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  1. This GB doesn't actually start until Jan, so you've got plenty of time to build that one and acquire another.
  2. I concur w/ Patrice on the SH Vampire. I built one a couple years ago for a Blitzbuild I believe. An enjoyable build that I don't recall running into any notable issues with.
  3. Those detail pieces really dress it up. I'm guessing you've got something similar in mind to replace the "ladder" on the tender?
  4. Oh geez, that's some surgery. Now I'm a bit concerned what I might be in store for when it comes time for my M2000C to M2000-5 conversion (1/48 Heller). Getting there though, little by little. I personally find this type of work half the fun of modeling. I'm not sure I've ever had something that just stuck together...and even if I did I'd probably find unneeded ways to complicate things.
  5. 2 more Phantoms landed last night. A USN B and a RF-4E (IDF/AF?) are headed to the hangar.
  6. Imagine the yaw rate of that thing if it lost an engine in flight..... And we all thought the F-14A was bad....
  7. That's a unique looking plane. Kind of a cross between an early Su & F-104 appearance-wise.
  8. Obviously some differences, but hell, they both look pretty damn good by my eye. I could see the Eduard set being the preferred set for modeling in-flight (or startup on the ramp) as it depicts the screens being powered up.
  9. I wish I had more time. I've got a couple options...but too many irons in too many fires at the moment...and another batch of 3 (or 4 depending on how you want to count them) fixing to kick off (GBs have already started, I just haven't ). I need some free time to I can try to crank some work out.
  10. '94/95 was still the tried and true Windsor. They didn't go to the 4.6 Mod motors until '96. Biggest change from the '89-93 engine to the '94/5 version was a bigger alternator and the shift to electric fans. Just a heads up incase the instructions don't mention it, the SVT cars (Mustang Cobras, F-150 Lightnings) came from the factory w/ white gauge faces.
  11. Love modification builds. I've got a couple planned myself in the future...one of them being a '57 Ford drag wagon and either a '65 or '93 Mustang road racer.
  12. This one should be pretty cool. Looking forward to this.
  13. @Bertie Psmith Keep an eye on those Phantoms...they have a nasty habit of propagating if left to their own devices. I know my Phantom collection is spiraling out of control. Even when I say "enough is enough"....more seem to find their way here. (3 more currently enroute from Japan & Missouri as we speak...and I know I'm going to "need" 2 more late Es for HAF & Iranian schemes which I already have decals for).
  14. I didn't realize you were over here too...I probably would've alerted you to this GB as well.
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