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  1. episode 1 series 2. Not bad so far. plusses are a good story, Saru and the arrival of Captain Pike . The minuses are Michael Burnham who is quickly developing into an all round pain. I couldn't believe a bridge officer could put down a Starfleet Captain in the company of fellow officers. I can only hope of a grisly demise. Secondly the rapidly developing Jar Jar of the Trek universe with speech pattern of cousin "It" from the "Addams Family",Officer Tilley. The show does not need "comic relief" during moments of tension. Writers please! The whole Spock question is bubbling away nicely and although I cant really forgive "Enterprise" having modifications I'm willing to give the show the 3 episode litmus test. Also nice easter egg on the slip of paper.
  2. sjw rubbish. No clue of cannon, no research, no respect. Who is disappearing down the McCoy plug hole. Cancel and refresh in 10 years or so. By that time hopefully it'll get the Ghostbusters treatment of returning to the original premise and glossing over the pc failure put out in its place.
  3. check out Princess Zelda in the episode "Home" along with a couple of very familiar faces....
  4. S2 is so far very good indeed. Great stories, characters developing nicely. Any show which makes me smile in anticipation as well as get a kick out of the beauty shots in the opening credits is fine by me. Lt Malloy has a line in episode 2 which broke me up. Enjoy....
  5. just to give the story a clever spin, check out the graphic novel, the League of Extraodinary gentleman volume 2. It really is rather good. Also "Scarlett traces" a very clever continuation,post Martian invasion.
  6. Ill try to find the full episode on you tube
  7. hello all, I've just watched the video via the posted link. I've never seen that before! That's really very, very good indeed!
  8. I thought the machines in the Tom Cruise version were pretty much bang on. But,although not tripod apart from the magnetic supporting invisible beams, my tops are in the George pal version.
  9. saw a glimpse of a martian fighting machine on a bbc trailer last night. Not impressed. It looks like one of the masters from the 1980's series "The tripods" series 2 . Series 2 being based on The city of gold and lead. Anyway 30+ years and the BBC are re hashing the design. My heart sinks....
  10. I have caught the BBC extended trailer for their upcoming drama serials. Included in this was a very familiar looking martian fighting machine. Took me a couple of seconds but I'm pretty sure the BBC have rehashed a design they used for the organic masters in the 1980's adaptation of "The city of gold and lead" or series 2 of " The Tripods". I'll wait until is see further footage before my heart sinks further..........

    What are you reading?

    I'm looking forward to it, although I hope its better than the last. Dark fire is still my favourite.

    What are you reading?

    Just finishing "Devils trap" by Clive Cussler. Then going to start "Tombland" the new Shardlake mystery from C.J. Sansom.
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