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  1. ah i'd forgotten about that! look forward to the build.
  2. I was looking for my finemolds 1/48 x wing. I thought it was strange when I found an old Toybiz Ghost rider kit box. I know i'd built it and remembered how bad it was. Inside was the Pred.
  3. Recently scouring my well stored stash in the loft I found a forgotten gem. So then my new build a quite nice 1/8 scale Predator.
  4. really enjoy Lovecraft. My own faves are A shadow over Innsmouth, Call of the Cthulu (check out the black and white silent movie by the HP Lovecraft society) Dagon, At the mountains of madness. For a very cool amalgamation of Steampunk and Lovecraft I suggest the Heart of Ice by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, its a League of extraordinary gentlemen off shoot graphic novel.
  5. thanks great, amazing work. now I have ready reference for my own constitution class heavy cruiser.
  6. very, very nice. what paint did you use for Enterprise? Looks very accurate.
  7. Ok once bitten.... i'll find a use for them. thanks again
  8. thanks for you help, Hannants had a nice set and more accurate engine cowlings.
  9. Thanks for info matey. Ill check them out as Airfix have replied with an n.l.a.
  10. Hello folks , I've acquired a very nice, very reasonably priced Catalina kit. It is however without decals. Can anyone recommend a supplier? Ive already put in a request from Airfix but the have a 2 week delay due to the on going pandemic. This is my first aircraft build in a very long time so if anyone can recommend any accurate/ parts/ suppliers etc that would be great. thanks.
  11. thanks very much. the statue was a real find and I thought for some reason Andersonesque.
  12. check out " first frontier" on You tube, it's marvellous. Its the way retro Trek could have been done and if it had the budget of disco it would be amazing. It's hade more views on You tube than the whole of Star Trek day on the same platform. The second series of Orville is ace with real sucker punch/ I never saw that coming moments. Battlestar Galactica is where I got my Avatars name from and I love the show. The BBC is 11 years late to the party. Still at least the can't mess this up as they did'nt make it.
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