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  1. When I was over in Germany last month I was browsing through some modelling magazines with the actual intention of picking up Modell Fan or some other magazine. I stopped when I saw the current prices of €7.00 for Modell Fan and something like €8.50 for another German publication I hadn't seen before (edit: I looked it up, it's called Wingmaster, much thinner than Modell Fan). So I don't think price is a valid factor here. Jeffrey
  2. Respirator help

    I use A1 cartridges, No. 6051. I spray mainly lacquers (i.e. cellulose thinners) and never had a problem, don't smell a thing with those. J
  3. B-1B High-Speed Pass at Oshkosh 2017

    It's the Sniper targeting pod, as used also on F-15E, F-16 or Harriers Cheers J
  4. Hot another PB ransom email yesterday - they're not listening at all, are they?
  5. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    Love to see a big wing B-57 in 1:48 - I'll be watching this space! Jeffrey
  6. 3 days at RIAT 2017 (Updated 23/07/17)

    Nice pics, thank you for sharing them! Terrible weather yesterday (at least in the morning), very disappointed about the F-22 and kind of worried the rain even broke my camera - got some erratic results. J
  7. Email provider

    I can thoroughly recommend Fastmail. It's a paid service, but it's only $3 per month on the basic package. Spam and snoop-free, good storage and even a file storage facility that I will be using for posting pics on forums after the PB disaster. Jeffrey
  8. I've recently opened an account with Fastmail for un-snooped, well-Spam-filtered and uninterrupted email service that just works and slowly migrate my email traffic over from BT. It's a paid service, but only $3 per month (higher grade options are available). Upon enquiry, I've found out that this comes with 1GB of web storage and the facility to create photo album-like (sub)websites. Uploading works with drag and drop. You can then copy the image's URL and embed it on the forums of your choice (you have to create the HTML string yourself though for other forums unlike this one). This is what I'll do I think. Cheers Jeffrey
  9. The more you think about it the more grotesque the whole thing appears. We on here are but a tiny tiny part of the internet and yet a huge chunk of content was just wiped out. Now scale this up to the thousands of other web forums and spaces where people share/post things and basically Photobucket managed to wipe all that off the internet! That coupled with somewhat questionable legality of the whole thing of applying new TnC's to the past and the ridiculous amount of $400 makes me think that either: - this is a crude marketing stunt and will be changed back soon - PB as a whole have been hacked badly and your $400 wouldn't go where you think they would go - PB have been bought out/taken over by another company who just want PB's infrastructure but want to get rid of their clients - PB managers fully entrusted a company re-vamp to some marketing guys who understand nothing about PB's business - someone in PB HQ has lost their mind completely Before I commit to opening an account at other hosting services I'll wait a week or so, perhaps we will hear from PB eventually and maybe they back-track. Jeffrey
  10. Only had my rude awakening just now. I've received an email from PB about their new TaC's but dismissed it as Phishing/Spam as I could not only not imagine that PB would do such a thing (from $0 to $400????) and the email also had spelling mistakes, common with the usual ransom/phishing/bogus emails I receive all the time. But no, it's a reality!! I can't believe it - I've only used PB for posting images on forums, nothing else, that was the only reason and they've killed it! I really haven't got the time to re-upload all my images to a different hosting service and then change all the links in all my past postings on three or four modelling forums for about 10 years, that's madness. So along with many many other posts, a lot of material is lost from the web - I bet a lot of valuable research material too.... So people are recommending Village Photo? Jeffrey
  11. Glastonbury overkill

    Not a fan of big festivals myself (been to Reading Festival 1999, that was enough for me), but at least for once every couple of years some good music on TV, not that brain-drained, characterless, mass-fabricated stuff you get the rest of the year, which I wouldn't go near in a Million years. Radiohead's performance was absolutely stunning. J
  12. Nice, much better now! J
  13. Here is the annotated screenshot you asked for Mike: Cheers J
  14. oops, posted in another thread on this, but this seems to be the "official" one. First of all, I really like the new style, in particular the main page header, well done! One thing I wanted to say though is that the individual posts in a thread and their post headers are a bit confusing at the moment. There is a (dotted) separation line between a header and its content box, but there is no line between the bottom of one post and the header of the next, making it not clear which post the header belongs to. Perhaps those lines or the contrast of the background colour could be tweaked a little to make it clearer... Cheers Jeffrey