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  1. I believe Sharkey Wards usual mount was XZ451 006 - however they flew whatever was serviceable at the time.
  2. Unfortunately, 3D printed resin sets with UV. Hot water is not much use. I've had a similar issue with biplanes I've 3d printed.
  3. Looking forward to seeing this progress
  4. @lasermonkey are you on Facebook? I've managed to score some ridiculously good deals on various model kit selling pages, often buying kits at 1/2 to 2/3rd the going price - simply becuase someone had decided to thin their stash. Ebay is usually where I would choose to sell kits for a higher price as some careful planning and good timing can lead to good money. That said, I've had one or two bargains from ebay.
  5. Additionally, I'm unconvinced cost is much of a factor pushing new generations from modelling. The pull of a PS5 seems to be much more influential, and that's not cheap. Edit: I've had another thought as well, I sell about a quarter of my built models and I usually sell them at around £25 profit. Perhaps this could be an option for those who find the hobby is becoming less affordable.
  6. CATIA V5 for me too. It's by far the most powerful and comprehensive CAD package out there - but it is not user friendly whatsoever. Solidworks and Fusion 360 are quite nice and much more intuitive. @bootneck has shown how much impressive stuff can be made on F360!
  7. Hi all, Just stumbled across this, showing as "in progress", the topic is nearly 2 years old and I can't find any further updates - it looks rather stunning though! https://www.behance.net/gallery/93357379/148-Short-Sunderland-MkIII-model Ben
  8. Externally, the only same parts are the Main Rotor Blades, undercarriage (I think - although, maybe the wheels changed), windscreen and the cowl overhead the canopy. I would be surprised if Airfix did announce an AW159 in any scale, it's relatively new in service and is only just getting it's teeth (weapons wise). It's also not yet had the chance to serve in a conflict (unlike the Lynx and Merlin).
  9. To be fair, I was as careful as I could be not to wishlist! Just trying to work out what it could be, Based on the fact we know Airfix were at Yeovilton. Also, by listing every aircraft that is currently at Yeovilton, I have possibly already figured out what is to be released
  10. Seeing as this is, after all, the Rumourmonger, and given that I am a bit of an FAA fan, let's have some fun... The assumptions are the following; Airfix were on a research trip, They will make a new tool kit, It is most likely to be something not currently in service, They are unlikely to tool something already in production, It's almost certainly going to be 1/72 or 1/48. Here below is a list of every aircraft at Yeovilton that they could be making and reasons for/against; Jets Blackburn Buccaneer S2 - Current in 1/72 and 1/48 MD Phantom FG1 - We have this in 1/72, it's unlikely to come out in 48th, although this is a possibility (however, I assume they have all the research from their 72nd). Supermarine Attacker - Not exactly the most appealing jet, but possible in 1/72, Trumpeter already do a 48th version. Supermarine Scimitar - Neither a 1/72 or 1/48 model as of yet (excluding the short run hard to find stuff). Hawker Sea Hawk - Hobbyboss do a 72nd kit and Trumpeter a 48th. De Havilland Sea Venom - Cyber Hobby do a dodgy 72nd kit, Classic Airframes did a 48th kit that is rare as anything. De Havilland Sea Vixen - Revell and Special Hobby have 72nd kits, Airfix did the 48th (they might release the old tool eventually). Sea Harrier FRS1 - Airfix do this in 72nd and Kinetic in 48th. Sea Harrier FA2 - Airfix do this in 72nd and Kinetic in 48th. Harrier Gr7/9 - Airfix do this in 72nd and Haegawa (plus Hobby 2000) in 48th Props Sopwith Pup - Classic 72nd Airfix kit (possible retool), Eduard did this in 48th ages ago. Sopwith Triplane - Revell 1/72, Eduard 1/48. Sopwith Camel - Revell have this covered. Hawker Sea Fury FB11 - Possibly in 72nd? Supermarine Spitfire XVIII - Sword 72nd and Airfix 48th. Fairey Swordfish - Airfix do this in 72nd, therefore I assume the research has been done, Tamiya do the 48th kit regardless. Fairey Fulmar - Only ancient kits in 72nd, Special Hobby do a 48th kit. Fairey Albacore - MPM did a 72nd kit and Trumpeter do a 48th kit. Fairey Firefly - An Airfix classic in 72 (perhaps retooling it?), Special Hobby do the 48th kit. Douglas Skyraider - Sword 72nd, Italeri 48th. F4F Wildcat - Airfix do 72nd and Eduard 48th. F4U Corsair - Tamiya have this covered. F6F Hellcat - Eduard have this covered. Grumman Avenger - a couple options in both scales, although Airfix produced a classic 72nd kit, maybe they'd retool it? Turboprops Fairey Gannet - Yes please! (Revell do a 72nd kit that's hard to get hold of, there is no 48th kit in real terms). Westland Wyvern - Trumpeter have this covered, the museum has a TF2, not a production variant. Helicopters Westland Wessex - Revell do this in 72nd and Academy/Italeri in 48th, but I think HU5 in 72nd is a possibility! Westland Dragonfly - Only the AMP kits in 72nd or 48th, although I'm not sure Airfix would tool it anyway Westland Lynx (HAS3) - HobbyBoss do this in 72nd, Airfix aready do the 48th HMA8 Westland Seaking - Airfix 72nd, hard to get in 48th. Westland Gazelle - Classic 72nd Airfix (possible retool?), there is a new tool 48th coming out soon. Westland Wasp - Classic 72nd Airfix (possible retool?), no specific kit in 48th (conversion required). Westland Whirlwind - Classic 72nd Airfix (possible retool?), AMP are making a 48th kit, altohugh I don't think this includes the drooped tail boom. AgustaWestland EH101 Merlin Mk 4 - No kits in either scale (Airfix did the RAF HC3 in 48th). AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat - No kits in either scale. If my assumptions are correct, Airfix must be producing something mentioned above. Now that leaves us with a few kits; I would suggest the most likely kits are; 1/72 Westland Wessex HU5 Supermarine Scimitar Fairey Gannet Grumman Avenger Fairey Fulmar Westland Whirlwind 1/48 Supermarine Scimitar Fairey Gannet Westland Wasp DH Sea Venom Fairey Fulmar If I had to bet on it, I would say a 1/72 Wessex HU5 - it comes in plenty of marking options and is an absolute classic British aircraft. If I allowed my wishlist to creep into the decision, it'd be the 1/48th Fairey Gannet! No doubt I will be proven totally wrong haha As another Fleet Air Arm enthusiast, I'm sure @mahavelona will have an opinion
  11. Just this morning airfix have posted a photo of the Sea Harrier FA2 that is a gate gaurd at Yeovilton. fb://photo/10159590939781271?set=a.80699376270&sfnsn=scwspmo They've clearly been "inside the wire" at VL, I can only assume for research. That means it could be any Fleet Air Arm jet, from the top of my head, I recall they have the following helicopters; Wildcat (operational) Merlin Mk4 (operational) Wessex Sea King Lynx HAS3 Whirlwind Dragonfly
  12. If love a 48th wildcat, sporty little helicopter Most certainly! There is an FA2 in the hangar on the south side of the airfield, as wel Las one as a gate guardian. There is also an FRS1 in the museum.
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