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  1. Hardly any airliners! Interesting Stuff DC-3 Dakota G-AMPY Chipmunk ( RAF Leeming ) Miles Falcon Major G-AEEG Miles Magister N3788 G-AKPF Taylorcraft Auster J1N G-AIBW Ryan ST3KR ( PT-22 ) G-RLWG Broussard G-CIGH Piper Super Cruiser G-BSYG More Normal Stuff Cessna 150s, 152s, 172s ( test flights at Newcastle Airport ) Cessna 425 G-BNDY K21 Glider ( Air Cadets at RAF Catterick ) Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante Grumman American AA-5 Rallye Commodore 150 G-AVPK Piper Cherokee G-BRJV Grob 109b Motor Glider BAE 146 ( twice ) Boeing 747 ( twice ) Boeing 767 ( twice ) Vistaliner N1786C ( over the Grand Canyon ) Eurostar G-SJES Passenger for most, flown a few.
  2. Epoxy a blade into a short length of copper or plastic pipe. I'd glue it with the cut on the pull stroke, so the blade will be in tension when cutting.
  3. Reminds me of this Academy B-17 I built in 2010. I left off more bits than I glued on!
  4. I had a trip out to five local memorials this morning. The lists of names would have been a sizable amount of the populations of some of these villages, especially as the villages would be much smaller at the time of World War 1.
  5. At the bottom right of my diorama is my copy of the egg-box/egg-crate. Somewhere I have a photo of a real one, but no idea where it is saved!
  6. Looks great. They are a bit fiddly, but produce a nice model. This is mine that I did a few years ago after flying the fullsize example based with the Real Aeroplane Company at Breighton Aerodrome. I cut and swept the original kit wings and used the resin tail and front fuselage modification. I scratch built the landing gear from brass as the kit version was faired in where the aircraft I flew had open struts.
  7. The pictures work on my Win 10 laptop and Samsung Android phone, so it would seem to be an apple fault. The Heyford is a strange aircraft and outdated so quickly, but it has a odd charm to it.
  8. Here's one from 2010, built on a board on my knee while watching over my baby daughter. Perhaps an airfield boundary or an off field landing. One feathered prop tells a story of an aircraft struggling to stay in the air and failing. The other prop, with just the tips bent backwards and marks in the ground, points to the left gear collapsing during roll out, with the forward motion arrested by the hedge, fence and tree. A USAAF crew are dismantling the aircraft while the RAF has provided the Bedfords, Queen Marys and a Thorneycroft crane. Perhaps the aircraft came down close to an RAF base? We may never know. It does look to be a survivable forced landing. Airfix - 1/72 GMC CCKW 353 ( with scratch built No. 7 Set crane ) Airfix - 1/72 Douglas A-26B Invader ( chopped up based on photos I found ) Airfix - 1/72 Willys Jeep & Trailer Airfix - 1/76 Queen Mary Trailer ( x 2 ) ( corrected to 3 ton and 5 ton versions ) Airfix - 1/76 Thorneycroft/Coles Crane ( corrected jib and additional detailing )
  9. I like the Dodge as I have a 1/1 scale version, but you have the grille on upside down and it looks all wrong that way.
  10. It's a tricky little model to build, but you should be happy with it. It may not be perfect and mine wasn't either. Give it a few days, look at it on a shelf instead of up close and I'm sure you'll see a nice little colourful representation of the original.
  11. She's strained a muscle or tendon or something in her calf. She's a Girl Guides leader and had her elder 'Ranger' group ten pin bowling. They were into the second game and she was walking towards releasing the ball, when something went twang in her calf! The alley was over near her parents, so they had to rescue her and her car and bring them back to Durham! It wasn't as if she was doing anything particularly strenuous!! It's improving, but she's got another appointment on Tuesday. Despite the odd cut finger or sanding graze, modelling is a much safer pass-time!!
  12. Funny you should say that. I had to drive my wife to the physio yesterday after she hurt her leg. The building was old and the brickwork and mortar lines were lumpy and wiggly exactly like that brick paper you used. I took some pictures, but they aren't hosted anywhere, so can't add them here, but I was amused at the concave and convex shaped bricks and the mortar lines which followed the shape of the bricks! As soon as I saw the building, the brick paper popped straight into my head!
  13. Just letting you all know it's not forgotten, but with modelling being my third and least active hobby, projects can be on hold for some time. I got the guest bedroom finished, but with the good weather arriving, work has moved to the garden. I'm now building my new astronomical observatory ( second hobby ) and we're into military vehicle season ( first hobby ), so modelling is way down the list of priorities right now. The Skystreak is still on the bench in plain sight and keeps reminding me it's there every time I'm in the workshop, but the workshop is quite full with bits of shed being modified!
  14. I recall many years ago, a young lad on a railway forum, who made a micro Z scale circular layout on CD. A small loop of track and a small hill in the centre.
  15. @fishplanebeer Have you tried contacting the archives section of the RAF Museum at Hendon? They claimed many years ago, to have the largest aviation archive in the world. Back in the 1980s, they photocopied a complete B-17 pilot's manual for me at a cost of about £20. These days, if they have the info you are looking for, I think they email it via PDF. T: 020 8358 4873 askcollections@rafmuseum.org Archive & Library RAF Museum London Grahame Park Way London, NW9 5LL
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