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  1. Right? We get more votes than last year...and it's still not enough.
  2. And because I have a distinct inability to leave stuff well enough alone..... Seat mods.
  3. Sprues for @Aardvark. They are not virgin sprue shots, as the kit was started...albeit barely. The wings have been glued together as has the centerline drop.
  4. I haven't been able to do much due to work, but the second set of seats did arrive. I got them trimmed off the casting blocks, but will need to do a bit more thinning of the bottom to clear the canopy. I guess this was even an issue w/ kit seats.
  5. Guess I should probably get around to posting in here since it's been done for a while. I was hoping to get some better pics outside...but that didn't happen. Kit: 1/72 Special Hobby AH-1G Cobra Paint: Testors MM & Tamiya Acrylics Decals: kit AM: none Build thread: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235076193-vietnam-cobra-172-ah-1g-completed/
  6. If you do choose to merge, maybe try to keep them separated like "The Specialists" GB we did a couple years ago. Have DD or HW in the title of the build threads for quick reference, then have separate galleries for the 2 sub-groups.
  7. Not yet. They will eventually be added to the 2021 calendar after the bunfight. If you scroll through the "Future Groupbuilds" sub-forum. Remaining 2020 GBs can be found here. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235064218-2020-gb-and-stgb-calendar/ And @Wez beat me to it!
  8. Thoughts on WHIF schemes? While looking at my pile of F-4s...I started wondering how the E would look in the Euro1 scheme had it continued on. Because, I mean, camo makes every better. Right?
  9. No bunfights for STGBs. Single-types get an automatic entry at the end of the que once they achieve the prerequisite numbers. 2021 is already pretty much booked for STs. Lots of good one too (to me anyways). Gonna be a busy year.
  10. I mentioned it over there as well, but my preference would be to keep separate for the first bunfight...then if it's unable to corral enough support then a merger with another close-ish subject for round 2 next year. Only because I feel (my personal opinions...yours may vary ) that it takes away from the spirt of a GB. Inclusive is good...but I feel getting too big and inclusive loses the spirit of a GB and just starts feeling like a free-for-all. I do have a single bi-plane in the stash (on skis no less ), which while I would be temped to build for this GB if I have time (a rari
  11. My personal feeling is to save the mergers for the ones that don't make it this year, to give them a better chance next year since they carryover for a year. The drawback to combining topics...is sometimes then the topics become so broad that they lose some of the GB character...and it just feels more like a free-for-all. Just my 2 cents.
  12. You can change your 9 votes throughout the entire voting window...hence the tactical part of it. Suppose there are 10 GBs you like, so you vote for your 9 favorites. A week into it one of your favorites is far and away in the lead...so then maybe you pull your one vote from the far and away in front one and move it to another you are interested in but is a bit lacking in support. It can get pretty crazy watching stuff swing around once we get to the last few days. Poor @trickyrich is probably going to wind up with an aneurism trying to keep his spreadsheets up to date on the latest stats.
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