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  1. Phew! Thanks. It's just a tiny crop of the detail on that F-16 as it was taxying past me
  2. Honestly, don't know what to tell ya... checked it on two different Macs, two different iPhones, and got a mate down the road with a PC to check it.
  3. Are you not seeing the image? I checked it here, on phone, on my wife's phone...
  4. I was skimming through my aircraft archive, a couple of days ago, looking for weathering inspiration, and came across this picture of an RNLAF F-16 that I photographed at Nellis AFB way back in 2009... My eye was drawn to the panel, on the side of the intake, under the EPU (centre left on this detail). Crazy variety of stuff... light rivets, dark rivets, splotches of colour with fringes of another colour. Anyway, thought it might be interesting to someone (with better eyes/paint skills than I)
  5. The Hornet was the carrier that picked up the returning Apollo 11 astronauts. The pilots were picked up by helicopter, brought to the Hornet, walked across the hangar deck and into the quarantine unit. They were the first footsteps made by people who had walked on another planet... so they were permanently painted onto the deck.
  6. I have a very good friend in Powell River... lovely place.
  7. Interesting... and right here on the island, too. Thanks. Their shipping pages says that 'very remote' parts of Canada don't count for free shipping... where on earth are you?!?
  8. Howdy, this might be the wrong sub-section of the forum for this question, but I'll give it a shot... Since I was last interested in this subject I've moved countries. I'm now based in Canada (I was in the US for a few years). Can anyone recommend good Canadian* online retailers for plastic model aircraft kits, tools, accessories, aftermarket stuff etc? Thanks * For those that don't live in Canada, it's not just the exchange rate that can get costly but the price of shipping from the US to Canada can be absurd.
  9. It used to be that I got my sensors cleaned on a regular basis at various events by Nikon's excellent NPS. There was also an NPS depot a short drive away. But once they moved the service depot to the other side of the country and then I went to live in a remote rural location I decided it was time to do my own. So, Arctic Butterfly and Visible Dust products. Been using them for a long time. They aren't cheap but neither is your camera.
  10. I hate shooting most anything with a tripod unless it's something static (or something that needs a long exposure). I use a 200-400 ƒ4 handheld and a 600mm ƒ4 on a monopod. The monopod generally acting as something to lean on and rest in between shots (when it comes to airplanes). For cases, check out the Glass Taxi by Think Tank. I have more Think Tank bags/gear than probably any other single brand. They make robust, pro-level gear.
  11. @bootneck... I lived in Vancouver for a couple of years when I first moved up here, then my wife and I moved out to Tsawwassen and then on to the island. It's very lovely here. If you're interested you can check out my aviation photography, currently, on Instagram. (My own personal website is going to be entirely reworked over the next few months).
  12. Man, that F-4 has looked like that for at least a decade. Although the blue tape outlines are new. Did you see the white painted astronaut footprints?
  13. Cheers... probably not as cold as the Windy City here, right now, but we sure have a lot of snow at the minute (for here, that is).
  14. Bit late to help, but an interesting thing to note about white balance and raw/JPG images... Raw images are essentially exactly that; raw data from the camera sensor. They aren't, technically, even in colour... it's just data. The colour is rendered through whatever raw app you're using. On the other hand a JPEG is a collection of rendered pixels, it is, in effect, a 'baked' image. The point of all that is; white balance is a 'free ride' in a raw file. It is not a 'free ride' in a JPEG. While a lot of apps will have a good crack at 'fixing' white balance, in post, on a JPEG, there is no white balance in raw file, so you can pretty much make it what you want in post. Just one of a myriad of reasons to shoot raw...
  15. Technically not a new member (turns out I've been a member here for 12 years) but been away for some time. Life can get busy. Seems I haven't been active here for about 8 years, so I figured I'd reintroduce myself. I'm a photographer by trade, originally from Nottingham, UK but after stints in France and California I now find myself living on the western edge of North America, on Vancouver Island, in the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada. I'm not currently an active builder but still very much interested in aviation history and photography–mostly military although I have a soft spot for smaller general aviation subjects (I spent some time learning to fly in a 172 when I lived in the US).
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