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  1. Fuselage halves together.....well, the spine anyways. Going to let that set overnight, then tackle the belly seam later this weekend.
  2. Finally got a start. Not much to show for, just a bunch of time fiddling around w/ the resin & PE for the cockpit. The Lockheed logo on the rudder pedals are a nice touch. Not that you are likely to see it once it's all together.
  3. Going to continue one of my current projects here. It's well past 25%, so no standard gallery entry for me...at least this build. Will there be another? Maybe, but summer can get pretty busy so we'll see. The kit: The pit (minus bang seats): Kit engines. Other than the seams in the cans, pretty nice. We'll see how much it's actually visible once fully assembled. Fortunately A's typically have 1 nozzle closed during shut down. Full depth intakes w/ ramps and turbine blades. Starting to look like a Turkey. Wings & stabs just pressed into position. Getting down to details (and seats) prior to painting.
  4. Yeah, there was definitely a fair bit of time spent trying to fill/level the gaps & doors. I’ll try to grab a pic later after I get home.
  5. That they are. Using them on my F-4EJ Kai build. Need to finish that one up still. 😑
  6. @LorenSharp Objections to a WiP thread for the F-14A build? Not eligible for the gallery obviously.
  7. Missed it by about an hour, but calling this one done. Grossly underestimated how long the few finishing bits were going to take.
  8. Almost ready for primer. The nose glass was a pain to mask as there the lines for the ribs were all but invisible. Once the clear parts set up for a bit, I'll hit it with some primer. Unfortunately due to time constraints I'll not likely have time to re-scribe some of the panel lines that were removed. Session time: 2hr 4min. Total elapsed time: 5hrs 26min.
  9. A bit more blend work on the port nacelle. Fitted wingtip tanks/pods and bomb bay. Bay and doors didn't fit that well, so nearly an hour was spent trying to get those to a passable point. Need to remind myself not to get too bogged down. Time for a breakfast break. Elapsed time for this session: 1hr 49min. Total elapsed time: 3hr 22min
  10. The old phone I was using for my clock died overnight (battery), so no timestamp for the resumption. It is currently a dark and dreary 5:36am in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Just starting to see some light in the sky. Coffee is hot, Pretenders on the turntable, and a couple kits waiting to be built on the bench. I did take a minute last night to hit the wing assemblies to see if the blends are adequate. Elapsed time to date: 1hr 33min
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