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  1. Yeah, RIGHT! Remember, I've seen quite a lot of your builds, down at Telford. Now if you want a serial starter, look no further than ME!
  2. Afternoon Tom, @Tomjw just a suggestion, have you had a look at Swann Morton? They do a range of flat, narrow, chisel type blades. If you need something more substantial, have a look here:- https://www.hobbies.co.uk/veritas-3-piece-miniature-chisel-set See ya next Saturday!
  3. Hi Pete, @PeterB Oh dear! Don't know then, unless you follow the route Dennis suggests. I'm sure somebody will come up with an idea? Paul
  4. Pete, @PeterB you could always hit the "home" button, top left hand side, that'll take you back to 'Main Menu' and also refresh the site. NO guarantees, but might be worth a try. Paul
  5. Just to give this a lift! Conformation that the meeting for the 22nd May, baring major changes, is ON.
  6. Hi Chris @cngaero the answers YES! Got my electronic notice 22nd April. Paul
  7. PhoenixII


    Hi and welcome Steve @Steve147 I can't help with your colour question but you could do worse than having a look here:- http://www.aviationofjapan.com/ Be aware you WILL be some time! Have fun. Paul
  8. Err, not neccesarily, being dependant on who own's the car park. If it's owned by the supermarket even if parking is overseen by a third party company, it's classified as 'private property'. Providing no one is injured the police will not be able to prosecute, provided the parties involved have reported the accident (legal requirement), your only recourse will be to take out a private prosecution. As for the insurance company, if it's NOT reported to them, it DIDN'T happen. There is nothing in law that says you have to report any accident to your insurers, ask me HOW I know.......... As @
  9. Don't know if the situation in France is the same as over here, do know that if you have a covid injection at the GP's surgery even though there's a good chance it won't be GP staff doing it, they are making £££££ off the back.
  10. Pete, DON'T get mad, just get even! I'd suggest a personal communication to the M.D. / C.E.O. of the company handling the payroll, explaining the fact their company have your personal information wrong. IF requested, supply a photocopy of your DoB from your birth certificate (only that part along with the header, NOT the whole document) as proof. The person may not have a clue how a 'magic box' works but has the clout to insert their boot where it's required! I think you'll find that your employer has an obligation to supply a certificate of pay and deductions either weekly or monthly dep
  11. Dave, @Big Dave S and @Cadman another you may both like to try is:- http://www.skminiatures.co.uk/ Steve's an active member of Darlington Military Modellers, and is guilty of parting me from more than a few shekels! Paul
  12. That's great @tnuag, and once again thank you for the quick reply. Undoubtedly there will be some who want the other scales, it's just that in this instance, 48th will fit in with the SIG display. I mean, I've seen a scratch built version in, I believe, 1/12th, it was R/C though! Paul
  13. This is from a personal perpective. A 48th scale 'Cuckoo' would be, assuming the length to be in the 30' - 35', ideal for our SIG table, as it's red and yellow banded! If it's a great deal larger, we may finish up with a storage problem. Finally found some dimensions:- Length 34ft, beam 13ft, height 9ft, assuming this is correct? Once again, many thanks for your quick response. Paul
  14. Here ya go Paul @Muchmirth, http://www.nameitplates.co.uk/ Have a gander!
  15. @tnuag You're a gentleman, Sir. Many thanks for your quick reply. Will keep an eye on here and the Hannants web site. A 'how long's a piece of string' question, do you have a time scale for release in mind? My thanks again, Paul
  16. @tnuag What scale(s) are you intending to do the 'Cuckoo' in, I'm assuming 1/72nd? Paul Brown, Coastal Command and ASR SIG.
  17. Two pints? Everards? Hope you remembered the asprin! Here ya go, didn't say what scale you wanted and if it was full figure or busts. If the latter, suggest you visit the El Greco site first, UK based, mainly? resin https://www.elgrecominiatures.co.uk/ Then you have:- https://www.traditionoflondonshop.com and https://www.dixon-minis.com/shop/54mm-75mm/ Have fun!
  18. @jeff72 On a similar vein to @Big Dave S comments, above. Should you want to try something a little larger as 'Hornet' are 54mm there's Mitches Miltary Models. They quite often have reject resin cast heads for sale, last one's I bought were something like £1 each, and as practice pieces these are ideal. Pot luck what's in the box, might be modern or ancients or W.W.II but they produce from 75mm up to 200mm so..... Better still, if you use acrylics, over an undercoat, as if you don't like the finish you wash off and start over.
  19. PhoenixII

    Covid Jab

    Tell Mrs. Skodadriver to stop! The Daughters a Nurse prescriber, also, according to the NHS the recommended dose for adults aged 19 to 64 is 40mg of vitamin C a day. O/D on vitamin C (only vitamin you can O/D on) you can get stomach cramps, diarrhea and or flatulence. Not a problem as long as the person reverts to the normal daily dose, the human body will expel, as vitamin C cannot be stored by the body, Oh, and also to STOP listening to folk on buses!
  20. Dave, @Big Dave S your camera's fine, just be aware of the focus point, I normally find the bit that's pin sharp is something you don't want, like next doors budgie!
  21. Dave, only suggestion I can make is get down to the level of the figures, rather than a bird in a tree view. Assuming your using a DSLR? or is it a 'point and shoot'? If you intend to take the photos outside (snow permitting!) and you're using the garden table, put your base onto a substantial box and if you have one, use a tripod. If you don't have a tripod, for a point and shoot, rest your camera on a stack of books, with a DSLR use a book under the camera and one or two books as supports for the lens. If you are using a DSLR, it might be an idea to consider a cable release, it minimis
  22. Don't have a dog in this fight, and I know some won't like what I'm going to say. The original post was just a rumour from another source, right, wrong or indifferent, end of. From what I've read so far it's modellers speaking as modellers........wrong. You have to put yourself in the shoes of the company, or more accurately their bean counters. The reason for a take over is because someone has seen the chance of making a profit, this is the reason for every business in exsistence now, rather than to pander to the dictats of a very small minority. There used to be a thing called altu
  23. According to one of the volunteers the intention is to reopen, if all goes to plan, on Saturday 22nd May, tickets will be going on sale shortly. Currently the volunteers are limited to six on site.
  24. You could always try a specialist dolls house supplier. Only one I know of with a 'bricks and mortar' shop is in Helmsley, North Yorkshire. Don't know if they do mail order, as the shop is very small. May be worth checking out. Paul
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