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  1. I did get a couple things done on the XL so far this weekend. The cockpit is pretty much done with the exception of the control sticks and seats. I've also begun assembly of the Reskit resin engine.
  2. Welcome to my all in one stop of ongoing projects. Figure there isn't much sense in creating multiple posts for each kit I bounce between, especially since there's no guarantee I'll actually get to the finish of them in the window. Original GB posts will be updated w/ progress as I go...for anyone actually following them. Current tally of "active" projects: 6 4 aircraft; 1/48 RAF Mustang Mk.1a, 1/48 JASDF F-4EJ Kai (2021 F-4 STGB), 1/48 US Army OV-1B (2020 Vietnam GB), & 1/48 IDF F-16XL2 (WHIF) 1 figure; 1/24 Japanese civilian (BM 2022 Turning Japanese GB - Boots N' Boost) 1 tank; 1/35 USMC M60A1
  3. Recon has made my priority short list. It's one of my favorite military subjects alongside SEAD. Current front runner from the stash for this is a 1/72 Italeri RB-66...in SEA camo of course.
  4. This GB is on my list of probable GBs. I'll likely be in with a HAF Mirage 2000-5...unless I've got a hankering for a car of some sorts by that time (got a couple Ferraris & Lambos to choose from).
  5. Not likely going to be able to attend this GB due to timing, but I'm glad to see it get through. I will probably be supporting the Dassault flag during the Southern Europe GB though, with a HAF Mirage 2000-5. A HAF Mirage F1 (would still need to find decals) or a Rafale are also stash options.
  6. Spreadsheets have become the foundation of my modelling.
  7. 3 Dragon Rapides in 3 separate GBs. We should try to make this happen.
  8. Oooh, the potential of 2 Dragon Rapides in GBs next year.
  9. I've certainly got a lot of winged things too...but I've already got plenty of aircraft planned for next year. Got to mix it up. Though thinking now, I may have a wild card up my sleeve....an AAVR-7A1 amphibious recovery vehicle. Probably stick with a ship though. Haven't built one since I built a sub 3-4 years ago.
  10. I've got a 1/32 F-4G (shocker ) earmarked for this. Probably in the short lived wraparound SEA scheme before Euro1 became the standard. The other possibility would be to continue the 1/32 B-25 I started a couple years back.....but I'm leaning Phantom as of now.
  11. Timing of 2023 GBs has placed this GB in the "priority list" at the moment. If things hold steady I'll likely be in, currently leaning towards a 1/700 USS Long Beach.
  12. One of these likely candidates will probably find their way in here (time willing). Resin is something I've only done details with...never full kits. Now take that and combine it with vacuform parts...that takes the DH.89 to another level.
  13. My tentative BM GB schedule for 2023.....subject to change & failure. Jan-Feb - SALTY SEA DOG - 1/700 USS Long Beach Mar-Apr - RECON - 1/72 RB-66 (This GB the kit selection is probably the most up in the air. I've got a lot of recce options, so this one could change all the way up to the last minute) Apr-May - NOT MY COMFORT ZONE - 1/48 DH.89 Dragon Rapide (vacuform/resin kit) or a resin figure Jun - NATO 75 - 1/48 CF-104 Jul-Aug - SOUTHERN EUROPE - Mirage 2000-5 Sept-Oct - GO BIG OR GO HOME - 1/32 F-4G Sept-Oct alternate - MIG-25/31 STGB - 1/48 Ukranian MiG-25 Nov-Dec - ABOVE THE KARMAN LINE - 1/35 Melusine There are lots of other GBs that I'd love to partake in, but I know I'm not going to have the time to do so.....let alone finish existing projects.
  14. Next year is definitely a bumper crop year for GBs for me. I tallied up 19 GBs that I would like to participate in if I had time...which I know I won't. I've mapped selected "priority" builds which whittles that down to 7...daisy chained throughout the year. I'm sure the "priority list" will change, so all interested GBs will remain on the list. If I happen to finish one early, I may get a bonus build in....but track record this year has been horrendous. I've managed to finish one, and got one halfway done (RX-7 is done, still need to finish the figure).
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