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  1. Don't fall foul of the signature rules @AdrianMF! I inadvertently did that with a banner for In The Wrong Hands, proper got my wrist slapped and I've only been allowed a two-line signature ever since...
  2. Some lovely builds from @wimbledon99 amd @Torbjorn there! So many possibilities under one tricolore!
  3. That's where I learned my Italian, or where I made a good start at least. I don't remember a particular word though!
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I've done a bit of test fitting and it seems OK but I'll keep an eye. I'm not too worried on this one, just looking for a fun OOB build, though now you mention it the codes - especially the letter "S" look a bit skinny, and the style of the letter "K" is all wrong. I won't be losing sleep over any of this!
  5. Finalmente Giorgio, sei arrivato... non volevo chiederti... I'm pretty sure there isn't a direct translation of Bunfight into Italian! Would rissa cover it? Tafferuglio, maybe?
  6. @opus999 my tentative brushes with weathering haven't turned out well, my first serious go was when I did this Spitfire for the Heller Classic GB: I overcooked it that badly that I ended up stripping it... ...and redoing it as an RAF machine with just a bit of attention to the panel lines. I''m much happier with it now!
  7. It's about time I did something German! I got this kit for a very decent price on Facebook Marketplace a few months ago and it's been sitting at my elbow ever since. I haven't done a twin-engined fighter before, and I like the look (and lack of difficulty) of the desert camo scheme. The kit is a newish tool dating from 2011, it was one of a family of three Bf 110 kits. The kit is, er, solidly moulded on three and a little bit grey sprues (plus the transparency), the little bit being the gubbins needed to build the trop version, which amounts to bigger wheels, some filter thingies, a different nose and some cannons. Before I snipped it of this was attached to one of the main sprues, which made it a bit of a squeeze to get in into the box. Coming off the back of a Tamiya build, I feel it's rather lacking in finesse by comparison, what with the gaping chasms of the panel lines and the thickness of the parts. The beefiness of the sprues is something else, I've just been snipping some parts for priming and there have been bits of sprue ricocheting around the room in a quite alarming fashion! But for all that it looks like it should be a straightforward enough build. Parts are included to build the long-tailed E-2 version, but I'm going with the short-tailed plane depicted by Mr Tooby's splendid box art. The decals seem OK. Apart from a couple of bendy crosses for the tail off of a Techmod sheet, and the paints and glue obviously, the Eduard masks will be the only thing I use that wasn't in the box. The aircraft I'm going to be building is this one: Almost immediately I run into question marks about the veracity of yellow engine cowlings, I'm not sure how involved I want to get in all that stuff with this one, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it! Thanks for looking in!
  8. Ooh that's lovely. Those Italian camo jobs scare the bejeezus out of me though, when I build my "hunchback" it'll be be plain grey!
  9. Just to offer a little food for thought... I stumbled across a Facebook group devoted specifically to modelling "captured" equipment! https://www.facebook.com/groups/600332647424351
  10. Benvenuti, @AdrianMF e @Richard Tucker! (Could this be the first group build to be conducted in two languages? ) I like the sound of that CANT Z501 Richard. There are some great Italian subjects in the Italeri lineup (well, there ought to be really!) My options are bird-themed... I have a Sparviero (Sparrowhawk) and a Cicogna (Stork) in the stash both of which would fit the bill (boom, boom!), but I saw an Airone (Heron) the other day and it is calling out to me!)
  11. Thanks for the pencil tip @72modeler, I've used standard 2H pencils before with Ok resulTs but I didn't know there was such a thing as a special sharpener! To be honesty I think I've gone as far down the weathering road as I'm going to, partly I suppose because I want to maintain a consistent standard of build through the cabinet 9when I get one) and partly becasue i justy don't have the patience for all that stuff, but the pencil thing could be handy. Here are the aforementioned fiddly bits, of which there are quite a few. Note if you will the remains of the arrester hook, clumsily snapped in half with the business end MIA... @2996 Victor, I don't suppose...?
  12. A bit of a “can’t sleep” shift later, she’s starting to look something like. I’m pretty good at justifying my lack of weathering on a given build, on my recent Potez it was a nice clean plane because Charles de Gaulle travelled in it and so it would’ve been kept tidy, on this one it’s a plane whose first and last combat engagement (AFAIK) was the Pearl Harbor attack so it must have been shiny and new, but the truth of it is that I’m rubbish at weathering and avoid it like the plague. I’ve just put a light enamel wash on it (50:50 Humbrol dark brown and dark grey diluted with lighter fluid), the panel lines are so fine that it was hard to make anything stick but the overall effect is quite subtle and probably fairly authentic (the next build I have in mind is an Airfix Bf 110 and the panel lines are like trenches by comparison). Again the nose is just being tried for size, as are the canopies which came up ok bar a tiny bit of interior framing bleed that I may be able to shift. I used a satin rattlecan finish, I gather these planes were quite highly polished but I don’t get along with gloss varnishes, at this scale I think it makes the end result look a bit like a kid’s toy. Anyway, fiddly bits next. Thanks for looking in!
  13. (If something’s worth posting… it’s worth posting twice, dagnabbit!)
  14. Michelangelo: “What, David? Well, yeah, I have to give credit to Luigi and the lads at the marble quarry. All I did was chip a few bits off.”
  15. Alas, the sight is nowhere to be found, so a trip to Barlborough is on the cards. Thanks for this heads up though. Little bits of aftermarket stuff like this amaze me... I mean, how can there be enough of a demand for something like this for it to be the basis of a viable business?!
  16. Stick me in the 30 slot please, @Adam Poultney. Most likely a Halifax!
  17. Siamo trenta! Tantissime grazie, @PeterB e @John Masters! I don't know what "Bunfight" is in Italian... but we're going to it! @Enzo Matrix would you mind awfully..?
  18. @2996 Victor if a fingertip search of the carpet (which I hoovered just yesterday afternoon) fails to turn it up I’ll take you up on that Mark!
  19. Got the decals on. They’re nice, although nudging those walkway lines into position was infernally fiddly. I like the blue stripes. Rather weirdly, the box art scheme can’t be done with the kit decals. I read somewhere that it was one of Mr Tamiya’s favourite paintings, and what Mr Tamiya wants, Mr Tamiya gets.
  20. This is looking great! Super job on the masking.
  21. I've just come by a rather lovely little Arma Hobby Yak-1b (cheers @Graham T) which can be built as a Normandie-Niemen kite. It's literally one sprue, all white scheme. I might try to squeeze it in...
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