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  1. Hi all. Not being the type of a person to settle for something less than what I like I have decided to start the tracks from scratch. The current state that they are in does not please my eye and thus I am now back at the drawing board inspite of this decision endagering my projects timeline. I will be back as soon as there is some tangible progress. Regards: Shaun
  2. No troubles. Mate I would think that the best way would be to build every single sub assembly and then play around with dry fitting to see what would work best for you. Regards: Shaun
  3. Hi Francis. Let me clear it up. No vac forming and no 3d printing good old file and plastic card at work here. I am planning to get a 3d printer a bit later in the year and I vac form only aircraft canopies wheels etc. Regards: Shaun
  4. Hi Dave. Yes 1980 and yes pencil me in as I have said though something small. Regards: Shaun
  5. I might pop in with something from Afganistan or maybe the Iran Iraq conflict. It will however probably end up being only a figure or some such. Regards: Shaun
  6. Lol Thanks I think I am now busy with the other tracks but have started from scratch because somehow I managed to stuff up the measurements on the previous templates..... Regards: Shaun
  7. Well next to no experience vut I have a buddy that is extremely good at it and he is willing to teach me I will however keep your kind offer in mind as I am a want to know everything type of person. Regards: Shaun
  8. You see what you did now? I have started to put out my grubby little fingers in search of one of those 3d printer thingies and must say that I thought my wife would kill me but she just sighed and said that if I feel that I need one then well I should just get it. So a happy little camper here. I will however first shop around a bit and then get one. Regards: Shaun
  9. Just a little word of reading waaaay to much. The front fenders on the real tank and also the rear could lift to avoid damage and facilitate cleaning. But in this case it may be so that you could thread your tracklinks. Great build so far mate. Regards: Shaun
  10. You are whipping this one Glynn. Really nice paintjob and liking the tracks a whole lot. Regards: Shaun
  11. Thanks stix. I must get my uniform etc ready for work in the morning so doubt if I will be able to do a lot roday. I will however say this:I am easily distracted yesterday evening I got to thinking that I would like to try my hand at making a bit of stowage items and thought to give it a try. Well the first item that I then got started on was a large banged up: The handles is intentionally skewed there is still a bit of work to be done but I think the idea is there. Regards: Shaun
  12. Duh duh duh duh I'M lovin it. (insert macdonalds' theme song notes). As always your work is neat and tidy mate! Regards: Shaun
  13. Absolutely awe inspiring!! Regards: Shaun
  14. Well first off thanks for theextended kindness guys. I have been doing a bit of work for today and this is where I'm at for now. And this is the actual reason for me trying this out: I will now start on the opposite side's links and then do the whole skeletonisation thing. As always all comments and critique is welcomed.
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