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  1. H.P Lovecraft is a fave of mine, I'd love to see a faithful adaptation of The mountains of madness, or A shadow over Innsmouth.
  2. I've been disappointed with other dramatized versions of this story over the years, but had allowed a spark of positive expectation to raise an eyebrow. I shouldn't have taken the bait. From the opening whimper of the familiar passage it grabbed hold of the novel and eviscerated it taking away most of the narrative. What remained was just the shell and very different indeed. From the initial contact with the spinning ball bearings which were impressive enough to bring the intrepid trio to the scene and seemingly no one else at the time, to the rehashed tripod design, the production was lack lustre and confused. It changed the story completely and in places became subject to replacement placed politics ( the British Empire lecture) as is the policy for the BBC of late. The cast had continual static facial expression from the continually goosed George to the anguished. just bashed my thumb with a hammer; Frederick and the leading lady (i'm sorry I can't bring myself to recollect the character name) who's singular grimace I suspect could usually be found after a particularly hard time in the loo. That's also where this production belongs. I have to say the Cruise version from years back may have been different, but at least is was interesting and had genuine jaw dropping moments. Other than that I'm sticking with the George pal version. Again not book accurate but at least the martian war machines were and still are, cool. I f you have not seen this production I'd say don't bother. It's almost three hours of your life you never going to get back.
  3. I really enjoyed the graphic novels and although it was eclipsed by the X-men franchise on its release i don't think it had the impact it deserved,I quite enjoyed the film. This is a beautiful sub.
  4. its terrific, great telly.
  5. ah yes, "adapted from", I should have buried my expectations at that point, but yes what a fantastic idea, Peter Jackson would, I think ,do the job and do it very well indeed.
  6. so glad you mentioned the masterful Mr Burton's opening monologue. Often copied never bettered. The passage recited on this version pales dreadfully. I see what you mean about relevance for today. I however would just like to see to story told. Well. Without up dates, without expansion.
  7. Caught the first episode on Sunday. Sad to say as I've loved the novel for years , I thought this adaptation to be meandering, tedious, lacking in tension and annoying. I cant ever remember a love story being woven into the novel? The SFX are lacking any wow at all, the Fighting machines really do look like the creature designs for the over lords in the Tripod serial from way back when. I'll watch the other episodes and try to keep my arms unfolded, not raise my eyebrows and mutter to my self. I've been really looking forward to this for ages. now I feel i've had the jam nicked out of my doughnut. Still, I haven't seen His Dark materials yet,that should be good!
  8. I used to be a VW parts adviser. this is all very accurate and amazing.
  9. myself and the wonderful other half sat down to some thoroughly enjoyable tosh on Sunday. As the repercussions of the night before and a failed attempted dishwasher repair sank in, we began to couch spud out. We found on Netyflix the modern spin on a classic I've enjoyed for years, yep i'm talking about Victor Frankenstein. Served up probably best with a couple of eggs, Mr's Macavoy and Radcliffe look like they had a ball making this prequel (?) All I can say is sit back and enjoy the story, and atmosphere. A hangover to accompany the script works well as the afore mentioned dulls the second. I've seen a lot worse and a lot better. But I have to say the real highlight was a great creature. Really awesome. Apparently the guy who was behind the make up was chap in the Vader suit in Rogue one. Anyway give it a go. Its good fun.
  10. hello all, the final trailer for Star Wars ep 9 landed this morning....
  11. Hello all, can anyone recommend any box set/ telly shows to view on Netflix?, Tried Peaky what's its but not for us. Thanks folks.
  12. stunning. what a behemoth. I'm thinking of scratch building in the obelisk. Could be tricky..........
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