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  1. Do you have the original clear parts as I got John Wilkes ( the now owner of the ID kits) to copy a new set for my old ID B-17 when I had it. Graham
  2. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Festival time here in Edinburgh and tonight we had a flyby by an A400, an unusal sound when gently flying along at a low level for flying over a city. Graham
  3. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    This morning the back of 10 there was a Merlin, Puma and Chinook over Edinburgh, the Merlin flew on while the Puma circled and the Chinook landed at what looked like Dreghorn Barracks from where I was, then 5 mins or so later took of and both headed south. Graham
  4. 500th Typhoon delivered

    The company I work for here in Edinburgh amongst other things delivers the radar for the Typhoon and the company posted on out web site a video of the 500th Typhoon being delivered to the Italian Airforce on the 11th of April, not the big numbers first being banded around but slowly getting there. Graham
  5. HK B17-F

    Hi, any idea when the B17 will be available ( I have one on backorder) as I see Wonderland models are now showing them in stock as of yesterday. Thanks Graham
  6. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    4 high flying jets flying in a loose finger 4 rapidly heading south over Edinburgh, heard the rumble but they were to high to see what type they were. Graham
  7. Sniper pods for Kuwaiti Typhoons

    Good news, as I work on the laser for the pod and it stands at 1000+ delivered and counting. Graham
  8. 1/48th Lancaster MkII.

    Still plodding away. Graham
  9. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    I am sure there was a Chinook over Edinburgh about 04:20 this morning and then again about 05:20 heading back south. Graham
  10. Saved from the scrapman

    Hi guys, I work for a company formally known as Ferranti and I have worked in the Laser Systems Dept since finishing my apprenticeship way back in 83. We have provided systems for many aircraft and land systems such as Tornado, Harrier, Jaguar, C130 ect, when the Jags retired we bought back the LRMTS’s that were fitted to them. Some were refurbished while others were marked for scrap, so between contacts and other modelling message boards I have “saved” 4 from the axe man to date. They have went far and wide from Edinburgh, the furthest is Melbourne in Australia. The LRMTS’s have been refitted to 1 Harrier GR3 and 3 Jag GR1/3’s and they are as follows: RAF Manston Museum Jag XZ106. Bentwaters Cold War Museum Jag XX741. Bentwaters Cold War Museum Harrier ZD667 Paul Cunningham’s Jag XX977 Melbourne Australia The following selection of pictures show the Harrier (top) and Jag heads together and in their new homes. Graham
  11. 1/48th Lancaster MkII.

    A bit more progress, fuselage together, tail feathers done and all dry fitted. Drilled out the spinners and fitted the prop blades using the UMM prop jig which was a breeze to use and now the brutish good looks are showing through. Graham
  12. 1/48th Lancaster MkII.

    Engines on, there are no markings on the cowlings where the intales and exhaust go so an old set of plans from SAM and Mk I eyeball then fingers crossed. Graham
  13. 1/48th Lancaster MkII.

    Fitted the Eduard lower flaps, phew. Graham
  14. 1/48th Lancaster MkII.

    Decided to have another crack at this and things are moving along nicely for the moment. and a mock up with the herc engines perched on Cheers Graham
  15. Eduard flaps for Tamiya Lanc

    Hi guys looking at fitting the Eduard flaps to my Tamiya Lanc is it better to fit the flat flap parts C and D into the upper wing before adding the small detail parts, just thinking it would be easier to get them flat against the wing and can you drop fit the undercarriage in after fitting the engines? Thanks Graham