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  1. Just been confirmed that by someone who was toilet roll bombed by Buccaneers during a TACEVAL at Waddington. Maybe the plan was to do a toilet roll bombing tour with the black Buccaneer.
  2. My thoughts too but you'd be surprised at what things a disbanding squadron will get up to! Can't think of any other reason why they would have fitted 2 x CBLS to an aircraft that was painted in a scheme that was expected to last just a few days.
  3. Could the above dispense paint marker bombs? I've recently been sent two pictures of the Black 16 squadron Buccaneer, it was fitted out with 2 x CBLS.100 on the outer pylons, also painted black. I was on 2 squadron at the time and a friend on 16 told me that the intention was to beat up all the airfields with the a/c and I was wondering if there might have been the intention to paint bomb the runways.
  4. Here's ZE809 https://images.app.goo.gl/9Dsip88FXY7oHBvZA
  5. Unfortunately that figure for the T.2 span doesn't state what the measurement includes, I think it's over the rails which would put the kinetic span approximately 6mm over sized. Excluding any attachments to the wing tips, I don't think there's any difference in measurements between the T.1 wing and the T.2. I reckon the kinetic wing is 3 - 4mm to long at the tips. Also, the wing fences are too far inboard. A measurement of the actual aileron span would be handy!
  6. I am aware of that but it is very close to the current T.2 cockpit panels - certainly closer than the kit parts.
  7. http://www.hyperscale.com/2013/reviews/accessories/kinetick32003reviewbg_1.htm
  8. Kinetic issued a pre-painted etched cockpit set to upgrade/correct the kit. Anyone seen these for sale anywhere in the UK?
  9. Just picked up one of these cheap, there's a question mark over the shape of the wingtip and there appears to be an extension at the tip, making the ailerons and wing too long in span. I'm not aware of increase in span of the T.2 wing over the T.1 - other than that over the rails when fitted and the blanks. It's also missing the white aerial that is located at the base of the fin and the two air data sensors located each side of the extended nose. There are also a few other communication/navigation aerials missing but these may have been recent additions to the RAF Hawk.
  10. Check the line that the canopy and windshield sits on the fuselage against photographs - I've yet to see any drawings, kit or conversion that has the canopy and windshield sitting at the correct angle.
  11. Thanks, I'll have search Hawk decal sheets.
  12. Thank for looking but the ones on that sheet I think are intended for the Hawk. X00672 is Tornado only
  13. Anyone know if the above sheets have the yellow and red no step foot prints on them. There's six rows of what might be these but all the pictures I have found are too low resolution. Thanks
  14. ⁸Just a note about the RAF supplying film processing equipment and personnel to the Chilean AF, I worked in the recce trade during the Faklands war and although I was on 2(AC) at Laarbruch at the time, I did hear about a number of ATREL cabins with processing and interpretation equipment were 'lost' from 41 squadrons inventory but no personnel were sent with them. I moved to JARIC at Brampton a year after the war and there was talk of ATREL cabins being prepared for transportation to Chile but I never heard of or met anyone who had been sent out with them and with a trade of only 120 personnel, everybody knew everybody! Also, there's mention of the Canberra being sent out with the U-2s high altitude type C camera. Firstly, I doubt very much that we would have given away a type C camera to the CAF, or the Americans allowed us to do so for that matter and definitely NOT the special film that was the real secret behind the system. Even if the camera had been used in theatre by RAF crews, the film would have had to come back to the UK for processing.
  15. Hi Dave, I have Warplane #36. PM me you email and I'll scan the article later. There's only one picture of a Canberra with Chilean marking visible on the rudder and '342' on the nose gear door but it doesn't say where the picture was taken.
  16. Unfortunately, grey Tornado intakes look black in most pictures! Radome started off gloss (polished?) but faded to satin.
  17. Does anyone know if the intakes were painted black on the above jet? Thanks
  18. The fin zap could still be a Buccaneer but bear in mind that RAF Phantoms on North Sea patrol often called in at Keflavik, especially Leuchars based squadrons.
  19. Thanks, I did think it was just a light grey, similar to to one of the FS greys but this picture made me wonder if it should be metallic. https://www.airhistory.net/photo/103693/4306/43-06 Probably just a trick of the light.
  20. I would say that that is it! As for the 'footprints', I'm sure I've seen these on another decal sheet. I found the Modeldecal sheet with the 19 Squadron counterpart, this too has the plane zap but not the footprints - maybe these were included as an update on a later sheet. I also have the Almark 1/48 Phantom sheet but the zaps aren't on that either.
  21. Something missing on an Xtradecal sheet- there's a surprise! This a/c is the subject of Modeldecal sheet 64. Unfortunately, the zaps are not shown on the instructions and my sheet is part used and only has the plane zap. The crew name on the splitter ramp are - from top to bottom:- FLT LT LLOYD HARRISON FLT LT DOORMAN? SAC R ROBERTS? The plane zap looks like a silver Phantom (could be a Buccaneer) on a red diamond - similar the the patches found on aircrew flight suits. Also of note in the instructions is that the original square type fin flash is showing underneath the swept flash.
  22. early Tornado undersides etc. Is it metallic?
  23. Somebody does or did a gold canopy tint, I had some but can't remember the manufacturer. It worked really well. Last time I used it, I sprayed a chrome RR radiator grill to make it look gold plated, it worked perfectly.
  24. I found in the past that quoting the order number for the faulty item gets a reply. Imagine how many email they must get asking for information about new or future releases etc.
  25. First kit built with my dad was an Airfix BEA Vanguard, we had just got back from Malta and had flown there and back on one. First kit I built on my own was the Airfix bagged Spitfire Mk IX.
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