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  1. The price of second hand LP's isn't music to my ears.

    ...for me it's often the other way round. Live you can experience a much rougher, unfiltered, un-overproduced sound. I'm a bit ocd with guitar sounds and on record guitars tend to be mixed "unoffending", often that little bit too quiet and smooth for me. Live, especially in small venues, I deliberately stood where I could hear as much of the direct guitar sound from stage as possible. J
  2. The price of second hand LP's isn't music to my ears.

    Well, actually isn't the argument quite the opposite? In theory, a vinyl record should sound a lot better than a standard CD. The record is a reproduction of the original sound wave, in its full, continuous glory, while a CD with its 44.1kHz, 16bits sampling rate only give you "snapshots" of the original wave, the bits in between missing. The real world problem is that the audio quality of vinyl can suffer due to bad pressing, poor hifi equipment, dust and mis-handling (damage) so many people associate vinyl with crackling, hissing and other noises in the background. Add to that the fact you don't need to flip a CD over and the CD seems to win at first glance. Listen to a good, pristine condition, pressing on decent hifi equipment and the story is quite different... Don't get me wrong, I agree with everything you say lasermonkey, it's just the second half of the first paragraph I'm referring to. And please don't sell any more Tom Petty albums! J
  3. Sea Fury VW234 low EDSG camo with Korean stripes - whats the gen?

    Definitely a Sea Fury! And you don't need to worry about the ill-fitting cowl either! J
  4. Air Respirator

    I use a 3M 7500 mask and with that A1 filters, number 6051. I spray mainly smelly, organic, lacquer based paints and nothing penetrates those filters. I've just checked and these filters fit both the 6000 and 7000 series masks so they could be right for you. I use an extractor so I have hardly any dust or overspray in the room and hence don't think I need a particulate filter, but it might be a good idea if you spray without extraction. Jeffrey
  5. Anti-Virus Software

    I used to use separate firewall and antivir software, but decided to set things up properly with a single package once and for all a year ago. My dad used to use Bitdefender and was very happy with it, Did my own research and went for it. Single license for my three machines, works perfectly. I often use the "Safeplay" for online banking as well. J
  6. 1/48 MiG 15 new tool

    A 3D scan wouldn't need tape applied like this. This looks like "old school" measuring - capturing the complex shape by measuring between many fix points and by taking pictures with the reference tape in place. J
  7. 1/48 - MiG-25PD "Foxbat-E" by ICM - released

    XMM make full length, large cross section intakes for the ICM kit: http://xmold-modeling.com/products-information/ Cheers J
  8. ICM 1/48 MiG-25RBT

    I second that - got the Amigo set a couple of weeks ago (very fast shipping) and was mightily impressed by the detail and surface quality. It looks like little has been done to the 3D printed masters in terms of filling and sanding as otherwise all that intricate detail wouldn't be there anymore. Whatever machine they are using for printing, it's definitely at the pinnacle of state-of-the-art, I haven't seen curved surfaces printed this smoothly. Now I only hope the fit is as good as the looks. Jeffrey
  9. 50% OFF at Hypersonic Models

    ...and that's everything gone, many thanks!! J
  10. Canberra TT18 question

    Oh, the bomber type canopies (early and late) have been out for about a year now, I've got a couple in stock. I'm currently working on the Version canopies, also early and late. The basic master is ready and now requires setting up for the two different types and I still need to make the interior detail. But release will not be until after everything has arrived and my workshop is set up in Japan. I still need to work out supply chains, try new products etc. Cheers! J
  11. Hi, it's now less than a week before I close the Hypersonic Models web store and all remaining resin items have now been reduced by 50% so I can clear all stock. Yes, that's HALF PRICE! I know, many items are already sold out, but I'm sure you can still find the odd part you always wanted... A reminder that while my shop is closed, you can still get HM products at the48ers.com Cheers! Jeffrey
  12. Canberra TT18 question

    Great to see you here Akira and good luck with building the Canberra! You told me about the project, but I managed to completely miss this thread even though I check BM almost daily...!?! As I am currently working on the PR.9 replacement canopy, I am wondering whether a corrected "bubble" type canopy is needed as well? I know there are already two aftermarket resin canopies, but as I understand, no canopy (including the kit ones) is quite right... All the best Jeffrey
  13. Meteor T7 left Coventry.

    The most beautiful of Meteor variants (in my opinion). Tried to see her flying at airshows, but it was never meant to be. Another classic (and iconic) jet gone from the UK... Jeffrey
  14. Hypersonic Models closing (temporarily)

    Many thanks indeed! Despite all the planning, a bit of luck is needed. Cheers, Jeffrey
  15. Absolutely beautiful, I love the Cutlass and especially this scheme. Well done! J