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  1. Tamiya releasing new paint range

    Interesting, but is there a review somewhere that allows for the conclusion that this paint is similar to MRP (i.e. an ink-like, super fine and pre-thinned acrylic lacquer)? My first hunch would be that it's more like GSI Mr Color, also an acrylic lacquer, but otherwise quite different in pigmentation and viscosity. Mr Color is THE go to paint in Japan, more that Tamiya's alcohol based acrylics so it would make sense for T to grab some of GSI's market... J
  2. Tom Petty RIP

    My hero and musical godfather. Never would have started playing guitar had it not been for Tom Petty. Thank you for everything! RIP Tom.
  3. PE4821 MiG-29 Exterior 1/48

    Ooohhh, nice! Will put in an order soon. My old question though: will the 1:48 flare buckets ever be available again? Cheers J
  4. Are you serious, Hasegawa?

    Amerang to blame, NOT Hasegawa. Their pricing is beyond reality. And they don't even do their supposed job of actually importing and distributing the kits (e.g. Minicraft) either. J
  5. Absolutely top job!!! I love it. Jeffrey
  6. ...and notice that continuous line formed by the oil cooler housing and the "nun's hat" belly.... just saying....
  7. ...just a reminder about this weekend's Modelpalooza https://www.facebook.com/groups/130979320279016/ in Orlando Florida. Sounds like day 1 has been good already! Cheers Jeffrey
  8. Hi, this is aimed in particular at US modellers in the south-east. This weekend the 2017 Modelpalooza show takes place in Orlando, Florida. http://www.ipmsorlando.com/modelpalooza.html Hypersonic Models products can be purchased there at the table manned by my friend Andy table #42, next to AOAdecals (http://www.ipmsorlando.com/vendor-information.html) so you can stock up on A-6 decals and resin sets in the same spot! Please make it down in numbers to support the cummunities that are having a rather difficult time right now. Cheers Jeffrey
  9. Authentic Airliners

    As I'm not an Airliner Cafe member and don't know Kurt personally or business wise, perhaps someone can relay the message: I'm very sorry to hear of his health issues and wish him a speedy recovery, but the one thing he mentioned that 3D vision was mandatory for modelling is not true. I never had stereo vision as I only ever had about 25% vision in my right eye and I think I fair pretty well on the modelling side of things. Sports? Pilot's license? HGV license? CG 3D effect artist? Binocular's designer? Not so much. But normal scale modelling? Totally, no problem. Long live Authentic Airliners. Cheers Jeffrey
  10. Now that's a stunner!! I especially like the first picture, and that despite the fact I'm not a fan of intake plugs... Thanks for posting. Jeffrey
  11. Sea Dragon!

    Love your model, it turned out really great! I'll build exactly the same one one day, just in the process of sourcing the parts for it. A shame these are being phased out with the JMDSF, just so much more "presence" than Merlins that replace them... Cheers Jeffrey
  12. IPMS UK / Scale Model World email contact?

    Well, the website is actually ipmsuk.org, not co.uk . I will try the emails again with .org , see what happens... J
  13. IPMS UK / Scale Model World email contact?

    ...bounces as well. So the ipmsuk.co.uk mail server seems to be down. J
  14. IPMS UK / Scale Model World email contact?

    Thank you, will try. I'm a trader, but they will hopefully get it to the right person. The scalemodelworld address bounces back as unknown host or server so I have a feeling it might be something to do with ipms.co.uk which would affect the above email address as well. But we'll see. Cheers Jeffrey