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  1. Man, that SOUND! I wish I could have heard a B-36 "live".... HPH should supply the kit with a CD of B-36 recordings.... Jeffrey
  2. 1:72 Lockheed F-104N Joe Walker Tribute

    The canon was faired over. The dark spot is the bit that covers the actual opening and it is a darker material than the forward aluminium fairing that covers the trough. I suspect that it is some sort of composite/fibreglass part. Jeffrey
  3. J.A.S.D.F. F4 Phantoms

    Cracking stuff! I really hope I'll get a chance to go there myself next year - time is running out... Jeffrey
  4. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Ah, that's why! Saturday I had no time for many excursions so I left it to the usually quieter Sunday... No, Telford and Hornchurch are the only shows I attend and the latter probably not next year either. J
  5. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    John - where the heck was the Canberra table???? What limited time I had getting away from my stand I mostly spent running around all 3 halls trying to find your Canberra, I even tasked my wife and a friend with it and they couldn't find it either... Really should have just asked you, but I forgot at the time. Jeffrey
  6. Great build and finish! How on earth do you do this? You are churning these beauties out one after the other like they're made of Lego. I'd take a year at least for one of those! Fabulous - you must have a huge display cabinet! J
  7. Hi, while my shop is currently closed for Telford preparations, I was taking the opportunity to move domains from .co.uk over to .com . The website is up and running as .com and there is also a redirect in place that takes you directly from any old .co.uk part of the website over to the .com site. I'm currently renewing my SSL certificate so a few links might still not work because they look for a https site, but with the shop closed I only have http, but this will be rectified in the next few days. There are a few more snags to iron out, in particular email forwarding doesn't seem to be working at the moment, but that should be sorted out soon as well. Cheers Jeffrey
  8. JGSDF helicopters and some ground vehicles

    Oh, it's in Osaka? Perhaps I will come next year then (if it's dry...). Perhaps the non-base helicopters are from Akeno JGSDF base in Ise? Thank you, Jeffrey
  9. crew fiqures

    I think your best bet is searching around on Shapeways, for 3D printed figures. There are a few... J
  10. JGSDF helicopters and some ground vehicles

    Wow, that looks very wet indeed! Which base was this at? Cheers J
  11. Hi, a year as passed already and it's nearly SMW time. I'll be in the same position as in previous years (hall 2, wall, position F2, next to Hollywood Trade airbrushes and near Wonderland Models). To ensure you get the items you're after and receive a 10% discount as well, please place your orders for show pickup soon, the web shop will close on Monday the 30th for stock preparation for the show. Please note that the Skywarrior items are currently being shown as out of stock, but please get in touch directly (PM, email, Facebook...) and I can add engine or canopy sets to your order. Cheers, see you at the show! Jeffrey
  12. SMW now enforcing liability insurance

    I created this thread to find a solution, both for individual traders and for SMW as a whole going forward. Once again, finger pointing and foot stomping is not helpful. Another idea could be to create some sort of Overseas Traders Group within IPMS UK that takes out the insurance on behalf of the overseas traders to insure their tables? J
  13. SMW now enforcing liability insurance

    Just to clarify (as posted above, but may have been missed or misinterpreted): I (as Hypersonic Models) have had UK business insurance pretty much since day 1 of trading and as such have always had PLI cover for SMW, museums etc. anywhere in the UK. My main concern is first and foremost for overseas traders as even for me in the UK it had been a bit of a struggle at first to find an insurer who actually understands the nature of my business and doesn't charge an arm and a leg for a high risk policy I don't need. To expect a tiny overseas business with perhaps limited grasp of the English language and legal terms to find an insurer to cover them is a big ask. Yes, it's been in the contract, but was this really fully understood, in particular as IMPS UK didn't check this? I've been coming to SMW before I started my company and apart from seeing models, the wealth of companies trading there has always been the main drive to attend the show. This issue could mean losing some of those small companies in much the same way as high streets are now full of chain stores. We don't want that to happen so we should work on a solution. Finger pointing and hubris doesn't help anyone. I'll explore the route of stallholder insurance further and make a few phone calls as well... J
  14. SMW now enforcing liability insurance

    IPMS UK invites traders from all over the world to attend and surely it's in their interest to bring as many to the show as possible. I'm sure that many overseas traders weren't even fully aware of (if at all) or understand the requirement of insurance or the legal terminology as in previous years. It wasn't policed so it wasn't given much thought. While I strongly resent the current blame culture, I fully understand IPMS UK's situation and also the requirement for insurance. HOWEVER the effort it takes an overseas trader to in try and obtain insurance just for attending SMW has been severely underestimated by the organisers I think and the stance of "get it or leave" without further assistance will mean many will chose the latter, leave. Would the market traders' association in the UK accept foreign members? As I said, it's not about UK businesses, obtaining event related short-term PLI is not a problem for UK businesses attending a UK event. It's the overseas exhibitors and traders I'm talking about. I think the application deadline for exhibitors could be brought forward a bit and anyone wanting to trade and cannot provide evidence for insurance could be required to pay a certain extra fee which will pay for a blanket PLI obtained by IPMS, according to the number of traders that require it. I feel strongly about this as I don't want to see bean counters and lawyers get the better of this great event. The legislation is in place and needs to be complied with, but how this is done makes all the difference. J
  15. SMW now enforcing liability insurance

    Exactly my hunch and why I think it was naive by the SMW staff to think this would be business as usual. If they can't come up with some sort of solution then this could be the end of many overseas exhibitors' presence at SMW and that would be an extremely regrettable situation. J Edited for auto correction error that made the post ambiguous