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  1. Hasegawa 1/48 MIG-25

    The Hasegawa kit is intended for the Japanese market - the ICM kit runs in the 8000 Yen range in Japan while the Hasegawa one has an RRP of Y7200 (and can be found for under Y6000). If you purchase an EU kit that's been sent to Japan, repackaged and then back to the EU only the distributors are going to win. J
  2. Sorry, I kind of regret having said this as I don't like tooting my own horn, as they say...But I just couldn't resist, especially as you said you are throwing a lot of aftermarket at the kit. There are issues with the stabs (to me the most obvious error - I can immediately spot an Academy F-4 with uncorrected stabs somewhere in the background on a blurry photo), the A/C intakes on the nose, the bulkhead of the radome, the main air intakes, the tail section, to name a few. Some problems are minor, some problems bother some builders but not others... And for some I provide correction parts. Cheers Jeffrey
  3. ...well, except for the bits that are wrong of course... ooops, that slipped out, I haven't said anything...
  4. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    I don't think this is a good method actually. The styrene/glue mix takes ages to dry, shrinks in the process and, as you't apply it to a thin leading edge, will substantially weaken the whole area with risk of making it distort and shrivel away... The funny thing is, that on my kit the fin leading edge is totally fine! My kit just has a host of other problems! J
  5. The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    Got my kit today. While I'm very happy about a nice, new 1:48 Sea Fury kit (I don't do many prop planes, but when I do...), I can't understand what's going on at Airfix regarding the quality. The company, their image and reputation and the pride and effort of the designers are let down by poor production and QC. My kit has a canopy with flow and/or scratch marks, sink marks large enough they formed pin holes, a part ejection defect resulting in the edge of the open fuselage area behind the exhaust panel being deformed and in need rebuilding, the propeller blades look unevenly formed on closer inspection.... In total, this all looks much like a test shot rather than a finished product which suggests that the company doing the injection moulding either didn't study the tooling and its specific requirements regarding temperatures, time etc. or they don't understand the nature of making the small, intricate parts of model kits. A shame really and I hope this won't have any fallout for Airfix in the long run... Jeffrey
  6. 1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    Good luck Tom, I'll be watching this, taking notes...My NB-52A will be built after our new house I'd really like to see how the main fuselage and wing parts go together. I think several detail parts should be replaced by resin or 3D printed items, such as the wheels, engine intakes/exhausts and possibly some landing gear items. Cheers Jeffrey
  7. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

  8. F-4J Cabriolet

    Wow, a great and inspired (as well as inspiring!) build! Any background on the model and how you went about making the dio? An interesting story as well! I'm surprised that the rear canopy didn't shatter or blow out, with the sudden build-up of all that dynamic pressure in the back. J
  9. Low level Puma

    Wow, stunning! Great subject, angle and composition! If there was a print available of this, I'd definitely buy it (probably can't afford an original oil painting...). J
  10. John Young dies

    Just read it as well. Godspeed to this unsung hero.
  11. Hi guys, I'd like to present to you another masterpiece build my my friend Akira Watanabe (some may remember his Wessex I posted on here a while ago). It's an F-104G, Belgian Air Force, 1:32, based on the Hasegawa kit with many modifications. It fits in well with the current F-104 theme on Britmodeller. I've had the pleasure of seeing the model in person twice, once while still in the building stages in Spring and then completed in Autumn last year. It's absolutely amazing and full of great ideas and techniques. For instance, the whole rear fuselage, the nose cone and wing tanks and under wing pylons are attached by magnets and everything can come off for safe transport in a cleverly designed carrier box!! It can also be displayed in two completely different configurations, as a target tow aircraft or with four tanks and practice bomb dispenser. Here is the link to the build with extensive in-progress descriptions: http://nabe3saviation.web.fc2.com/modelF104.html and the main website: http://nabe3saviation.web.fc2.com/index.html Cheers Jeffrey
  12. No THAT is nice, I really like it, both in build execution, paint finish and marking variant. I thought the Hasegawa and Academy were nearly identical, aren't they? I have both, but not yet built. Tiny gripe (pet peeve) though is that the speed brakes actually deflect nearly 45° downwards, not as straight out as yours, but I see that on a LOT of Sabre models and I think no model manufacturer actually points this out accurately in the instructions. Cheers Jeffrey
  13. Piano hinge scribing template?

    Cheers, let's see. I've ordered the one from Italy and the Dream Model set from China, who get's there first? Still puzzled about the Hannants thing - perhaps someone viewing this thread got an idea and ordered the one in stock? Or just exceptional coincidence... Thanks everyone and Happy New Year! J
  14. Piano hinge scribing template?

    Where is the Dream Model set gone? When I posted this there was one in stock, now I wanted to place the order and it's out of stock!!
  15. Piano hinge scribing template?

    Cheers, some more digging brought up this set: http://www.royalmodel.eu/en/tools-accessories/15-airplanes-templates-stencil-148.html But I think I'll order the Dream Model one as well, from the Big H as I can't wait a month for post from China... J