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  1. Still no progress on this of late. It's not forgotten, I'm just too busy with other projects and hobbies at present. Three hobbies and not enough time isn't a good combination! I was back at the airfield again recently and couldn't help but get some more photos!
  2. I guess it depends on the aircraft, but you could make the fuselage solid except for the cockpit/other openings which could be made from smaller, possibly multi-part sections.
  3. Army_Air_Force

    AZ Model / OZ Models 1/48 Vultee Vengeance

    Caught this thread yesterday and watching with interest. I built an R/C 1/6 scale Vengeance back in 2000, simply because of the unusual wing plan form. There's an excellent book about the Vengeance by Peter C. Smith if I remember correctly. A very interesting read about the type and the problems it suffered, which were for the most part, not the fault of the aircraft. Here's my R/C version, built with very little reference material to work from. It's such a rare aircraft, there's little about it on the net or in books.
  4. Army_Air_Force

    How green is your car?

    @bentwaters81tfw @noelh Actually, two Jeeps and a Dodge, but the Dodge isn't green. The Dodge WC51 was built 1944, and was used by the Norwegians in the Arctic Circle until the 1990's. The "Station Photo" Jeep is a 1943 Ford GPW which eventually died on a Texas farm. I got it as a wreck and rebuilt it between 2012 and 2014. The "Follow Me" Jeep is a 1958 Hotchkiss and didn't leave the French Army until the early 1990's.
  5. Army_Air_Force

    How green is your car?

    Two of mine are olive drab. Does that count as green enough?
  6. There's probably going to be a bit of a pause or slow down on this for a little while, as I need to do some building work on the house. Yesterday I discovered it was raining on one of my Jeeps inside the garage, despite being sunny outside! It turns out the shower was leaking from the extension above. That was brought about by movement in the upstairs extension floor joists sagging, partly because they also support a suspended floor/storage area in the garage. The twelve feet span joists have only sagged perhaps 3/16 of an inch at worst over 14 years, but that's opened up silicone joints etc., causing the leak. So I need to rework the garage storage and put a steel joist in to support the upstairs floor again. My workshop is likely to be monopolised storing stuff while the repairs are made.
  7. Army_Air_Force

    Hasegawa 1/48 P40e Warhawk

    I see them now! I've always loved the P-40. Very nice model.
  8. Army_Air_Force

    Hasegawa 1/48 P40e Warhawk

    Is it a Stealth P-40? I don't see any images!
  9. Army_Air_Force

    Post your First, Favourite,Finest

    1) First? Not my first model, but the first built that I have a photo of. Airfiix Lancaster, sometime in the early to mid 1970's I think. 2) Favourite. A bit bigger than most here build, a scratch built 1/6 scale R/C B-17G-BO-1 Fortress. Wingspan - 17 feet 3.5 inches, Tailspan - 7 feet, Length - 12 feet 4.5 inches, Take off Weight - 135 pounds ( with full fuel load ), Wing Area - 39 sq ft. 3) Finest. Not sure; this is perhaps the best I have photos of. Monogram 1/48 B-26 Marauder hangar queen.
  10. Army_Air_Force

    In flight props

    I got them from Ebay around 12 years ago.
  11. Army_Air_Force

    In flight props

    Motors are possible in 1/144 scale too. This is a tiny geared motor I built into a B-17.
  12. Modelboard is far more dense than styrofoam. More like epoxy or polyester resin with a light weight filler powder mixed in. It has a slight grain to it like styrofoam, but much finer. The only progress this week has been priming and filling.
  13. Army_Air_Force

    In flight props

    My daughter and I used clear acrylic shaped and lightly sprayed on her Dr.I. It gave the blades thickness which the brass doesn't have. It was the first attempt, but I think the technique can be refined.
  14. The 493rd BG at Debach is another worth while visit. There's lots of original buildings still at Debach and a good collection of military vehicles belonging to the owner of the site, Richard Taylor. I've had both of my Jeeps there over the years, and you can't beat exploring an old airfield in a Jeep - although doing it in a Sherman tank was fun too!
  15. I've spent a lot of time exploring Thorpe Abbotts and many other airfields. I love the architecture and the atmosphere of old airfields.