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  1. Hello! Hyperscale does still have the BS 381 "British standard colours for ready mixed paints" chart with the two digit coces online: http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/images/bsc318c1931wm_large.jpg Of the palette on screen the closest match to blågrå to my eyes (whatever it is worth) is the "No 32 Dark Battleship Grey". It may be my computer screen, but the "No 33 R.A.F Blue Grey" does not look right, at least not lighter than blågrå (as it seems to be in Flygvapnet Gladiator photogrpahs?). Skål, Kari
  2. Hej/Hello! BS 381 Admiralty Grey(s) might fit to the blågrå definition? Cheers, Kari
  3. Hello! Vingtor (active here too) has downloadable pdf at his site of the Norwegian (R)F-84E: http://vingtor.net/downloads/VMC-1.pdf Very good material. Cheers, Kari
  4. Hello! Saw that one of the Mosquitos landed in Sweden. Many times there is photos of those planes and also in this occasion. "Landed" may be an overstatement according the photos found here: https://www.forcedlandingcollection.se/RAFe/RAF083-PZ164.html Cheers,
  5. Thank for all the info. EwenS ASV links were especially interesting. I'll try find a cheap Academy B-17E if I can. Some resin acessories are more expensive than that. If there are still some smaller details not mentioned (B-17G to Fortress IIA), let us know. Cheers, Kari
  6. Hello! Slowly going through Robert Stitt's excellent book of B-17 is Coastal Command service (2nd ed,). Slowly because of my real work load. The book of course initiated some scale model pondering, always a healthy phenomenon. Anyway my question is: has anyone made Fortress IIA ( ~ B-17E) out of Airfix 1/72 B-17G? Everything in the Airfix kit is so much better done that I would like to take that as starting point. If I ever get going, that is. Plus it has the astrodome, too. A small detail, I know. The obvious differences are nose dome, tail and beam gunner positions. What would be the best donor for the nose perspex and tail. Would Revell 1/72 B-17E pieces do? But any B-17 experts, is there how many smaller differences between E and G one should be aware of? All those small inlets and outlets, some odd panel lines etc.? Different turret domes, wheels or turbos? I think all the ASV gear has to be scrathced anyway and the Stitt's book covers the antennas quite well. Anyone knows what kind of black boxes were involved in the definite British ASV Mk II gear and where were they located? Cheers, Kari
  7. Hello! Took a peek on Massimo's Il-2 after long while. I see the 566 ShAP "07" "Avenge for Khristenko" is once again given as pictured in Summer 1944. IIRC it was memorial.ru or somesuch which had Soviet loss lists. IIRC Khristenko was killed in April 1945. If that is true, no the picture is not taken in 1944. 566 ShAP had two white ring on rear fuselage from late June 1944 perhaps lasting to the end of the Viborg operation and the "overtime" period. Couple of photos exist and FinnAF pilots reported sighting them. IIRC in at least one of the pictures from that same series ground crew wears fur hat. In Summer, really? Cheers, Kari ,who is supposed to be working
  8. Hallo! You could try to stretch plastic tube (Q-tip or somesuch) over a metal needle? The plastic shrinks around hard shape which you can pull out afterwards. Insert thin constant diameter wire through later. I have made pitot tubes that way (leaving the metal insert in place, though). No idea if this would work. At least the core needle would need tip curved the other way round than from the factory. Cheers, Kari
  9. Hallo! For what it is worth. RAF 6 and Clark Y were very typical propeller airfoils. Basically flat underside (backside on propellers). Some thicker NACA for the tip areas. Root areas differ and end up as circular at the blade root. See for example this NACA report: http://naca.central.cranfield.ac.uk/reports/1939/naca-report-650.pdf I would suggest 0,1 mm trailing edge thickness for the propeller 3D printing whatever the airfoil is. And for the tip area thin ellipse works fine. Been there, done that. Cheers, Kari
  10. Hello! Antti gave all the basic info I think. Thanks to him. Please note MG-114 was Finnish modified reconnaissance version ("MGT"). MGT Intrument panel is different from the fighter version. And yes the Kuivalainen photo etch is the reconnaissance one, but lacking all the confidential recce specials. Strictly one can use it "straight" for those MGTs transferred to the fighter squadron 31 for pilot training right at the end of MiG-21 BIS era in Finland. I do not offhand remember the individuals. Cheers, Kari
  11. Hallo! I think it is rather the Vaisala copy of Revi 3D sight. Vaisala was and is a Finnish high-tech company. EDIT A friend corrected me on couple of things: The Vaisala copies of Revi sights were manufactured by Yrjä Väisälä's company which is not the Vaisala (which despite this was and is Finnish hi-tech company) the friend says the sight in the photo is either genuine Revi (installed by Gemans) or Vaisala copy of Revi 3a I stand corrected. For Yrjä Väisälä there is Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yrjö_Väisälä Please note the photo is colourized and the interior colour is the choice of the "artist", not a fact. Cheers, Kari
  12. Hallo! Finnish Curtiss armament is even more complicated theme. Suomen Ilmailuhistoriallinen Lehti ( https://sites.google.com/view/ilmailuhistoriallinenlehti ) has written some articles related to this. Already from 1941 Finnish Curtiss fuselage armament was being changed. One 12,7 mm machine gun on left side replaced the original smaller caliber ones. At first Colt but as there was no sufficient numbers available Soviet 12,7 Bereshina (Berezin) became the large gun. The modification can be seen for example as as a shell chute opening on left side of armament panel forward of wind shield. IIRC late 1943 first Curtiss modifications with two Finnish 12,7 VKT machine guns were delivered and by 1944 that was the norm for all factory overhauled etc CUs. At lest two IL-2s were nailed with these weapons. For the small caliber guns 7,5 mm French guns and 7,7 mm for the Norwegian ones, but don't quote me on the latter one. Cheers, Kari
  13. German drawing of fuel cooler in this thread: Cheers, Kaei
  14. Hello! Thanks gentlemen. Wolfpack seems indeed have couple of decals for 1972 birds. (in 1/72 and 1/48). Where would I find good photo(s) of 497 TFS Chaff bombers? Or is there any? Even book or an magazine article. It looks like most of the internet photos are from late 60's and even the subtype might be wrong? Alternativley where can I find tail numbers of 497 TFS Phantoms during Linebacker II? If there was only one ALE-38 carried on the ECM missions it must have been on centerline? M-129s would be carried how, tandem, double, triple? Something whiixh one good photo could solve. And what would hjave been the ECM pod if carreid? Sorry about so many questions. Usually I find what I need by googling, but not now. Cheers, Kari
  15. Hello! I've read and been rereading Osprey book "Operation Linebacker II 1972". Now if I wanted to build an historically accurate 1/72 497 TFS "Chaff bomber" from Linebacker II where would I find info about: Correct tail numbers and other relevant data photos, of the planes preferably with the "nite owl" emblem, if used at the Linebacker II period preferably with the LORAN antenna black undersides? load info the book says one ALE-38 and four to six M-129 - on what pylons, what type of pylons etc. type of ECM pod(s) carried? external fuel tanks? The book has one painting, but am not sure how reliable it is a reference. Is there 1/72 decals available for 497 TFS Phantoms? ALE-38 seems to exist in Revell 1/32 Phantom, but I couldn't find one on my old Revell 1/72 F-4F remaining sprues, Is such pod available in kit or resin form? M-129 chaff/leaflet bomb. Where to find in 72nd? Phantoms being not my forte any good advice is welcomed. Cherers, Kari
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