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  1. Very nice indeed! Mike.
  2. Some more releases in 1/700 and other scales: Aoshima's Victorious is now out - LINK. As I suspected the kit is no different from their previous release of the Illustrious. They've also released the seaplane tender Tsugaru in the main Waterline range, following on from the Kantai Collection version. Fujimi will be releasing the Hyuga in pure battleship form: LINK. ICM have CAD for their kit of the Grosser Kurfürst on their site: LINK. Looks like an early version as it has the anti-torpedo net booms, light foremast and the six 8.8cm below the bridge. The admiral's bridge may need to be removed as I think the ship didn't have it early in her career. Pit-Road seem to be working through a number of their older 1/700 kits and re-issuing them with assorted upgrades, either new weapons and lower hulls for the WW2 ships or new decals and lower hulls for their modern types: JMSDF Asayuki, IJN Yukaze and IJN Asashio. They're also re-issung most of Trumpeters range in their own branding, presumably for the Japanese home market. LINK. Fujimi also have the Yukikaze coming out in 1/350 which I would not be surprised to see re-issued as the Harekaze from High School Fleet as Fujimi seems to have the licence for that anime. They've already released 1/700 and Chibi versions, so I suspect that's the reason for Fujimi duplicating the offerings from Hasegawa and Tamiya in the larger scale. It's also pre-coloured which is quite popular at the moment. MikroMir are releasing a WW1 UB-I type submarine in 1/144 scale: LINK. Mike
  3. Volume two of Magyar Warriors by Dénes Bernád and Charles K. Kliment: LINK. Mike.
  4. I think that many museums are at the tender mercies of the personal whims of the head curator or whoever actually manages the place. Mike.
  5. That's coming along very nicely indeed! Mike.
  6. The Warship Anne: An Illustrated History by Richard Endsor. I bought his The Restoration Warship: The Design, Construction and Career of a Third Rate of Charles II's Navy a few years back too. Both good books. Mike.
  7. Very true indeed! The vet we normally get is a bit of a fan of Ronin - she calls him a "Handsome Boy". Which he is. Mike.
  8. Great model of a classic aircraft! Mike.