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  1. Yeah. I'll probably try fitting it to the upper fuselage next time.
  2. That was more a case of me trimming a tad too much away, rather than breaking loose. I'm going to fit up the canopy (will be closed) in the next couple days and get a feel how visible it's going to be. If it can be seen readily then I'll deal w/ filling the gap. If it's not visible then I'm not going to sweat it too much. I'll probably end up having to deal with it though, as it's probably going to be fairly visible from the front angles.
  3. I've not been posting every step of the way, but I have been making some headway with it. She now stands on her own legs. Gun fairings are going to need a touch more work I think, we'll see after some primer. Definitely going to need a little filler to smooth the transition on the bottom of the intakes. The top and sides line up pretty nice, so I'll take that.
  4. Thanks for the ID info guys. @Jens @exdraken I’ve got a set on order now (along w/ some UB-16/32 pods for the MiG-21).
  5. Yeah, I was hoping a had a couple shorter, blunter tanks around for what I assume to be travel pods. But I don't at the moment.
  6. Got bags? The smaller tanks aren't to correct ones for wing tanks, but I'm going to paint them up and see how they look as I don't have anything handy that's closer. Worst case I'll leave them off and just run the large belly tanks.
  7. Watch out for the WSO canopy release handle once you get that installed. I managed to knock mine off amidst all the test fitting and assembly of the fuselage bits...and lost it. I was afraid the decals were going to look cartoony, so I went the painting route. It appears my fears were pointless. Looking good sir.
  8. If I wasn't tied up at work so much right now and still have so far to go on the F-4 I'd still be in. We'll see, I do have a week off work next week and if I can make enough headway on current projects I'll re-evaluate. But I'll need to be pretty much complete w/ the Draken and getting close to paint on the F-4.....and my slow building pace isn't going to be doing me any favors.
  9. I remember our discussions about this. I was looking too. I'm still going to "need" a couple more As at least..... But I don't need one now so I can wait for the right deal. Beautiful work Pappy...you are making me regret pulling out of this GB (I had a Hase slated for the build, though only in 72nd).
  10. My EJ Kai has some good company.
  11. That's the fun bit w/ USN aircraft (though I suspect it holds true for most)...depending where in it's life any given airframe could have had a wide assortment of antenna & receiver blisters depending on which update the airframe had gone through. I know in only my 5 years w/ a Prowler squadron our aircraft when through 3 different avionic upgrade packages (and associated antenna). Admittedly the Prowler community was probably more on the extreme end of things due to a) it's unique EW mission role and b) limited airframes available to the fleet meant that aircraft were rotated through the deploying squadrons at a high rate.
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