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  1. I keep telling myself to stop signing up for these things.....but who am I kidding. I have a few possibilities....actually more non-military than military. Even some Cat3 options.
  2. Still interested and the kit is still unbuilt.
  3. Soon-ish. I hope. I've got 1 more antenna and 1 scoop to install, then it'll be getting hit w/ primer to see how much cleanup I have to do..... Oh, and the static wicks... Can't forget those.
  4. Windows from scrap plastic packaging.
  5. Was looking for a quickie job to finish out 2020...and this one is a perfect fit. No usable decals in the kit, so this one will just be an assemble and paint. Think of it as a New Year's Blitzbuild. [/url
  6. I remember building that 429 kit as a kid while on vacation in the Upper Peninsula Michigan. Memories.
  7. Working on getting all the misc aerials and antenna installed. Now that I have paint on the canopy...I may monkey around w/ the canopy a bit more.....
  8. Without a deadline looming over my head, I ended up going back and pulled the worst offending part of the canopy apart again. It has now been reset and I'm much happier with how it's fitting up now.
  9. Keep any eye on TamiyaUSA's website. They occasionally put stuff up on sale. I picked up this one (along w/ a couple others for future BBs) for a measly $2.50 a couple months ago.
  10. Kit: 1/100 Tamiya MiG-19 Farmer (61609) Paints: Tamiya Acrylic & Testors MM Decals: kit AM: none Kit was built OOB. 2004 repop of a kit originally released in 1968. Stand was modified from a stand included with a 1/72 Tamiya X-1 I built for another Blitzbuild a couple years ago. Hope everyone has had a good holidays. Happy modeling.
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