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  1. 24 quid - wow (translates to $47 AUD). Just as well I bought a few MPM RAAF ones for $25 AUD - I hate comments about about price (it is what it is) but this is a single seat, smallish jet. Ok it’s big brother is now 47 quid. I hadn’t looked at Airfix for a while and sadly this might continue. When they release a RAAF one I will still get one, but I’m a bit flabbergasted at the price. Hoping that they end up similar in price as the Mosquito (mid 30’s) when they finally make their way to Down Under. BUT, looks good so far!! Loving all the new kits in 1/72 across the board!!
  2. It doesn’t actually say it will be from a major conflict - they defined what a major conflict was. It might be from a minor conflict and never fought in a major conflict
  3. Yep this appears to be a widespread problem for the last couple of years. Too many must have kits which are ticking off my wish list. My sheds are starting to become difficult to enter. And forget trying to find a particular kit!!! Too many boxes I think it’s an awesome problem to have
  4. I wonder how many people even know about and then care about smooth wings. I imagine most modellers (including me as I keep forgetting this little bit of info as the Mustang holds little interest to me) fit this category. For me, far easier to have panel lines for CAC (as appropriate) Mustangs (the only ones I’m likely to build) than scribing them. Looking forward to this kit.
  5. The real prize is, hopefully, a really good rendition of this aircraft. Lots of blue and white roundels here too. The current crop of new releases are certainly accelerating my stash growth. And my RAAF wish list is being reduced as well. Very happy chappy!
  6. As some companies expand their horizons (aircraft!!) it makes sense to do a 190, 109, Spit, P-51, Hurricane….. certainly worked for Arma Hobby. Zero interest but I probably will get one based on some experience with their 1/72 soft skins. Will be interesting to see how it looks.
  7. I suppose that’s why most of us don’t manufacture/wholesale/retail plastic model kits - we would sell them too cheap to make money I love these long explanations for something that the vast majority have no idea about. It’s business, supply and demand etc etc. As I’ve said on other posts, what you are prepared to pay is up to you. You might only use ‘disposable’ income, maybe you have to dig into ‘essential’ income but you ain’t gunna get modern, well engineered and well detailed kits for 99c at the supermarket. Them days are long gone. And those modern, well engineered and well detailed kits back then pale into comparison with what we are being offered now. I’m looking at you Frog/Novo/Revell/whatever other boxing Gladiator with the moulded in pilot. Where I live everything increases in price every year (with a couple of exceptions but that is/was from heavily protected/subsided industries). And in ciggie dollars or tyre dollars (my sense of affordability) there are some pretty awesome kits out/coming. It is what it is!
  8. Hahaha - just checked and still cheaper than reshoeing my old 80 series Landcruiser. So in the tyre economy, it’s about 3 tyres worth. Luckily my tyres do a good 100,000+ km. Done 60,000 so far and not half worn yet. However, I do understand the comments about affordability and where to put this thing. Dining table? Bar? Specially built coffee table (that would be so cool). With the help of some creative accounting, I think I might be able to wrangle 2. Maybe, need to see the final price. Let’s be honest, a kit like this will take an average (me - sorta down near the mediocre end) at least 12 months of hard yakker to get built. I spend a lot more than that on models during the year. So now I just buy nothing until this is acquired, built and displayed. Giving up buying kits is harder than it was giving up the smokes!
  9. Everything I buy I justify in ciggie dollars. As an ex smoker, 4 * 50 packs a week (and some tobacco) a week, currently about $70 a pack (Australia has Somewhat a high tax on ciggies), means one of these magnificent kits is only 11.42 packs or just under 3 weeks worth of said ciggies. Bargain for what you are getting. Compared to 11.42 packs of ciggies. Just need to remind my wife of how much I’ve saved over the last 10 years
  10. My J & E were destroyed by customs for being an illegal import (being tobacco). Still in a tad bit of shock from this. Currently butting my head against a seemingly indestructible bureaucratic masonry wall.
  11. Yeah that’s a bit interesting - I found an article which also shows that some the other 3 Sqn hurricanes (and other aircraft) are OS not QS. Probably. Possibly - each photo I could find it’s hard to be convinced either way. Hard to believe they used both? At the same time? And it doesn’t help the the Q letter looks so similar to the O - as in just a small mark under the body of the letter not through it. Wonder which is right? Help, please. cheers
  12. Thanks mate. Did some research (aka googling) and found some more info on this and some others from 3 Sqn RAAF.
  13. Would the last one be a Aussie pilot? I’m sure I can see a boomerang.
  14. One other thing to add - as I live in the country of the lucky country and have a large house and large sheds I can find somewhere to put these behemoths. I do appreciate how difficult it could be in a flat or small house. And we don’t all think you’re all whinging poms I seriously can’t wait for this. Starting to save again bring on December!!
  15. That’s why we aint - these were way cheaper for me than the Hasegawa - no brainer in choosing FM. Looks absolutely gorgeous plastic.
  16. They never did much for until I saw one ‘live’ at an air show I was hooked. At Temora one year they had a Spitfire, Mustang and P-40 on a flypast. The Spitfire was so elegant, graceful and sounded so much better than the other 2. The others were purposeful, but had no beauty. Spitfires rule. And who doesn’t love the sound of a Merlin doing a cold start! Can’t wait for this kit.
  17. I mainly build 1/72. Lots of variation (within RAF/RAAF), obscure aircraft and ground craft. Except for F-14’s, p-40’s, Lancasters and, yep Spitfires. I have the old Revell one - had it since I was a kid. It is ‘toylike’ - the Tamiya Spitfires are superior is all respects. I can’t wait to get this one. I’m the target group for these kits - another Spitfire that will (well should be) better than the Revell one. Can’t wait
  18. That second FB link looks like, maybe, possibly, someone assembling a kitset and doing instructions?? And looks good too!
  19. The Spitfire VC is $29.99 at my LHS - next to a Eduard VIII profipack at $27.99 (Aussie dollars - and if my LHS has what I want I buy there as you have to support local businesses in a country town). They aren’t ‘value’ kits anymore. I still buy them (hey a VC is a VC and there isn’t a lot of choice in 1/72), but only one now and I’ll wait for Eduard to downsize their 1/48 and buy lots. A bit different from ten years ago when a MK1/11a cost $10!!! And I got lots of them.
  20. I get this discussion about price is subjective - but Hasegawa isn’t that expensive everywhere - F-111G was $35 aud last year? - to get a Buccaneer from Airfix would cost $50 aud - buying from Japan, Hasegawa (and Tamiya) is well priced. Price is very subjective and everyone has their own pain point, but when it comes to 1/72 F-111’s there really isn’t much choice. And $35 here gets me a KP Piper P-25 - compare that kit to a Has F-111!!!!!
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