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  1. Hi Mike, a question about the seat as it looks too long in the pan ( bottom) or is it just the way the photo has been taken. Cheers Graham
  2. Only for around 6 weeks but the QRA's are moving back to Leuchars while runway work is carried out at Lossie in 2019. Still a shame that they don't do the airshows there anymore. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/fife/724419/typhoons-to-make-brief-return-to-former-raf-leuchars-base/ Graham
  3. A bit more colour, props painted but not fitted as decals next before flaps etc. Graham
  4. Wonderland don't sell Xtracolor anymore as they could not get re-supplied so dropped them. Graham
  5. Sprayed Xtracolor dark earth but to me it looks a bit off, what do you guys think? There's a light grey primer under it rather than the kit black. Graham
  6. Lower flaps done and with a wee bit of cutting and sanding the rear of the engine it fits Graham
  7. Started the lower flaps and here's what I managed after 4 hours!!!! Damn fiddly to say the least. Johnny here's my take on the green/black in the cockpit area. Graham
  8. Decided with all the Lanc action going on to rescue the MkII from the shelf of doom, I have only included a few pics as good old photobucket screwed the previous ones up. It gives you a peek of what's involved and there are other pics if anyone needs to see more of the build, I am working on the outer wing flaps at present. Graham
  9. Hi Johnny if it's not too late the 2 windows either side of were the W/op sits need to be moved back towards the wing as on the kit they are too far forward, hope this pic helps. Graham
  10. Do you have the original clear parts as I got John Wilkes ( the now owner of the ID kits) to copy a new set for my old ID B-17 when I had it. Graham
  11. Festival time here in Edinburgh and tonight we had a flyby by an A400, an unusal sound when gently flying along at a low level for flying over a city. Graham
  12. This morning the back of 10 there was a Merlin, Puma and Chinook over Edinburgh, the Merlin flew on while the Puma circled and the Chinook landed at what looked like Dreghorn Barracks from where I was, then 5 mins or so later took of and both headed south. Graham
  13. The company I work for here in Edinburgh amongst other things delivers the radar for the Typhoon and the company posted on out web site a video of the 500th Typhoon being delivered to the Italian Airforce on the 11th of April, not the big numbers first being banded around but slowly getting there. Graham
  14. Graham

    HK B17-F

    Hi, any idea when the B17 will be available ( I have one on backorder) as I see Wonderland models are now showing them in stock as of yesterday. Thanks Graham
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