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  1. Well I have a few IIIO’s of High Planes (old and new tooling) and a few of Modelsvits - I’m sorta hoping that these will be easier for a mediocre builder like me. Hoping!!
  2. Thanks for sharing - that was a lot of fun to watch and very informative.
  3. So , so cruel Ed (I’m assuming one is pulling one’s leg)
  4. All the talk of big Lancasters coincided with a very good deal - a HKM Grand Slam is currently occupying space on a truck heading my way. I have a few in different scales but not a Grand Slam. And I might actually build it (I’m not sure I really could’ve done the Border one)
  5. I’m doing my bit to make this happen. I’ve recently got two Airfix Bii and two Blackbird conversions. Just need two Red Roo updates and then Airfix will announce this as a surprise for this year.
  6. Not trying to be smart, but why do we assume fish can’t feel pain. Whenever I’ve asked, they don’t communicate that well (except dolphins, but, the again, they aren’t fish). Not an ‘environmentalists’ just don’t care much about humans.
  7. When I paid $350ish for a Lancaster that’s nearly the size of a coffee table. The money invested - the size - the realisation that the 2A’s aren’t the same (Ambition v Ability) - all of a sudden, it wasn’t playing with toys anymore. And, that is was meeting the other few hundred new friends scattered around my place, just didn’t help. Up til then, all g. Now, not so. Mind you, it’s only a tank of fuel. So maybe it’s still considered a toy!!
  8. Yeah Orange is gods country. Born and bred, never left and never will. 20km north. Country living is still by far the best thing for your life. Less stress, friendlier and all that. Whilst you can get around I think the options are broader. Definitely be near the services you think you might need in the future. And make sure that when you downsize you can still move somewhere else if need be (like we have some very cheap country towns but if you move there, well, you can’t just sell up and move back to the bigger towns). We know that at some point in the future we will have to move but, hopefully, that’s 20+ years done the track. Good luck with the decision making!
  9. Having officially reached the status of Old Office Furniture (AKA Dead Wood) at work I needed something to cheer me up. Monty Python’s ‘Always look on the Bright Side of life’. It’s helping
  10. Not involved in shows other than enjoying them - just make everyone pay an entrance fee. If you’re selling, then you pay for a table. I’m surprised that show organisers allow ‘clubs’ to sell from their displays - one would imagine that their insurers probably wouldn’t like that. I’ve only been to shows where if you sell, you buy a table (or there is a swap meet to sell - and no trader would sell there as no one in there would ever pay retail price!). Seems to be fair all round??
  11. Pricing strategy is all relative - Eduard Spitfires (profipack) on Eduard Website are $24.95 USD (obviously n/a as they are still recovering from their big fire). Arma P-51 on Arma’s website are $29.21. Not a lot of difference. So they are really very similar prices (from the manufacturer). And Eduard kits are rather ‘fiddly’ as well (hate the Spitfire undercarriage bay - nearly as many parts there as in some old kits). Not sure why some think Eduard is any better value than Arma when the retail prices at the manufacturers website are so similar. And the Eduard Hurricane (ie the reboxed Arma Hurricane) is $29.95 USD on Eduard website. is the Arma P-51 worth it? You bet. Nicest P-51B/C out there. And not a lot of choice in any scale. Certainly no competition from Eduard or SH (at this stage).
  12. There was a Polish pilot who flew P-40’s in the Pacific - so my vote goes to P-40?? Who knows - but we got to find out soon!!
  13. I have a old Landcruiser. Was going to fill it up a few weeks ago. $300 AUD later it’s now full. 40cents per litre more. Thankfully, it only does 40km max a week. Otherwise it would hurt. But when I was filling it, it felt risky - gambling if the price will keep going up or drop
  14. Haven’t all their kits so far have a Polish connection. Is there a Japanese aircraft with that connection? If it has no Polish connection, then it’s a big change in their product selection.
  15. I’ll wait for the Clear Prop Models one. Hopefully the world will sort itself out soon and they can get back to their lives. I can wait as long as need be.
  16. RAAF have the ADF fairing on top of the fuselage (no idea what that is) and I’m pretty sure that is shown on the CAD renders. Not sure about any other differences.
  17. Cammer625

    A new email scam

    Yeah I get more of these texts than real ones - but only only my work phone (sometimes 6 or more a day) but never on my personal phone.
  18. From their Feb newsletter ‘We replenished nearly 55 % of the destroyed stock of plastic sprues that on December 19, 2021 (maybe that should have been 2020?) numbered nearly one million, currently giving us 550,000. With these, we have been able to partially replenish our range of kits, which today amounts to about eighty active items and accounts for new kits as well as reissues. Prior to the fire, we had almost 180.’ thats a lot of plastic lost - and I reckon they are doing a good job of getting back on track. It’s not like I don’t have enough 1/72 Spitfire VIII to keep me going until they come back into stock
  19. God, I hope this is fair dinkum
  20. You can afford what you can afford. Growing up I wanted a GT XW HO. Got offered one for $12000 - one owner, low miles, plastic on the seats and no seat belts (factory delete), had the cash and also a fiancé and a house to buy. Back then my wife wasn’t included in any money stuff(banks figured she would get pregnant at some time and wouldn’t be able to work, etc). Fast forward 34 years and I still can’t get it (now because it’s worth $500000+?). Comments about price (seriously, Airfix is so hard to justify buying when the quality you get from Eduard/Arma etc for less) is one thing - hey a $1300 1/32 Lanc is tempting, sorta - but I’m not gunna complain about the price. It is what it is. Either you can buy it or not. I got the HK one for less than a fifth on that one. I’ll be happy with that. Everyone’s interest is different - I’ll pay for anything with RAAF in its DNA. Within reason (see above lol). My kids used their pocket money to buy IPhones, go to concerts etc - easily could have bought that Lanc. But that’s not their interest. when I retire, well, the stash will come in handy . But I’m in for the long haul and will probably be working til I’m 70. So I can keep adding to the stash!!
  21. Maybe it’s the fuselage length without the horizontal stabiliser included?
  22. 24 quid - wow (translates to $47 AUD). Just as well I bought a few MPM RAAF ones for $25 AUD - I hate comments about about price (it is what it is) but this is a single seat, smallish jet. Ok it’s big brother is now 47 quid. I hadn’t looked at Airfix for a while and sadly this might continue. When they release a RAAF one I will still get one, but I’m a bit flabbergasted at the price. Hoping that they end up similar in price as the Mosquito (mid 30’s) when they finally make their way to Down Under. BUT, looks good so far!! Loving all the new kits in 1/72 across the board!!
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