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  1. I've finished the latest episode and am some what under whelmed. The plot of the show is interesting but confusing at the same time. Shades of the Galactica reboot with the humanandroid aspect. How do you clone a machine? Anyhow.. Poor Picard seems to be the brunt of every female character's verbal attacks without any rhyme or reason. The show suffers from (let's just drop that there to make the show a bit edgy) swearing. I know its been done before but Kirk had good reason. I find the hardware under whelming ,where are the wonderful starships? Picard's latest ride leaves a lot to be desired. The only great thing so far? A very retro very cool Romulan warbird. Also,nice to see Hugo Weaving popping in from Rivendale The cyborg side of the story so far hasn't brought a lot plot wise so far, but, i'm interested enough to want to see the next episode, even as it isn't set in the cannon universe. Enjoy but don't expect Next gen/DS9/Voyager greatness.
  2. watched the finale' of this series last night. Very good indeed. Nicely finished leaving the door open for a third instalment. Recommended.
  3. series 2, 6 episodes in and thoroughly enjoying it. Massive improvement on the last series. Good story, excellent sfx.
  4. parts 1 and 2 are fabulous, but best idea is to throw a blanket over 3 and ignore completely. Its an hour and a half of your life y'd never get back.
  5. Avoid. Non cannon, has moments of brilliance but overall, disappointing. Characters designed to annoy, technology way ahead of its (TOS) time. Klingons who are so different they're unknown. A plagiarised power source, an altered for no good reason Enterprise. A great Capt Pike. Sadly written by group of writers who wouldn't know Trek lore if they were being simultaneously beaten with assembled kits of the various incarnations of Enterprise and other iconic vessels. Roll on the end of January. Cant wait for Picard.
  6. I looked at this new "adaptation" and thought it may be time to be less sceptical about the BBC and its continual re telling of classic stories to suit the modern audience, after all this was being done by Gatiss and Moffat , who's "Who" and Sherlock I loved. I've read the novel and seen various screen adaptations as I'm very much a horror movie buff. I enjoyed the first and second episodes finding the story engaging, the atmosphere compelling and the Count himself, magnificent. The story was well told and although different very enjoyable, the BBC had actually spent some money on the production and the gore was handled with style. Until episode three. At this point the BBC woke barrier exploded as the plot changed so drastically I could barley believe I was watching the same story. After enduring the last episode in stunned open mouthed disbelief until the credits finished, I felt as if I'd been conned. I just cannot understand why the story changed so drastically. It was so bad it was amazing. I can honestly say that the BBC have ruined three of my person faves. War of the Worlds, A Christmas Carol and this. its the last time i'll bother with any drama on the BBC. Liscence fee? They should pay us.
  7. I have just endured another BBC "adaptation". Not content with their recent work on The War of the Worlds the BBC have decided to work their "magic" on another classic. Avoid as you'll never get back those wasted hours. Better still, read the book.
  8. no, yes. all puns intended .I don't have high hopes for Drac's appearance on the BBC. Also for another sequel to WotW check out Scarlet traces......
  9. H.P Lovecraft is a fave of mine, I'd love to see a faithful adaptation of The mountains of madness, or A shadow over Innsmouth.
  10. I've been disappointed with other dramatized versions of this story over the years, but had allowed a spark of positive expectation to raise an eyebrow. I shouldn't have taken the bait. From the opening whimper of the familiar passage it grabbed hold of the novel and eviscerated it taking away most of the narrative. What remained was just the shell and very different indeed. From the initial contact with the spinning ball bearings which were impressive enough to bring the intrepid trio to the scene and seemingly no one else at the time, to the rehashed tripod design, the production was lack lustre and confused. It changed the story completely and in places became subject to replacement placed politics ( the British Empire lecture) as is the policy for the BBC of late. The cast had continual static facial expression from the continually goosed George to the anguished. just bashed my thumb with a hammer; Frederick and the leading lady (i'm sorry I can't bring myself to recollect the character name) who's singular grimace I suspect could usually be found after a particularly hard time in the loo. That's also where this production belongs. I have to say the Cruise version from years back may have been different, but at least is was interesting and had genuine jaw dropping moments. Other than that I'm sticking with the George pal version. Again not book accurate but at least the martian war machines were and still are, cool. I f you have not seen this production I'd say don't bother. It's almost three hours of your life you never going to get back.
  11. I really enjoyed the graphic novels and although it was eclipsed by the X-men franchise on its release i don't think it had the impact it deserved,I quite enjoyed the film. This is a beautiful sub.
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