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  1. Hero, defined

    Yes, I was watching that last night and thinking "there's a man who should be having a chat with the Queen comes the next honurs list". Steve.
  2. Eduard 1/72 Spitfire mk ix NMF Mig Ammo

    I don't post often these days but this one is too good to pass by. It's a beautiful job all round, but your treatment of the nose panels is brilliant. I have t tell you that I'll be stealing that idea! Steve.
  3. IWM Duxford American Airshow 28 - 29 May

    Thanks, that's a perfect graphical version of what I was probably failing to describe in words. Steve.
  4. IWM Duxford American Airshow 28 - 29 May

    I suspect (but don't know) that the sterile area of parking will be the fields at the far Western end beyond the tank bank and the Land warfare museum. If you've been driving out that end and seen traffic joining from your left, that's the area I mean. In years of attending DX I've never been parked there and I assume its one of the later areas to be filled up. If you want to guarantee access back to the car my advice would be to arrive fairly early and you will almost certainly be parked by the American museum (although early is good for a whole lot of other reasons too). The only caveat to the above is that I've not been to DX this year and assume they haven't started parking people in a different order. Steve.
  5. Hi guys, a few from Sundays show at Old Warden. It appears I lied about the Ryan being too far away, I mananged to get a half decent crop from one of the shots. All on 7D with 300 prime and 1.4 extender, airborne shots are mostly crops (apart from the Blenheim) Steve.
  6. Shuttleworth airshow

    But surely if they are serious about safety Duxford would have to go. Believe me I don't want to see it, but I can't see how continued displays there can be called safe. If the changes at somewhere like OW were felt necessary then DX must be giving them nightmares as surely it's the very model of another Shoreham waiting to happen. Am I being cynical or is the issue being fudged in the case of DX for some reason.I mean absolutely no disrespect to any pilots or display organisers, but surely it's just a numbers game as to when someone or something breaks. Very tricky one for me as I love the place, but think it's smacks of a double standard. Steve. Ps Paul, separate photo thread now added.
  7. Shuttleworth airshow

    I'm fairly regular at OW and went yesterday. I go primarily for photography but like to watch the displays too and have a life long love of aviation in general. Some of the display were considerably further away than usual. I use a Canon 7d with a 300 prime and a 1.4 extender. I've often had to take the extender off at OW as the planes were more than filling the viewfinder. Yesterday I had it on all day and still had to crop in afterwards. I thought it put some e.g. the Blenheim at the perfect distance for me, but others e.g. the beautiful Ryan were too high and distant for a decent shot. It did vary though, with Teichman's warhawk the most distant (probably due to the aerobatics) and the Hurricane a lot closer Has the experience been changed? - yes. Has it been ruined? - maybe if you go for photography only and have less than 300mm, but otherwise, not really. Old Warden is and continues to be a wonderful place for an air show and quite frankly if you call yourself an aircraft enthusiast and can't enjoy a day there, you're doing it wrong. 2016 is a wait and see year for me and I feared the worst when I heard the new regulations. For me Old Warden has passed the test of an enjoyable day out, Duxford is very much still 'wait and see', and I do fear the worst for that one ( they closed the country road at OW for safety reasons during the display, so how you can have an airshow next to the M11 beggars belief). Steve.
  8. ELO on red button tonight

    Just a quick resurrection to ask if anyone else went in the end? I saw one of the O2 shows in London. Very good, very rehearsed and 'safe' (understandably), great light show and sound. It was essentially a greatest hits set with a couple of the new ones thrown in. Geoff Lynne seemed the least likely frontman ever, sort of dazed and confused by the reaction they were getting (or maybe just very happy). The Feeling were excellent in support too. Good night out, and there's a lot of decent footage on YouTube for anyone interested. Steve.
  9. Game of ...you know what

    The North remembers. That chapter was the cause of me being late for work for the only time I can remember. I read it, thought "No, I must have misunderstood", and had to read it again. Some of the attention to detail and foreshadowing was great, like the observation that the celebration music was a bit rough, (because the 'musicians' were disguised bowmen). I really thought they were going to get ambushed at the choke point on the bridge, but no George Martin tenses you up, you think the danger has passed and relax, then...gutpunch! I didn't think the show had a chance of recreating the feel of the books, but they've done amazingly well considering how much they've had to condense it. My favourite TV scene is either 'the mountain and the viper' (another great Martin bait and switch - really thought Oberyn / puss in boots had him) or 'Hardhome' which I think is a show creation you only hear about third hand in the books, but boy did it have me gripped first time around. Steve. Oh, almost forgot - Joffrey choking to death at his own wedding was also a pleasure (if anyone thinks that's a cruel thing to say - it really isn't :-))
  10. Game of ...you know what

    No, as I understand it there will be two more series, though rumours suggest they may have less episodes per season. There's a lot of ground to cover yet, Winter may be almost here, but it's going to take some getting rid of. Steve.
  11. Game of ...you know what

    There are two more books to come - 'The winds of Winter' and 'A dream of Spring'. Having spent several years watching reaction to the show and thinking "yeah I know, I read it in the books", it's quite enjoyable this season to be "off piste" and not knowing what's coming (well, not all of it). For me, it's the most looked forward to show on at present (big Walking Dead fan too). Steve.
  12. Mig Ammo Paints?

    I like them. I've used them thinned with their own thinners with good results and no clogging at low pressures( I free-handed a Vietnam camo in 1/72). One thing I would say is that if you go too heavy too early you will regret it, and primer is a must. Fortunately I tend to paint with thin coats and build it up, which is what they advocate on their site, so maybe I'm just lucky this time around. To my eye the colours are excellent, though I'm no expert on that. Steve.
  13. XR219 Dio

    Quite brilliant in all respects, very well done. Steve.
  14. The X-Files are back tonight

    This months SFX magazine describes the UK and US viewing figures as 'monster', which I take to be a good thing for those of us wanting more. Steve.
  15. The X-Files are back tonight

    I've been enjoying these a lot. Episode three was very much a homage to episodes like 'Jose Chung's from outer space', or to a lesser extent 'humbug' - the episodes where the show stood back and took an outsiders view of itself. I'd agree this was a better idea with the space of the original nearly 200 eps, rather than one of six this time around. Thought the ring tone was a nice touch, and did anyone notice who's gravestone Mulder was sleeping it off against? SFX had a good interview with the stars about the likelihood of more, to paraphrase; Duchovny - I'd love to; Anderson - it's possible, but unlikely. Possibly an indication of relative career trajectories? Steve.