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  1. Hello! Thanks GrzeM. I shall study Messerschmitt Bf110 B, C, D and E (book by Vasco & Estanislau) if it gives enough data for modification work. I agree Eduard 1/72 Bf 110s are the best. I should have some old Ju 87B kit too tucked somewhere. It might help some with the radiator intake shapes? But there are no Bf 110 B resin engines or somesuch to hunt? Cheers, Kari
  2. Hello! Not a very British theme but anyway. Is there any other sensible routes to a 1/72 Bf 110 B than LF Models resin kit? Hannants has it (now) £57.40 so pretty hefty sum. Though it is cheaper than scratch building if one's time is at least some money. I would be happy to know other's thoughts. Cheers, Kari
  3. Hello! This is very old thread. But when looking something else found some Tempest II photos on Polish museum Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego digital collection: Łuczak 305-304 Sq https://muzeumlotnictwa.pl/index.php/digitalizacja/katalog/1569 There seems to be 3 photos of Tempest II there, one shows serial ending 796(?) (EDIT or is it 736? If so ignore the next sentence) and unit code is E-something (see below). For some reason the code on landing gear cover seems not to be a match to the serial. I do not know if these are new or rare or even interesti
  4. Hi! My first thought from first glimpse of the Ape was that perhaps RAE used it to do "simulations" in real life instead of trying to analyze and calculate. Sort of ultimate mechanical aerodynamics program/computer (solver was the word I was after). I like the idea but pity the eventual test pilot. Aerodynamics Prototype Experimental = APE ? CHeers, Kari
  5. Hello! Note the addendum on my earlier post. It seems BW-393 spinner has been interpreted both black and blue when with winter camo. White stripe in any case when flown by Wind. Personally I probably would add the splash of blue colour just for the sake of it. Black is boring I have only two photos of BW-393 in winter camo (42-43) in my books and both are from right side. Cannot comment the left fuselage side nor left wing save the extreme tip. Special Hobby's pattern seem to be correct. Left horizontal tail may have had green/black stripe on the tip area.
  6. Hello! Blue spinner, blue rudder with white number was 1st Flight colours in 24 Squadron (Lentolaivue 24) Orange spinner, (olive) green rudder with orange number was 3rd Flight colours. Year 1942 BW-393 was in 1st Flight flown first by Luukkanen (from 1.6.1942) and then by Wind (from 10.11.1942) and certainly others, too. In 1.5.1943 BW-393 and Wind were transferred to 3rd Flight (orange spinner etc.). Winter camouflage 1942-43 on BW-393. During that time the plane was with 1st Flight and had blue spinner with white stripe possibly be
  7. Hello! Pete. Finnish AF Fougas were natural metal (Alclad). I've heard scratches were mangled out with steel roll, manual work usually for the junior ground crew. When I was in my conscript service Fougas were flying their last season and no such work was performed. Cheers, Kari
  8. Hello! Note that radio altimeter antenna (FuG 101 probably) has been moved on tip of a strut protruding from left wing tip. One explanation is that the altimeter antenna was optically in way and had to be relocated. But then it would have been enough to move the antenna outboard of the "tripod". FuG 101 operates at 337 - 400 Mhz - 75 - 89 cm wavelength - and such distance (or some specific ratio) would be needed to separate two antennas. Such separation looks to be the case (strut) so the pod has something to do with electormagnetic radiation? I don't know
  9. Hello! Of the yesterday, Bf 109 and CAD modelling. MTT has drawing for Bf 109 engine cowling which directly gives most of the necessary dimensions (in three dimensions!) with a fraction of millimeter at times. More than helpful for CAD modeller. Unfortunately the oil cooler shape is not included in this basic cowling geometry. Perhaps interesting detail: the drawing has a small shaped bulge over the upper engine bearer. You can see that same for example on Zvezda 1/72 Bf 109 F cowling but on real life the shape seems to be there but not a well defined bulge as on the drawing. In my
  10. Hello! If someone is interested the Finnish Air Force F-18s have been through Structural Refurbishment Program. It did not include any central barrel replacement. National (Finland) ICAF reports describing it are available online: (2017) https://www.vttresearch.com/sites/default/files/julkaisut/muut/2017/ICAF_Doc2433_Finland_Review_2017.pdf Especially Chapter 2.3.1 may be of interest. I notice with interest the Figure 17 of the report (FEM results of Bulkhead Y488). I did bond the boron patches on the first test specimens years ago while still working
  11. Hello! Oberflächenschutz Do 17 (Do N 1683 Ausgabe 2) "Führerraum bis Spant 7 mit allen Einbauten" "1 x DKH Einschichtmetalllack schwarzgrau Ton 66 Nr. 432 spritzen" Cockpit (everything) up to fuselage frame 7 painted schwarzgrau (NB no capital letter in the original). I am several hundred kilometers from my books so cannot help with the fuselage frame 7 location right now. Had this tidbit in a e-mail from a friend. Cheers, Kari
  12. A question for the Fw 190 gurus. Did Germans manufacture Fw 190 wing leading edges (they were separate modules) from spot welded steel sheet like the Me 262 nose cones? I have heard that from a colleague. Steel would have required paint finish even in late war Lw instrucitons like wooden flaps (Ta 152 at least) and fabric covered ailerons, elevators and rudders. Cheers, Kari
  13. Hello! I still hold the opinion that the half painted chord (leading edge) on Fw 190 wings was aerodynamic filler, possibly Warnecke & Böhm filler 119 D. This debate was done at TOCH forum years ago (Half painted Fw 190 wing undersides - the purpose? http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/showthread.php?t=3916&highlight=fw+190+half+painted ). Please do not continute the discussion in the TOCH thread as one major contirubutor is already deceased. Mustang and Spitfire wings were finished with putty and sanding smooth. Germans did note that and certainly k
  14. Hallo! On the "box" right margin where Title and such are the twitter etc symbols are functional. The lowest rightmost "paper sheet" with arrow pointing right produces pdf version of the document. I could not save the pdf, but could print it out as pdf. AltcarBoB. Have You tried the blue NEXT button? On the right margin also. HTH, Kari
  15. Hello! Silver camo stripes over the original Swedish green / grey camouflage. Cheers, Kari
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