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  1. I got the generator prop attached today and the landing gear had dried fully allowing the model to sit on its gear for the first time. This allowed some photos before the model is mounted into the box frame. The frame may arrive tomorrow, but as I'm at a 1940's event with my Jeeps and Dodge over the weekend, it will be next week before it is all completed.
  2. Everything was left to dry. The last piece is a tiny propeller for the wing mounted generator. The paint on that was drying when I took these pictures. I had confirmation the picture frame has been posted, so after I make the box frame for the back, I'd expect to do the final assembly of the picture early next week.
  3. The decals were clear coated today, then after a while to dry, the landing gear was assembled and fitted. The painting of the prop was finished and then that was attached.
  4. This is how the project was at the end of today. All the decals are applied and hardening. They need another clear coat to seal them in. The tail wheel tyre, prop tips and spinner were also painted today.
  5. The Miles logo for the fuselage side was TINY! around 2mm square, but has a remarkable level of detail for such a small object. The cowl line, Miles logo and fuselage registration are now applied, and it's looking rather good!!
  6. Upper registration applied and the first wing walkway. The second walkway is now applied, along with the two tiny steps on the flaps.
  7. I started with the registration on the underside of the model. While this one won't be seen once the model is mounted in the box frame, I usually take some scale eye level pictures of completed airframes before they are mounted. It also allowed a practice application and a Microsol test to make sure there were no adverse reactions on this batch of decals. Positioned and drying.
  8. Once the colour coat was dense enough, the canopy masking was removed, ready to start spraying the clear coat. This took some time, gradually building up the gloss. A few days ago, the decals arrived in the post. They were on a larger sheet for another project. It had taken several attempts to print them as the printer kept missing sections of colour or left lines through blocks of colour. I had added more graphics than needed, just to make sure I had spares in case of scratches or torn decals during application.
  9. The first coat of cream is sprayed, giving a very thin coating. It was going to take many coats to build up the density required. Starting to build up the colour now.
  10. I haven't updated this thread for a while, but the model has been moving forwards. The edges of the paint was sanded and then the canopy area was masked off with liquid mask. This was done in several stages, slowly rotating the model to keep the masked area level while the masking liquid dried. Eventually the canopy had a good covering and the model was ready to spray.
  11. I rarely list in Auction format and almost always use Buy It Now. I always add 12 to 15% to the actual post cost, to cover packaging and Ebay post fees. I always offer collection as that saves on post fees. I'm fortunate that the post office is on the school run, so can call in pretty much any day. I always message the buyer on the day the item is posted to let them know it is on its way. I never leave feedback until the buyer gives feedback to let me know the item arrived. Rarely had any problems. Only once did some muppet who lived overseas, buy a kit then refuse to pay due to shipping costs. I got my seller fees back off Ebay, only for the same prat to buy the kit again a few weeks later and again refuse to pay!! I got my seller fees back then too.
  12. Yep, even on a good day, be prepared for sudden changes in the weather.
  13. Tape removed and the paint is left to dry. The fore/aft frames will be next, along with an area of the fuselage ahead of the cockpit and under the sides. Enough to allow this area to be masked before spraying. The landing gear parts also received some cream and the wheel hubs red over the PVA glue covers.
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