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  1. Despite my profile pic, if I had to pick one it would probably be the Sukhoi flanker, just because it cemented my interest (I'll say love actually!) of aircraft. It was my first trip to Fairford as a teenager in the 90s. At that point I hadn't seen much of the fast jet stuff (perhaps the odd Tornado or Harrier coming overhead) and I think most of the aircraft that had flown before at that point in the display had been fairly prosaic. Suddenly, an ear-splitting roar, and the Flanker came past - no gradual ascent or 45-degree angle followed by a roll as the aircraft lost speed, the pilot literally just pointed it straight up and kept going until the aircraft was a dot overhead. It was just such a raw expression of power there was no way a teenage kid wasn't going to be absolutely blown off their feet by it (and actually still find it impressive today! ) Back then I think, despite the fall of the Soviet Union (and possibly because of my age) there was still that mystique to the Russian stuff - as an 'other side' and more alien aspect to their aircraft and the pilots. I think that combined with just how damned cool the aircraft looked (and that tail slide!) meant it was an absolute favourite - I'm still looking forward to seeing the Flanker fly again at Fairford this year, it's still a tremendously impressive beast!
  2. Look very cool. And learn something every day - I didn't realise NK had Mig-29s!
  3. I can't attest to a comparison with the other kits, but am currently building this kit from Revell (which I believe is their latest tool) Picked up for about £10 which I think is entirely reasonable - fairly good fit for all of the parts, a bit of sanding to try and get a smooth finish but it wasn't too much of a pain. Not sure yet whether to go for the Tigersmeet job scheme (I haven't yet looked at the quality of the decals), but might well go for the simple Czech scheme (other one in the pack is Swedish) as it's an aircraft I saw at Fairford a few years ago.
  4. Beautiful job of a beautiful bike - love the finish you have achieved on the fairing.
  5. Brilliant - think you've got the colour shade from the film just right.
  6. Very cool - can't believe how small the A-wing is, got a fantastic amount of detail on there !
  7. I'm currently building the Revell kit (not sure which version, one with the Czech/Tigersmeet art on the cover - don't think it's bad at all. Have had to do a bit of fine grade sanding to get a smooth run between the joins - going for that oh-so-smooth look the aircraft seems to have. But it seems to go together well enough so far, and I think is available at a quite reasonable price point.
  8. Beautiful looking aircraft isn't it. Great to hear that there will be in doing a display flight at Fairford again this year, I think an AV-8B courtesy of the Spanish Navy.
  9. Brilliant - thanks a lot for the info! Wow: F14s, F4s, SU-22s and F5s - where do I sign up?! Seriously though wondering if November is usually the time when you could do with a bit of sunshine Shame that it looks like an absolute pain for UK citizens to get a visa. Quite an interesting article here, certainly seems like a worthwhile place to visit from a historical perspective (although not sure how the 'covered at all times' would go down with the better half! ) Travel to Iran
  10. That is simply astounding. Probably some of the best panel-line work I have ever seen, and love the reference to the real-life aircraft.
  11. Wow .. thats an amazing job! I would settle for producing something like that over the space of a year! I can only assume that Satan will come and collect his prize, as a payment for that kind of ability
  12. I think I already know the answer to this question.. but, knowing that most of the mothballed Tomcats in service were destroyed to prevent parts going overseas, and other than crawling in a bush somewhere near an Iranian airport, is there likely to ever be another possibility to see one of these aircraft in flight? Would be one of my lifetime ambitions (but not to the point of spending the rest of it in an Iranian jail!) Odds in fractional system preferred..
  13. Very interesting to see, would love to see this one on a static display. I was fortunate enough to see some Jaguars parked up at an airport in India a few years ago, that was used for both civil/military purpose (and very odd to see them next to some Sukhoi Flanker variants). Although it was from a distance and through an aircraft cabin window unfortunately, so wasn't able to see which variants they were.
  14. Really nice job - I like the winterised effect, works really well!
  15. Fantastic work! Very hard to pick a favourite!
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