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  1. Seem to remember that on the F4 J's they couldn't get the gun to harmonise to the hud, so it was rarely fitted. This was the mid 80's so might have been sorted out later on!
  2. Another foot note, the aden gun was 25mm, but never worked correctly and never entered service.
  3. To follow on from the sidewinder tail. To fit the nitrogen bottle to the lau, we used to have tow the jet on to a ramp, this tipped the jet to one side, Which lifted the out rigger off the ground. You could then pump the leg up to gain access the the nitrogen bottle!
  4. Airfix start kits are in Aldi now, spitfire mk1, hurrican, fw190, mustang, willys jeep and cutty sark.
  5. Aldi should have a selection of airfix kits from the 15 Dec at £4.99. Lidi has them in stock now.
  6. Aldi should have a selection of airfix kits from the 15 Dec at £4.99. Lidi has them in stock now.
  7. You're right Ian, the modelling world has come on leaps and bounds since the 70's, and you can spend a bloody fortune. At least I don't have to nick by mum's nail files anymore!
  8. Ah, 155 not 252 of course, what a plonker! Main GR3 fit on 1 sqd in the late 80's was cbls, tank, cbls on the centre line, tank, sneb. The sqd used to go to Deci twice a year, once for APC and the other for air to air (when the acmi pod was fitted).
  9. Ah, it's all coming back now, seem to be mixing up my fuel tanks seizes!
  10. The big jug tanks where ferry tanks, I'm afraid I can't remember their capacity, but around the 500 gallons i think. Only used for transit then swapped over to the smaller tanks, which I think where either 250 or 300 gallons.
  11. A ACMI pod is different beast from a aquci winder, they were fitted in Sardinia when used on the NATO range at Deci. I think a range opened off the north sea in the 90's and the jets flew out of Conningsby. Saying that to the untrained eye, or scale come to that, they do look much the same.
  12. Just a quick hello, Have been making models again for about 18 months now, after a break of 35 years! Can't say it was like riding a bike and have made some right cockups! But have plodded on and seem to be getting better. I have no peculiar intrest group, I just make what ever takes my fancy.
  13. Thinking about it a bit more, other fits would CBLS (practice bomb carrier) or SNEB 252 rocket cans.
  14. The wingless sidewinder is an sidewinder acquisition round, which is basically a hollow metal tube with a sidewinder heat seeking head on it. This is to allow simulated air combat (the phantom pilot who shot down the jag in the early 80's, thought he had them fitted)! I have seen the tubes in various colours, light grey, dark grey and dark blue. The head is a live unit so is bronze green. The OCU did fly with gun pods, it all depended on what stage the pilot's were on the conversion course, to what fit the aircraft was in, ie strakes/gun pods or pods with no guns fitted.
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