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  1. Kari Lumppio

    Did the Finnish AF fly recce Bf109Gs

    Hello! MT-462 and -483 were of G-8 subtype but were used as fighters. No cameras were installed. IIRC in old Finnish magazine Suomen Siivet veteran mechanic of one (MT-483?) was surprised to learn a lot later (70's) that "his" Bf 109 had been reconnaissance variant. By the way. MT-462 did not get Finnish markings before it was damaged in Summer 1944. It was repaired and flew post-war only with the cocade Finnish AF markings. War time it flew only with German marking (and temporary MT-462 scribble)? I did research the Bf 109 remarking in Summer 1944 somewhat awhile ago. My personal hunch is that they pondered returning the G-8 subtypes, at least MT-462 back to Germany. The situation did not allow that, I think. All other Bf 109s from the same delivery batch were painted with Finnish markings on the day of arrival. Cheers, Kari
  2. Kari Lumppio

    Help needed to identify a Bf109G-6

    Of Bf 109 landing gears, please see: http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/showthread.php?t=1008 Cheers, Kari
  3. Kari Lumppio

    Blenheim fuselage underside

    Graham is right. WIndow was for camera. Forgot to mention it. In Finland the hatch opening was also used for domestic incendiary bomb cassette. Cheers, Kari
  4. Kari Lumppio

    Blenheim fuselage underside

    Salut! For what it is worth. All Finnish AF Blenheims did have the hatch and the window in it. Also the Sarja IV which was Mk I in RAF configuration. The hatch was AFAIK smaller in Sarja I which were the Blenheims Finland ordered before war and were of indigenous configuration. Open bomb bay etc. On Sarja V (short nose) and VI (long nose) manual shows the window could be coverd over with hinged plywood cover from inside. I do not know if British Blenheims had the same. In theory the hatch could be used for emergency evacuation. In some rare photos one can see it hanging open. Nothing I can link to, unfortunately. Cheers, Kari
  5. Kari Lumppio

    Bf-109G6 winter camo help

    Hallo! Not my model but consider also this. Soviets did not use national markings on wing upper sides. German aircraft with crosses overpainted on wing top would have been flying with enemy "markings". Not saying it did not happen, but would not have been very logical. Cheers, Kari
  6. Kari Lumppio

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Yak-9T (Crowdfunding)

    Hello! I know it may be rude to give advice without anyone asking so pardon that. When I saw how You approach the fuselage modelling, I thought to describe how I would do the WING and EMPENNAGE 3d modelling (I do something similar for living). For the aerodynamic surfaces You will need: 1. Root airfoil and chord and location to datum 2. Tip airfoil and chord and location to datum 3. The possible geometric twist (I think the Yak-9 had no twist = root and tip arifoil do have the same incidence angle) So in 3d world you need two curves (only). Create blend (Creo) or extrude (Solidworks) between them - distance between them has to be known - and you are done for the basic wing or similar geometry (after mirroring, of course). Wing/empennage tips are challenging. I have got best results by using airfoils with exact chord taken from top planform geometry (not too many!) the one at tip very tiny. Soliworks has somewhat better tools to handle the extreme tip. For surface details I have no advice. But Yak had wooden wing covered with thin fabric, puttied and painted. Upper side smoot as a silk save the fuel filler cap and fuel meter (round gauge, Pilawskii's site used to have good info EDIT it's still alive!: http://vvs.hobbyvista.com/Research/Yakovlev/FuelGauges/index.php ). The fuel tank covers on underside wings are visible. Of course landing flap gaps/hinge and aileron gaps, too. Yak-9 used 14% thick YH Clark airfoil at root and 10% thick YH Clark airfoil at tip. Thickness% is local (wing) thickness divided by local chord ( t/c). http://m-selig.ae.illinois.edu/ads/aircraft.html Clark Y and YH family airfoils are almost flat at bottom most of the chord: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clark_Y You sould get the Clark Y airfoil coordinates from here: http://m-selig.ae.illinois.edu/ads.html Empennage airfoils (horizontals and verticals) are almost always 10% or thinner and symmetric airfoils like NACA 0009 (9% thick). Even if not, it approximates reality better than most of kits. Wing and empennage thicknesses seem even today be problem for many kit manufacturers. Getting them right will make any kit looking better.. Have to stop now. I wish You a success with this project, Kari
  7. Kari Lumppio

    Finnish MiG-21BIS chaff pod questions

    Hello! Of the Finnish reconnaissance MiG-21 BIS - sometimes called MGT in documents. The modification has not a thing common with with MiG-21R. Modification design and parts manufacture Finnish and Western products for all the ECM, flares and reconnaissance eguipment. Cheers, Kari
  8. Kari Lumppio

    SOAF strikemaster battle of mirbat 1972.

    Hello! I bought the "Storm Front" based on recommendation IIRC on this forum while in UK with family some years ago. Found it only when at airpoirt (Gatwick) on return trip. Read it through immediately - during the return flight too - and it inspired a model build. It is on "stable condition" now for some years. But advanced enought to ask a quesion: Is there 1/72 decals available for the Omani Strikemasters for the Mirbat period? I do not have the old Airfix box and seems it does not have the small (day-glo?) orange numbers seen on fin and nose. Correct me if I am wrong. Cheers, Kari
  9. Kari Lumppio

    Ta 152H colours: Is there a definitive answer?

    Hello! Well said. It is also the original topic of this thread. My trial proposal for the dark greens would be RLM 70 and RLM 71. Why? No new unknown paints into the puzzle, just rearrangement of material (and our thoughts) Bomber production was effectively ended by the September 1944* Old stock of (also) RLM 70 and 71 were to be used up and they were the bomber colours I am all open to valid reasons against the proposal. Late war Luftwaffe camo was to protect aircraft on the ground. For the appropriate colours I think: For the Autumn 1944-Winter 1945 period grey (75/74), greens (71/70 and perhaps also 74) and brown (81) would serve the purpose as deciduous trees were without leaves (Birch is "grauviolett") and coniferous trees (PInes, Firs) were darkish green as always. Towards the Spring 1945 there would be need for the lighter green (lichtgün 82) as trees again got leaves. Your thoughts? Kari *"Göring ordered his Stab on 29th June 1944 that ... all production of bombers, torpedo bombers etc. as well as all trainign must be cancelled without delay. It is Füherer's will that only fighters be manufactured" JaPo Messerschmitt Bf 109s of KG(J)6 p. 9. There is more of the issue in the book.
  10. Kari Lumppio

    Ta 152H colours: Is there a definitive answer?

    Servus! Ta 152 and Fw 190 D Is it possible they used one of the old greens RLM 71 (or 70) with the new RLM 82 Hellgrün? Old paint stock was to be used up. For light green there was no old stock (if Ikaron 201 is not counted in). I saw mr. Crandall also participating so would be interested to know if surviving Fw / Ta artifacts have anything for my question above. Thanks in advance, Kari
  11. Kari Lumppio

    Building a MIG-21PF - using a Zvezda or RV as a base? (Renamed)

    Hello! I wrote "Undeneath one can find a fuselage similiar to the ealier F types". This meant and means the spine tank is add-on to fuselage (shape and geometry) similar - but not the same - as MiG-21F. Please do not misunderstand me. Yes, there is equipment bay behind the cockpit and forward of the fin, too. And the spine tank is between them. Finnish MiG-21 BIS had several pushrods with part number beginning 66 (or even E-66? It was 29 years ago). I think E-66 is the oldest version of the MiG-21? I would not be surprised if some mid-fuselage frames remained the same, too. Perhaps relocated, likely not. What I would like to know (and was asking) is if their intakes were optimized for different angle of attack. Nose tilt 3 degrees down for BIS. For me there is something different in the MF and BIS intakes and I would like to put finger on it. Cheers, Kari
  12. Kari Lumppio

    Building a MIG-21PF - using a Zvezda or RV as a base? (Renamed)

    Hello! This is not an answer to the original topic. Just wanted to say something about MiG-21 BIS (produkt 75b) shape compared to MF and such. MiG-21 BIS has forward fuselage centerline tilted down 3 degrees from rear fuselage & engine centerline. That is why BIS fuselage lower edge line is practically straight from nose wheel well to the fuselage joint line behind wing trailing edge and somewhat behind, even. Any model trying to be BIS should show this attribute. Also BIS intake lip outside is curved (to minimize pressure losses in the attached sonic vawe? Graham Boak might know more?) while MF PF, PFM etc have it sharper. Their fuselage lower line also seems to beging to curve upwards to the nose much earlier, somewhere near the cockpit rear wall. Intake diameter is indeed different, but that may be because of the radar size, too. BIS spine is one huge fuel tank (number seven). Undeneath one can find a fuselage similiar to the ealier F types. Rudder puhsrods go on the spine, too. If someone has MiG-21 MF manual I would like to know if it gives tilt angle for the forward fuselage and does it differ from BIS. Cheers, ¨Kari
  13. Kari Lumppio

    Spit VII cockpit photographs?

    Hello! Not Mk VII, but here is Mk VI seen in German eyes: Photo links seem still to work. Perhaps of some use, Kari
  14. Kari Lumppio

    MIG-21UM forward airbrake .. a further question

    Hello! For whatever it is worth. Not sure about UM, but at least with MiG-21 BIS (produkt 75B) you had to pull a T-handle and then pry the forward speedbrake open for service. If the speedbrake hangs out wihtout the said process it is broken. Not saying that you should not model the brake open. Cheers, Kari
  15. Kari Lumppio

    PE-2 interior colours

    Hi! Related to Troy's post #5. https://photos.app.goo.gl/DN9JedaH74DRJznV2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/vceViintRoqpf70q1 Have to go to sleep, Kari