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  1. Simon382

    Help wanted re Tamiya F15 decals

    That's very kind of you but it's the old 1/48 scale kit
  2. Simon382

    Queen's Birthday Flypast over East Anglia

    It will be like the film Top Secret, they'll just have a few and fly round in big circles to look like there's lots!?! As for the date to be honest I don't know, better weather perhaps?
  3. Simon382

    Queen's Birthday Flypast over East Anglia

    From my info there will be a 100 aircraft flypast over London on the 10th July. Most of London will be shut down when they go over so a good view, depending on the weather of course, should be readily available
  4. Simon382

    Help wanted re Tamiya F15 decals

    Good evening one and all. This a plea for help! I am oh soooooo close to finally finishing a model before the end of the millenia!?! The model in question is the F15C from Tamiya. I am at the decal stage and, I thought, that all was well in the universe. Oh how silly could I be? I went back to it this morning to find that the 'slime light' from the end of one wing had somehow moved from the end of the wing to under said wing and stuck with s#d all hope of getting it off (feel free to insert whatever cuss you see fit) My plea to you is, if by some minor miracle, someone has the decal (or the relevant part) spare would they consider sending it my way??????? I need the same decal to match the other 'slime lights' already applied. I am more than happy to reimburse the sender re the postage and any compensation required. Thanks for reading
  5. Simon382

    Harrowing Hasegawa Harrier

    Not as bad as you made out. As for gazillions of decals, try a US Navy Phantom. Last one I did, in 1/48, there were the best part of 250 (just the stencils!) Keep going and enjoy your hobby
  6. Stunning result but, my word, I don't think I'll ever think it looks good! Very impressive model though
  7. I was an assistant ATC. Opted to go South as had recently been posted to LJAO at West Drayton after Abingdon closed down. Awful posting so was more than happy to avoid the place for a few months. I remember the scheme very well, nice to see Airfix bringing it back
  8. I was there May to August 1991, posted to HQBFFI. Must have just missed each other!
  9. Great looking model. I remember flying in one of these around the Falklands back in the early 90's. We called them Erics as they were operated by Bristows. Big beasts as I remember
  10. Simon382

    1/48 Italeri V22 Osprey

    I hope that you do get the chance to see one in the flesh. They are mighty impressive and the rotors are enormous!
  11. Simon382

    AH-6L Little Bird

    Fantastic result, what was the build like? Looking at yours I really must invest in one
  12. Simon382

    Protecting Your Models

    I will most certainly be copying your sign. My grandfather, now long gone but not fogotten, came into my room to look at the rain and swept my recently finished 1/24th Stuka off the table! 4 months later it was back to greatness (my opinion only of course) and in he came again with the same result! Gave up and binned it after that
  13. Simon382

    1/48 Italeri V22 Osprey

    Very nice result. Wish someone would release an update set though. I see the Osprey regularly around Mildenhall and would like to model an in service airframe
  14. Simon382

    1:72 Hobbyboss Su-47 Berkut

    A great looking modelmof an aircraft that looks sooooooo cool. Only wish someone did onein 1/48, would look great next to my F23
  15. Simon382

    617Sqn Tornado Whiff

    Understand 617 has gone F35 but, when the Tonka fleet departs our skies, surely such an impotant machine could be painted in all the old squadron colours of those that flew them???