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  1. Nice, brings back memories of my effort back when the kit was first released.
  2. No1 sqn
  3. You don't get the 50cal, the Milan replaces it. Mike
  4. I'm not normally a fan of what-ifs, but I like this. Well executed as well. Mike.
  5. Nice job! Mike
  6. Nice model, well done. Mike
  7. Hi Spence, Please reserve me a copy, PM inbound with Addy. Mike
  8. Great Progress, you can't half rattle throught a Kit!! Mike
  9. This book is quite good for the F3, but there is no detail shots. The book mentioned above would be useful, as there is little difference from the intakes backwards, apart from the belly, the extension below the fin , the lack of outer pylons, the extended wing glove, the fuselage extension behind the Cockpit and the fin top. (OK thats quite a few differences, but you know what I mean!!) A web search will probably highlight the other differences. Also there is the HT book on the Tornado, but again, that concentrates on the IDS/GR variant. Mike
  10. Kwakermad. Thanks for the Offer of photos of the actual thing, I'll have a think, cause I'm sure there will be and I'll get back to you, Where are you based? I'm thinking its either Marham, Coningsby or Lossie??? Or none of the above? Small update. I've made a start on the flaps that will go into the Flap bays seen above, each flap is made up from11 parts!!! This is how far I've got!! I can see this is going to be a slow process, each "rib" is made out of 2 pieces, I've decided to solder the joins for more strength, I've then soldered the 2 ribs onto the lower part of the flap. There are another 2 "inner ribs" that locate in the slots seen in the upper part of the flap, the front edge then needs to be curved down in between the 2 outer ribs, but this is where I'm scratching my head a bit. I need to get something I can get uniform curves into the upper flap to follow the contuors of the ribs, I've ordered a "Brass assist roller set" so once that arrives I'll give it a try, hopefully it will do the job. Thanks for looking, and again sorry for the poor photos and the glacial pace. Mike
  11. I bought that book a couple of weeks ago, £25!! i thought BL***y H**l!! What a book! The detail blows all other books on the Tornado out of the water. I'd recommend it Mike
  12. I'll be buying it, looks good. Keep up the good work. Mike
  13. Really nice job there, the open air photo's are cool. Mike