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  1. Dank je, Andre! Just the answers I needed plus one photo more of 26+30 which I did not find. Cheers, Kari
  2. Hello! Thanks for the answers. Meanwhile I have educated myself somewhat at the http://www.916-starfighter.de/ and Flightschwein’s F-104G http://www.rolfferch.de/F104G/index.html -pages. Also found thread German nuclear strike configured F-104G questions here which has also info about the 26+30: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235018330-german-nuclear-strike-configured-f-104g-questions/ but not the answer did it have the cannon or cannon cover. It was "special" strike configured. What is interesting in the 26+30 photo ( http://
  3. Hello! Note the K-SIM fuselage is missing the fuselage truss structure which connected engine frame and rear fuselage. I do not know what colour it was painted. I have a guess, but hope someone (Massimo?) has certain info. Cheers, Kari
  4. Hello! Managed to get Hasegawa 1/72 F-104G (kit 00447) affordably. I have read that exhaust cone (afterburner) was changed on Lutwaffe Starfighters but do not know which model to which model. I would like to do JaBo 26+30 in Norm 83 from year 1985. Do I use the part A2 (shorter) or E3 (longer) for the exhaust cone? Is there something else I should know about the airframe details? Where can one get 1/72 decals for then Luftwaffe Norm 83 aircraft codes? Preferably ones with perfect register of colours. Cheers, Kari
  5. Hello! In my opinion Jochen raises up the essential modeling question. What was the variation of Soviet colours or official colour of any nation, actually? My answer is: I don't know (try the Derek - Vice Grip Garage tone). Albom Nakrasok IIRC (It's like more than dozen years ) does not talk about colour tolerances. BTW it contained also colour samples for shoe laquers, children's colour pencils, farming equipment paints among others. Akanin has written somewhere (ScaleModels.ru?) that for paint colour checking two bracketing etalons were used. I
  6. Kari Lumppio


    Hi! For 1/72 SBC Marabu Design MUDM72011 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MUDM72011 Cheers, Kari
  7. Hello! Below hopefully my old photo of Revell 87 against the Albom Nakraskok sample: My recollection is that Re 87 is even more close when seen with own eyes in natural lighting. The Revell 87 match was given by couple of IPMS Finland guys like almost thirty years ago. Albom Nakrasok and Soviet colours was theme of one meeting. then Is it really that long ago? Cheers, Kari PS I try to add here two other comparisons which both have appeared earlier in Britmodeller threads. They are also my photos.
  8. Hello! DLinevitch (Psy06), did these etalons (samples) have numbers? I mean the numbers as listed here (picture below) where one can find also the A(erolak) paints. They were known as A-21, A-22, etc. Later code changed to ПФ-19 and they are available as such even today, see for example: https://www.infrahim.ru/products/1759/. Note the ПФ-19 means these paints are (were) pentaftal based enamels, not straight oil enamels. https://postlmg.cc/zVd0XRg6 It is my picture taken from Scalemodels.ru thread:: Химия краски “A-“, АМТ и AII? (Paint chemistry “A-
  9. Hello! There is this good review by Jenesis Designs and Modelcraft to see in YouTube: *Quick-Snip Review* Special Hobby 1/72 Bf109E-4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McD4qn0Bt1o I liked it. I was somewhat sceptical of the SH Bf 109E model but not any more. Cheers, Kari
  10. Hi! Thanks. Monfronton in his book (drawing 5.20) does not give the actual dimensions, but the drawing (1/8 scale) measured equates almost exactly to 24 inch width for the sliding part. At the parallel "skirt" level. That is 8,5 mm in 1/72. Sliding part length from front (virtual) corner to rear (virtual corner) at the "skirt" height is about 7,45 mm in 1/72. Depends (~+/- 0,1 mm) which is taken as the "corner". Had to check twice that width really is larger than length, but it is. Should get pair of Airfix Vc, but they are still in some ro-ro or row boat or someth
  11. Hello! Jamie, in my opinion your AMT-4 looks good and has that yellow needed. I believe Antti's sample is taken against the MiG-3 "1" (s/n 2171) which in my opinon is not AMT-4 but some other, purer, green. (wrong, see Antti's later response)* The black/green MiG-3 wing example at Vesivehmaa is more like AMT-4 and your paint sample. No worries there and the AMT-7 light blue is good too. The greenish tinge in light blue original samples can also be partly effect of the paint binder yellowing. *The green can also be found on the MiG-3 "1" metal horizontal stabilizer
  12. Hei! I think Tikkurila has bigger factories in Russia than in Finland. I have understood the Akan co-operation is performed fully in Russia. And only the enamels. I do not know who manufactures Akan acrylics (it was Dupont?). Their enamels appear to be truer to the original samples. Cheers, Kari Addendum "Tikkurila has been in the Russian market for decades. Tikkurila started to export paints and coatings to the former Soviet Union since the 1970s. The first Western-style paint factory in Russia was opened by Tikkurila in St. Petersburg in 1995. C
  13. Hello! Brilliant presentation and very good model! One question. On the right side below windscreen there is something. Is that a TAT sensor? Was XX352 test plane? In Finnish Air Force HW-305 and HW-321 were used extensively by the Koelentue (Test Flight) and were equipped with such TAT sensor plus vanes etc special on the pitot boom. Unfortunately I could not find any photo to link. Cheers, Kari
  14. Hello! A friend pointed this thread to me. Hadn't read it before. The list I did post in 2003 of Finnish Hurricane wing types (likely in TOCH). Please forget it. At least stop providing my name with it. The incorrect list was based on wrong information given in a SIH book. I should be able to get the correct list but not for this occasion. I am pretty sure I have posted the correct one on some internet forum too. That would be 2008 or later. There was never any armoured windshield in Finnish Hurricanes. Finnish Hurricane head armo
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