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  1. Avro Lancaster Question

    Deletion (or otherwise) of the windows is not mark-dependent: Mk. I and III Lancasters were built in parallel, the one often being interspersed amongst the other. Deletion occurred somewhere between the JB- and NX- serial blocks but, as chillaton said earlier, older aircraft that survived long enough often had the windows deleted when they were rebuilt. AFAIK Canadian-built Lancasters in the KB-serial range had the windows but those in the FM- serial range, which were built after the KB- aircraft, did not. I'm going to disagree with chillaton on the score of the windows in the Dambusters' aircraft: there's a well-known image of S/L "Dinghy" Young's wrecked aeroplane lying on a beach that indicates that the windows had not been overpainted.
  2. Airliner access wanted

    Sadly the only new home that many of the jets at Bruntingthorpe, Lashem and Kemble (amongst others) is going to be the inside of a smelting plant.
  3. Decal sets suggestion open topic.

    Following on from that 25 Squadron's 75th (?) anniversary jet ZE838 with the silver and black spine and fin and Battle Honours banners on the front fuselage.
  4. Airfix Canberra B(I).6

    The Novo B(I)8 is a repop of the FROG kit. It lacks some of the finesse of the Airfix B(I)6 and shares some of the vices (lack of interior and wheel well detail). There's apparently a bit of an issue with fuselage length, to the extent that Ray Rimmell combined the FROG front fuselage with the remainder of the Airfix kit in a conversion article for Scale Models magazine back in the late seventies or early eighties as part of a twelve-article series dealing with the aircraft of Bomber Command. Apart from that some of the mouldings are a bit heavy and/or poorly-defined: the bomb bay doors with the integrally-mounded gun pack perhaps being the worst example. The surface detail is very fine and unobtrusive as befits the Canberra, particularly around the front fuselage where most skin joints are almost invisible (have a look at images of WE139 at Hendon and WF922 at Coventry for example).
  5. F-4J (RAF) and FG.1 nose contours, any difference?

    Ian and Jabba are correct, there's no discernible difference in the shape of the front fuselage but the engine intakes were widened by about six inches IIRC to allow for he higher mass flow required by the Speys. In 1/144th that'd be about 1/24th of an inch or 40 thou in old money.
  6. RAF Tomahawk question....

    The probability is that the aeroplane was originally finished, and delivered, in the Du Pont equivalents to RAF Dark Green, Dark Earth and Sky. At some point after arrival in the U.K. the spinner and rear fuselage band would have been painted in whichever variant of Sky was available to the Maintenance Unit or 26 Squadron (whichever had the aeroplane on charge at the time). You can bet your shirt, boots or anything else that the two Skys ("Skies?") would not match: from memory I think the Du Pont colour was less rich and slightly greyer or bluer. The port wing underside was repainted Night for an exercise: the colour did not, AFAIK, go all the way to the root (as indicated in the profile that you've posted) but started at the leading edge just outboard of the undercarriage fairing and was swept outboard towards the tip. Have a look at the colour scheme drawings for the Airfix 1/48th scale kit and, hopefully, that'll give you the right information.
  7. TSR2 meets Red Beard

    I particularly like photos 2 and 3: the colour scheme, and especially the "strip it, but leave the fuselage serials alone" paint job hits a right note for a hard-pressed, urgently-needed trials aircraft. Having now made this rod for your own back how about having a go at a 2-seat Lightning flying chase? Go on; you know you want to......
  8. Nikita, my apologies. I never realised that TTTE Tornados didn't have LRMTS and the penny certainly didn't drop that they didn't have the pylons installed. I suppose that, had I thought about it, training for the delivery of weapons fell to the Tornado Weapons Conversion Unit so why bother with that aspect at TTTE. Your model is definitely beginning to look the part, and another "good save" on the tailerons.
  9. The Airfix bang seat isn't a bad starting point and, if you're going to model the jet with the canopy shut and/or a pilot in situ you're not going to see much of it anyway. I've got a Mk. 6 on the go at the moment so, if you don't mind, I'm going to pinch borrow your tape padding and parachute pack plan. Airfix have dropped one here: despite what the instructions say, XR751 is/was an F. Mk. 3, so no guns and beware of the lower fuselage cable ducts: another member on here recently discovered, too late, that following the kit assembly instructions will have you position them too far forward. Looking at the colour scheme drawings above (rather than the stencil location drawings) should give you the correct positioning.
  10. Italeri Short Sunderland Mk. III advices

    Not all Sunderlands carried that many guns: some later Mk. IIIs, IIIAs and Vs had four .5 inch guns mounted in the nose but from the outside you'd only see the ends of the barrels (look at images of ML824 at Hendon for example. Usual rule: check for images of your subject, likewise with the guns. Flash eliminators might or might not be fitted. Weathering tended to vary: many Sunderlands tended to look grubby along the waterline on hull and floats unless they were fresh from the factory or off overhaul. Some aircraft that had been hastily camouflaged over aluminium dope or Sky Grey at the start of the war tended to shed quite large areas of paint in areas subject to heavy use or abrasion. There are six rigging wires per float, one each side from adjacent to the end of the strut to the underside of the wing and two diagonal braces fore and aft between the struts: I don't think any after market etched brass sets cater for them.
  11. Don't rely too heavily on Mach 2's painting instructions: most obvious on initial sighting is the underwing serials being the wrong way round; they should read inwards from the wing tips. I wouldn't mind a 1/72th Britannia C. Mk. 1 or 2 though........
  12. I hope this kit doesn't suffer from a cockpit that's too shallow like its 1/72rh sibling does: I found the remains of one of my old Matcbox Provosts t'other day and the difference in cockpit depth between it and the MikroMir/S&M kit is quite noticeable. Not going to stop me buying one or three though.....😉
  13. Disappointed with Hannants customer service

    I don't think you should post this in any forum: it's between you and them, the rest of us don't need to know.
  14. RAF Sabre F.4

    Got a pair of Ds,o, for you! Modeldecal allow you to do XD727, XB837/K and, IIRC, XB934/N, the latter pair with PRU Blue undersides. PM me your address and I'll get your bit in the post for you.
  15. Airfix Javelin in 1/72

    Neither 41 nor 85 flew the Mk. 9. Sorry, more later, erecting Christmas tree, not fun, rather be at work......
  16. TSR Weapons Testing

    I should think that many people at Rolls Royce at the time would have a less-than-positive attitude to TSR 2: RR had been BAC's first choice as engine supplier (at both Warton and Weybridge) but MoD's predecessors decided the Bristol Siddeley should get the job. RR had also been worshipping at the shrine of Boeing since the late fifties, promising them that the Conway could deliver 22,500 lbs of thrust for the 707, as it did for the Victor B. 2, but it couldn't for Vickers' V.1000/VC7. When HSA also went to BS for the Harrier and P.1154 engines RR saw red and bought them out, leaving themselves catastrophically under-funded when they needed money to dig themselves out of the can of worms that the problems with RB211 development deposited them in.
  17. RAF Sabre F.4

    I may have 2 copies of the Modeldecal sheet: if I have you can have the Ds from the second sheet. I'll check when I get back from work this afternoon and let you know.
  18. TSR Weapons Testing

    I wonder if that photo was taken post-cancellation: the way that the Red Beard mock up is rolling around loose on the floor and the bits of discarded structure and bang seat dummy are also just lying around suggests that someone had given up caring and was just waiting for the bin men to arrive.
  19. RAF Sabre F.4

    XD727/D of 92 Squadron is often illustrated and is covered on the Modeldecal sheet. She had 6-3 wings and High Speed Silver undersides with a low demarcation. There's a nice photo of her on (I think) very short finals that suggests that the initially gloss paintwork had weathered to just short of mattf. The paint also appears to have faded somewhat, but uniformly, without the darker boundaries around panel edges often depicted on models: the most obvious panel joints are along the upper fuselage, the front and rear spars and the gun access doors but they are not heavily delineated.
  20. Disappointed with Hannants customer service

    Thanks Troy; I hadn't realised that.
  21. TSR Weapons Testing

    Alternatively how about a pair of underwing camera pods on pylons at Station 155, or scabbed onto the wing at that location? They could then be angled inwards towards the weapons bay to capture the initial flight path of the weapon. This could also take advantage of the wiring (or at least it's routing) within the wing that would need to be there for stores carriage, fusing (if appropriate) and release. I think that John's photo at post 9 above shows (one of) the mock-up(s): XR220 doesn't presently have pylons fitted and all of the photos I've seen of her show her without them. XR226's wings were still under construction, but not far from completion, at Salmesbury on cancellation day (again there are photos of the wing line showing XR227's wings in an advanced stage of construction at the same time), so could potentially have been the first set to be fitted with pylons.
  22. RAF Sabre F.4

    If you can find them older tins of Humbrol Metalcote matt aluminium aren't too baud a match for High Speed Silver; newer ones seem to be a bit grey. Alternatively your local motor accessories shop might be able to supply something like the famed Nissan Silver which is also reputed to be a reasonable likeness.
  23. Disappointed with Hannants customer service

    Rather than post your displeasure on this forum I think that you should have approached Hannants directly; if they've not sorted the issue satisfactorily after your first contact go back to them directly. All you appear to have done is build an additional link into your chain and thereby delay a substantive response. I also think that it's a bit invidious of you to name the Hannants employee concerned on this forum: he or she could have been having a particularly lousy day for no reason connected with work and therefore not performing to their usual standard. It's it's not clear from your post hi Hannants we're the principal to your supply or simply an agent of Squadron: in the former situation they should resolve the situation; in the latter they'd be quite justified in dropping the ball into Squadron's lap. If you still fail to receive a satisfactory response from Hannants your next port of call should be the Trading Standards Office that covers Lowestoft. It isn't improbable that someone from Hannants, even David Hannants himself, peruses this site, but it may well not be part of their daily routine, so you may well be waiting some days for a direct reply, even a pm, to it. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if the mods don't close this thread down: so many in a similar vein have deteriorated into slanging matches and p***ing competitions in the past that this could become just one more too many. I'd also be surprised if Hannants don't fully resolve your issue, just be reasonable with them; they have a professional reputation to consider and I don't doubt that they will get the matter sorted. PS: I'm not any employee of, or shareholder in, Hannants; like you my only connection with them is as a customer.
  24. TSR Weapons Testing

    Yes John, it's one of them. There's a colour image of the still-intact fuselage up on a dummy undercarriage which shows the serial more clearly. I'm not sure if there's also a colour version of this image that also shows it more clearly, despite the efforts of the fire section to open up number 3 tank there. I think there's another one on the web somewhere showing the port side installation before it was torched off from intake lip to engine-face bulkhead. I wonder if the fuselage in the background is XR224: it has the undercarriage installed but appears less complete than XR223 was reputed to be at cancellation. XR225 had already gone to Salmesbury for final assembly and was in the fuselage join up jig on April 6th 1965.
  25. Do we want these as BM members?

    Our late Sweep (23.4.98 - 18.5.12) was my anti-carpet-monster cat: if she was around while I was trying to glue bits of plastic together and I dropped something she'd be there like a little fluffy pointer with her nose to it. Sadly her successors, Keats and Lily, have proved less successful in this role, but at least they haven't started eating bits of kits like the now-also-departed Maxwell (15.8.99- 29.7.11) who accounted for the starboard prop of a nearly-finished 1/48th scale Tamiya Mosquito PR. Mk. IV and the port rear undercarriage leg of an almost nearly-finished Matchbox Chinook (neither of these incidents contributed directly to his demise AFAIK, nor did his chewing through the wires for the Christmas tree lights one year). If that furry little pair in the photo are showing an interest then let 'em in. Any chance of some head-on photos please?