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  1. Bennygman

    The New Doctor Who - NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    I started off with an open mind and thought it was 'ok'. Then I thought it picked up with 'Rosa' and I really enjoyed 'Arachnids' although it seemed to just stop abruptly - I was starting to warm to Jodie's Doctor. Then it nosed in hard with the space hospital one (liked the creature though), and for me continued to smoulder with 'Demons'. I know it's a kids show and the morals have to be drawn with a big marker pen, but I think this is just getting too blatant for me. I've been losing interest in a few other shows recently (for various reasons) and this may go the same way. In the interests of fairness though, I'll probably try to watch the whole series. I do like the new titles, especially the start, stop, re-boot bit at the beginning. Maybe I've just outgrown the show at last (been with it since Pertwee), but I preferred the slightly more edgy 'warrior' Doctors of Ecclestone, and to some extent Tennant. The Doctor has never looked more heroic that that speech to Rose about rescuing her from the Daleks. Steve.
  2. Bennygman

    Telford 2018

    Truly amazing display of model making. Thanks so much for posting these terrific photos. Steve.
  3. Bennygman

    Question about F-15C ordnance, please

    Excellent, thanks Murph. Very much appreciated. Steve.
  4. Bennygman

    Question about F-15C ordnance, please

    Hi all, very quick one. Does anyone know wht the things are that look like finless AMRAAMS that go on the outside of the fuel tank pylons? I though they might be ballast/dummy missiles for weight purposes? e.g. here Thanks, Steve.
  5. Bennygman

    First Man (Neil Armstrong biopic)

    I watched this at the local Imax last week. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Having never flown in something rocket powered I thought it did a good job of showing what it might feel and sound like along with the claustrophobic feel of the early capsules. I thought Gosling did an excellent job. I've often heard Armstrong described as cold, analytical, boring etc - all names given to people who actually think about things for more than five seconds, often by people who don't. He's always fascinated me precisely because he was the opposite of what you expect a 'spaceman' to be if you're bought up on sc-fi rather than reality, but was exactly what was needed for the job. How prophetic did his quote about "if it were up to me I'd take more fuel" almost turn out to be? I thought the film did a good job of showing why he was/could have been that way. Claire Foy was excellent as a woman on the edge, if shot in a very unflattering way - too close up and goggle eyed, but I guess constant stress and worry will do that to you. If it was a deliberate choice by the Director it worked - I was unsettled by it. Well worth a look, and glad it lived up to my expectations. I read the other day that the details of Neil's PPK are sealed until 2020, be interesting to see if he did take the bracelet with him. Steve.
  6. Bennygman

    And today’s scariest movie is...

    I grew up in the shadow of the radar tower and ATC Center (LATCC) at RAF West Drayton, a couple of Miles North of Heathrow. We didn't really worry about what would happen after an attack either. It's a housing estate now, as is my secondary school. Steve.
  7. I recently became aware that this is being made into a film and saw the trailer at the weekend. I read the book some years back and I do hope they don't introduce fake drama as the bare facts of this man's life are the stuff of thrillers already (Naval career, flying bedstead ejection, accidental trans continental hop in the X-15, not to mention the controlled crash on the moon.) I'm optimistic beacause of a clip in the trailer. An excitable reporter says "If this mission is succesful you'll be the most famous person, ever", to which Arstrong replies "we have every expectation of a successful mission". From what I remember of the book, that sums him up in a nutshell. Probably the most technically skilled person to attempt the first landing and probably the least equipped to deal with (or interested in) the fame that followed (that would have been Aldrin) Quite excited by this one. Steve.
  8. Bennygman

    Black Panther

    Enjoyed this one last night, but totally agree with the Lion King comment at times. I think they pulled off another potentially difficult one and fleshed out what I believe is an important part of the Infinity War jigsaw. Can't believe one of my favourite walking dead actors had a prominent role and I didn't recognise her! (Did look somewhat different, though). I think the humour was there throughout, though whether it hits the mark is down to individuals. I did read a comment from the Director that he aimed for a more normal level of comedy than the more out there Guardians/Antman (Ragnarok?) style. Infinity war trailer looks good, but the one I think will be a lot of fun is Antman and the Wasp. Steve.
  9. Bennygman

    Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri.

    Yes, and best British film, which surprised me. Clearly not paying enough attention to the titles. Having seen this and the shape of water I think the BAFTAs got it right, 'Billboards' was the better film I thought, though the two were very different with 'water' being what I'd call a (very) twisted fairytale. It's award for production design was well deserved. Steve.
  10. Bennygman

    The Orville

    Really been enjoying this but I found the ep' about a society based on social media opinions a bit too close to reality for comfort. Excellent bit of satire though. I'd been Wondering where Bobbi Morse from Shield had got to... Also slightly disapointed the captain didn't need any 'pickle jars' opened this week . One of the best new shows of the year for me (loving Discovery also). Steve.
  11. Bennygman

    Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri.

    I did, and it was. Unepectedly funny given the subject matter and great performances all round. Scary thing is that it's probably quite an accurate depiction of small town life. Peter Dinklage needs to ditch the 70's porn star look though. Steve.
  12. Bennygman

    Eduard 1/72 Spitfire mk ix NMF Mig Ammo

    I don't post often these days but this one is too good to pass by. It's a beautiful job all round, but your treatment of the nose panels is brilliant. I have t tell you that I'll be stealing that idea! Steve.
  13. Bennygman

    IWM Duxford American Airshow 28 - 29 May

    Thanks, that's a perfect graphical version of what I was probably failing to describe in words. Steve.
  14. Bennygman

    IWM Duxford American Airshow 28 - 29 May

    I suspect (but don't know) that the sterile area of parking will be the fields at the far Western end beyond the tank bank and the Land warfare museum. If you've been driving out that end and seen traffic joining from your left, that's the area I mean. In years of attending DX I've never been parked there and I assume its one of the later areas to be filled up. If you want to guarantee access back to the car my advice would be to arrive fairly early and you will almost certainly be parked by the American museum (although early is good for a whole lot of other reasons too). The only caveat to the above is that I've not been to DX this year and assume they haven't started parking people in a different order. Steve.
  15. Hi guys, a few from Sundays show at Old Warden. It appears I lied about the Ryan being too far away, I mananged to get a half decent crop from one of the shots. All on 7D with 300 prime and 1.4 extender, airborne shots are mostly crops (apart from the Blenheim) Steve.