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  1. I'm in Colchester now, moved up there when my first son came along and we couldn't aford the upgrade from a 2 bed flat in Heathcote Grove to a house locally. My Mum's in Cherrydown Ave still as she never escaped, and my sis was in Whitehall Road until a year or so back. Still go down, but tend to meet at the Biker's Tea Hut at High Beech now as we've all got dogs to walk! Always loved being close to Epping Forest, not so proud now of the fact that some of my 17 or 18 year old self's Mk1 Ford Capri's wheelspin tyre tracks appeared in Full Metal Jacket as the scene where they were on a Platoon Run was filmed on the road that connected the Tea Hut to Epping New Road next to the junction with Rangers Road. Different times indeed!
  2. Know it well. My Nan lived in Hall Lane (my Mum still lives in Cherrydown Ave too) so when I went round hers whilst exploring the alleys round the back of the factories I'd always pick up loads of reject Matchbox cars thrown over the fence from the satellite Lesney factory there. Chase Lane Park, remember that well too. Used to play football there and loved the Youth Clubhouse. Was there a train ride there, not to the scale of the Ridgeway Park Model Railway, or am I starting false memories here. My Dad after splitting from my Mum moved up to West Scotland too, although not as high up as you must be. He's in Langbank on the south bank of the Clyde. Think he wanted to get me into St Mary's but my Mum's CofE so Larkswood it was (well before Harry Kane and David Beckham went there!!)! I had a couple of good Spurs Fan mates that went to St Mary's but they were a year or two younger than me so would be nippers in comparison!!! Did you stay around the Chingford area much longer? My haunts (obviously after turning 18 - yeah right!) were the Kings Head, The Bull & Crown plus The County Arms after school as I was at Sidney Burnell by then! My Teenage lads don't believe a word of any of my stories from those times, how things hav echanged eh!?
  3. I was 12 in 1978, living in New Road E4, virtually opposite Greaves and Penn Sports shop (owned the great Jimmy Greaves), near to Bishops Supermarket and its infamous Bishops Ramp up to the rooftop Car Park, where intrepid skateboarders, the latest craze of the time, would forever be breaking limbs (never had a skateboard so I had to make the trip in a shopping trolley until I got tipped headfirst into a pile of doggie-do on the grass verge of Brook Crescent opposite)! Obviously with this being my stomping grounds, Arts & Crafts was my weekly go to and I was devastated when this little oasis of calm closed down; it was like a part of my childood had died with it! My guess is either the B-29 or C-130 as I remember coveting them there, never having a fiver to spare! What schools did you go to Pat?
  4. Here they are a bit larger than life!!
  5. Thanks again Dennis @sloegin57, as it's a lovely slow afternoon in the shop I've had a chance to have a little play with Dennis' photos and CorelDraw with a view to making some homebrew decals for these zaps. Hopefully we've cracked it now, short of firming up on the colours, unless anyone knows of any extra Zaps I don't know about!! Hopefully the pictures will enlarge OK on the screen.
  6. As Iain (@iainpeden) says, what a spoilsport and what am I going to do with that USAF 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron patch I've bought now Dennis? - OK, well I could start a USAF stash to match my RAF one, only I'd need a new wife, new bigger house and to live to 972 years old to finish them all in that case!! Dennis, didn't realise you were even responsible for these shots (well I hadn't tied you to being sloegin57 to be more accurate). I had spent a few hours earlier this week trying to find you on Google as a longshot to ask if you had any higher resolution versions of the pictures used in the book that started this quest for me, and there you were right under my nose all the time!! Were you part of Crab Air when you took these? I know it sound so crass and cliche but the knowledge and generosity (materially, interlectually and with their valuable time) of our membership truly amazes me, if only the rest of the world could work to our model (pun intended btw!), what a world we could live in. We truly are a Band of Brothers and Sisters!! Thank you so much Dennis, and I can't wait for the next installment, it's like being at Saturday morning pictures and the Flash Gordon cliffhangers!!!
  7. I'm just amazed she didn't attempt to "High Six" you!!!
  8. Thank you for your input fellas, a google search for "RAF aircrew red diamond patch" led me to this eBay item which was soon snaffled into the basket!!! Do you think this is it? Pretty long shot if it isn't I'd say! Now what's the story behind a USAF 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (based in Iceland) Zap on a 92 Sqn airframe at the Silver Jubilee review? Right I'm off to bury myself even further down that rabbit hole!! Thanks again, and if any of you know anymore for anymore please keep chipping in! Stay well all, Chris
  9. Hello all, just want to tap into the BM Hive-mind to shed some light on some of those tiny tiny details that delight modellers everywhere. Now I have rescued one of the longest-serving members of my ever-expanding Shelf of Doom Club, a Revell re-pop of the Hasegawa 1/48 Phantom FGR.2. Now this kit went to the SOD at least 15 years ago dressed in my then stock finish of Humbrol Enamels, in the later Air Superiority grey finish. It wasn't a bad build for my skills of the time, but I had knocked off and lost one of the flaperons and thus she never got finished. Roll away those years and whilst building my RAF Sabre F4 a couple of years back I had been reading about stripping paint from old models and decided to give this a dose of the old-style Oven Pride and to finally finish the kit off in the DG/DSG 70's style camo whilst I had those colours out for the Sabre. Now having built it with the Marconi RWR Fin Cap in place I was limited with marking options, especially not wishing to do the kit scheme. However I found an option on the Xtradecals X48199 sheet for XV413 of 92 Sqn. Now I was happy to take their word for accuracy as I could find no photos at all of the airframe in 92 Sqn service online, and TBH I just wanted this one over the line; the re-build is now so so close to an RFI (stick on the missiles, a Flory Wash and a Satin Coat and we're there), so what could possibly go wrong? This morning I received a copy of Richard L Ward's Phantom Squadrons of the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm, that I'd bought on eBay that's what!! I thought I'd just flick through and have a look at the 92 Sqn pages and blow me sideways there's only a photo of XV413 in the right timeframe. Timing or what? Now this photo (copy below scanned from the book including the photo's credits) shows a couple of Zaps applied, one of an aircraft on the tail and another of risque footprints on the lower rear fuselage. Now these do not appear on the Xtradecals sheet, (and also the Z for Zulu appears much thicker than as printed on the sheet). I can also see some wording on the intake splitter that I guess is Sticker No. 18 from the Xtradecals sheet that I can find no menton of in the destructions, (saying that it looks very much like it has been typoed as 14 on the instruction sheet so mystery over - with the brain-fog I've got at the moment I looked and looked and looked at the destructions but never made that link until typing this here! Doh!)!. Anyways do any of the BM Brethren have any further information on, or photos of these Zaps for XV413? Thanks in advance as usual, and do stay safe out there. Chris
  10. I got this unsolicitated email earlier; they were trying to tell me that they could teach me to read maps backwards. Now that's probably Spam I thought!
  11. Thanks fellas. Ran the gamut of another stack of emotions since the last update, however whilst the Camera still managed to click away like a good one as I buried my head and hid from the world in my modelling man-cave, my time (and more truthfully my inclination!) at the keyboard was quite limited by all that Real LifeTM stuff going on. I'm afraid today's update is going to be a very brief glitch in the Matrix, as I'm going to show where we've got up to in the last 3 weeks or so and then later in the week I will update the steps taken to get here (and then most probably get this transfered over to WIP to carry on with the builds there). Now the Airfix Red Zebra; although this is the most advanced in it's build schedule, it is by far the least advanced in terms of quality and buildability! It is 99.9% there now, just the Ejection Seats (and then the canopy can be posed open) and the nose gear doors (I painted the red stripe on the wrong edge of the door - doh!) to go on and it can be put on my shelf never to be viewed from closer than 4 foot away! It is a very striking and likeable scheme, just please don't use your zoom-in functions else I'll cry!! I have deliberately kept the weathering to an absolute minimum as I have many many photos of ZE907 from this timeframe, but in everyone she is wearing her Sunday best dress, with very little or no panel line detail or colour variations visible, which I have tried my best to copy. I know some of us on the site tell us to build what we see, this is an example where the real airframe looks toylike and quite dull and boring, so i guess I can live with my version being so too! Now the Italeri kit (main weakness is the inherent weakness of the wing hinges so will need to concoct a way to lose any unwanted anhedral before too long) is going to be ZE791 in its final paint scheme and is pretty close to being there or thereabouts at the moment. I love the patchwork quilt of newer and older scheme panels on this kit that I've tried to replicate. I might have one more go at ZE791 in the scheme prior to this to see if I can improve on it further from the experience gained on this build. But hey there are 400 red or blue boxes in front of it in the stash queue and I could do with a break from F3's soon!! The Revel kit is going to be a 2004 Op Telic scheme and is by far the most detailed of the kits, with added fuctions such as drooped wingslats and flaps to wet your whistle. Therefore this is languishing in a poor third place, but a few days concerted effort will get it zooming up the field again. Anyways once the illusion that is real life allows, I will update on how we got from mid-February to where we are now, and the time-space continuum will be fine and dandy once more!! So until next time, stay safe out there and speak soon. Chris
  12. Phew, thank you Enzo for the extension. Even then I couldn't quite get to 100% done (Nose Gear doors and seats still need to go on but hey, we're all friends round here! The canopy will be posed open once the seats are in) So as Meatloaf's first draft of his hit song that didn't quite have the right ring to it, "One Out of Three Ain't Bad", I present for your delectation and general merriment, the Red Zebra made from the 1/48 Airfix Tornado F3 box of Tornadoey looking plastic bits. It's not my best work by far; in the WIP I had two other Tornados on the go from Italeri and Revell, and hopefully although they won't pass the finish line tonight should be far more respectable models! Now Red Zebra as it was a display aircraft, always looked close to spotless in every picture I could find of it, so weathering was deliberately kept to a minimum.
  13. 'Bout the same as me then (and how long it seems to have taken to do the Ipswich Rd roundabout roadworks too for other locals!) Having been a long-term STAB I never got to serve up here though as was based in East London. You still in or an escapee? There's a few BM'ers in the Colly area though. Looking forward to seeing some of your builds soon.
  14. Well I'm an escaped Cockney, married to a Tykess living in Colly too. There's a lot of it about!!! Welcome to BM Andy.
  15. Thanks Col, how's the F.2T going? Is there a thread for that or was it so long ago it's on floppy disks or punch cards somewhere?? Anyways I saw my friend Ken off in as good a style as lockdown would allow earlier in the week. Ken was on his third marriage (one of his daughters from the second marriage works for me so I was mainly supporting her and her twin sister on the day as they had very few other relatives there that they knew), so there were a few power-plays in evidence at the funeral. Despite being part of 2 Para during the Falklands campaign the eulogy only mentioned his prior service with the old 3 Royal Anglians, which infuriated his brother (along with all the other factual errors in it which could have been avoided if he'd been consulted). Why do folks cut out the other relatives at times like this? Nice to see a Pompadours flag though which was touchingly spread on Ken's coffin. So as it was a another week I would prefer to not go through again, the man-cave got a fair bit of use and abuse. Mrs FC is still looking after her Mum up in Sheffield so no foul, no harm at the moment. Not sure I'll get so much "me-time" when she finally returns to Fort FatCawthorne though! So what did we do? Thankfully I took some photos otherwise my brain would be so scrambled I could only tell you that the Airfix Goblins must've visited in the night!! The ARC's on each wing were given a more subdued "greying", giving us................. With every photo of every machine seeming to show a different combination of greys I concentrated on just getting the closest matches using my very own Mk.1 Eyeball technique. The next steps were to prepare the fuselages to accept the wings, this involved fitting @Shaun's resin wing sweep covers that I bought from him donkeys years back and set aside for just this moment! The Airfix and the Italeri kits weren't really designed to use these as they're to fit the Revell kit, but hey we're on a mission, we have razor saws and scalpels, so let's do it!!!! You can probably see the feint line in the primer under the covers on the bottom image of the Italeri version, where the measure twice and cut once mantra didn't quite go to plan and the resultant gap got filled with plasticard. Never said I was clever did I???? OK, have started prepping some of the smaller parts too; the wheels were homebrewed resin copies of the Xtrakit parts for the Airfix and Italeri ones (the kit parts are a bit pants IMO) and the kit parts for the Revell one. They got a spray of Halfords finest Grey Primer.............. I will also be using homebrew copies of the Aries undercarriage doors for the Airfix and Italeri versions for the reasons mentioned earlier for the wheels! Anyways it was time to start aiming to get the fuselages buttoned up, the Revell one still following Nathan's tutorial and the other two, well just winging it really!!!! In the last image you can see a repair to the inner wall of the port intake that I knocked off in handling, and promptly ran over with my chair castors - doh!!!! The Revell wings have been masked to save grief and too much re-painting later in the build. A different tactic will get used for the other two as the wing gloves are moulded integral to the fuselage halves. The other two versions had the wing gloves painted before joining the fuselage halves, which hopefully should make masking for the rest of the airframe easier when we get to that stage. The fuselages were then TET'd to within an inch of their lives and joined together and PPP'd.................. The Revell kit got its schnozz added too and faired in using sanding blocks and finally using more PPP. It wasn't a great fit this part, I even doubted I hadn't accidently switched the nose cone with the Italeri one as it was that far off in places. I found the wing pivots to be a bit lacking on the Italeri and Airfix kit and the port Italeri one sheared off, leading to a repair with brass rod and PPP, (the white dot on the underside of the glove!!!). The Italeri has had a fair bit of PPP aPPPlied (see what I did there, Royalties are due if you use it please Mr PPP!) and sanded down to smooth the fuselage joints, but the winner for the 2021 PPP Queen of the Air goes to the Airfix kit unsurprisingly................. Once this has dried off good and proper it will get attention from one of the manicurists sanding blocks to knock it all back and blend it all in. Hopefully we'll lose the vast majority of it! Now that's a proper cliffhanger to be ending on eh? Eat your heart out Eastenders, duff duff, duff, duff duff!! Well that's all for this update folks....... So until the next time, keep safe out there and see y'all soon! Chris
  16. Thanks Col, Having had a few more hours in the man-cave this weekend we've made a couple more baby-steps towards this project. All the wings got another (and hopefully final!!) coat of Mr Hobby Aqueous LAG, together with the Revell and Airfix tailplane undersides (the Italeri ones are MSG). Now the best topside photo of I could find of one of my intended victims, ZE791 (which will be resplendant in her final retirement scheme with a big 25 and roundal on the fin), is copyrighted, but can be viewed on this link here. Now my Mk1 eyeball sees the wing sweep area's ARC (Abrasion Resistant Coating) for this bird to be a lighter grey than I expected. To me it's very similar in shade to the Camouflage/Barley Grey, rather than the much darker Tamiya German Grey that I originally painted these areas in. In fact I would expect to see this colour ARC on the F3's later repainted in MSG not on BG/LAG wings, but looking at the mix-match patchwork of panels in the photo linked to, well anything is possible!!! I will therefore overpaint with the IMHO slightly off-shade of the early batch of Mr Hobby H334 which is close but no cigar to what I think proper Barley Grey should look like. I did a few swatches of the colours I had to hand for this project and the top H334 is the old batch and the one below is the new. I think there is enough difference to make this contrast worthwhile. Therefore we did some masking ..... and we did some painting.................. Now dang it, hang on there; the Revell kit is supposed to be the Op Telic jet ZE962 isn't it, as I want the extra pylons to hang PHIMAT and BOZ pods from, so I've only gone and painted the wrong wings - doh!!!! Not the worst drama in the world I know, and ZE962's ARC is not quite as dark as Tamiya German Grey (see another copyrighted link here) so a repaint was probably in order anyways. Tamiya's XF-83 from above looks favourite at the moment. I eventually discovered that there were at least two distinctly different ARCs applied to F3's, a darker early shade and a lighter later one. We live and learn. Perhaps I shouldn't have narrowed down all my earliest gathered photographic references to ZE907 Red Zebra as the clearest photo I'd found of its ARC showed it to be quite dark, leading me to assume all would be the same. I should know by now that it's never that easy - Numpty Boy!!! https://aerospotuk.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/21.jpg?w=840&h=516 If only I'd read this thread first!! Anyways, not a showstopper but I've packed up for now and am going to watch The Chase instead!!! Anyways, ZE791's Italeri wings will get the same treatment as given to the Revell wings on my next soiree into the Man-Cave. For those who find these sort of things interesting (like all of us!!!), one more link for you to peruse. Here's a 1:1 WIP of ZE791 getting her final special scheme painted up. Well that's enough waffle for one evening, Bradley is waiting for me (I'm a proper The Chase fan in that I put my telly at the top of the stairs to watch it!!!!) and I need a cup of tea before I switch it on!! So until next time, stay safe and well out there; "mind t' trams"!! Chris
  17. Thanks for following along fellas and for the encouragement and support. Times are still not quite rosy yet, so the solace of the man-cave is a great support and comfort. Anyways, still trying to advance steadily on all three fronts, with the Revell version getting the next attention. Unlike Nathan's video build I was unable to leave the inside of the intake trunks unpainted and un-filled so they were given a PPPing and a Light Gull Grey coat. The homebrewed resin wheel wells necessitated a bit of surgery to the fuselage bottom and the intake trunking to fit perfectly, but they have not been glued, just using the pressure from glueing the trunking to the fuselage is sufficient. The nose piece was filled with tiny fishing weight spheres, a la Liquid Gravity, set within cheap superglue together with a tiny plasticard disc at the very tip and a 19mm or so disc at the open end to keep it all in the right place and stopping it rattling!! A similar job was done to the Italeri nose, and some self-adhesive tyre-balancing weights were added to the Airfix lower fusleage in some off-camera shenanigans. Again with the aim of having as step-free a spine/intake/nose join as possible the cockpit section was added to the Revell upper fuselage. Hopefully this will allow us to keep the lovely surface detail of these parts unsullied by the sanding sticks! The cannon insert was TET'd into place but there is a huge gap at the rear of that panel that will get a Plasticard shimming at some point. Not sure if this is a kit shortcoming or something of my making. Once the intake trunking was set firm, the fuselage sides were attached; as a sidenote lots of preparation and cleaning up with the sanding stick is necessary here to get a stepless join at this point. In fact I overswiped the part just behing the port wheel well but this will be remedied with PPP. The Italeri cockpit sub-assembly was given it's pointy bit, with good a good sanding, PPPing and a rescibing of lost details.......... And after a rubdown this is how we look under a test coat of Halfords Grey................. Time now to give some attention to the wings. The Revell wings were glued and joints cleaned up...... I took the oppotunity to add wingtip navigation lights to the Italeri and Airfix parts. I used clear sprue, which was cut to match the reciprocal cutouts made in the wings and was drilled to give the impression of a bulb (the hole drilled was filled with either Tamiya Clear Red or Green to emphasize the bulb).... Once the cement had sufficiently hardened the clear sprue was sanded using a 4-way nail buffer to shape and then polished to clarity. These were then masked and the wings were all primed. The navigation light covers are a sort of fish shape, which I hope will come through in the final reveal. The Revell flap parts were built up and primed too.... With the plan to paint the wings before attaching to the fuselage progressed, the wings were pre-shaded with Tamiya German Grey, which should make the end result less harsh than using my normal black (all photos of F3's I've seen don't show too much colour variation which the heavier pre-shading will give), and Mr Hobby Aqueous LAG was given as a first coat on the undersides. The Tamiya German Grey was also used to represent the areas where the wing goes into the fuselage or under the wing gloves. Again this shade differs on virtually every F3 I've seen (just like the nose radomes!!), so once all the masking is removed these areas may get toned down to represent the individual airframes represented. The uppers got their coats of Mr Hobby Barley Grey H335. Now has anyone else used batches of this that look the wrong shade? The first couple of coats really didn't have much of what I would describe as the blue cast to this shade, looking more like a slightly darker version of their LAG. It was only after a new bottle from a newer batch was bought that I started to see something I was happier with. Made a bit of a Horlicks with some spatter on one of the Italeri wings which has been rubbed back ready for another coat or two. and finally I wasn't happy with the gaps around the spoilers on the Revell wing uppers so I used some Vallejo putty to fill these and these too will get another coat to hide this. Having run out of LAG before 100% finishing the lower wings (they will get a final coat now I've received another pot), the tailplanes didn't get any of this colour yet. However one of the builds (the Italeri) is going to be ZE791 in its retirement scheme so the tops of the tailplanes for this one were given a coat of Mr Hobby MSG. The other kits' tailplane uppers were painted up in Barley Grey...... The Airfix ones had a couple of gaps open up in the re-scribing of the panel lines, again filled with Valljo Acrylic Putty, which will get another coat of the Bluer Barley grey. Two of my markings choices will have BOL rails and ASRAAMS and the only ones amongst the 3 kits are the Airfix offerings. To say they're basic is a major understatement. I tried to find resin replacements from a UK supplier but Mother Hubbard's cupboard was bare, so using the very few reference photos that I could find online I set about busying them up a little and have now taken silicone moulds to cast some replacement parts in resin. I wasn't aiming at perfection but just for an improvement over the Airfix efforts. TBH they're on the inners of the pylons so not much is going to be seen. OK the first casting didn't go too well as I suspect my resin was too cold, making the casting very brittle and it shattered on de-moulding, however the resin has gone in the airing cupboard to warm up and we'll have another go. Well sorry for the long update again, the builds are still progressing but the reporting is to say the least sporadic!!! So until the next installment, stay safe and well out there Modellerinos!! Chris
  18. Thanks Colin, got to love a clamp! Reminds me of that time down in the cellar of my old property with a bunch of nuns, the Colchester Garrison Regimental Goat and ................ (the rest of this story has been removed on legal advice - Ed!). Cheers Col. Well I've been away from the keyboard for a couple of weeks or so, as life's unpleasantness really got in the way again. Mrs FC is still up in Sheffield looking after her Mum, but sadly since the last update I've lost a couple of friends to the virus. Although they weren't "closest circle" friends it has still shook me up a bit as it feels like the pandemic is creeping ever closer and closer to home, and has had me hiding away in my Man Cave trying to block out the real world. The sad part for one of my friends is that he was a 2 Para Falklands vet, and having come through that unpleasantness unscathed he then got blown up over the water which damaged his lungs. Still can't get to grips with it all!!! So we've had some fairly dis-organised progress during this period. Some skillful editing later and we still have this rambling all over the place like mad-woman's excrement episode............ I intend to complete the Revell kit as a 2003 Op TELIC Tornado, so have researched the payloads for these. Here's a couple of good threads for your entertainment that helped this process!! The consensus for 2003 is therefore 4x Skyflash, 4x ASRAAM (innermost 2 on BOLs), the smaller fuel tanks (might save the Revell Hindenbergers for the Italeri kit but we'll decide that later) on the inner pylons and on the outer pylons a PHIMAT and BOZ. I've therefore pinched the Airfix kit's ASRAAMs and PHIMAT parts as I plan to make the Airfix kit into Red Zebra in a clean configuration. I will also be using @Shaun's outer pylons (as well as using his wing-sweep seals). I may consider some aftermarket ASRAAMs if I can't make a silk purse out of the Airfix pig's ears. The smaller tanks and the inner pylons were given some clamp action too. You'll see I've also glued the tailerons, the intake trunking and parts of the fin too. And here are those parts in their naked glory after a rub down with a damp copy of the Sporting Life.................... The fin got in on the game too............. Thoughts turned back to the cockpit/front end of the trio. This is the Revell cockpit pretty much from the box with the kit decals and a coat of W&N Matt Varnish. Good enough I say! One of the Neomega home brews was added to the Airfix upper fuselage half. It only needed the tiniest amount of surgery to fit ................ The Revell kit's front end got buttoned up next............ I have been following a Revell Tornado video tutorial by Nathan Robinson on the Flory Models site which moves well away from the Revell destructions in order to achieve a step free build around the spine/intakes/front cockpit joins and therefore I have glued the cockpit to the fuselage sides, but without glueing the lower joins in order to give the model some flex for later in the build. Check out the videos as Nathan will explain stuff far better than I'll manage!! Moved onto the Italeri front end and the Neomega cockpit was CA glued into the left fuselage half. Then the fuselage halves were joined................. And here are the Revell and Italeri together........... Now the Aires Wheel Well set for the Revell kit has arrived and has had some homebrew silicone moulds cpoied from them and a set has been cast up for each kit. Although it hasn't captured 100% of the originals details, they are a good 9/10 in my book, so will be far superior to the kit offerings (especially the Italeri and Airfix parts). Here they are with a coat of Halfords primer having had a good thinning to ready them for the Revell kit. The nose bay is CA'd to the Revell fuselage underside.............. And here's the unprimed main wells superglued into the lower Italeri fuselage............... The Airfix kit needed the moulded-in wells removed with the Dremel................. The nosewheel well got some surgery to fit................. ..... and here they are fitted.............. The Revell bays were given a coat of US Light Gull Grey (the lightest grey that I have) and then a Future Wash.............. Seen here together with the engines compressor blades. The 3 fins have all been filled, sanded, rescribed etc (you'll see that I've added the Xtrapart front part to the Italeri fin), and the Airfix one has had a Halfords white primering ready for some gloss white to begin its Zebrafication. I have added the rear fillet to the Revell fin earlier than shown in Nathan's video. I hope this doesn't come back to bite my bum!! I have joined the Revell spine to the fuslelage upper, giving the mating surfaces lots of attention to ensure a step-free joint............... The intakes inner parts have been attached again making a step free join. This will get joined next to the front end. Before I do that, there is a bit of a sink mark fest at the rear of the Cockpit section that has had some attention from the PPP tube! Well there we are, we're up to date now. Thanks for sticking with it up to here. If anyone has any tips to improve my photography (am using a Nikon D40 DSLR, usually on the P Programme to get a manual Flash setting) as I am struggling with focus and depth of field and I would love to improve!!! So until the next update stay safe out there my modelling muckers!!! Chris
  19. Thanks again Col and not wrong. Managed to get back on the road by MOTing son #1's passion wagon that he's lost interest in since stopping his driving lessons. Here's hoping that the Italeri effort may be a bit easier on the modelling mojo!!! The blind alliegance to Airfix borne out of being brought up on them since "I were knee high t'grasshopper", has a lot to answer for!! I have 4 other Airfix Tornados in the stash, so the madness may well continue!!! I'm kicking myself I didn't get in in time too, Colin. I had it on my radar but other builds overrun due to life just plain getting in the way. I'm hoping to finish all 3 together and cross the line arm in arm like a Brownlee Brother. The opinions on each should be fresh for a fair comparison that way. https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/nintchdbpict000267902061.jpg OK no wheel wells have arrived as yet so I've been cracking on with the cockpits. I'm using the homebrew Neomega cockpits for the Airfix and Italeri versions. Primered and out of focus .................... And then painted........................... A bit of CA'ing, drybrushing with a lighter grey and Flat Aluminium and a Future Wash later...................... They will get a satin cote in due course. I decided the Revell F3 cockpit was going to be built out of the box, bar the seats. As I mentioned earlier in the thread I was planning to try and graft my scratchbuilt F3 backseater panel onto part A15 below, but having looked at the kit's transfers, the rear panel sticker (decal 100) bore no relation to the IDS/GR4 part A15 panel so it made me look further, suspecting something was amiss...... There is no mention in the destructions that you should in fact use part no. S214......................... As you can see this does look like like a F3 rear panel (here it is with the mudmovers panel)................... I'm sure plenty of modellers will miss this!! I've cemented together the Revell cockpit parts, primed in Halfords Grey and shot a base of Tamiya MSG and Future Washed rady for the kit transfers.............. As the area behind the Nav's head was a bit plain, I grafted a Neomega part on, which although not completely accurate from what I have seen on the rare F3 photos on the web that show this area, it is at least "busier"! All 3 got their cockpit sidewalls masked, primed and MSG'd too, here are the Italeri and Revell versions............ I had also cemented the Airfix wings and the fin ready for later on in the build. Here they are free of their shackles together with the tailerons which are now masked and Sprue Glooped ready for a good rub down and re-scribe together with the wing tips. I thought it a good idea to dry fit the fin into the upper half of the fuselage................. Those aren't shadows, they are monster gaps!!! Some sprue spreaders later and we have a tighter fit................ Close enough for Government work and should be far easier to blend into the fuselage spine now. I also dug out my F3 stickers from the Decal Dungeon.... Am already erring towards Red Zebra for the Airfix build and will have a good look through and have a good think for the other two. Now it looks like I might have to build a few more in my future as I've got too many schemes on my wish list; still it'd keep the stash in check eh?!! And that's where we are now, so until next time stay safe and catch up soon (most probably pretty soon as I'm guessing Boris will be advising us tonight that we can all have some more time off for modelling purposes!!). Chris
  20. I've spent far too long looking for them that it stopped me building, the depravity of it, and I can't find what version the consoles were based on for the life of me. It's up there with Nessie and Bigfoot for mysteries as far as I'm concerned! Anyways with Mrs FC away and as it's my birthday I spent almost all day in the man cave. OK some of it was spent prepping my work van for its MOT tomorrow, and a bit spent removing and cleaning the intercooler on my everyday Transit bus (had a runaway diesel engine as the turbo failed and the engine went out of control consuming the oil coming out through the turbo seals, through the intercooler and then into the inlet manifold. It's a bit of a shock if you've never had a runaway engine happen before!!!!), but I did get some modelling done since the last update. Anyways, this is meant to be a triple compare and contrast build between the Airfix, Italeri and the far more recent Revell offering so where do we start? Alphabetically Airfix is first so that seemed as good a place as any. Quality-wise it is the dog of the group, so by starting it first I also shouldn't run out of enthusiasm before it gets finished as its ancient-tooling could result in a mega case of NFI if not kept under wraps. Now with having 3 unbuilt kits on the workbench it's a tad on the comfy side, so I've chosen not to do full sprue shots (I feel your disappointment, I really do BM'ers!). Son #2 who went through the secondary school system with School Refusal Anxiety, (a genuine condition that stopped a straight A*'s maths genius from fulfilling any of his academic potential, poor lad), has started a Furniture Making course at the local college and he's now a happy, challenged and fulfilled lad once more so I've bequeathed half of my mancave for him to use as a woodworking area to help him stay that way. Anyways space is a premium and all the sprues are piled up on my photographic area so as the bits hit the workbench I'll record them for posterity! The Airfix F3 is from the Frontline Fighters boxing, so is the re-pop with the correct length cockpit. Well I assume it is correct as it matches the Italeri kit's dimensions, so good enough for me. This was also the last kit I built in my pre-BM days, where research and accuracy were not my absolute priority and I will present a comparison or how far we've come since joining this happy family once I finish this version. What I do remember, together with what I've read on other members penances builds of this kit, is that the new engraved-detailed upper fuselage part really doesn't want to match the width of the raised panel lined lower half, meaning that the split horizontal join is difficult to say the least to make good. To this extent I have added lots of plastic card tabs to the upper fuselage, which were then contoured to fit the lower, to secure a decent alignment of the parts. Something else I remember was the fragility of the tailerons fitment to the fuselage and how I had to use brass rod to fix it on my previous build after knocking them off umpteen times; this time we'll go with that technique from the get go. As I am using the homebrewed Neomega GR1 cockpit, with my own cast from scratchbuilt F3 peculiarities, I chopped up the cockpit opening to accept it, removing both the nav's and the driver's coamings. Now the cockpit openings of the Airfix and the Italeri offerings of course dont match with the Airfix opening being considerably wider, and the resin was designed to fit the latter. I therefore attempted to replicate the riveted angle strip/lip on the cockpit seal which can be seen here. https://www.tornadosig.com/uploads/4/2/0/0/4200523/5701722_orig.jpg I TETed a strip of the thinnest Evergreen sheet I had to the sides of the cockpit, leaving it a gnat's preverbial's width proud of the seal, and then added another strip of much thicker sheet at the same height as the seal to close in the opening. I then added a plasticard blanking to the pilot's coaming area as without that the Neomaga part would just fall through the hole!!!! Even with the plastic card tabs there was still a bit of mix-match between the halves aroung the wing-sweep glove area so I added a sprue spreader bar to reinforce this flimsyish joint. Now we had matching fuselage halves, and after a ham-fisted attempt to rescribe the main panels lines on the lower fuselage, breaking my favourite scriber (again) in the process, I attempted to sand the rear of the halves as flush as possible whilst dry-fitted to make life easier once the halves are finally glued together. The broken scriber is the top one of the two, from Dream Models who don't answer emails regarding the purchase of spare scriber blades. If anyone knows how to get spares from this company then that shared knowledge would be well received! Thankfully my back up Squadron scriber is pretty good too, it just needs some more careful (and lighter!) handling than the Dream Models scriber to avoid ghost lines and slippages. When I built this last time I would have any opening-feature such as the air/speed brakes, fully displayed on my builds; however I now prefer things to be closed up as much as possible, so you are unlikely to find open gun or electrical bays on any of my builds (even though I have plenty for many different types in my resin stash!) in the forseeable. I was a tad fretful about the potential fit of the speed brakes, but I was worrying over nothing as they were an almost perfect fit straight off the bat. Once the TET has fully cured they'll get a quick sanding 100% flush. I then gave the eponymous "Fin" some attention. By now my scribing was improving so I was pleased with the re-scribing of each half. I am happy that having looked at plans online that the raised panel lines are more or less in the right places so I used them to guide my preliminary strokes. After the raised details were sanded off I then re-scribed the rescribings to give them a bit more depth, then brushed out any sanding dust in them and using capillary action wicked some TET into them to soften any jagged edges. The tailerons were quite a good dry-fit, but the way the join is designed meant that Sprue gloop needed to be slathered over the joint to be sanded flush and then re-scribed when fully fully dry. Anyways did you notice that earlier I mentioned that the Squadron scriber needed a bit more careful handling than I was used to, in order to get a decent result. Well the first thing I re-scribed with it was the wings, and no brown-stuff Sherlock you'll have noticed that I am yet to mention any work on the wings. This is purely out of embarassment for the Horlicks I made of my first scribing attempt. I also had temporarily mislaid my favourite, slightly flexible, 6 inch metal rule, so rather than turn the bench upside-down (which in hindsight was the way forward), I chose to use strips cut from a broken retractable tape measure. Unfortunately finger pressure wasn't sufficient to prevent slippages and I ended up with wonky and deep troughs and ghost panel lines that looked awful. I therefore primed the wing halves, and filled the trenches with PPP and then sanded everything back flush. I then used my new-found light-touch approach to scribing and very very gently and repeatedly re-added the panel lines. After a couple of coats of Halfords Grey Primer they look acceptable, not good just acceptable! Why did I re-scribe parts as visible as the wings first, when I hadn't attempted anything on this scale before? We live and learn!! Here's where we are with them now, as I said they're just about acceptable. OK, sufficient resin cockpit parts for two builds have been cleaned up and primed and this could be the next step. The fuselage walls between the side consoles and the canopy seal appear to be devoid of stuff or any details on the 1:1 Tonka so I will just prime and paint the bare fuselage sides too. I'm going to go with Tamiya XF-54 Dark Sea Grey as the main cockpit colour. Please poke me if you think I'm barking up the wrong tree with this Shade of Grey (but not the sort of poking that E.L. James's Shades of Grey would give me please, we've only just met!!), as I have seen much conflicting information regarding Tonka cockpit colours. I will also have a sort through the Decal Dungeon to find some scemes for my builds. I'm pretty sure I have an old Xtradecal sheet with the Red Zebra on it which would brighten up my display cabinet, however let's see what other schemes I have available before we go firm. Anyways, that's enough waffling, and it's well past midnight and therefore not technically my birthday anymore. With the missus away we'll do pressies and stuff when she gets back, but I did buy myself the Aires wheel well set as a cheeky gift to myself today. It is designed for the Revel kit but it's not going to hurt to see if I can mangle it sufficiently to fit this and the Italeri versions too. Once it arrives from Model Hobbies (ah you may see the flaw in my plan here!) I will take a mould of the parts and cast some replicas to let me practice getting a decent fit on. Until next time, stay safe and well out there and speak soon. Chris
  21. Thanks, but you deserve a medal for doing all 3; my excuse for attempting them is that at least I know I'm mad!!!! Funnilly enough the GR Tonkas might just be getting an outing then, assuming I ever finish these and the Lightning (and the two stalled Phantoms) on the S.O.D.!!! Thanks Col, (and thanks for the welcome earlier which I ignorantly ignored last time!), I sometimes think we should be more careful of what we wish for! To that extent "The Judges results are in!!" Here's the first pressings....................... White resin is a bit of a PIA (and I don't mean Pakistan International Airlines!) to photograph so here it is without flash........ If anyone has any DSLR tips for a photographic newbie then please chip in. I'm sure once I've got some Halfords Grey Primer on them then the details will (fingers crossed!) be far more visable. Now when I was searching through the resin stash, I also found these Heritage items. I knew I had them before I started this project but rejected them from the list as soon as I saw them again. Now before I call these out as the Starfix Spitfire of the aftermarket world, does anyone know what they were based on? It says F3 Rear consoles so must've been mastered after the F2 had been about so shouldn't be based on plain speculation but they bear no resemblence to any F3 consoles I've seen. Who can't resist a little dry fit when you get to this stage??? And here's a comparison with what comes in the Italeri box, which may be useful should any builds need to be F.3T airframes (OK am planning for the 4th build just in case, as have found another Italeri F3 in the stash, erm plus two more Airfix - I know I have a problem, I just don't need Mrs FC to remind me twenty times a day though!!!!) As I said earlier, the resin in its raw state is a royal pain to capture details on. Next job is to slather on some primer and see how we go from there and hopefully I'll be able to justify to the wider world the work put in just to get this far. Stay safe and well folks, 'til the next time. Chris
  22. Having stuffed myself with leftovers including leftover stuffing, ("Bits and Chips" is our family Boxing Day tradition), I am going to use the last of my energy for a tiny tiny update on what we've done over the Festive holiiday. It's not a lot TBH and we're still a way from the promissed pre-build sprue shots to get your excitement levels bubbling!!! Here's what Santa left under the tree..................... Now Mrs FC is up in Sheffield looking after Mrs C-in-Law, as Nora had come out of Hospital the day before Christmas Eve, so it had to be Santa!!! OK with no "Handbrake" around to say "You're not off to the garage on Christmas Day", the present was immediately put to use. The plan was to copy the Neomega Lightning T4 set to un-log-jam that build, and to make moulds to cast my subtly altered instrument panels for these F3 builds. These were demoulded this morning and TBH some of the Neomega details were so fine the actual parts I'd copied fell to pieces during the demoulding process. I had also not moulded the instrument panel in the first tranche (the film of resin in the holes for the pilots' legs had been pierced so I had to use Krystal Klear to repair this moulding-improving membrane which took too long to dry for my impatient 12 year old self!) and the canopy inners which needed beefing up, so with having to copy these too to finish the set I therefore thought I'd record the process for posterity. Now where else can the inner 12YO play with Play Doh and Lego and still retain that mature air of a true gentleman??? Our raw materials........... Poured into the mixing jar in a 10:1 ratio............... And thrashed to within an inch of it's life with the wooden spatula to make a far tastier and probably more nutricious Angel Delight substitute......... Whilst digging through the Resin stash I also found the Paragon Tornado afterburners set plus the Xtraparts Italeri fin correction and wheels set which all ended up disappearing under a sea of pink!! I also have re-moulded the Tornado's seats and instrument coaming as these were "could do better" items from the initial run. Now as I also had a nice fresh new set of resin, I couldn't resist filling the newly debonded moulds and these all went off to roast at 20+ degrees C overnight in my airing cupboard. (it sounds sexier if you use your inner Nigella monologue!!) What am I going to use when the trouble and strife comes home?!! Well that's it for tonight, going to switch off now and put the Big Fat Quiz of the Year on the box to watch with the kids, as my lads' favourite James Acaster is one of the contestants. So until next time (I will give you sprue and box shots I promise!), stay safe and well and remember it's only 364 sleeps 'til Christmas! Chris
  23. Reminds me of a blonde, dyslexic Essex Girl girlfriend I once had who came home distraught from the doctors one day. She was upset and crying as she told me that the doctor had said he thought she had tiny tits; took a while to explain, it’s tinnitus love, tinnitus!!!!
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