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  1. August 78 would've been the return leg of a WESTPAC deployment. VF-1 Wolfpack & VF-2 Bounty Hunters were onboard at the time for F-14As. http://www.gonavy.jp/CV-CVN65f.html I got to visit Freemantle/Perth back in '98 (on the return leg of a WESTPAC ).....lots of good time were had. Love the architecture of the area.
  2. Got a box of Japanese goodies from Japan the other day. More potential subjects for this GB. Actually thinking back on it.....I think all the kits that have been acquired in the past year aside from the F-16XL is applicable to this potential GB.
  3. I'll see if I can dig something out for a quickie. I still need to get back to finishing the OV-1B from Vietnam. It's perilously close to primer.... Conveniently I'll be finishing my wonky work schedule about the time this kicks off.
  4. Spacey subject has landed. Some liberties were taken w/ paint from viewing various pictures and seeing that the panel lines were not representative of what I had seen on the actual modules. Any way, here it is. OOB aside from windows made from scrap plastic.
  5. Final paint is on. Going to let it dry for a couple hours then do some final detail painting....then off to the gallery just under the wire.
  6. Because I can't seem to leave well enough alone..... Kit OOB vs modified kit.
  7. Yeah, I didn't realize I was flying solo in the spacey department until Jeroen mentioned it. I should be ok. Most of the assembly is done...there isn't much to it. Just need to finish up windows, do a couple antenna and final paint.
  8. WHIFs are sacrilege! Everyone knows it's all about accuracy down to the lint ball in the crevice of the seat cushion..... Oh, wait..... I've already been there, done that, and have many nefarious thoughts of doing it again. You best mark me down as interested.
  9. I'm assuming that "A-8" is supposed to be F-8.
  10. Stalled out for the moment...been distracted w/ guitar stuff. I was looking at it on the bench this morning, so hoping to maybe make some headway on it after an endurance race tomorrow afternoon. Need to get the last bits on the OV-1B and get her in some paint too.
  11. I keep telling myself to stop signing up for these things.....but who am I kidding. I have a few possibilities....actually more non-military than military. Even some Cat3 options.
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