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  1. Superb Daniel a very nice build there first time I have seen a kit of the recce Draken in Swedish markings. Regards Craig
  2. Thank you all for your help gentlemen on the Hawk most helpful I will try and see if I can find a picture on the internet of one towing the banner. Many Thanks Craig
  3. Hi There Wonder if someone could please help regarding the former Hawks of the Tactical Weapons Units at RAF Brawdy and Chivenor. I believe during the training of pilots in weapon delivery and gunnery training they carried a towed target (Sleeve ) would anyone have a picture of one. And what configuration the Hawk would be in i.e clean or just wing pylons . Many Thanks Craig
  4. Thank you all gentlemen for your replies most kind most helpful. Many Thanks Craig
  5. Hi There Wonder if someone could please help I am looking for pictures of French Air Force EC 1/10 Valois Super Mysteres I have searched the web but nothing. I am building a kit of one in the Vietnam scheme but I have noticed in the kit they carried two different type of underwing fuel tanks and underwing sidewinders . Many Thanks Craig
  6. Thank you all for your help gentlemen. Very much appreciated. Kind Regards Craig
  7. Hi There Wonder if someone could please help I am building a 1/72 F-104G of ESK 726 RDAF and I am using the stoppell decals which include Stencilling but no instructions where they go I know the normal positions of roundels numbers etc but then I am stuck for the rest. Many Thanks Craig
  8. Thank you for the info Mike will look forward to those. Many Thanks Craig
  9. Thank you all for your help I did not know they where the differances. Many Thanks Craig
  10. Thank you for the info Troy I was going to get the MF kit but looks like a lot of work to make it in to a BIS. Many Thanks Craig
  11. Hi There Just a quick question for the Mig experts could I use the Eduard 1/72 Mig-21MF and make it in to a Finnish Air Force Mig-21 what are the differences please. Many Thanks Craig
  12. Brilliant build Erik miss NF-5s saw them through a airfield near me many times.
  13. Superb build and like the F-84 alongside.
  14. Hi There I recently watch a video of some RAAF F/A-18s taking of from RAAF Williamtown and noticed they where carrying on the left underwing outer pylon a pair of small pods not similar to the shape and size of the one,s carried by our RAF Hawks a while ago. Would anyone please know what these are and have any close up shots of them would like to make some for my kit. Many Thanks Craig
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