling inserts themselves required a TON of dry fitting and sanding, and still didn't fit perfect in the end. In fact, these two inserts were the only pieces that weren't click-fit perfect. Perhaps in getting these to fit, you inadvertently altered the fit of the guns? Either way, the finish is superb and I dig the Red Star camo!
  3. markmcguire25

    Redstone PGM11

    Not much progress this weekend, cold temps kept me from putting a primer coat to assess my progress. But... fins are finished and ready for cleanup. I got most of the umbilical connectors for the gantry in place. Although they feel a bit over scale. I'll finish up the small upper fins and hope the weather cooperates. The garage is sealed up tight, but we're in the 30's (O's Celcius) this week, so painting is probably out for the foreseeable.
  4. markmcguire25

    Accurate Miniatures 1/48 Grumman F3F-2

    Really nice job. I've always loved these colorful paint schemes.
  5. Very nice! Very clean! I built a version of this kit last year (shuttle chase) and also thought the canopy attachment was a challenge. Nice job!!!
  6. This is the first finished build for the year. I picked this up at Hobby Lobby, excited about the new Airfix mold. I would highly recommend this kit, as the cockpit/interior is a dream to build. Not quite a weekend build, but start to finish was less than a week. Seriously, this kit was so much fun! Mark
  7. markmcguire25

    Redstone PGM11

    Here's the start of a Mach2 kit I bought on a whim. I love NASA kits, and there's not that much available in 1/48. I'm thinking of modeling the boxart, or the olive drab army version. We'll see; Section halves were glued and bound with thick rubber bands, then I rotated the sections 90 degrees and cleaned up the seams. Here I've marked out the Gantry connection points, and filed the sub assembly gaps that are visible on the actual rockets. Here's the main Fins for the craft. I did my best to clean them up and get them accurate, but... They just didn't cut it. So I'm starting on a scratchbuilt, more accurate version; I'm going to mold the master and make more copies of the main fins, I'll mass produce the rest. Replicating the upper directional vanes. Here's the exhaust, filled and cleaned up. The marks help me keep the insert aligned as I sand and fit. The black is carbon and rubber infused CA that helps reinforce the seams from the inside. Get to the Choppah! Every time I use this, I hear Arnold in my head :). Using this to keep all the vanes the same size is helpful. Once the vanes are clamped and glue dried. I use milliput to make the final shapes. It's easy to manipulate with water and a few clay tools. I'll get the final finish with standard filler putty. Original part on left for comparison. Bottom half of mold set. Ready to pour the top. Top poured after release agent and stubs shortened. The pour sprues will be expanded after its cured. Here's the vanes and fins, drying and almost ready for final sand/shape.
  8. Whoa. That's a phenomenal build. Just, whoa>
  9. markmcguire25

    Howdy from Texas

    Hey Y'all, I've read the site for a few years. But I suffer from too many hobbies, so I haven't modeled or posted. I've finally traded the old car restoration (73 Mustang convertible and 67 Corvair convertible - still looking for the elusive Cougar XR-7) for scale modelling in earnest. This year, I had the chance to start culling my growing stash with a-build-a-week goal. I hope to to a better job with quality, if not quantity. I also plan on posting more this year (one of my resolutions). In addition to the above, I am building a "O" scale Disneyland Railroad in my home office. I live on a stamp of land and spend time gardening and building deck/patio ideas my wife approves. I have four sons, all older now, who will still build a Gundam with me, but are out on the 'harder' models. Cheers, Mark
  10. markmcguire25

    My 2018 builds

    Really nice builds, Mark. What do you use for your gloss white?
  11. markmcguire25

    Su-22UM3 Polish Air Force KH 1:48

    The SU-22 is one of my favorite aircraft - that doesn't wear stars and bars. And I really like the Tiger Meet finish. Outstanding!
  12. markmcguire25

    Boeing P-26 1/72 Revell

    Looks great. What did you use for the rigging? I ask because I have two of the Hobbycraft 1/48 in the wings for 2019. I've recently discovered EZ Line, but don't think it would work in this case with the cross brace. Happy New Year! Mark
  13. This is the Attack Squadron kit. Very nice build, but tiny.
  14. Howdy Y'all and Happy New Year! I've been "lurking" on this site for years, and I've always really appreciated the quality, engineering and works of art this site showcases. It's my go-to site for new inspiration, and to be frank, the quality is a bit intimidating. To put it mildly. I've finally had the chance to start modelling again, after a long absence. And to make a serious attempt to whittle a large (200+) stockpile of kits, accumulated over the last 10 years. My Resolution for 2018 was to finish a kit a week?!? I had some setbacks through the year - oldest Son's wedding, got Flu A and B early on ???, and dealt with some major changes at work. I didn't succeed, but I came darn close, and feel pretty good about the quantity, if not always the quality. Most weeks consisted of straight out of the box - which I rediscovered can be a lot of fun. And more than a few times I made such a costly error, that I shelved or trashed a project, and had to knock out a weekend project just to get back on track. I apologize that a couple of these are not aircraft related, but with one exception (Porsche) they are all 1/48 scale. Here is my 2018 builds, in no particular order; X-47B Nice kit, easy to build. VERY thick plastic, but it wasn't ever an issue. Unfinished base! Hasegawa F-22 - fun kit, good engineering, LOTS of parts!!! This kit does not photograph as well as the others. I suspect it has to do with the special finish, but it looks much more subtle in person. Hasegawa P-47 - fun build, got the markings on the backside of three of four prop blades, D'oh! Saab J-29 - nice kit, and the base lights up to illuminate the acrylic rod that exits the contrail. Some carrier and airfield support equipment - very nice filler for weeks where the original project went south. The only non 1/48 scale kit for the year. Again, sorry for off-topic, but it's easier to post everything in one spot. I always thought the YF-23 should have won the contract. Love this kit so much I have a couple more waiting to be built in other liveries. Also note the unfinished base, it will be a running theme, unfortunately. This was an OK kit, though a couple fit issues kept it from being as fun as I had hoped. Loved this kit! Quite a few parts fit so well (canopy, wings, flaps) that I didn't use glue at all. Also my first time using E Z Line. Another in flight model. This one "plugs" into triangular brass rod and displays in the takeoff position I really built this in a week! The only fit issue was tailplanes, the tab/slot was much too fragile/small for such a large piece. First time using oils to weather. H-21 - This was the least fun kit of the year. Canopy would not fit after lots of filing. filling and fiddling. Super glue eventually did the trick, but ended up crazing inside despite my precautions. RQ-4 Global Hawk - Great kit, easy to build, very few pieces. I think this deck tractor is from the Monogram B-24 kit? I just needed something to display with the P-47 Old Revell 1950's kit. I just primed and beat it up as a test bed for the Vallejo rust wash. The wash looks terrible until it dries, then looks very convincing. F-104G - Fun kit, great build. Lesson learned building two kits at the same time (F-104C) - don't get variants parts mixed up! i accidentally glued the wrong tail halves to each other and had to perform unnecessary surgery. F-15E - R/M kit. I LOVE this kit. I've built three and can say everything about them is great, except the decals. T-38 - Wolfpack kit. Really nice kit. White finish was no problem on this kit, but will haunt me later in the year... D-558 Skystreak - one of my last and worst kits of the year. Started having issues with white finish on a couple kits (which is why there's no Thunderbirds F-16 in this post) and didn't solve it until recently. If you look at the wings closely, you'll notice the 'alligator' cracks in the white. Tamiya white acrylic and future do NOT play well together - FYI. F-16XL - fun build, with one or two challenges. The biggest was the fit of the canopy, but since I display it open sometimes (custom painted NASA test pilot) I can't really clamp it down. F-104C - also the hasegawa kit. Free handed the Tiger Meet scheme. Decals were old Cutting Edge Verlinden V-100 armored car. Air Force, so it still fits this group? No? Worth a try. Eduard X-1 - Nice kit, spartan, but the only game in town, so... T-38A - Wolfpack kit. Nice build, but not 100% accurate for a Shuttle chase plane. Voyager Space Probe - Hasegawa kit with Eduard PE and a little scratchbuilding. This might be my favorite result of 2018! I'm not even sure where I got these, they were in a baggie. It's my first attempt at figures (early in the year) and I was still using Enamels with watercolor wash. I'm now experimenting with oils and like the results much better. Armor, sorry. MQ-9 Reaper - Easy build, fun to finish RQ-7b - this thing is tiny!!! My first attempt at showing worn, grimy with undercoating exposed. S. E. 5 Revell kit. This is a GREAT fitting kit, and I'm very glad this was my first ever Biplane kit. And my last kit of the year. Very pleasing way to finish up 2018! Thanks for looking. If you have any comments, please don't hesitate. I'm still working on my photographic skills, so feel free to advise on that as well.