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  1. P40 N Eduard 1/32

    Nicely done! Mike.
  2. Gun camera on P-40 - how common?

    Cool - thanks guys! Since I'm making my kit a CACW P-40N-5 it means that part B10 isn't applicable. As an extra, from my own digging, it seems that many P-40s (and P-51s) in China were fitted with a RDF loop on the rear fuselage: (all credits to original photographers, posted for discussion purposes only) My subject: As can be seen in the first photo, the RDF loop is a field mod as you can see new metal around the base of the fairing. Mike.
  3. Gun camera on P-40 - how common?

    The new 1/72 Special Hobby P-40 kits include the gun camera fairing as part B10 and, for the N at least, it's isn't grayed out as not for use. However, the instructions don't tell you where to put it, but a quick Google search showed that below the wing outboard of the starboard undercarriage fairing was the usual location. The photographic record seems to indicate that the gun camera wasn't fitted that often, but was there a set reason as to which aircraft may have had one? Like flight leaders, for example? Thanks in advance, Mike.
  4. Very nice indeed - I'm glad to see that I'm not the only person in the UK with a Ki-67 in their collection! Mike.
  5. Nicely done! Mike.
  6. What have you purchased / been gifted

    I think the best way to view these special Haynes editions is as an enlarged Osprey New Vanguard with more photos and fewer or no art works. They're also similar to the Kagero Photosniper books as well. I have both of those on the Chieftain and the Haynes manual compliments them nicely as well as filling in a few gaps. Mike.
  7. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Another book: Haynes Chieftain Main Battle Tank Manual: 1966 to Present. At £6, why not? Mike.
  8. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Didn't realise I bought so much in January! Some light reading to be done: Might have some difficulty with this one - my German could be doing with some improvement. The diagrams are very, very useful though! Merely two kits last month: Plus Eduard masks and CMK diamond tread wheels for it. For a future project: With Eduard masks for the Tamiya Birdcage Corsair. Just need to buy the kit now! Mike.
  9. Meng Kids Lancaster "Ropey"

    Great stuff! Mike.
  10. T-72 M

    Nicely done! Mike.
  11. Airfix 2019

    To be honest, I'm not really sure that trying to sell kits, regardless of manufacturer, in a supermarket environment is workable. From my own knowledge everything in that branch of retail is predicated on as fast a turnover of stock as possible with quarterly range reviews to refresh the product on sale. The store where I work briefly carried a few starter sets but they just didn't shift, in my own personal view, for two reasons: 1. A three pound markup on what Airfix sold them for. 2. The clientel profile didn't match the bracket that would buy plastic kits. As a broad generalisation, the typical supermarket shopper tends to be female, with or without kids in tow. Certainly that's what my own employers internal surveys and reviews indicate. There might be a degree of pester power if the child sees a shiny red box with an attractive picture on the front, but it's mum/auntie/grandma that's going to be paying for it and in many cases the kid will need a hand building it which the male of the family (assumimg there is one) may not be able to provide. The Lego style easy-kits are another kettle of fish - much more suited to that particular bracket as the child can build it by themselves and no glue or paint required. Relatively cheap as well, though it would depend on the degree of markup slapped on! Mike.