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  1. Looks good! Mike.
  2. NICE! It does seem that the customs mob have been on their toes lately - I had one of THESE (I like to collect anime stuff!) arrive in the UK at the weekend and got stung for the customs charge. Thats the second time in row I've had that happen with an HLJ order. Mike.
  3. I do like that! Mike.
  4. Bellissimo! Mike.
  5. Heard about this not long after he died. Of all the books he wrote, "Sloop of War" and "Sunset" are my two favourites. Mike.
  6. Very nice indeed! Mike.
  7. Nicely done! Mike.
  8. So far no sign of anything untoward happening, although my account page still isn't displaying correctly. We'll see. Mike.
  9. It appears that something hinckey may be going on at Amazon! I noticed yesterday that my Amazon homepage wasn't displaying properly as the item recommendations weren't showing up, just a big red outlined box saying "A problem occurred while loading the page." although the rest of the page was all there. Tried doing the e-mail query - no joy, just asked if it was a cookie problem. Nope, not cookies as it happened on my Laptop as well and interestingly my mother's account seemed to be unaffected by whatever was wrong. Tried phoning, first time I got cut off, second time I tried a was told they were having website problems and that they hope to have everything back to normal soon. I've cancelled all bar one order I had in progress (looks to be at the packing stage) and am now keeping a very close eye on my bank account to see if anything unusual happens - so far not yet. IMHO it looks as if they've had a little hacking issue again! Mike.
  10. Normal service resumes, France beat Scotland 22-16. As my dad succinctly put - Scotland gave the game to France. Mike.