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  1. XV574 '2nd Special livery' help required

    If you look close at photos, the demarcation on the left side has a downward kink while the right side has an upward kink. The modeldecal instructions don't show this and I have seen a few models with both sides painted identical.
  2. XV574 '2nd Special livery' help required

    One point of note on the full black spine version, the demarcation between the grey and black, below the two cockpits is different on the left to that on the right
  3. Errors found at Xtradecals sets.

    Sheet 72-233 The 25 years of Tornado ops, ALL the fin decals are over-sized, the list of ops. angle is too steep and the white 25 is not strong enough. Not sure which kit they were designed for, I have used a Hasgawa but I doubt that they would be correct for any kit.
  4. White Print!

    I think the machine you are using is different to the one I used. The one I used was a + white, it printed the colours and the white in one run, thus giving perfect registration. The problem for decal printing is that the software is designed for printing iron on transfers so it prints the colour layers in reverse order, with white being the top layer. I was just wondering if there was a way of modifying the process, so that it prints the white layer first. Oki are missing an opportunity to sell the machines for small run decal printing and for decal proof printing.
  5. Xtradecals - cracking up!

    I agree that it is most likely a duff sheet but it does seem to be quite common and at £9 a sheet, it shouldn't happen at all. Maybe Microscale in their pursuit of producing thinner decals, they have become too delicate.
  6. White Print!

    I have used one of these Oki printers, thanks to a local company. The system is designed for iron on transfers, so the white is the last of the colour process - you end up with a reverse decal - have you managed alter the software and print the white first then the colours?
  7. Produce own decals

    I've picked up two brand new, end of line Laser Jets for £50 in the past, one off ebay - a Konica Minolta Magicolour 1600W and the other from Tesco - a Dell 1250c LED printer. Both work fine with a variety of laser jet decal papers but for decal printing, the Dell LED printer is by far the best. Keep checking Tesco on-line store, they seem to get a lot of end of line electrical goods. For £50, they are worth buying and keeping just for decals, mine are still on the trial toners that they came with.
  8. Xtradecals - cracking up!

    These were fairly recent sheets. Ordering two sheets to cover any problems is getting to be a bit expensive!
  9. Xtradecals - cracking up!

    Has anyone else had experience of the latest Xtradecals cracking up? I've had problems with a couple of RAF update sheets where some of the decals have broken into several parts either while sliding off the paper backing or whilst positioning once on the model. One sheet in particular, I had problems with several items on the sheet but the same items on a second sheet were no problem at all. The most frustrating was the Be.2 decal on the 2 squadron anniversary Tornado, one side broke into several pieces while still on the paper and the other side, the blue section of the rudder broke away from the white section while positioning the decal - a clean colour divide, then when I tried to move the the portion that had broken away, it shattered into several pieces.
  10. Printscale Decals beware

    Just found this post and I have to say, I am starting to get the same issues with the latest Xtradecals, mainly with the pilots names on modern RAF aircraft. They are so small and hard to see on the light blue paper backing anyway (I've accidentally cut through a few when cutting out other decals) but Sometimes they won't slide off the edge of the paper and some have just wrapped the brush the instant they do leave the paper.
  11. Tornado F.2 ZA254 - F.3 Differences?

    I have another picture somwhere that I think shows the F2 legend was changed to F3. Of note in this picture, is that the rear fuselage extension was just a straightforward cut & shut, just after the burner cans. Prodution F3s had a complete new design section aft of the frame at the point of the tailplane pivot.
  12. Suez stripes for a Canberra Bomber

    Nice find! I had always assumed that Dick Ward had probably seen a picture of WH646 with the wing tank or tailplane partially obscuring the 6 and making it look like a 0. I don't think that the photographer could have placed the camera in a better position to cause confusion if he had tried! That picture settles it for me, that airfame is 646, if you look hard enough, you can just about make out it's a 6.
  13. Suez stripes for a Canberra Bomber

    If you use the modeldecal sheet, you will need to alter the registration, WH640 was written off a year before Suez, while serving on 104 sqn at Gutersloh. I think the registration is a mistake and should have been WH646
  14. Tornado F.2 ZA254 - F.3 Differences?

    If it's just the scheme you like, protoype A.02 ZA267 carried the same scheme for a short time after being converted to the F.3 development airframe - albeit with a few modifications and a dark grey (MSG?) radome.
  15. Victor Blue Steel bay doors?

    Where is Dennis??? Had a thought about that attachment at the front of the missile, I wonder if it was to feed the correct airspeed to the missile due to the lower AOA and thus the pitot sensor not getting the correct airflow - this would explain why the Vulcan didn't need it. I think the two photographs above could show a short lived mod after Blue Steel had been withdrawn from service. I think there are three doors, two missile shaped doors that had a curved cross section and were rotated in the same way as the standard bomb doors and a small rectangular door at the forward section, that was hinged at the front.