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  1. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the word but I have no problem with elitism. I am delighted that there are other modellers infinitely more talented than I who are stretching the envelope of what is achievable in scale modelling. I am constantly reminded on this board and others that, while others may consider me dangerously obsessed, there are people out there who evidently and quite happily care more about their models than I wish to. Sometimes I feel inspired, sometimes demoralised by the skill shown by people apparently equipped with Mark 47 eyes and hands instead of the Mark Is I have. As you say, it’s as much about your own attitude as that of others. I build what I like to timescales that suit me to standards I am happy with (or, more usually, not). But being patronised does still grate at times.
  2. Same here. And I shall continue to do so regardless of the attitudes of others. Which is just as well given the condescending attitude, if not scorn, directed at people who don't own airbrushes (obviously not serious modellers, then) and do small-scale AFVs (aka "toys": evidently among AFV modellers, size is important). Their problem, not mine.
  3. In any case you might be better off with John Jordan's Soviet Warships 1945 to the present, which is a good informed read, full of good photos and some nice line drawings. There are 2 editions, the original from 1983 of 128 pages covering KYNDA to UDALOJ and the updated 2nd 224-page edition of 1992 adding in KRIVAK-III, NEUSTRASHIMYJ, BAKU and TBILISI (later Admiral KUZNETZOV).
  4. If you want minimum changes, you could do Venture GR.V JT894 W of 521 Squadron, used for met reconnaissance out of RAF Docking in 1944. USN 3-colour blue camouflage, black code W aft of the roundel, Martin turret, underwing drop tanks (not common on UK aircraft), no nose guns. Markings for it are on the DK sheet. I've seen a photo of it postwar awaiting scrapping. Most RAF Venturas had blisters on the sides of the cockpit canopy but I'm not sure whether the lend-lease GR.Vs did.
  5. Hmm. Your logical thought is more logical than mine. May not be as simple as I thought. However I’ve just checked the instructions for Sheet 50. They recommend modifying the Hasegawa fin by taking 2.1mm off at the leading edge root tapering to nothing at the top. The transfers are designed to fit that modified Hasegawa fin. Whether it’s now the same as other people’s 1/72 A-4 fins is anyone’s guess.
  6. That’s true but my understanding is that the Hasegawa kit suffered from an oversized fin, which Modeldecal adjusted for. I may be guilty of logical thought here but it OUGHT only to be a matter of cutting the fin chequers down to size. Another point is that the Modeldecal transfers were excellent in their day (and the instructions remain exemplary) but they are not up to the best modern standards (bit thick, not so sharply printed).
  7. Behold! Modeldecal Aircraft decals - MD050 | Hannants Well. you would be able to behold if the software didn't stop me posting links. It's Modeldecal sheet 50 still available from Hannants at £3.99 post free. Other subjects on the sheet as well. Agree with @Hookthat you'd be better off starting from an A-4E kit.
  8. A few clues might help. Who was Vol 1 written by? Publisher? Date?
  9. Yes, I remember that excellent thread well: it contains practically all I know about the kit. As you say, probably a better starting point - but not as great an improvement as it should have been.
  10. Special Hobby did both the F.20 and the NF.21 a few years back. You may pick up either on the secondhand market. Not particularly wonderful kits (wrong shape to canopy, undersized spinners in relation to nacelle fronts) but I haven't gained the impression that the newer AZ Hornet kits are much better (haven't ever actually seen one). I'd add Airfix to the list of "avoid" (in fact "strenuously avoid") for the Sea Harrier FRS.1 (@CT7567 probably omitted from his list on grounds of taste). Airfix did not properly represent the raised cockpit of the SH so you just get something that looks plain wrong. And it's from Airfix's trenchline surface detail era. Same problems with the Sea Harrier F/A.2. For me the Italeri (ex ESCI) Sea Harrier FRS.1 is only show in town: good outlines, delicate surface detail despite its age. Still need a bit of work on the inside of the cockpit though (seat moved rearward) but nothing too daunting. Reportedly the canopy of the Special Hobby Balliol doesn't fit well: a reviewer resorted to using a spare one off the Alley Cat short-run Sea Balliol T.21. I have the latter aand am very happy with it. Probably difficult to find nowadays though. FAA also flew some straight Mosquito FB.VIs (811 Sq) from Ford just after the war: Tamiya kit without modification. They also had some late model Mosquito B. and PR. variants for which you could start out from the new Airfix Mosquito B.XVI.
  11. I don't do 1/35 (except for the occasional rush of blood to the head) but several of those have brought me close to succumbing. And the new Nashorn/Hornisse. Steven Zaloga has recently done a nice build of the Hellcat on his Facebook page.
  12. They’re like that. I think it would aid transparency if the marriage service were rejigged to include the police caution:: “anything you do say will be remembered and may be used in evidence against you at any point in the future”. At least your partner remembers useful stuff too.
  13. Rigging? I thought real men used invisible thread. (Finally located enough of this mystical product to last my lifetime in my late mother's effects!)
  14. A man after my own heart! Looking forward to the next thrilling installment.
  15. Thanks, Geoffrey and Dogsbody. Does anyone know the serial for CV-G?
  16. So no girders in it at all? Another illusion cruelly shattered.
  17. They are indispensible but you're obviously more adept in using them than I am. I find the problem with needle-pointed tweezers is that the two points easily go past each other, usually suddenly and sending a minuscule part (invariably one of a pair) off into low earth orbit. So I like the sound of that PE placing pencil.
  18. Yes, I wouldn't trust any Humbrol enamel produced this century. Ancient Humbrol still good to excellent.
  19. Love the evocation of North Devon drizzle on the stonework. Will the entire display depict a wet day? (First time I've considered weather on a railway layout: now I think about it, most seems set on sunny summer days.) Looking forward to the sludge and green slime. I want to able to smell them from here!
  20. True, but the main wing parts are nicely isolated on their own frames, so an easy swap out at a later date.
  21. Think he left his car in gear after reversing into the parking space. You can guess the rest. Nil further that I've heard since.
  22. That's your problem: if. Governments (of whatever colour) are only interested in doing the minimum they can get past the voters (who overwhelmingly don't care at all) at the cheapest possible price. How else can one explain recent ludicrous penny-packet procurements (Wedgetail, Type 26)?
  23. Yes, Revell's Hunter FGA.9 really is a gem - if you can find one nowadays.
  24. Very sad news. Long ago, when mail order was an expensive luxury for inpecunious schoolkids and students, TAHS got nearly all my mail order purchases because they offered free postage. And gave you IPMS discount at the Nats with never a quibble. The shop (4 Horton Parade) was much smaller than I expected from their magazine presence but a real Aladdin's cave: tremendous stock and all sorts of OOP items (eg Paragon) to be found if you rummaged deep enough. A good and fair-minded servant of our hobby, right up there with Dave Hannant and Mike Silk. RIP.
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