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  1. Very nice indeed. I do enjoy making Monogram kits. Not as high tech as modern kits but normally very accurate
  2. Simon382

    Airfix Harrier Missing Parts

    I would try Airfix UK. I've used them and they are excellent, can't comment on their international service though
  3. Wow, stunning. I take my hat off to anyone able to make a model this good in such a small scale, great skills
  4. Not much to say other than simply stunning!
  5. PITA it may have been but the end result is very impressive indeed, good skills
  6. Very nice! Can't believe I've been modelling some 35 yrs and I STILL haven't finished a Red!?! Must pull my finger out, thanks for the inspiration
  7. Simon382

    ICM 1/48 MiG-25PDS 'Foxbat-E'

    Very nice indeed, I had no idea that Russian aircraft had so many stencils! Really must invest in such a great looking model
  8. Simon382

    MiG-23MF "459" Trumpeter 1:48

    Stunning result! If this is the result of a difficult build then what on earth does a simple build look like????
  9. Simon382

    CV22 Osprey

  10. Simon382

    Airfix 1/48 Sea Fury

    Very nice indeed, I really must get one for myself. A question if I may, out of the three, which did you prefer?
  11. Simon382

    CV22 Osprey

    Thanks for the info but I'm looking for USAF markings, not ones for the Marines. Thanks anyway
  12. Simon382

    CV22 Osprey

    Nothing listed on either site but thanks for the info. I'll keep looking
  13. Simon382

    CV22 Osprey

    Morning all. I'm currently constructing the Osprey in 1/48. Using the Blackdog set it will be a USAF CV22. Does anyone know of any decals for this version?? Any help will be gratefully received
  14. Simon382

    1/72 Hasegawa Grumman X-29

    Very nice result, would lend itself well to 'what if' markings Oooooh Lord that X32 is just wrong!!!
  15. Very nice indeed. I've just started the 1/48 version with the Black Dog CV22 set. See them often out of Mildenhall and just luv the shape!!