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  1. I love this scheme, very well done, love it.
  2. all gone blank, damn, one of my favourite planes in my favourite scheme too
  3. How nice is it to see a Phantom on the cover of the catalogue
  4. 1:48 of course
  5. Did anyone follow the twitter thin? basically, 2017 is mainly re tools, big hint on Vulcan.
  6. I don't know whether to get this or the Phantom Its catch22 see what i did there
  7. Its proof of one of two things, maybe both. Firstly nagging does work. Or is it the power of prayer, mine from the airfix phantom thread Our Phantom who art in Hannants Airfix be thou name Thy stash be done Thy will be done in cammo as it is in heaven Give us this year our annual demand and forgive us our rantings As we forgive you for not doing one before and lead us not unto ebay but deliver us from bidding For thine is the FGR2 the Spey, the Alcock and Brown Forever the best Airfix
  8. I'm thrilled and devastated at the same time to see this GB. Thrilld as I love all thing whirly and devastated because my kit building days are over. We downsized in the Summer and there simply isn't the room, the price of financial independence LOL. I passed on 2 Italeri 1:48 HU 5's to my nephew from my now defunct stash, I'd have been torn between 2 tone green Northern Ireland or blue and red Culdrose. Looking forward to seeing all the masterpieces, give it hell boys
  9. As long as its a heli I'd be thrilled, not quite a thrilled as the Phantom though
  10. Airfix just tweeted this Airfix ‏@Airfix 19m19 minutes ago This guy flew over to say Hi on a recent research trip, distracting us from important work! But what were we measuring? That's the question!
  11. I can honestly say I have never seen one of these before, I think its a beautiful looking beast, great job, thanks for sharing