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  1. Yeah, the Modex (402) is not based on the BuNo (serial #). The first # of the Modex (1-9) is assigned to a squadron in the airwing. This number generally referred to the type of aircraft (fighter, light attack, attack, ASW, Helo, EW, etc) and the number can mean different things depending on the era. Usually the last two digits are incremental #s (00-??) and will be dependent on how many aircraft are in the squadron. At times when there were more than 9 squadrons on the carrier and squadrons had fewer than 10 aircraft they would sometimes use the first 2 digits of the Modex to designate the squadron. On our '95 deployment we actually had 3 squadrons with 600 Modexs. HS-6 was 60x, VAW-117 was 61x, and our Prowlers were 62x (the x being the incremental #). The 00 birds were typically assigned to the CAG (Carrier Air Group Commander) regardless if he was checked out on the type or not. x1 would go to the squadron CO, and x2 would go to the XO. At times we actually had our 620 both the CAG & skipper bird when our skipper wasn't a pilot.
  2. From the Eduard "Vietnam Scooters" instructions: "In the annals of US Naval Aviation, the story of "Lady Jessie" is both legendary and tragic. It all began in the mid-1950s when Reno, NV casino owner Mrs. Jessie Beck befriended part time casino employee Richard Perry. It was Richard's dream to become a Navy pilot, and in the late 1950s he would earn his pilot's wings, and go on to be assigned to VA-164. Jessie considered Richard her adopted son, and was very proud of his achievement. So much so that she would frequently send car packages to the entire squadron at great personal expense. Thanks to her generosity, the squadron referred to Mrs. Beck as "Lady Jessie." As an homage to Mrs. Beck, Lt. Perry painted "Lady Jessie" on the nose of his Skyhawk. Tragically, Perry would lose his life on his second combat cruise with "The Ghostriders" while leading a strike against Haiphong. Struck by a SAM, Perry would eject from his stricken Skyhawk over the Tonkin Gulf only to die of injuries while awaiting rescue in the water. Heartbroken at the loss of (then) LCDR Perry, Mrs. Beck would continue to be a life long benefactor of US Military personnel all over the world. After LCDR Perry's death, the squadron would start the tradition of painting "Lady Jessie" on the intakes of every Squadron Commander's aircraft. Over the years at least 5 different A-4s would carry the "Lady Jessie" titling until the squadron's disestablishment in December 1975. In 1987, LCDR Perry's remains which had been recovered by a Vietnamese fisherman were finally returned to the United States. Ironically, that same year Mrs. Beck would pass away at the age of 83."
  3. I'll have to dig out my Eduard "Vietnam Scooters" instruction sheet as I recall it gave a backstory to how that bird got named "Lady Jessie". It was a cool story that continued even after LCDR Perry was lost. If for some reason you have issues w/ the airframe specific decals, let me know...as I actually have a couple of them.
  4. This is good. Now just need to find some of this so called time.
  5. Damn. Now I'm off to see when the Interceptor build is......
  6. The red Hellcats were retired line aircraft that were refitted as radio controlled drones by the USN to be utilized for targeting practice. Though some were utilized in combat in Korea in 1-way missions w/ limited success.
  7. Interceptors.....Sheeeeeit, we got half a closet full of stuff that qualifies for the Interceptor GB.
  8. And I just now see you're doing a Finnish bis! Love the scheme. May have to lean towards a SA-11 now to keep some variety in the GB.
  9. With the popularity of the Viggen/Draken, I may have to lean towards an alternate plan. Maybe a MiG-21bis or SA-11?
  10. helios16v


    No bueno. Hopefully all your goods were off the floor. Just got caught up and saw the above post.....that's gut wrenching knowing how much time and money is invested in that stuff.
  11. Always loved the SLUF. Was a bit disappointed that they had already been fully replaced by Bugs by the time I got on the decks. Forward technical progress I suppose.
  12. I just dug out an old Monogram USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) that I'm having half a notion to attempt to mod to reflect service in the mid 90s (I deployed with her in 96-97). Most of the changes will likely be surrounding all the aerials off the bridge, though I honestly haven't even started researching what all has changed yet. Probably going to attempt adding the hangar bays as well, though they will likely be simplified. Still undecided on doing it full hull, or chopping and doing a waterline on a base w/ attempted water. The expensive bit will be updating the aircraft, as the kit comes with an air wing from the '60/70s (Vietnam era). But I did at least find the correct aircraft at Shapeways should I choose to go that route. I may look at building the ship, leave the top deck loose, then if it turns out well enough, start adding the aircraft (full complement) over time.
  13. Nice. Looking forward to watching this go together.
  14. Love the Hellcat. One of my fave WWII fighters.
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