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  1. I wouldn't say it's not a family event, but yes, it's a very, very long day for young children and I think there are much better (and more suitable) forms of family entertainment available. Different when you reach 11-12 years old and are at least getting old enough to have some interest, but you see a lot absolutely bored out of their wits, a lot without ear protection too. Just my opinion though! I would rate people taking babies to Wimbledon as a bigger issue
  2. Some lovely airbrush work and a very clean finish. Very nice job
  3. Hi folks, A model I finished a short while ago. I am still quite new to model building, having done many years of miniature painting previously. A few notes on this one. - This is my fifth build and first Italeri kit. This will be the last time I buy a kit without reading a review. A lot of the pieces were ill-fitting and required a lot of sanding and filling. I would say compared to the other kits I have built (a Hasegawa, a Revell and 2 Airfixes) this was the most difficult and very nearly took a maiden flight directly into the bin! - I went a bit overboard with weathering and dirt in part to cover up some of my attempts at correction. A misfiring airbrush then splattered Tamiya smoke in thick quantity - upon trying to wipe it off I actually quite liked the effect and so discovered it by accident (although I'm not sure any Jaguar in service ever looked like it had such a had life! ) - Am not sure about the final colour - I had followed some advice I read online and used Mr Color 313 Yellow, but don't think this quite matches photos I have seen of the aircraft. - I still think the Jaguar is a lovely looking aircraft, and now that it is displayed on the wall was definitely a learning exercise! Any comments very welcome!
  4. @Paul Bradley It depends if those come with the cart-wheeling, bored 7-year olds who it's very possible will come spinning within the 2m distance.. I would be very surprised if Duxford is able to go ahead, especially with the way things are going in the UK at the moment. Or, even if it does, if it would be a wise decision to attend. I know the data on transmission seems to indicate a small chance of infection in outdoor areas, but when you have thousands of people in one place there will always be the chance to 'rub shoulders', no matter how cautious you are, and many people won't be willing to take that risk. Also, how are security staff expected to be able to frisk and bag search for instance? It either won't be effective (and is therefore putting attendees at risk) or it will put the security staff and volunteers at risk. I would even go so far as to say RIAT 2021 will probably rest on an effective vaccine being found and distributed by the Spring.
  5. It does look very good! I believe Hasagawa has released a kit in that scheme quite recently - got something in Japanese Twitter, but haven't been able to find it in any stores (so I assume is a pending release).
  6. That is horrendous.. I hadn't read that story before.
  7. Thanks guys - who should I write to .. ?
  8. Ah.. that would explain why it looks like something from a sci-fi then! Thanks for letting me know
  9. Yes I remember that period well, and aircraft like the Flanker will forever have a golden spot of nostalgia for me when they first appeared there during that thawing of relations after the cold war. A friend of mine who worked there with the RAF told me of them arriving on fumes and then flying back to Russia with full tanks, but I think everyone was convivial and in good spirits.
  10. That video was great @Aardvark - it's certainly a very impressive looking aircraft. Now to guess on how many years it will be before the Russians come back to Fairford Air Tattoo and bring one with them
  11. The Japanese have got some very interesting camo patterns and colours on the Osprey. Think there is a 1/72 Hasegawa kit of that one. I've been trying for months to get hold of this one which is used by the Japanese Army, the scheme makes it look like something from a sci-fi. Awesome.
  12. Hey folks Being a bit sad and with some time on my hands, a total list of aircraft by number of mentions. This isn't exhaustive (I didn't understand some references) and also I have totalled each time the aircraft is named, as it has gone beyond 'that one aircraft'. I've also totalled aircraft by 'type' (rather than specific model number) No of mentions: 1st - 11: EE Lightning, Spitfire 2nd - 9: Lancaster 3rd - 7: F14 Tomcat 5: Vulcan 4: Hurricane, P51 Mustang 3: F104 Starfighter, Hawker Hunter, Me262, Viscount 2: F4U Corsair, F111 Aarvark, FW190, F86 Sabre, Gloster Meteor, Mirage III, Tornado 1: Dornier 17Z, Dornier 335, F18 Hornet, F27, F100 Sabre, F105 Thunderch, Fiat G91, Hawker Sea Hawk, HE-111, HE-219, Hellcat, Herald, Il-2 Shturmovik, K13 Glider, Ki-61, Mosquito, Mig-29, Piper sup cub, P38, P40, P47, Saab Viggen, S Ilya Muromet, Stuka, SU-27 Flanker, SU-34, TBF Avenger, T6 Texan, Tiger Moth, TSR2, VC10, Zero
  13. As quite a few people have said, "rule of cool!" Usually aircraft I like the look of (any nation, era etc.) or ones that I have seen in person at displays. I don't stick to one manufacturer although have favourites - usually based on how little swearing has been involved when building them! Otherwise - all 1/72, and am building a wall display (am very fortunate to have free use of a wall) so think about what will look good next to the other models there. Try and get some different colour schemes to break up the grey!
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