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  1. Not a fan of big festivals myself (been to Reading Festival 1999, that was enough for me), but at least for once every couple of years some good music on TV, not that brain-drained, characterless, mass-fabricated stuff you get the rest of the year, which I wouldn't go near in a Million years. Radiohead's performance was absolutely stunning. J
  2. Nice, much better now! J
  3. Here is the annotated screenshot you asked for Mike: Cheers J
  4. oops, posted in another thread on this, but this seems to be the "official" one. First of all, I really like the new style, in particular the main page header, well done! One thing I wanted to say though is that the individual posts in a thread and their post headers are a bit confusing at the moment. There is a (dotted) separation line between a header and its content box, but there is no line between the bottom of one post and the header of the next, making it not clear which post the header belongs to. Perhaps those lines or the contrast of the background colour could be tweaked a little to make it clearer... Cheers Jeffrey
  5. I too like the new look! Well done guys!!! One small bit of (constructive) criticism: It's now a bit hard to discern which bits belong to which post, like there is a line between the headers and the post content, but there is NO line between the bottom of a post and the header of the next one. A tiny bit confusing... Cheers Jeffrey
  6. So it can only be another year before Hannants has got them.
  7. There are obviously crossovers as not only the subject matter is quite a limited one, but also the main source is the same, but it is a completely new book with lots of additions the Ginter book didn't have.
  8. Yep, same here, have ranted about this before as well, had exactly the same experience - "dispatched" email received, even including a tracking number. Item didn't show up next day made enquiries and the item hadn't even physically entered the delivery company's system. Same with many ebay purchases from "buy it now" companies - you get a "dispatched" email just minutes after ordering - how would that be possible? I send out dispatch emails after I've come back from the post office. J
  9. My thoughts exactly, on both counts. J
  10. If 1:32 was my scale I'd get this kit - the masters look superb! J
  11. Hi Jon, well done! I'm going to order at least a sheet, but would you be able to give some more background info on the birds on those sheets? Like time frame, base, deployment, small/large bore intake? I'm neither a Meteor nor an RAF expert, but still would like to make an "informed" decision...I have no room for 10 Meteors either Cheers J
  12. I really hope they manage to get her back into the air! It might not have the public attention and draw of the Vulcan, but any cold war jets kept flying deserve lots of support, otherwise that era will quickly become a dead and dusty chapter in museums only. J
  13. @Merlin: a vacuum pump for £800?? Where are you shopping? Examples: http://www.hvacstore.co.uk/acatalog/refrigeration_and_air_conditioning_vacuum_pumps.html http://www.easycomposites.co.uk/#!/vacuum-equipment-and-supplies/vacuum-pumps-and-equipment/EC20-1-Industrial-Vacuum-Pump.html ...and lots available on Ebay as well. As for your Q7: longer "vacuuming" has two effects: 1 you create a better vacuum and thus any gas contained in your resin will expand more ("bubbles get larger") 2 the longer you wait the more time the resin has to react with the small amounts of moisture contained within and will continue to form bubbles until it sets. As I said before, under atmospheric pressure those bubbles are tiny tiny tiny and not noticeable, but under vacuum they will become huge. 10% pigment is quite a large amount. You also better pre-mix your pigment into your polyol (usually "part A", NOT the hardener). I use large syringes for component dispense (and short-term storage of the components). Don't forget to use a dry gas like Polypurge etc. to seal your polyol and isocyanate containers after decanting, otherwise your components will draw more and more moisture, rendering them useless very quickly. @Vedran: personally, I haven't come across a resin that's thin enough (i.e. low viscosity), has suitable material properties (hardness, elasticity, shrinkage..) for scale model parts AND has a pot life of 10 minutes or even more. The best I could find was something around 6-7 minutes, not compromising too much on either cured properties or viscosity. Note that generally, lower viscosity goes along with faster curing time and pot life. J
  14. You can buy it from Hobbyland as well: Link While the website is mostly set up for ordering from Japan, you can email them and they will arrange everything for your order, payment with PayPal. Cheers J