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  1. I'm fairly certain that Berthold's DVII was an early model and should have five colour lozenge. It also used the Mercedes engine but the Revell kit has the BMW engine. I've copied and pasted part of a thread I posted to on ATF. Hope it helps. Regards, Steve It's a simple conversion that Ray Rimmel first publized in Wings in the 70's or 80's. The exhaust is removed from the kits BMW engine. The Mercedes exhausts exit the fuselage half way down the starboard side. Drill a hole and then find a small piece of 10 thou card. Drill two small holes next to each other and push hss into them and cement. The hss goes through the fuselage hole and the card acts as a plug which is glued into place. Add the radiator and use plastic card or sprue to fill in the step where the exhaust would have lain. File to shape. Remove the filler cap and relocate to the centre of the radiator top. The vents on the fuselage sides are from the later BMW version and I simply removed some with a file in Roden fashion. The late Dan San Abbot reckoned there were somewhere in the region of a dozen different vent patterns so what ever you do it won't be far wrong. The Osprey books offer various alternatives. The rest of the kit is as Mr Revell intended.
  2. Thanks for the info Guys. Neither is available at present but the Owl is expected soon. Bit pricey at 42 euros with p&p though. Regards, Steve
  3. Thanks for the info Jan. As for a second subject my vote goes for the Salmson 2A2. Regards, Steve
  4. The " Matchbox" Flycatcher is a spoof that was posted on ATF. The thread is worth a look. Regards, Steve
  5. Just wondering if any of the 1/72 kits offer the early bomber option with the lower gondola mg position. Failing that are there any aftermarket choices. Regards, Steve
  6. Very impressive. Regards, Steve
  7. I always found the Soviet site very handy but it seems to have gone awol. Anyone know what's going on? Regards, Steve
  8. Many thanks Jan. Regards, Steve
  9. Anyone know what the hold up is ?
  10. Me too. I've got plenty to go at as well. Regards, Steve
  11. Butt joining wings is not my favourite pastime. Whenever I can I will add metal wire or brass support rods. With rods or even small pips it makes getting the wing in the correct position easier. When butt joining I have to mark the wings position on the fuselage with a pencil. Then I add a small amount of polystyrene cement to the wing root, let it go tacky, and then position. I do one wing and let it dry with supports under the wing tip. When the cement has dried and I'm happy with the position I run liquid CA along the joint. Then repeat for the other wing. As for rigging I find my technique varies according to the aircraft. Sometimes the upper wing is thick enough to allow a blind hole to be drilled and in these cases I would drill through the lower wing. In other cases I razor saw a tiny nick into the top and bottom of the struts. I loop invisible thread around the struts into the nick and secure them with CA before cutting off the excess. Neither method is perfect but in many cases there has to be compromises. Regards, Steve
  12. As far as Joystick goes I agree with Paul. I've built the Albatros J1 and have the Aviatik BII in progress. In both cases the wings are thick enough to allow locating holes to be drilled. However I had to butt join the lower wings as I couldn't drill holes to receive support rods into the wing ends, far too thin. Regards, Steve
  13. The simple answer is no but this gentleman scratched one in 1/72. The site that hosted the build thread I followed is no more but I'm sure it still exists elsewhere. HTH, Steve
  14. Those kits have got to be very difficult to get hold of at present. Probably at bit pricey too, particularly the Virginia. The Hyderabad and the Hiniadi can be kit bashed using the Airfix 0/400 as the main donor kit. Regards, Steve
  15. My scale is 1/72 and the most I've paid for a single kit was £30 plus about three quid p&p. I won it on Ebay. A bargain too as it was the Roden Zeppelin Staaken RVI which at the time went for about £70. Thirty quid remains my limit.