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  1. Coming along nicely! Mike.
  2. A nice, clean build! Mike.
  3. Coming along nicely, that is! Mike.
  4. Coming along nicely Stew! I built one of these ages ago and made it into a Dutch one. Mike.
  5. Very impressive! Mike.
  6. Sweet! Excellent NMF finish. Mike.
  7. Nicely done! Mike.
  8. Trumpeter 1/700 Admiral Hipper 1940 - to be converted into her sister Blucher. Mike.
  9. I thought I'd share this little sequence I found on Youtube depicting the Battle of Drobak Sound from the 2016 Norwegian film "Kongens Nei" (The Kings Choice): The film itself looks interesting so I'm hoping that there will be an international release. Mike.
  10. Nah, he's fine, just a bit bald in sensitive place! Mike.
  11. No photo's but we've taken Ronin to the vet today for the "big snip" with added microchipping! Poor wee man's a bit sore! Mike.
  12. Very smart! Mike.