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  1. @PeterB @ModelingEdmontonian Welcome aboard, me hearties. Going to be at the half century soon at this rate! I do like the look of that floaty Spitfire, @theplasticsurgeon! I was just reading up on the history of that airframe, apparently during an early test flight on the Solent near Southampton our own AA gunners tried to shoot it down...
  2. Eminently eligible, @Chewbacca! Glad to have you on board, and modelling an aircraft that you actually flew would be awesome! Thanks also to @Norseman 3:16 - far from too late! We're still on the launch ramp!
  3. @canberra kid I know Undercliffe pretty well, a late family friend used to run a children's home at the top of Killinghall Road. I grew up in Buttershaw and Wibsey on the other side of town though.
  4. Ha, my dad went to St Bede's too, a bit later though! The wool trade was colossal back then, I worked for W & J Whitehead in Laisterdyke between 1987 and 1995 and it employed hundreds. Long gone, of course!
  5. That's a fantastic build. Love the paint and weathering.
  6. Fantastic build (that colour scheme zings!) and lovely family connection. Was dad a Bradford lad too? That's my home town.
  7. Hi boatbuilders, Can I take the liberty of bringing your attention a possible GB for next year, so far 40 sign-ups therefore it has already solidly earned a place at the bunfight and has a fighting chance of being a thing. I have the impression that most, in fact almost all, the subjects as it stands will be of the flying variety, and it would be super to see some floaty ones too. Many thanks Tony
  8. Just been to see it. It's an absolute blast. The stress readings on my Garmin during the film speak volumes!
  9. Just had a flyover from a Hurricane.
  10. I have a bunch of stiff that I', holding back on selling off. Whitworth, Fw-200. Bv-138, FAA Beaufort...
  11. Thanks @dnl42 and @Mattp7999, I'll add you to the list. And that sounds like a very interesting addition, @Bertie Psmith!
  12. Thanks @Valkyrie, I will put you on the list. We have 40 in our sights!
  13. Only you can be the judge of whether it was worth the pain, but that it is a hugely impressive beast. Bravo, sir!
  14. Oh wow. That's an absolute stunner. All the more impressive when the "scale shot" heaves into view.
  15. I have Adrian. Bit of a masterclass that one. I have it in mind to put a ceiling in. Unfortunately my little Drag Rap is going to hit the buffers again due to an imminent house move. No rush though!
  16. That's wonderful. Very special. You'd think there would be a market for kits of i/p's from famous aircraft for framing after assembly.
  17. The chrome window surrounds from Arctic Decals are quite lovely, so much that it will be a shame to spray them white! As I noted further up the WIP in real life these stood only 8mm proud of the fuselage = about a tenth of a mm to scale, but they were a distinctive feature of the type. In the pic above it's pretty clear that they were painted white on this a/c - also that (as I suspected) the little square window on the raft part of the extended door didn't have the surround. I figured that this would have had to have been custom made to size and nobody would have bothered. It'll be interesting to see what these bring to the model once painted over.
  18. Bit of vintage Miles to help the Sunderland along, love it. I've been following your build with interest but haven't been vocal in deserved praise as yet, apologies for that, she's looking fantastic!
  19. There's some great stuff on that Seletar site @LDSModeller modeller, and not just about Sunderlands. Particularly nice to see Spitfire PS888 "The Last" - when I came back to modelling (not this time, the time before) I built that from the (at the time) new Airfix PR XIX kit, lost the model in the meantime but I'd love to have another bash at it with my modestly improved skills!
  20. Lovely job, especially the weathering, I dream of being able to do that sort of stuff. I don't "do" jets, but I have that kit in the stash with a mind to build it alongside a famous Lancaster from the same squadron...
  21. Lovely job, most impressive.
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