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  1. I thought it would be fun to practice my rust skills. And since I accidentally butchered the paint job on the German truck, why not? Enjoy the silence
  2. Awesome job! I've picked up one of these to build a 303Sq representation. Any construction tips you'd like to share?
  3. Finished this a while ago. Just haven't had much chance to post lately. The base has 10 LED of different color, flicker and intensity, that looks pretty cool. I weathered very lightly, as I was going for this; WIP is here - If I figure out how to imbed a video, I will show the LED effects. Thank you
  4. Hey All, I'm one of the victims of the ATT DNS denials in the US, so I'm trying to get caught up from a work-trip hotel room. I've been trying a new technique on each kit. The technique I tried on this kit was painting/finishing major subassemblies prior to final assembly. The wings/booms, center fuselage and center tailplane were all built, painted and weathered separately. The final assembly with very little weathering/finishing after. I found it easier to paint and weather some of the compound curves. But gluing the final sub assemblies was a bit nerve racking. Thanks for looking!
  5. I grabbed two of these kits with no real plans. They just look cool and they're 1/48 modern. 'Nuff said. I also started on the Type 16 and had an idea for a funny diorama. Finished models below. Diorama is almost done and I'll post in that category when it is. Comments always appreciated
  6. I originally wanted to do some sort of gantry or launcher, but didn't want to detract too much from the kit. The basic shape - "bones" are really nice. Some flickering white and orange LEDs with a couple brights pointing straight upward. Test fitting and everything looks good. I had some nice directional vanes, but they kept catching on the cotton, and you can't see them, so...
  7. No real work on the jet, but I decided on the size, shape of the base. Still trying to decide how I want to mount the aircraft - exhaust with acrylic rod as the mount is likely. Started finding wheels - these Canberra wheels are spot on in diameter and width, but the Vucan are five spoke not four. I suspect I'll end up having to build from scratch. The upper portion of the landing gear is happily accurate, so I'm using easy mold to copy that in resin (with lots of microballoons to save weight, since these wont be bearing a load) Ordered some resin MB Mk3 seats that should need very little adjustment to be accurate. BTW - this website is great for finding the right bang seat; http://martin-baker.com/ Found this - very helpful And this - also helpful That's about it for now. Work and family have been very hectic, so not much actual building going on. But at least I can get some research done in the wee hours.
  8. Really nice job. I'm currently struggling through this one, as well. I got the added bonus of a warped fuselage half.
  9. The bare metal looks great! Perfect sheen and reflectivity for the scale. I dig it.
  10. I did write that it would be a slow build. Work has been crazy - lots of travel and then I had to spend a full week at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, schmoozing and such. It's going to take me a week to recover. Updates soon, I promise.
  11. Really nice look thus far. I'm about halfway through with mine - Wolfpack version with the colorful "Rehawks" scheme. Did you have any warping in the fuselage, or was I extra lucky? Very nice weathering.
  12. Handmade decals came out pretty uniform, and um...acceptable? circle template on silver decal sheet. Hand drawn flame logo and red permanent marker. And...firepot! They actually look better in person, as the lights and camera show silver under the flame that doesn't show to my Mk.1.A eyeballs.
  13. Quick update. Nothing like disappointing decals to steal your mojo?!? I ordered 1/48 24" 45degree letters, which is what I got - but the "M" is wayyyy off and the "R" is slightly wrong. And my laser printer botched the Chrysler/Redstone/DeSoto logo. I think because the max DPI was only 1200, the decals are less than crisp. I'm still working on the "firepot" logo near the fins. I really wanted to finish this last week, but been on the road for work. I'll coat and (very) lightly weather next week. Give a bit more detail to the exhaust, and call it finished.
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