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  1. the South African


    sorry for the iffy posts guys my ISP is on the fritz again. Well fuselage buttoned up as you can see parabrake housing thingy drilled out,whit primer to show up bits that was not properly sanded(the old eyes do not want to co operate)Scribing started,the plates that goes behind the "hot nozzles" cut and thinned as per ref pics.The front shoulders on the nozzle housings opened up, wing roots filled the very small dog-teeth done(as per reference pics).The intakes has been fattened up and also smoothed out on the inside.I have also started to do the nose as on my reference pics. Unfortunately I have come to the realisation that the wells will have to be left as is due to having the situation where I will be mucking about with the end result. The next step will be to do the pit to go with the bang seat. Thanks for looking. Regards: Shaun
  2. the South African


  3. the South African

    OP under a tree

    Thank you @Badder and @Major_Error for your very kind comments and the advice.In the meantime I have reinforced the plaster base with cold glue so I do not think that it will crack anytime soon I hope............. Well I have been up to no good in the meantime and here is what I have come up with in the meantime.I know it does not look like much but I am a first timer after all......LOL As always comments and advice is welcomed. Regards: Shaun
  4. the South African

    Mig-3 Late, Trumpeter, 1/48

    as I said Previously:"Silently stalking you my friend......"Cracking good job bud! Regards: Shaun
  5. the South African

    Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

    If you do the Lanc then I will be watching very closely.As I have the same boxing and am still wanting to do it but only time will tell. Regards: Shaun
  6. the South African

    Firefly Mk.5 - 1/72nd

    Don't know why but this plane in my eyes at leat is a beaut.
  7. the South African

    1/72 Fairey Rotodyne: Heather relives her childhood!

    As I said"stalking".This is coming along very well Heather. Regards: Shaun
  8. the South African

    Brits abroad - British subjects in foreign markings Chat

    I will have to resist MMMMMMMMMMMMMM SAAF Buc. Regards: Shaun
  9. the South African


    I have the same boxing that you built but some of the parts is missing.Also the reference drawing that you used but mine is in good old english.If ever you decide to build another P.M me and I will mail you the drawings if you were to need them. Regards: Shaun.
  10. the South African

    1-76 Girder Bridge

    I lived 2.5km's from this one as a boy in a town called Villiers Free state.As a matter of fact there is two of them that span the vaal river.Image courtesy of geosites. Regards: Shaun
  11. the South African

    1/72 Pontoon Bridge

    I'm hoping it is a very quick church.LOL The bridge is looking spectacular mate. Regards: Shaun
  12. the South African

    Henschel Hs 123A #136 1970

    What he said. Regards: Shaun
  13. the South African

    Going large with a Harrier.......

    I believe (and might be wrong) they are called bypass doors.Stunning idea and work so far BTW. Regards: Shaun
  14. the South African

    OP under a tree

    Well the beautiful work contained in this sub forum inspired me to at least try my hand at making a small vignette. I know next to nothing about painting and modeling figures let alone vehicles and landscape but decided to give it a go none the less so here is some of my humble attempts thus far. I made a wire skeleton to a tree: Then started building and painting two figures: (they are by no means finished) Slapped together a motorcycle and started painting it: and did up a couple of sandbags: Tried a couple of layouts: Drowned my tree skeleton in plaster of paris amongst other things: Then came up with some interesting layouts and textures: The plan is to do this as a sort of learning curve build and do it as a type of while we wait for glue etc to dry during the Airfix GB. Seeing as this is my first attempt at trying my hand at dios,figures and landscape any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking. Regards: Shaun
  15. the South African


    Hi all this one is indeed battling me from start to finish the auto filler worked very well and you can now barely see it(will post pics a bit later) I have done the skeleton to the ventral strakes and should be able to start banging the model into shape a bit later on this afternoon after doing waterchanges on my 6 aquariums. A worrysome aspect to this kit that is only now becomming apparent however is the fact that the front wheel well will not be able to be detailed as it is very shallow and cannot be cut out as then there will be no space for the bang seat.Also the office is very small and will not allow for extensive detail to be added. Will post pics as soon as I have some time in the afternoon. Regards: Shaun