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  1. Sure. I've got a G-6 & F-4 in the stash in the remote chance I actually have the time to build.
  2. Love Heartbreak Ridge. I probably watch that one 2-3 times a year at least.
  3. It's a different rabbit hole..... That leads to the same labyrinth as all the others.
  4. Correct. The "completion date" is to be eligible to entry in the GB gallery. There is nothing to prevent you from taking longer than the allotted time (which is usually 3 months or so). Lord knows I seldom get mine finished.....Hell I'm still working on one from last year!
  5. First off, welcome to Group Builds Arnold! Fair warning.....the place is addictive. I hardly ever venture out of here as the peeps hanging around here just rock. As to you question about scratch building.....I'm 99% sure you will be welcomed with it....probably enthusiastically. I am not aware of any group build specifically requiring it to be a kit unless is was centered around a specific type (ie: Vac Kits). You'll likely have some interested followers on it. Full scratchbuilds are something I'm guessing a lot of us (I can really only speak for myself) feel is beyond our skill level and therefore love to see it to get ideas on how the though processes work to maybe trying something of the sort (on a smaller scale) in the future.
  6. Car, plane or ship? That is the question. Leading ground contenders: Wood Brothers Mercury Cyclone, or maybe an old '70s Skyline. Leading air contenders: 1/72 F-16A (Italian ADF or Dutch MLU), 1/72 YF-23, 1/72 P-40, 1/144 EC-135 Leading floating contenders: SSN-675 Bluefish, CGN-9 Long Beach
  7. Put me down as interested. I've got a few in the stash that would qualify for this, including a Hawkeye, Harriers, and a Mariner.
  8. Viggen, Draken, Starfighter, Lynx, Fishbed, Buk, Kraz.....so many tasty options in the stash. I suspect the Viggen will be a tough one to beat though (the harder decision will be which version).....especially if there will already be a squadron of Drakens getting built. Though the Finish green camo BIS is pretty delectable too.
  9. And @trickyrich, it's VFA, not FVA.
  10. Damn...I guess I need to see if I can track down some decals. I've got the old Grand Phoenix kit. Cool plane...probably could've been a lot more successful if the retrofitted motors (J71s from the B-66) weren't complete turds (the engine the airframe was designed for never reached production).
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