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  1. ModellerUK

    Which 1/72 Victor kit

    It is my first Large aircraft that I plan to incorporate into a diorama of a fairly decent standard in flight.
  2. That is incredible! The scheme is superb too whoever came up with it.
  3. ModellerUK

    Which 1/72 Victor kit

    I know Flightpath do a K2 detail set at £28 however is the Airfix going to outdo the Matchbox/Flightpath combo?
  4. ModellerUK

    Which 1/72 Victor kit

    Seen as there is no 1/72 VC10 yet Boooo!! Im looking at doing a Victor in 1/72, my first Large aircraft. My question is what is a recommended kit for a Tanker? Should I wait for the new Victor? Thanks
  5. ModellerUK

    Framing Completed builds

    Thanks for the link! Yes I am going to more than likely make my own but was curious as to how aircraft specifaically jets are displayed
  6. ModellerUK

    Framing Completed builds

    Not sure if this is the right section. Has anyone ever/ever thought of framing a completed build? I am thinking of doing this but obviously the scale will have to be much smaller, I usually do 1/32, 1/48 minimum. Any advice?
  7. How have I only just come across this, a truly amazing Bird, I have always thought using pre painted photetch was cheating but it has been used to great effect in this build. Thanks for sharing
  8. ModellerUK

    1/32 Tornado Cockpit, Stumped.

    Thanks all and @nigelshipp I have seen some of your work on the Tornado SIG Forum, fantastic stuff! What I’d give to get one of those F3 conversion kits!! I have decided to have it displayed in flight so lid closed and aircrew in place so too much won’t be on show, but I shall scratchbuild a few bits and pieces.
  9. ModellerUK

    1/32 Tornado Cockpit, Stumped.

    That’s the issue, I don’t want to spend about 30 quid on it just to use a few bits and bobs from it, I might have to venture into scrap building and do a lot of research.
  10. ModellerUK

    1/32 Tornado Cockpit, Stumped.

    That is what I have heard too, the problem is I have seen some fantastic work on resin cockpits but sometimes they are a pain to install. I haven’t seen much mention of kit tubs painted up though.
  11. ModellerUK

    1/32 Tornado Cockpit, Stumped.

    The cockpit from the kit does look decent, I originally planned on modelling it in flight so canopy closed but the seats have seatbelts attached so would be hard to attach pilots. Looks like canopy will be open. I have read that the resin parts can be temperamental to fit in the kit.
  12. ModellerUK

    1/32 Tornado Cockpit, Stumped.

    I have a set of resin seats for my 1/32 GR1, however I don’t want to spend a fortune but is the Kit cockpit good enough with resin seats? With just a few subtle scratch built parts? If so what sort of parts would be ideal to scratch build and add to the kit put? Or is it worth spending £30+ on a resin cockpit set? Regards
  13. ModellerUK

    Tornado wheels a & b ?

    Italian I have no idea, you’ll have to do a bit of research for that if your bothered if not then never mind, it is only a subtle difference
  14. ModellerUK

    Tornado wheels a & b ?

    @Tonka Different types of tyres but the same make I believe. If you look at the tread pattern of both mains one has 4 grooves and the other has 3. The Tornado uses two different types of main wheels 'Domestic' Usually used in the UK and 'Hot and High' usually used on ops. I am unsure as to which is which though.