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  1. Mustang Gallery

    Two of mine: They were done for the pacific Gb and for this one I have three in mind. Regards: Shaun
  2. O.k so I said I'd be giving this one a shot but just didn't get round to pulling my finger from mebut till I saw that everyone had a hellof a head start on me!So I started with the 1/48 mustang from revell aised panels and all so far the wheel wellsis stuck in place the wing halves is stuck together and most of the rescribing is done will post pics ASAP! The markings will once again be painted on andd possably will be doing some extra work in the office,the tail wheel is a total abortion so will need scratching! Thats all for now folks! Regards: Shaun
  3. Middle East GB

    Well if time permitting! Regards: Shaun
  4. Dead Thread - Please Disregard

    Guess this means that I'll have to get a cracin on mine then!!!LOL See you soon guys! Regards: Shaun
  5. Group Build Chat

    ARRRR she blows thanks to all for a lovely build!Hoping to do it soon again as I have a few "Pacific" typesstillin the stash. Regards: Shaun
  6. P38J Lightning Uncle Cy's Angel

    Looking forward to it Don!!And I was thinking that dislike rather than hate should be the Phrase! Regards: Shaun
  7. The Thousand Mile War - Amchitka, Spring 1943

    Still gonna twist his arm for a Mustang build!! Regards: Shaun
  8. P38J Lightning Uncle Cy's Angel

    Thanks DOn couldnt have done it without you and the rest of the guys mate!Glad you all supported me throughout the builds!Still hoping to see you in the Mustang GB.Strange thing is that I actually hate the Mustang but seeing as it was a very nice excercise in purpouse built engineering I like building them none the less!Go figure. Regards: Shaun
  9. Finished builds gallery

    Well guys thanks for a GREAT GB really enjoyed this one.Thanks for all the support and here is my last attempt for this one.Just finished it now so didn't have time for properclean up of the clear fix and the clear coat is still wet. I would also like to thank everyone for their support and especially Paul for making the last one possable by sending the decals. See you all over in the Mustang GB!! And all of the birds that was done for this GB in one pic: Regards: Shaun
  10. P38J Lightning Uncle Cy's Angel

    LOLat last its done not as neat as I would have liked it to be and also managed to cock up on the paint job as I decided to use acrylics (a very first for me and I dont like it).decided at the last minute to rather do Uncle Cy's Angel instead. Well here the pics! As you can see the clear coat and clear fix is still wet! And my collective attempts for this group build all in one pic!
  11. The Thousand Mile War - Amchitka, Spring 1943

    Hence I paint crappy markings on my birds LOL!Very nice P38 Don hope mine comes out half as good! Regards: Shaun
  12. P38J Lightning Uncle Cy's Angel

    Construction,sanding,preshading and green bits done going to lay first coat of silver now will post pics in the morning! Regards: Shaun
  13. The Thousand Mile War - Amchitka, Spring 1943

    As ussual spendid work mate! Regards: Shaun
  14. P38J Lightning Uncle Cy's Angel

    Had the same problem eventually ended up fitting lead strips in the nacelles too.But thanks for the heads up!Will hopefully have the ol bird finished by tonight. Regards: Shaun
  15. The Thousand Mile War - Amchitka, Spring 1943

    HEHEHEHEE Think you will have this done after all Don.Looking good mate!Any chance of getting you along on the Mustang build?I have three kits lined upfor that one! Regards: Shaun