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  1. Army_Air_Force

    West Malling 1985

    I'm guessing that this B-17 is the French aircraft that went on to become "Pink Lady". It is seen below in the centre of the row, after some modifications to 'F' configuration and named "Mother & Country", for the "Memphis Belle" film in 1989. Flying Legends 2008 in "Pink Lady" colours.
  2. Army_Air_Force

    West Malling 1985

    Lots of memories seeing all those old colour schemes! The Sally B picture above must have been between mid 1982 ( checkered cowl after Ted White died ) and the end of 1993, as I'm sure Sally B went into the olive drab and yellow tail for the 1984 season. Sally carries the red fin stripe from the "We'll Meet Again" TV series. Note the red G-FIRE over flying Sally B below.
  3. Army_Air_Force

    A few Military Vehicles from the 2018 Show Season

    Breighton Aerodrome Summer Fly-In - July 21st/22nd The Summer Fly/Drive-In usually has a few military vehicles along with the aircraft and a selection of classic cars. Croft Nostalgia - August 3~5th My most recent show at Croft Circuit near Darlington. The REME guys turned up with some big pieces of hardware. The Croft show combines vintage motor racing with classic cars, trucks and busses and military vehicles.
  4. Army_Air_Force

    A few Military Vehicles from the 2018 Show Season

    Barnard Castle 1940's Weekend - June 23/24th My Flying Control Dodge WC51. Dodge WC7 Command Car and WC51 Weapon Carrier. Hillman RAF staff car and M38A1 Jeep. Bowes Railway & Springwell Village 1940's Weekend - June 30th / July 1st All three of my toys together, Dodge WC51, and my two Jeeps.
  5. Army_Air_Force

    A few Military Vehicles from the 2018 Show Season

    Northallerton 1940's Day - June 10th There were around two dozen vehicles on show, including a couple of traction engines. The high street was closed off to normal traffic allowing hundreds of members of the public to wander freely around the displays. "Frontline" Sedgefield - June 16th The Frontline show is a multi-period living history event. It makes an interesting comparison looking at military equipment across the centuries.
  6. Army_Air_Force

    A few Military Vehicles from the 2018 Show Season

    Blyth Battery Goes to War - May 19/20th The battery on the Northumberland coast dates back to WW1. They have an annual open weekend in May that is free to attend and includes a battle on the beach. "Lanc, Tank & Military Machines" East Kirkby Airfield, Lincs - May 26 & 28th 2018 saw my first visit to this event and it was very relaxed and enjoyable.
  7. Some of you will know that modelling is just one of three hobbies I have and is the cheapest of the three! I spend my Winter nights in my observatory, photographing the planets and the night sky. In the Summer, I take my collection of 1/1 scale military vehicles to between 15 and 20 shows from April through to September/October. There are a surprising number of events around the country, so if you want to get some reference photos of some real MV's, there's a good chance there's an event near you. While there are many village fates and other local events that aren't advertised extensively, there are many events that are advertised on the Military Vehicle Trust website. The MVT have Area Branches all over the country who both organise events themselves or support local events and communities. So moving along to the pictures, here's a few from the various events I've attended so far in 2018. Yorkshire MVT Crank Up at York Castle - April 15th This is a one day meet on the green next to the castle. The largest turnout we've had was 84 vehicles. There's a good selection of WW2 and post war vehicles that usually attend. Yorkshire Air Museum "Against the Odds" - May 11~13th My Follow Me Jeep along with the museum Halifax recreation.
  8. Further filling, priming and sanding done, but nothing exciting enough to be worthy of photos!
  9. Nothing more exciting to report other than some more filling and sanding. With my wife and daughter going camping with some friends for a few days last week, it completely escaped my mind that it is now school holidays and I'll also have child care eating into some of my time. I should still be able to make some progress, as the days when wifey is off work, she'll probably take little legs out and about. From the start, I knew that hand making patterns wasn't going to be a quick project.
  10. Army_Air_Force

    Bad Moon Rising?

    No chance of seeing the eclipse here in the North East, but instead, we had a spectacular thunder and lightning show with some amazing fork lightning. Never seen the blasts so pink. I caught the 2015 eclipse though. Here's a few pictures from that one. It was just before I built my observatory, so I was out freezing on the patio for over six hours to catch the whole thing beginning to end.
  11. Army_Air_Force

    Real Aero Company Summer Fly/Drive-In July 21/22nd '18

    Day two was unbearably hot, and other than a couple of trips along the flight line for pictures, I spent most of the day in hangar 2 where there was some solid shade. There were several Austers that flew in to the event and with those resident at the airfield, they numbered around eight. The good weather allowed plenty of flying on both days. Not having a tent or Jeep, we were able to make a quick getaway at 5pm. There's a classic car meet there in September, so I may take the Jeep down for that instead. Broussard Some of around eight Austers at the event Jungmann, Cessna 120, Aeronca 100 and Luton Minor Tipsy Junior, Westland Wasp, Piper PA-22 Colt and Jodel More Austers, both military and civvie Piper Apache Fox Moth Tipsy Nipper, Racing car ( type unknown to me ), Bestmann and Yak 55 That's all folks!
  12. Army_Air_Force

    Real Aero Company Summer Fly/Drive-In July 21/22nd '18

    Despite a partly cloudy day, it had been very warm, and the sun broke through in time for the evening hangar party. While we didn't have the usual spectacular sun set, there were still some interesting cloud formations and lighting. The hangar party had a live band as well as Brian doing some stand up comedy and my daughter danced the night away for almost four and a half hours straight!
  13. Army_Air_Force

    Real Aero Company Summer Fly/Drive-In July 21/22nd '18

    Here's the Gemini again, then Piper Vagabond, Piper Apache and the de Havilland dH60 Gipsy Moth. It was interesting to watch the folded wings being opened out to prepare the aircraft for flight. Four spring loaded pins, one to each wing leading edge hold the wings open. When folded, there's an extendable strut to support the wing leading edges at the inboard end. This folds away along side the cabane struts for flight.
  14. Army_Air_Force

    Real Aero Company Summer Fly/Drive-In July 21/22nd '18

    Another nice twin that flew in was a Miles Gemini, joining the resident Miles Messenger and Magister.
  15. Army_Air_Force

    Real Aero Company Summer Fly/Drive-In July 21/22nd '18

    Here's a few more of the vehicles on show, including the owner of the Real Aero Co in his racing car which performed a number of high speed runs along the taxiway.