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  1. Thanks Das, Thats given me plenty of scope. Cheers Bill
  2. I've just doing the finishing touches to my Amusing Hobby FV214 Conqueror Mk1 tank. The problem being there is no guide to where the decals go! Just hoping that someone can point me in the general direction, there are not many of them, but I would like to be fairly close! Cheers Bill
  3. If I remember correctly, the blue harness is the seat straps (for strapping the aircrew inti the seat), and the green/khaki harness is for the safety equipment, ie parachute. Regards Bill
  4. When working in the bomb dump at Marham in the mid 80's, we had literally shed loads of CBU's. Now weather they were war reserve for other station's, or were for the Tonkas, l don't know.
  5. Hi all, I used to work on raf phantoms, and they were always fitted with sparrow ballast rounds on the front two missile stations. My question is did the faa phantoms have the same fit? And if so what colour would they be. Regards Bill
  6. Seem to remember that most vehicles where painted IIR green, Land Rovers, Sherpas, Minis, Escorts etc. By the late 80's saloon cars on the whole were gloss black.
  7. Hi Steve, I found the book quite an enjoyable read, plenty of photos, but like most books of this type it's writen from the aircrew prospective!
  8. Why did pwi's aways turn up at 5pm on a friday?
  9. Bloody things gave me tinitus!
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