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  1. Model boat handrails are a good alternative. They have some nice brass pre-drilled posts and use thin brass wire for the railings.
  2. I know this isn't WW1, but I did this 1/32 Jungmann and used fine nylon fishing line for the rigging. It wasn't too difficult with a little forwards planning to drill holes. Once rigged, I brushed over the rigging with a chrome pen to give it that stainless appearance. I've also used 0.1mm stainless wire in the past, but that was a bit more tricky to work with.
  3. We have a 1/35 Tamiya Jeep which may get built to match my 1943 Ford GPW. I already have a model of my other Jeep and Dodge.
  4. I've worked in sizes from 1/1200 to 1/3 scales, but generally float around 1/72 & 1/48 for aircraft, 1/76,1/72 and 1/35 for vehicles, with one dip into 1/1 scale on a 1943 Ford GPW!
  5. You could have cut the nose art decal to show only two or three missions, when the Belle would have been much newer with fresh paint!
  6. This diorama set was won in the Airfix Christmas competition in 2017. It is not my project, but my daughter's. She had not long turned nine when we made a start in Christmas 2018, with progress being made in small steps as and when the mood took us. She did most of the work with the exception of the camo net, detail painting on the figures and some gloss and matt coat spraying. Each sub model was built as a project of its own, allowing us to reach a painting and decalling stage more quickly, so maintaining interest. I had a large input in advice and guidance, pointing the way, helping to hold
  7. Last four pictures. We hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did.
  8. My daughter was eight when she started this model and heading towards eleven now. It is virtually all her own work, but with lots of guidance and advice from me, a little holding of parts where extra hands were needed and I did some of the figure painting detail after she painted the main colours. I also made the camo net over the radio operator, helped with joining the tank tracks and sprayed gloss and matt coats when needed.
  9. The layout seems to work well when viewed from all sides and we tried to make use of figures who seemed less involved in combat but more at readiness. The rubbery plastic figures are of course horrible to work with and only minor work was done by myself to melt away flash etc. Airfix could really do with making a range of styrene figures for diorama builders.
  10. We made the right call to leave the Tiger tank off and replace it with a Jeep. It would have been unrealistic and perhaps toy-like, to have both tanks, unless the Sherman had been a smoking wreck. Without the Jeep might have been a little too empty. Neither the Jeep or Sherman are glued down and moved around a little during the photoshoot.
  11. We're pretty pleased with the overall result. Looking back, skin coloured tights may have worked better for the camo net rather than the black. The barbed wire would have been better with thinner copper wire, but that was all I had kicking around the workshop.
  12. There's quite a few pictures to add, but I may pick a few out for the RFI section of the forum.
  13. We haven't had the weather yet for an outdoor photoshoot. The way the UK weather is going now, Summer may well be over! I'd still like to try and get out for a real backdrop, but for now, here's a multitude of pictures from an indoor shoot, taken at both eye level and from above. Some I've turned black and white, while some others have just been desaturated a bit and red increased to try and replicate wartime Kodachrome film.
  14. Most likely to inform crews on the ground which was the active runway. From the air, the 40ft square signals square would indicate the runway direction, surface condition, hazards and circuit direction for aircraft without radio. A similar sized square would have the airfield ID letters to identify the station.
  15. The roof tiles have been toned down now. Once the paint has fully hardened, it's time for a matt coat and final photos. We've been thinking about trying to find a real background for some photos.
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