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  1. Thank you for your nice comments. For the chipping, I use a HB pencil and a couple of water color pencils in brown color, one lighter and one darker, to do the job. All pencils need to be sharpened to get a very fine tip. Then, I start with the HB one to define the chipping shapes and patterns in a specific area, try your best not to drag the tip on the surface (unless you want to represent scratches on the surface), instead, gently touch the surface with the tip to mark tiny dots on the surface, achieve whatever shapes and patterns you want by accumulating enough of dots. After the shapes and patterns being defined, I’ll use the lighter brown pencil to dot on top of some randomly chosen HB doted areas, to mimic freshly rusted chip, and use the darker brown one to mimic aged rusted areas. patience is the key for success. Good luck on your upcoming Tiger.
  2. Thank you for your comments. Regarding to the roof issue, I think a couple of slight straight streaks starting from the border of the slop towards the front will give viewers a hint of a flat surface. So that, the distribution of color variation can be kept.
  3. A RFM kit, good details, bad plastic material, workable track lins is a big plus. Thank you for watching Please visit mu facebook page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/liu.andy.3701?ref=bookmarks
  4. Well done, a natural, realistic finish!
  5. Simply one of the best I've ever seen,
  6. Solid weathering skills, well done
  7. It's truely a great little piece of art!
  8. My freshly finished project. Kit from Meng, Absolutely no complain about the quality of the kit, good fit, good details, rich features. Please visit my facebook page for more pictures of this build. https://www.facebook.com/liu.andy.3701 Thank you for your watching, Hope you enjoy
  9. Very good indeed! especially the facial expression of the figures.
  10. Finally I saw a completed one. Good job mate.
  11. Although I'm not a fan to WWI equipments, but I'm still a fan to your technique
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