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  1. Mathy, You're models are always superb! A couple questions; 1. How did you get the peeled silver finish on the wing roots? 2. Do you photograph your models outdoors to get the backgrounds? The black "tarmac" and background are fantastic, and on a few of your other builds the backgrounds look slightly different. Please share the secret to your magic. Thanks, Mark
  2. Stunning build! I'm not usually into "what if" models, but this is an exception. Very nice.
  3. Very nice looking finish. Love the story behind the aircraft. I just watched something very similar. Israeli infantry firing surplus Mauser and Pilots flying S-199 smuggled in via Surplus C-46 and B-17 that were forbidden by the U.S. State Dept. (after a mysterious about-face in policy) to go to Israel. Sometimes History really is stranger than fiction.
  4. Well done. I really dig all the "slice of life" accessories that make the scene more realistic. Kudos
  5. This is the third kit I've built from this manufacturer. For limited run resin, their gems. They do a nice job of using different types of resins to accommodate the build of the kit; hard with fine lines for certain parts, softer to allow for some flex on others, etc. Unfortunately, one of the landing skids was broken from the start. So I tried soldering on this kit. I think my results were a bit mixed from the perspective of fine detail, but no doubt the parts are much stronger and able to absorb handling. BTW - all these pics were taken with a Galaxy s9+ phone and several photog lights. In less time than it usually takes me to set up one shot on my Canon DSLR?!? I'm either dong something right with the phone, or VERY wrong with the Camera. this is a jig I used to get the rotors lined up. It was a scrap piece from a previous project, and made lining up the blades pretty easy. Drilled holes for the brass rod in preparation for the new landing gear Getting the angles correct for the legs. you can see the solder at the bottom. You can also see the the one good skid just to the right. Test fitting the struts to the airframe. You can see the high quality finish on the resin parts (I have no affiliation with the company, I'm just impressed with the finish and fit of these kits) Skids are bent and matched for solder Still some final sanding and shaping, but not too bad for my first try!!! Cheers, Mark
  6. Thanks for the interest. The underside is FS36081, per kit instructions. It looks lighter in person (the paint also appears much flatter than the the photos) I too, felt it was a bit too dark, but found some images that seemed to confirm the color in the instructions; As I'm no IDFAF expert, I rolled with it.
  7. Thanks All, for the kind words. And I hope everyone can view the pics now. @F-32, on the first image, it looks like they had to "fix" the tail markings the same way I did, albeit a much larger scale. Once the decal was microsol'd and manipulated for the umpteenth time, I fixed the rest with matching paint. Some of those bumps were impossible to get a decal around (for me at least).
  8. Reloaded pics. No idea why previous had issues. I use same permissions on every album. Best, Mark
  9. It is a SAIP pod. It's included in the kit. There's a pretty nice selection of stores included. I opted for just a few.
  10. As the title notes. I haven't finished a kit in awhile. No excuses really, just too busy for my model therapy The AMK kit is fantastic, I can't give it enough praises. I meant to make this a quick OOB build, but it was building up so well, I bought the ResKit wheels, Aires bang seat, and ended up using different decals - probably the only gripe with the kit, as they are overly thick, and won't lay down. I ended up using a mix of Kinetic decals (same airframe ironically), Superscale insignia, and a couple stencils I made using my new cricut maker. The cut stencils were the new technique I tried. If you've seen any of my other posts in the last 18-24mo., I try to use something new on each kit. I'm attempting, in my own ham-fisted way, to expand my skills, getting back into modeling after a too long absence. Enough Rambling, on to the model; Hope you enjoy. As always, comments, critiques and questions are always encouraged. Mark
  11. Really nice job! Love the subject.
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