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  1. FBA H flying boat 1/72

    Thanks Guys. Added mags and a camera to the front cockpit and stuck them to the bulkhead. Then stuck the cockpit decking on using CA gel. When dry it was back to the files to make everything match. I've used Plasto on the gaps and some small dents and will smoothdown later before applying liquid CA to the balsa surfaces. The wings were cut from 40 thou card which had been submitted to the pipe and hot water treatment. The ribs are scored with a sharp blade. Tail unit still to cut but its looking like a floatplane now. Regards, Steve
  2. Dawn Patrol

    Pardon my ignorance but I thought French and British aircraft sported blue/ white and red trailing edge fin stripes throughout WW1. Did not the change occur during the 1930's. Regards, Steve
  3. FBA H flying boat 1/72

    Thanks P. This is my last block of balsa so will be looking for a replacement. I fancy trying basswood which I imagine should be more resilient to knocks during construction. As for the FBA I've managed to shape the fuselage and then cut out a block for the cockpit section. A floor of plastic card, two seats, rudder bar and a control column will surffice. I'll add some Lewis mags in the front cockpit and possibly a hand held camera. These can be added to the bulkhead between the cockpits. Two fuselage sides are needed to fill the gap and these were sliced off the block that had been cut out. It had been shaped as part of the fuselage before removal so I knew it would fit in.About a tenth of inch was cut off the top as the upper decking is made from 80thou card. The cockpit holes were cut and shaped and a slice of balsa was cut off the top side to accommodate this piece. Next I'll fill the indentations in the wood before applying liquid CA to reinforce the balsa surface. Regards, Steve
  4. Looking good. A very slender fuselage that as you said has definite FBA overtones. Got my attention. Regards, Steve
  5. FBA H flying boat 1/72

    Thanks for the comments Guys. It will be French because I have French roundels in the supplies. I've never been able to get a hold of green, white , red Italian roundels although the less common red, white green are available. Regards, Steve
  6. Hi All, Late on parade again with life getting in the way. Was debating on starting the Roden Felixstowe but not in the right frame of mind for such a large project. Instead I'm going for the other end of the scale with the FBA. I've used this method once before when I scratched a Russian Grigorovich flying boat. The hull is carved from balsa with the cockpit section cut out and built up using card, strip and spare parts. The wings will be cut from card and a Hisso engine remains from a Curtiss Jenny build. Have started on the fuselage. In short, I ran off a couple of copies of the datafile plans and cut out the relevant sections. Initially the fuselage profiles are stuck to the balsa block and the shape pencilled around. Then with a sharp knife draw around the template and then progressively deepen the cut until the excess can be removed. It's not difficult and the watchword is patience, i.e. don't rush. Progress so far. Regards, Steve
  7. Hannants cart

    Hi, Anyone had problems saving items to the cart on this web site. It recommends I check my security settings in such cases but I can't see anything different from previous visits. Regards, Steve
  8. WW1 French aircraft production - data needed :)

    From the Aerodrome but it is generalized. http://www.theaerodrome.com/aircraft/statistics.php
  9. Nieuport/ Gloster Nightjar/ Mars X

    Sorry, I should have written, new tail planes(scratched) and (the) tail skid appears to have been pinched from the SE5a. Regards, Steve
  10. Nieuport/ Gloster Nightjar/ Mars X

    I had a brief look at this as a conversion last year. The most obvious starting point was the Eastern Express/Toko Sopwith Snipe. It's not an easy one and these are just observations. Length is only a few inches different. The Gloster cockpit would have to be moved back. The forward upper decking is lower than the Snipe but as this is a separate part it should be easy to replace. New fin and rudder from card, new tailplanes and tail skid appears to have been pinched from an SE5a. I think the wings are useable and need to be reduced as the Snipe are three feet longer. Cut outs to fill and new ailerons required. Not sure if a new cowling would be needed. Would definitely be a looks like rather than a replica. Regards, Steve
  11. Photobucket fix

    it's working now. Ta very much.
  12. Photobucket fix

    Have downed loaded Firefox and added the extension. Not working for me. It's working now. Ta very much.
  13. Airfix Tribute Forum . . . back on air today

    I'm still getting the same as Dogsbody's post.
  14. Photobucket fix

    Have downed loaded Firefox and added the extension. Not working for me.
  15. Ultimate laziness?

    I know a lady who lived in a first floor flat and had a small Terrier. It was lowered by the collar and extended lead from a window to the grass below. Having performed it was then hauled back up. As far as I know it died of old age.