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  1. There was only stuff stacked on it long enough to take a pic. And in other news...there is paint on the underside of the RF. And I just ordered some metal pitots for it.....(and the Su-7 & Su-17 while I was at it to get free shipping).
  2. Hard to vote. So many unique, clean builds. Well done to all that took part. And looking through the votes which are currently scattered all over the board, I'm not the only one that was having trouble.
  3. I've got it on my radar if I happen to stumble across a kit for cheap by then. But I really need to clear up some space in the stash before I just go adding to it.
  4. You're crazy! Here's to seeing you through it. Looking forward to the progress.
  5. Sat down this morning w/ a cup of coffee, threw on some Boston "Third Stage" and one thing led to another. Got a bit more clean up done. Fittted the tanks. Shot some primer. I think all the extra time I've spent fiddling w/ cleaning up seams is going to pay off in the end. It may turn out looking halfway decent if I don't get in a rush to finish it. Also nabbed some stencil decals off evilBay...because you can never have enough fiddly little bits to drive you crazy. Still need to clean up a few panel lines w/ the scriber before paint...but it's definitely getting closer.
  6. Not the MERS, but have used some of the Eduard weaponry in the past. Picked up a Kormoran set for my Marine F-104 a couple years back. Nice stuff. Just use patience, sharp tools, and not a lot of force cutting the bits free. Tweezers & CA are your friends.
  7. You'll be practiced up for a go at the Trumpy Vigi. I feel your pain. Just work it a piece at a time. Baby steps. My progress on the Vigi has been much the same. Fit up an area the best I can, glue it, fill it, sand it, rescribe details, and move on to the next area. It's definitely not a quick procedure and can certainly be frustrating if one was expecting a build to only take a couple weeks from box to decals. I'll definitely have to remember to do a bit of dry fitting when I get to mine...I wonder if the lower fuselage is warped (splayed out). I'm almost tempted to open one up and tape the fuselage bits together to see how it aligns.
  8. I'm going to keep an eye on this in case I get a wild hair. I recently started a Bergetiger for a DAK session in another group (yes I know this variant was not known to have been there), but ended up changing my mind and doing a half-track for that project now. I'm assuming this pic below falls under the "less than 25%" caveat ("turret" is probably @ 80%, crane boom has been installed as well, but 0% progress on lower hull of yet). I'm going to hold off on creating an actual thread for it though until I know for sure I've got the time to forge ahead with it. Cheers.
  9. I use Flickr myself. https://www.flickr.com/ I know there are others out there as well if the layout isn't for you. That turned out slick as hell by the way. You've actually got me eyeballing a M60A2 Starship by Dragon that is currently on sale.....and I'm not typically an armor guy.
  10. Are we there yet? I was fumbling through my stash last night and looking through my Tamiya Eagle kit after RAAF whiffy discussions w/ Rich and stumbled across a set of Lakenheath F-15C decals I had forgotten I had picked up. Sooo many options in the stash.
  11. Yeah.....you already got me. All the fiddly bits to drive me crazy....
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