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  1. Fiat 500 will likely be the old one. The Renault 5 Alpine will be the ex esci rally car. Same for the mk2 Escort. And they are also releasing the ex Nitto Lancia Stratos Safari. Ashley
  2. I've built the KPGC10 kit, rfi on here somewhere. And it's a stunning kit. I also have both those Tamiya BNR32 kits part started so will watch along. Again I plan on doing what you seem to be doing and going for the hot skyline of each Gen. Or maybe you're just sticking to the GT-R's? My plan is a kit of each of these: S54B KPGC10 KPGC110 KHGC210 KHR30 & KDR30 KHR31 BNR32 BCNR33 BNR34 DBA-R35 Ashley
  3. Was your senior moment when you was placing the Ford decal on the bonnet by any chance? Ashley
  4. Thanks for showing us all how to build this kit properly Nick. Looking forward to the rfi when it comes along. Ashley
  5. At least I got the names right haha Ashley
  6. Going by the text at the bottom of the picture. I don't know the language so can't actually read it but it looks like the top tyres are Michelin (Michelinit) and the ones below are Dunlop (Dunloplila) Ashley
  7. I think I read in one of the Graham Robson books that the arches weren't a standardised add on part, being hand made for each car that needed them. So the arches could well be different from the ones Belkits moulded. Ashley
  8. There were a few 6r4's in the hanger in the morning, didn't see any on the stage though. And one was on the back of a trailer later in the day. A lot of cars didn't make it back out for the second running. The Sunny GT guys sheered their wheel studs on the first run. One escort was having it's rear axle taken out and the Sapphire Cosworth a friend of my friend was using needed new brakes after the first run. It was carnage lol. Ashley
  9. Also on the way back from Race Retro yesterday I saw a car that whilst my friend told me the make, I've only just found out the model. It was a Gilbern Invader Estate in red on an old K reg. I see where the Reliant Scimitar got it's looks now lol. Ashley
  10. I was at Race Retro yesterday too. Very nice selection. And very impressed with the F2 kit cars out on the stage, first time seeing an Escort RS2000 Maxi too. And got to see Ari Vatanen hooning an Ex McRae Subaru Legacy. If you're there today and see the damage, you know why Sadly Marku Alen wasn't able to make yesterday
  11. The problem with that is, is that that's a classic Marlboro livery. Even Rally cars carried it and you'd either be banned by the FIA for subliminal advertising, or sued by Marlboro or both. Plus doesn't Marlboro still 'donate' money to the Ferrari team? Ashley
  12. Mclaren use Honda engines. The Honda Yuasa BTCC team are Sponsored by Halfords. The Mclaren has the same colour scheme. Are Halfords sponsoring the team? Or just a coincidence? Ashley
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