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  1. Army_Air_Force

    Anybody else 'obsessed' with one particular aircraft ??

    Boeing B-17 for me. It was probably as a result of seeing the 1943 "Memphis Belle" colour documentary as a child in the 1970's. I've made Forts in 1/700 ( spanning a little over 1.75inches ), 1/350, 1/144, 1/72, 1/10 ( R/C ) and 1/6 scale ( R/C, spanning a little over 17 feet ).
  2. Army_Air_Force

    My Daughter's 1/144 Scale B-17 Fortress Complete

    Here's her full modelling history, from 3 years 11 months! First model, Revell Red Arrows Hawk. A fictional T-6 paint job on an old T-6 I built years ago. Spitfire PR.1G diorama Snoopy verses the Red Baron ( Revell Triplane and scratch built Snoopy )
  3. Army_Air_Force

    An 'MLP' modelling thread for your Daughter - Curious??

    Now that we have three locos that work, I would consider an exhibition. It's something quite a bit different to the usual type of layouts you'd see.
  4. Army_Air_Force

    Matchbox P-47

    I think all the 8th and 9th Air Force P-47's carried the OD/NG scheme with white cowl ring and tail stripes until coloured group markings were introduced.
  5. Army_Air_Force

    Matchbox P-47

    The Matchbox kit is 404th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force. My first P-47D was in 78th FG colours from Duxford. It changed to 353rd FG at Raydon with a yellow/black checkered cowl before becoming the 5th ERS with the red, white and blue cowl. My P-47N was in two Pacific group schemes, though I can't recall the groups of the top of my head. The B-17 was from the "Century Bombers".
  6. Army_Air_Force

    Matchbox P-47

    OK, here's a few! My first P-47D from 1994 and after a refurb in 1997 A-35B Vengeance, first flown in 2001. P-47N from 1999 and a few years later in a new scheme. and finally my B-17G-BO-1 "Hang The Expense" It was test flown in silver before final details and finishing. B-17 along with 458th BG B-24H "Hookem Cow"
  7. Army_Air_Force

    Matchbox P-47

    The second and third P-47's in this picture were the aircraft used during the filming for Band of Brothers. The film company called me via the Large Model Association looking for P-47 models. Apparently Steven Spielberg prefers models to CGI if he can't use the fullsize. A day was spent filming at North Weald, flying circuits and diving at the cameras. The models had CGI enhancements added to them.
  8. Army_Air_Force

    Radio Control Aircraft

    PS, the advantage of a traditional plan or kit build over ARTF is that you know how it went together, and if repairs are needed, it is easier to do on a model you built and understand. Many of the more modern foam designs are less durable, less easily repaired strongly and neatly and soon loose performance if weighed down with repairs. You can't beat wood and real fuel! RC Model Flyers is a good forum - http://www.rcmf.co.uk/4um/index.php
  9. Army_Air_Force

    Radio Control Aircraft

    I'm all for more traditional design, but I would avoid the vintage style of model. The weather being what it is in the UK, you want something that can fly in a controlled manner in a bit more than flat calm. In 30+ years of R/C flying and the club I was in having a flying site at 600 feet above sea level, I can count on one hand the number of times it was calm, warm shorts and T-shirt weather at the flying site. In fact one year, we still had snow in the ditches beside the road in June. I've flown all sorts of models apart from jets. IC powered, electric, gliders, aero-towing, heli's, multi-engine, novelty. By far, I preferred aircraft with proper engines, either petrol or methanol. Electric was just a bit soulless. You want to find a local club and find out when, where and what they fly, how big their site is and whether they have any noise restrictions, as that may dictate what you fly. I started in 1983 when I was 13, flying a three channel high wing trainer with an IC engine. The club gave me insurance, instruction and a safe place to fly away from public. This was my first model, a Leicester Model Centre Hunter 29, with an OS Max .35 engine and Futaba 5LK radio. I flew the socks off it for 18 months before moving onto another model and as a result, I could do more things with it than those learners who moved too quickly onto more aerobatic models. They never really learned to fly properly as they were in too much of a rush to progress onto their next model. One thing led to another, and the models got bigger over time, ending up with this 17 feet span scratch built Fortress. So be warned, the hobby can become an obsession and get expensive! You will have fewer in your stash than with plastics though!! Here's a few others..... Looking along the tow line during an aero-tow. Flying Flat Iron 'A' Level Design & Technology camera plane. My big Fokker and a favourite, my scratch built 1/6 scale P-47D
  10. Army_Air_Force

    My Daughter's 1/144 Scale B-17 Fortress Complete

    I have been known to use it on bigger projects
  11. Army_Air_Force

    My Daughter's 1/144 Scale B-17 Fortress Complete

    It's taken almost two weeks for a nice sky, but finally this morning, we had some blue sky and white clouds for some photos of the B-17.
  12. With Christmas just around the corner, I don't have money to spare for silicone and casting resin just now. So I fancied a change of pace and turned my attention to the decals. Using measurements and pictures from the fullsize and scans of the model parts, I set about producing the master artwork for the decals. The graphics could be trial "fitted" using a layers in my photo program to check and adjust the size against the model. This scan has the fuselage side flat against the scanner, but I did another with the tapered rear fuselage flush with the glass. The model parts were added into one photo layer and the photos of the original aircraft added in a layer over the top. Everything was enlarged to four times model size to make the tracing easier. Each colour was then traced in black on separate layers so I had a red, white, blue, black and orange/yellow layers, but all in black. This would allow printing of each colour separately or I could colourise and combine layers for a full colour print, depending on how my decal maker wanted to do it. The image below shows the progress so far. Each colour is actually completely black at present, but that would mean the roundel and rudder would be just one black splodge. So the yellow, red, white and blue layers have all had their transparency adjusted so they show up as different greyscales to show each different colour.
  13. It's the Special Hobby Kit/Conversion. Charles seems to do almost all the Bruce flying. Not sure anyone else flies it!
  14. The resin lower link was added next. Another step along the way complete.