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  1. Thanks, what a good idea, l would never have thought of that! Much easier than using the paper I was mucking about with!
  2. Very nice mate, I'm half way doing one now (taken longer than 2 days though!). Was just wondering how you made your mantlet cover? Cheers Bill
  3. Doing a job in Connington near Peterborough today, heard a jet take off from the near by air field (ex RAF Glatton), turned out to be a vampire, not sure of mk, but an unusual and heart warming sight all the same.
  4. The trouble is, that it not all there, half an hour short!
  5. Have to agree with Selwyn, more line swine needed!
  6. Not sure how to link it, but there is some nice coloured film of pinkies in Yemen in the 70's on you tube, which I used as reference when I painted mine.
  7. I was loading sparrows in 85/86 on 56 sqn at Wattisham.
  8. Uk phantoms mid 80's air defence war fit was 4 winders, 4 sparrow/flash plus suu gun.
  9. Seem to remember that both flash and sparrow rounds were the same colour at some point, because we had to check the conduit on the side to tell the difference!
  10. Thanks Das, Thats given me plenty of scope. Cheers Bill
  11. I've just doing the finishing touches to my Amusing Hobby FV214 Conqueror Mk1 tank. The problem being there is no guide to where the decals go! Just hoping that someone can point me in the general direction, there are not many of them, but I would like to be fairly close! Cheers Bill
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