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  1. Model Photographic Studio & Diorama Base I moved house in late February, leaving behind my old workshop and gaining a new larger room ( see below ). That took about a month to strip out my old workshop tools, benches and units and rebuild them in the new room. Just to the left of the door, behind where this picture is taken, there's a shallow cupboard which has become a small model display area and photo studio. Below is a picture of the cupboard. In the upper area, there's a few models from my daughter and myself, the workshop router, plus a photography competit
  2. Way back on page 4, in 2017, I posted my workshop pics, a 23x12ft extension on the house, built in early 2000. It served me well for 21 years, allowing me to build everything from Airfix, to model railways, to giant R/C aircraft, to a 1/1 scale WW2 Jeep restoration. A month ago, I moved house and left the room behind. Finding a house that was suitable for a workshop, a dark sky with a decent garden for my astronomy and somewhere for my military vehicle fleet, plus all the usual things you need from a new house, was a challenge - but we got there! It's taken almost a whole month to strip o
  3. The Norseman was a favourite of mine and my dad. We built a semi-scale radio controlled version back in 1993 as a large trainer for him. I built the 1/72 Matchbox one for him a few years ago. I'm yet to see anyone else build one of my Broussard kits, despite around two dozen being shipped around the world!!
  4. I've used thin, multi-strand electrical wire to represent steel cable. Just strip the insulation and twist. You can always reduce the number of strands for a thinner cable.
  5. The oil and dirt is from the oil overflow on the nacelles, plus dirt and much blown through the engine and cowl gills. It stains down the nacelles, following the airflow, flows fairly straight back on the port wing and curves in on the starboard - it's all to do the the prop vortex and its interaction with the airflow over the wing and around under the fuselage as it leaves the trailing edge. This wartime photo shows the staining well. http://www.ww2incolor.com/d/7259-7/B_17S_OF_381ST_BG.jpg
  6. Watching with interest. I saw the Belle at the Duxford Flying Legends show, I think in 2008. I'm sure that boxing of the B-17 by Airfix is the Academy version, so you'll need to shim the top of the wing roots to correct the excessive dihedral and don't forget the four vents behind each engine are VENTS, not exhausts!! So many modellers spoil a nice B-17 build by painting four dirty great stripes behind each engine!!
  7. Nice to see these two Spits in 607 Sqdn markings. I live around 4 miles from what was RAF Usworth, home to 607 Squadron for a time, so have a soft spot for 607 Squadron aircraft.
  8. I didn't do too well with modelling in 2020 as the title suggests. My father passed away in October 2019 and as his house was two and a half hours from my house, it was slow progress dealing with the legal side of things and trying to clear it. Fortunately the funeral all happened long before covid. It was my dad who got me into modelling when I was around three or four, building Airfix models and model railways. He had a lot of stuff and paperwork in the house and we were still trying to clear it when the March covid lockdown came. We had hoped to have the property on the market in the Spring
  9. Recently, Google Chrome has started blocking http hosted images on secure pages, so many of my pictures stopped showing. As a result, I've just changed hosts that supports SSL and now my pictures are secure. This has meant I've been editing all my threads to replace the picture links with new https links. I've just had a great trip down memory lane renewing the pictures in this thread!
  10. Model boat handrails are a good alternative. They have some nice brass pre-drilled posts and use thin brass wire for the railings.
  11. I know this isn't WW1, but I did this 1/32 Jungmann and used fine nylon fishing line for the rigging. It wasn't too difficult with a little forwards planning to drill holes. Once rigged, I brushed over the rigging with a chrome pen to give it that stainless appearance. I've also used 0.1mm stainless wire in the past, but that was a bit more tricky to work with.
  12. We have a 1/35 Tamiya Jeep which may get built to match my 1943 Ford GPW. I already have a model of my other Jeep and Dodge.
  13. I've worked in sizes from 1/1200 to 1/3 scales, but generally float around 1/72 & 1/48 for aircraft, 1/76,1/72 and 1/35 for vehicles, with one dip into 1/1 scale on a 1943 Ford GPW!
  14. You could have cut the nose art decal to show only two or three missions, when the Belle would have been much newer with fresh paint!
  15. This diorama set was won in the Airfix Christmas competition in 2017. It is not my project, but my daughter's. She had not long turned nine when we made a start in Christmas 2018, with progress being made in small steps as and when the mood took us. She did most of the work with the exception of the camo net, detail painting on the figures and some gloss and matt coat spraying. Each sub model was built as a project of its own, allowing us to reach a painting and decalling stage more quickly, so maintaining interest. I had a large input in advice and guidance, pointing the way, helping to hold
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