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  1. Atmospheric creepy noir scale coolness.
  2. ok folks this is my first attempt at posting my efforts. Hobby photo host seems to be the way for me. the snaps aren't my best as they were taken without a decent background on my android phone. This is one of my favourite ships ever on screen, I was luck enough to see Galactica back in the day at Romford ABC cinema. The kit is the anniversary edition from a few years back, thanks.
  3. love Aurora kits. Real nostalgia for me, i'll be watching this build with keen interest.
  4. I cant remember seeing another embellished design. the originals raiders were pretty generic as I recall.
  5. yep, its a real problem. I guess ill have to keep an eye on teabag for now.
  6. Hello all, hope everyone is ok. since being on furlough for 12 weeks I've bitten the bullet and retrieved the USS Enterprise NCC 1701E from my stash. I've spent countless hours drilling out the windows and have begun to consider the whole Aztec aspect. Can any one recommend a UK stockist of Aztec / hull decals? I've checked out fleabay but to no avail. Any ideas folks? thanks very much.
  7. How very coincidental, I'm 5 eps in to the last series. I never watched it when it was shown originally. We are enjoying it immensely apart from a single dreadful episode ( we devolve into salamanders) the rest is pure Trek gold. Voyager herself is a gorgeous ship so much so I've tracked a Revell kit myself. I'd just like to say that this series has the most gorgeous opening sequence of just about any show (original Thunderbirds excluded) I've ever seen.
  8. very cool mythos, cooler aircraft. Love it
  9. I've finished the latest episode and am some what under whelmed. The plot of the show is interesting but confusing at the same time. Shades of the Galactica reboot with the humanandroid aspect. How do you clone a machine? Anyhow.. Poor Picard seems to be the brunt of every female character's verbal attacks without any rhyme or reason. The show suffers from (let's just drop that there to make the show a bit edgy) swearing. I know its been done before but Kirk had good reason. I find the hardware under whelming ,where are the wonderful starships? Picard's latest ride leaves a lot to be desired. The only great thing so far? A very retro very cool Romulan warbird. Also,nice to see Hugo Weaving popping in from Rivendale The cyborg side of the story so far hasn't brought a lot plot wise so far, but, i'm interested enough to want to see the next episode, even as it isn't set in the cannon universe. Enjoy but don't expect Next gen/DS9/Voyager greatness.
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