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  1. "A little bit of everything all rolled into one". I went through a Status Quo phase, a Billy Joel Phase, a heavy metal phase, a long Springsteen phase, a Rush phase. I've also been sliding towards country and have had a life long love of classical. In common with some above I have problems with (most) jazz, hate scat with a passion (just...why?) and don't like much Rap, although the lyrics can be quite interesting. As for more recent artists I love Amy McDonald (amazing Glaswegian growl to her vocals) and Lady Antebellum (Country pop), Eric Church (blue collar country), and (whisper it) Taylor Swift is a sneaky good lyricist. I guess I'm just a fan of 'music' in general without getting too tribal about it. Steve.
  2. My partner was put off by some of the more fantasy elements of ep.2. I'm in it for the long haul though. Steve.
  3. Episode one was long. I was dieing for a pee. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Says it all for me Steve.
  4. That's what I call setting a low bar! (but at least Voyager was better than Enterprise ). I liked Disco a lot, S1 was enjoyable, but S2 caused a full on nerd-gasm. I'd call myself a Trek fan in the sense I've seen most episodes, but it's not a religion for me or anything. I quite like the idea of alternate takes on the source material. I wasn't going to do spoilers, but as we've already jumped in - yes, Pike was awesome. I love the comment above about ST written by section 31! Steve.
  5. Yep, still loving this, the episodes go by very quickly. Lots of references back to TNG era Trek and I hope we gradually get to see more of how we got from there to 'here'. Very intrigued by what's happening at the reclamation site. I did read elsewhere that the language referred to above was caused by the character learning English from episodes of Father Ted, which made me giggle . Steve.
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed ep.1 - it exceeded all my hopes for it. Quite unusually for a modern drama it managed to set up an intriguing mystery without leaving you feeling totally confused about what was going on. I remember Patrick Stewart saying he'd only return if there was a good story to tell - so far, so good I think. Steve.
  7. That's pretty much what I've always thought about every rivet counter blow up there's ever been on a modelling forum . Steve.
  8. I love this one, been looking forward to it since the last series ended. In my view this is how you make a family friendly Sci-fi tv series. Mostly likeable characters, good story and excellent effects, music, etc. Posey Parker must be an amazing actress because I find "Dr" Smith to be the most irritating character I've ever come across - which of course is exactly how you're supposed to feel. A brilliant upgrade of the "of it's time" original. I hope for a third series, but it will need the ratings as it must be ruinously expensive to make. Steve.
  9. I wouldn't call myself a hard core SW fan, but I've watched them all and have some idea of the extended lore. I loved TFA and hated a lot of TLJ, I guess that makes me a "traditional" fan. That probably explains why I was pleasantly surprised by this one and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hard to explain exactly, but getting the band back together was a good move and even the cavalry attack on the Star Destroyer worked for me in a way that the whole Canto Blight (sic) sequence didn't. I wouldn't say it went out on a triumphant high, but it certainly cleared up a lot of the mess from the last one. Steve.
  10. I don't mind Jodie, but I'd suggest she's being served as poorly by the writers as Capaldi was. I used to watch this with anticipation, but all the preaching and morals applied with the subtlety of a baseball bat have killed it for me. As others have said, I'm just not the target audience anymore. Fortunately Netflix and Amazon have plenty of alternatives. Steve.
  11. I quite liked; "Honestly. do I look like someone who can't see his reflection?" Thoroughly enjoyed this, great blend of humour and gore. I don't find these things scary as my brain keeps telling me it's not real*, but I did enjoy the subversion of the usual tropes. Sister Agatha was outstanding, and the screen lit up whenever Drac' was on it. Steve. * MR James and Korean horror on the other hand...
  12. Big favourite in our house too. The Kemper character is quietly terrifying and a spot on bit of casting, whereas some others come off as 'a bit of a foo-foo' including a certain celebrity who I won't mention (spoilers). Proper quality TV. Not to sound obsessed with these guys, but 'the Bundy tapes' is an amazing documentary too. I thought I knew about him, but I had no idea. Hopefully Mindhunter continues long enough for him to crop up too. Don't worry I watch stuff about normal people too, like thirteen reasons wh...…… oh? Steve. PS great job with the swear filter Mike
  13. I had a very enjoyable four hours or so at the show. Easy to park and escape, friendly traders and clubs. Some truly inspirational modelling in comp and on tables generally. Just gutted I missed Lara Croft . Same again next year please! Steve.
  14. Bennygman


    I pass a few of these on my commute. At first I thought they were random number generators as they made no sense. My current theory is that the speed displays aren't directional, so they may be showing you the speed of some one else coming the other way. That seems to be why the numbers keep changing so rapidly. They also seem to register cyclists, and even pedestrians. Steve.
  15. Andy, your work is never less than stunning, this is going to be another great build and I can't wait until I can get hold of one myself. Now I've buttered you up - I'm nicking that idea for the exhaust! Steve.
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