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  1. HR Nieuport 10 1/72, built as a 10 bis. Eastern Front, late 1916 - 17. Regards, Steve
  2. Have finished today and will post the final photos in the Gallery. This has proved to be a very nice build with few fit issues. Judging by the left over parts I'm wondering if a Nieuport 12 will be offered later. As for the basic kit the ready fixed cabanes will appeal to many although I still think Matchbox had the right idea. It's fair to say that the instructions require a bit of thought, more so regarding the two seat version, but it is still a decent build. Regards Steve
  3. Thanks Peter. Other wing went on same way and I added a windscreen before the top wing was fixed. However I forgot to locate the extra cabane struts that are between the pilot and observer. The kit supplies a U shaped part which looks like the later rear support. This replaced the earlier V struts and made it easier for the crew to enter the cockpit. There is no indication within the instructions to the additional cabanes which I gleaned from the WSDF. But judging from the photos in the DF it looks that Russian aircraft were all built with V struts and this is what I added. I decided to use the U part as the rear gun ring. When everything was set the undercarriage was next. I couldn't get the legs to lie correctly with the kit axle. I tried reshaping it a little but in the end I replaced it with a piece of plastic rod. Not as nice but it kept me sane. Remaining tasks relate to the wheels and armament. Regards, Steve
  4. Haven't built this one since the original came out. One of life's survivors as I've still got it. This one is for export and will get Belgian markings. Regards, Steve
  5. Absolute corker Steve. The rigging is amazing. Regards, Steve
  6. Excellent work to date. Wondering if the engine from the Airfix BE2c could substitute for a Renault. Regards, Steve
  7. Been on hold for a while. Two reasons, the first while I concentrated on finishing my De Havilland entry but the second had the greatest effect. I had positioned the lower wings. These have a guide pin and the locating hole was widened a touch. All went well and the wings were a good fit. Until I dropped it and the wings both went separate ways. Not very thick I struggled to drill a hole to locate a new pin so I gave up before I melted the plastic. Now with the worktop clear I came up with this Heath Robinson set up. First add the top wing onto the fixed cabanes, let set and add the interplane. When almost set position the lower wing with glue on the butt end. The support is blue tak with plastic card on either end to prevent sticking. So far so good. Regards, Steve
  8. Airco DH9A, using the 1/72 Maquette Polikarpov P-1 kit. Sprues are identical to the earlier DH9A release by Maquette. Build is pretty much oob but I had to modify the rear gun set up to make it more Scarff like and the bombs are Airfix DH4 and the smaller ones are Coopers from an Eastern Express Strutter. Built as a generic bomber that was used on the Western Front and later in South Russia against the Bolsheviks, circa 1918-20. Regards, Steve
  9. Hi, Not your scale but it may be helpful. http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=337&t=25623 Regards, Steve
  10. Nearly done bar the final touch ups. Glad to have this one on the shelves and thanks to the GB for the motivation. Still not sure what happened with the upper wing as the first build had no such problem. However it was a relatively simple fix as was enlarging the starboard forward cabane slot. This was common to both builds. Couldn't use my Aeroclub Scarff/Lewis set up this time either. My choice of observer is a more muscular guy than previous and the gun ring wouldn't lie right. Made a ring from copper wire and adapted the kit rails with rod and used a spare white metal Lewis from the spares. Apart from that an enjoyable build. Next photos in the Gallery. Regards, Steve
  11. Thanks Gents, More progress to report. With the wings on I added rigging. Invisible thread from Aeroclub. Had it since 2007 and have started the final layer. Luckily we have a sewing shop locally so replacements aren't a problem. Undercarriage fitted ok but I couldn't fit the axle without seriously enlarging the holes to the point of breakage. Plastic rod will have to do. There are no bombs with this kit so I've made up some frames under the wings. Based on web photos from an aircraft at Tangmere, I think. Had to deviate and add two attachment bars spanwise rather than chord wise a la Airfix DH4 because the bombs I have are ex DH4. Will live with it as they will match the rest of the DH fleet on the shelves. Not far to go now. Regards, Steve
  12. Next stage was the upper wings and here I had a couple of problems. I attached the cabane struts and after a few dry runs came to the conclusion that the interplane struts were too short. Don't recall having this issue with the first build of this type. The dry runs were very fiddly and awkward to hold together so I added a couple of drops of cement to hold things together long enough to get a more accurate picture. Decided that the top wing had too much dihedral so I shortened the cabanes by a mille or so without success. Solution was to gently cut the upper wing sufficiently across the chord to allow the wing to be bent. Easier to see in the photos. Interplane were fitted and liquid CA will be run into the slots before touching up. Regards, Steve
  13. My first Airfix was the Albatros D.V. circa 1967-8. It had a header card and plastic bag and was a purply blue colour. Unpainted and glue overruns abounded. About ten years later it became one of my first conversions when it was very crudely converted into a W4 seaplane. The DV wings survived for another thirty years when they were used in another conversion. Steve
  14. Hi Stuart, I built the Formaplane FE2b last year and found it a pleasant build. Here's the build thread. http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=48847 http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=80&t=39957 And the ATF article referred to by Phoenix. Regards, Steve
  15. Thanks Guys. So far everything is fitting well. The fuselage join is almost perfect. I've used a tiny bit of filler along the starboard join of the upper decking. I've added the roundels to the wings and the transfers were no problem at all. Impressed to date. Got the Phoenix C.I as well and it looks good in the box but haven't gone any farther with it. I've read that the Sopwith Pup is a tremendous improvement over the old Airfix kit too. But they are pricey. I waited for my birthday and Hannant's temporary sale. Regards, Steve