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  1. Thanks a lot for the kind comments guys! @Stef N. - I used Green Stuff World colorshift metal - Cobolt blue and Celestial Azure. They are really cool paints, I know not very accurate but just wanted to give them a go. You just airbrush a gloss black (I just used a Tamiya X18) and then use the colorshift over the top. Each successive layer makes the colour more brilliant, I think that was 3 light coats to get that effect, but from reading online you can keep going!
  2. Hey folks Have finally finished this Tamiya kit and thought I would post some pics. Have had this sat on the pile of shame for some time as Abe was one of my favourite riders as a teenager, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do the kit justice (so had to build up some nerve to get going with it!) I haven't built a bike in some time and I had forgotten how awkward they can be: build, paint, build, paint etc. It was a lot more time consuming than the 1/72 aircraft and miniature painting I am used to. But, I did enjoy building it, despite the age of the kit it fitted together beautifully, and just a couple of the decals had started to get a bit dry (thankfully none of the major ones!) Anyway here she is. The observant will notice a couple of bits missing (I am going to say he crashed a bit too often!) and for the exhaust I was experimenting with some metallic colour-shift paints, so again not really analogous to real life. Any C&C very welcome!
  3. Thanks for the comments guys - have had a couple of the Hasegawa bikes on the old Scalemates shopping list for some time but wasn't sure whether to take the plunge (as they often are fairly expensive)
  4. Very, very nice work! I had a go at that kit recently and you have done a much neater job - very good!
  5. Wow that absolutely excellent (both of them in fact) Top Studio extras you say. Do they do complete Decal kits then? I am currently working on a Yamaha YZR500 (Abe, 2000 I think) - is that Biaggi Yamaha kit based off of the same kit do you know?
  6. Interesting stuff, thanks for posting. You have a typo in the Tomcat stats by the way, should be 4 lost to ground fire (thought that seemed very high!) Couple of quite interesting stats there that stand out - How much use the Tomcat ended up getting in the Middle East vs usage in the US! They should have made Top Gun 2 about that I am not surprised at all about the efficacy of that aircraft however; I read about how fairly recently Iran was trialling some fairly new Chinese fighters (MIG-derivatives) who had trouble keeping up with their existing F14s. - Are we sure how accurate some of these stats are? I thought the UK definitely lost Tornados to ground fire during Desert Storm. Also, there was that video recording of F16 dodging SAM missiles and several other aircraft were lost in that sortie. Therefore is that figure of 5 too low for the F16? Really interesting comment from @Giorgio N also - how important tactics, training, radar technology, and whether the combat is symmetrical, vs the actual efficacy of the aircraft itself.
  7. Many thanks for the kind words and comments, really appreciated! I love the comment about persistence being a key skill of model building, have definitely found that to be the case! It probably wasn't the tightest fit of a model that I've made but seemed to go together fairly well, certainly compared to a previous kit I made which was the Italeri Jaguar (which I have to say was an absolute nightmare and must have been half it's original size by the time I had finished sanding it, although I found out after building was a much older kit). I did do the version with all doors and rear ramp closed, I'm not sure what it would be like with an open ramp but it is the same piece just placed in a different position so should be straightforward. If you can get hold of Model Aircraft magazine July 2018 (Vol 17, Issue 07 - has a big dark grey Avro AEW 2 and a Zero on the front cover) that has an example build in it with all of the doors/ramp open.
  8. Hi folks, Have just completed this C27 Spartan 1/72 scale by Italeri. I will say that this fell under the 'cursed build' category. I am quite new to plastic kit building, this is my 6th and the largest one I have attempted. The kit itself is fine and went together well for the most part, but various 'events' happened during the build that meant it took almost a year on and off to get complete! The learning experiences were: - Never leave a partly-assembled kit balancing on the edge of a table, no matter how unlikely you think it is for someone to walk past and knock it off. Ms Wang came into the living room one evening, said "I'm so sorry" and I know immediately what happened. Wings separated from the body after I had finished all the filling and sanding for them, relationships have been ended over less I think! - Painting white. Understand now this is not to be taken lightly.. I tried some pre-shading and made this far too dark, with the end result that it took almost 10-12 coats (I lost track) off off-white and white to cover the shading to an acceptable level. Which leads on to.. - If you ever drop an airbrush, inspect it carefully for damage! I managed to drop mine nose-first while cleaning it. I thought it had just broken the needle - damn. But after obtaining a new needle used the airbrush - loaded with the bright orange/red - only for the end of the nozzle to explode and cover the half the aircraft in red spray. I believe I'd previously managed to damage the nozzle end as well. I have to be honest I had to put the whole thing down and go and sit in a darkened room at this point! But eventually I did get back to the kit and managed to finish it. I tried to go for a cleaner finish, in line with many of the photos that you see of the aircraft. Definitely view it as a learning process and it's made me a bit more battle-hardened than I was before! Any comments or criticism gratefully received. The kit is entirely standard. I did get an Eduard masking tape which I have to say was a great time saver and did a great job of stopping any paint bleed.
  9. Very nice work! It's great to see the plane looking in a good condition, rather than looking like it has sat in a junk yard for many years and never cleaned. Interesting subject and story behind the model too!
  10. That's a superb looking aircraft. I like the finish on the metal and the riveting detail especially, very neat job !
  11. Out of interest, if one was to get a 1/72 Shuttle model which would be the one to go for at the moment? I see the Revell one is available occasionally for around £50 or so
  12. Wow thats a cracking job on a deadly looking machine ! I like the green frame too!
  13. The Japanese certainly have some odd ideas about camo! Amazing work though, I love the scenic arrangement and setting for the photo too
  14. That must have been heartbreaking. Having seen how RC helicopters fly a lot of the time (which is to say they seem to be a great deal harder to control), and the fact that it looks like the one it hit was upside down at the time, I would have been a lot more cautious putting something like that up in the air anywhere near it!
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