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  1. Lovely builds there, welcome to the forum
  2. My thoughts.. 1/72 Fairey Battle 1/48 Hawker Fury Possibly a Lysander in either 72 or 48, although, I could also see a 24th Lizzie.
  3. Hi all, Here's a rarer kit, with many thanks to @bootneck for selling it to me at a most agreeable price This was one of the harder builds I've done, as I am not very familiar with building full resin kits; the kit was also a bit of a challenge as it was solid resin, so lining everything up was quite a challenge. On top of that, some of the parts weren't fully formed and there were a fair few air bubbles in a lot of the parts. I drilled and pinned a the components to ensure a strong construction (although this didn't stop me knocking the tail off)! Despite this, I was happy with the build. I replaced the kit ejection seat with a resin one and CAD modelled and 3D printed the following parts: Fuselage spine intake Undercarriage legs Wing fences Cockpit interior Underwing stores (fuel tanks and buddy pod - I still need to put propellers on the buddy pod!) I also replaced the kits vacform canopy with my own DIY vacform, having CAD modelled and 3D printed the mould. The decals were a mixture of Xtradecal, Fantasy Printshop and homemade (underwing serials and tail beer mug), painted using Hataka brush acrylics and humbrol white spray. Overall, I'm very pleased with the result, if a little rough around the edges close up. It looks a little wonky tail-on Love this view! Thanks for looking! Ben
  4. We're all too obsessed with classic British aircraft here
  5. Scratchaeronautics also did a full resin Scimitar in 1/48th which is rarer still than the Dynavector kit. I'd be surprised of Airfix produced a Scimitar as it's just a bit too obscure in my opinion. Although, knowing my luck, having just built the Scratchaeronautics kit, Airfix will probably make one now! I still feel that we'd be more likely to see a 1/48 Sea Venom from Airfix, rather than a Scimitar.
  6. Superb model! The Firebrand isn't exactly a looker though....
  7. @carlstavros Must be a bit warmer out there than it is here at the moment! That'd be fantastic, I'm hoping to get checked out in the clubs T67 once it's back from maintenance and I too plan to spend some time wheels pointed skywards Plan is to make a 48th scale model and maybe give resin casting a go! Cheers Ben
  8. I've just finished making a 1/48 Supermarine Scimitar, which is white beneath. As with all white models, I sprayed Halfords white primer (before lightly polishing with 1200 grit wet and dry) before spraying humbrol 34 acrylic out of a can. Followed by a Halfords gloss lacquer topcoat (that I do for every model, to protect and seal the paint, regardless of type of paint used). I have, in the past, used halfords gloss appliance white spray, however, I found this to spray on much too thick. The humbrol rattle cans, though more expensive, give a more moderated and controllable spray. I've never had any luck brush painting white, hence I always spray. A tip for spraying, spray a very light coat and leave it to dry before spraying another - it takes ages, but it's all too easy to spray too much and ruin the paintwork.
  9. Beat me to it. For practice bombs, this is probably a close enough match.
  10. Hi, A long shot I think, does anyone have high quality plans/drawings/3-views of the Slingsby Firefly T67m that they would be willing to share? Unfortunately, the only 3views I've found online are fairly low quality and not very detailed (although the composite airframe has little detail anyway). Cheers, Ben
  11. Superb models, you've really captured the look of BPF Hellcats!
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