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  1. Very nice display, all the better because it has a special meaning to you (and many others!)
  2. Very nice work, a beauty indeed. I remember that day, I live about 80 miles east of SFO and was a fairly wet behind the ears holder of a commercial certificate at the time. As I remember it was a situation where culture got in the way and the copilot was unwilling to tell the captain he was too low until it was too late. Always amazed me that there was so little damage. The accident report is confusing to me because the airplane reached minimums 2 1/2 miles from the threshold and that altitude is normally not reached until very near the runway threshhold. At 2 1/2 miles on a 3 degree glides slope as on 28R at SFO the airplane should have been at 690 feet AGL, instead it was in the water. Thanks for the model, obviously it has brought back some memories.
  3. Very nice build, I like it! Very clean and precise work.
  4. Thanks, everyone, you are all very kind. It's nice to be treated so well. I have finished the pages on my web site which has many photos of the build process. You can seen all the Eduard PE stuff that otherwise will never be seen again by man nor beast, and maybe the things I did the hard way will be easier for another later on. As in do not put any of the engine intake screens on until the model is absolutely done otherwise. Very fragile attach points on those. Another modeler was kind enough to give me four extra and I used all but one of those! Here is the link to the Lancsater build log: Paul, the bomb bay is quite empty and very black. Tamiya molded giant pegs for the fitting of 250 pound bombs in a four across arrangement throughout except for a 4000 pound Cookie mid bay, and as I understand it that would be a very untypical load. All of the pegs were removed leaving a gridwork structure. There should be some bomb adapters in there but so far there are not. I plan make up a bomb train eventually as I think that would be a more effective way to show the impressive ordnance the Lancaster could carry, with a mix of the 250 pounders, 500 pounders, incendiaries, and the Cookie. I need to make the incendiaries, I think, but perhaps I can find some British 500 pounders. Again, thank you, everyone.
  5. Here's a few pictures of a Tamiya Lancaster I finished today. More pictures and the build log are on my web site if you are interested. The kit dates from the 70's and the particular one I built probably was an early pressing, I've had it in the stash for a long time. I added Belcher Bits nacelles and wheels, and the Eduard PE set which were both great additions to the kit. It does not build like a modern Tamiya kit, and it stretched my skills to get to the point where it is now. Just the size of it makes some things a struggle, although it was possible to delay installing the wings until the very last. The black plastic has become an unfavorite for me, it can really cause eyestrain. I feel good that I have it built, it has been intimidating me for a long time!
  6. Hey, I really like this one, congrats on a fine idea and workmanship. And the pictures.
  7. Ugly??? Never, she's a stately lass!
  8. Very nice build, looks great.
  9. Well done! I does look like a troublesome build, very delicate.
  10. Great build. It's not very pretty, but your work is.
  11. I second the outstanding.
  12. Super nice!