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  1. Anyone please know the release date of the kit. Many Thanks Craig
  2. Hi There Mate

    Thank you for reply ref Typhoon pirate sensor most kind.

    Please let me know if you want anything for it.

    Here goes my address.

    Craig Tuff

    37 Loft Avenue


    N.E. Lincolnshire

    DN37 9AG


    Kind Regards



    1. Creepy Pete

      Creepy Pete

      I'll send you one tomorrow. No costs :)

  3. typhoon1

    48th FW F-15E. Sidewinder pylon colour

    Hi Andre Thank you for the reply I thought that they could be in F-15C colours the lighter of the two Grey's know to find a match in Humbrol paints. Many Thanks Craig
  4. Hi There Wonder if someone could please help I am looking for the colour of the 48th FW F-15 E underwing sidewinder pylon and adapter pylon. My kit calls for FS 36118 which is the main airframe colour but on all the pictures I have seen it is a lighter grey colour. Many Thanks Craig
  5. typhoon1

    Swiss Surprises

    Many thanks Chris Kind Regards Craig
  6. typhoon1

    Swiss Surprises

    Superb Chris brilliant builds could I ask what colour you used for the sidewinders on the F-5E there spot on. Kind Regards Craig
  7. Would anyone please have any inbox shots of the RAF T1 kit would really like a couple of these. Many Thanks Craig
  8. typhoon1

    RDAF F-16 MLU Recce Pod (MRP)

    Hi Andre The Revell 1/72 F-16 MLU comes with the older style PIDS pylon the newer version contains a missile warning system and I believe are made by Therma. They are a smart piece of kit. Kind Regards Craig
  9. typhoon1

    RDAF F-16 MLU Recce Pod (MRP)

    Thank you for the information gentlemen most helpful the info on the the differances between the MRP pods. Thank you Jens for the shots of the MRP superb. My kit I am doing will require some modification to do a RDAF machine and it will have to have the older PIDS pylons the ones carried know are a very nice piece of kit but are way out of making with my model skills. Again many thanks. Kind Regards Craig
  10. typhoon1

    RDAF F-16 MLU Recce Pod (MRP)

    Hi There I have recently got the Daco 1/72 MRP Reconnaissance Pod and I want to put it on my RDAF F-16A MLU of the Skrydstrup wing but I cannot seem to find any really good pictures of it on RDAF F-16s. Would anyone have any recent pictures of the RDAF ones carrying it or is it not used anymore. Many Thanks Craig
  11. typhoon1

    RAF 6 Sqn Phantoms/Lepus Flares

    Many Thanks for that John That is very interesting. Kind Regards Craig
  12. typhoon1

    RAF 6 Sqn Phantoms/Lepus Flares

    Hi There I have been listening to the story of former RAF/RN pilot Chris Bolton and his flying days on 6 Sqn at RAF Coningsby and he was on about the Phantoms when they carried Lepus flares that got me thinking about the Phantom I am about to build ,I thought yes 6 Sqn with Lepus flares but I cannot find any pictures of them carrying them would anyone please help with some pictures. Many Thanks Craig
  13. typhoon1

    Swiss Air Force F-5E Sidewinder Training Round Colour

    Many Thanks for the info on the dummy sidewinders and the Link Giorgio. Just what I was looking for. Kind Regards Craig
  14. Hi There Wonder if someone could please help I am looking for the colours of the sidewinder training rounds carried by the Swiss Air Force F-5E . The pictures I have seen look to be light brown body ,dark brown,and red front fins sometimes with blue as well. I seem to recall these where carried by the Swiss F/A-18s when they visited RAF Waddington some time ago when they used the ACMI range. Many Thanks Craig
  15. typhoon1

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    While out for our Sunday afternoon walk a very low ex French Max Holste Broussard came very low over us seem to be following the A1136 probably operating out of. Humberside Airport nice sight and sound. Regards Craig