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  1. PayPal refunded me this morning.
  2. I ordered from this seller on the 23rd Feb. It says the model is on the way. I've sent two eBay messages and no reply. Delivery is estimated up to 18th April. Lets see what happens. I've paid by PayPal.
  3. Great work, thanks for sharing.
  4. Great build this, very inspiring.
  5. Wonderful work and a great idea. I'll raise a glass of cola to you.
  6. Beautiful work, very inspiring.
  7. Great work Flipper.
  8. Stunning work, a classic aircraft made beautiful.
  9. Very nice work, thanks for sharing.
  10. Wonderful to see all of these, thanks for sharing
  11. Piaceri Davide It would be great to see some more Italian models here.
  12. Very nice, thanks for sharing.
  13. Wonderful work
  14. Nice work Boris, exciting work.
  15. Looks lovely and Finemolds do make a nice kit. Thanks for sharing.