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the South African

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  1. the South African

    OP under a tree done

    Thank you very kindly for the above remarks and advice @Badder.I am most definitely hooked as I said before only thing is I have 600 odd aircraft kits to build as it represents many years of collecting.That however being said I can see absolutely no reason not to build them as part of dioramas. The money spent on a good model does not at all bother me as I see this as a extension of the hobby itself and it keeps me from overspending in the long run due to not buying more kits. Once again thank you for the kind words and I do believe that I will be seen around this section of the forum more regularly than most would like with both new scenes and way too many questions. Regards: Shaun
  2. the South African

    Eleventh Hour GB chat

    After doing my current stalled airfix build I would very much like to be a part of this If you would have me. Regards: Shaun
  3. the South African

    Scratch building Ideas for Practice?

    build things with a "single" color such as tree trunks garbage cans etc I have found in my limited experience that these type of things is the most difficult to represent accurately. Also make things with a lot of curvature eg again dustbins and skips these curves are difficult to keep in place and render accurately with dents etc. HTH Shaun
  4. the South African

    Tyrannosaurus Rex & Triceratops - Pegasus Hobbies

    The detail & level of painting done is astonishing! Regards: Shaun
  5. the South African

    1/8 Nagano Kawasaki 750 H2

    looking verry nay VERY good! Regards: Shaun
  6. the South African

    OP under a tree done

    So I'm calling this one done and even thouugh I feel that I have a loooooooooooooong way to go in the art I am pleased as this dio is my first attempt at such.As a side note I also think that I am now officially hooked. Figures and accessories is all tamiya items base and tree I made myself. Thanks for looking and as always critique is welcomed. Regards: Shaun
  7. the South African

    1/35 South African Rooikat AFV

    Looking great.They however do get PLENTY dirty in use as our armour guys like to abuse them.Who makes the G6 rhino kit?It looks a bit too small in relation to the rooikat.... Regards: Shaun
  8. Looks great.Seeing that its almost done how about treating us to a 109Z?? Regards: Shaun
  9. the South African

    OP under a tree

    so I had some time to start painting and to do some additional work on the base and this is what I came up with for the afternoon.After taking these (very poor quality) photo's I did a bit more painting especially on the figure as I am not very pleased with how it came out. Thanks for looking and as always comments and advice is welcome.NAY sought. Regards: Shaun
  10. the South African


    sorry for the iffy posts guys my ISP is on the fritz again. Well fuselage buttoned up as you can see parabrake housing thingy drilled out,whit primer to show up bits that was not properly sanded(the old eyes do not want to co operate)Scribing started,the plates that goes behind the "hot nozzles" cut and thinned as per ref pics.The front shoulders on the nozzle housings opened up, wing roots filled the very small dog-teeth done(as per reference pics).The intakes has been fattened up and also smoothed out on the inside.I have also started to do the nose as on my reference pics. Unfortunately I have come to the realisation that the wells will have to be left as is due to having the situation where I will be mucking about with the end result. The next step will be to do the pit to go with the bang seat. Thanks for looking. Regards: Shaun
  11. the South African


  12. the South African

    OP under a tree

    Thank you @Badder and @Major_Error for your very kind comments and the advice.In the meantime I have reinforced the plaster base with cold glue so I do not think that it will crack anytime soon I hope............. Well I have been up to no good in the meantime and here is what I have come up with in the meantime.I know it does not look like much but I am a first timer after all......LOL As always comments and advice is welcomed. Regards: Shaun
  13. the South African

    Mig-3 Late, Trumpeter, 1/48

    as I said Previously:"Silently stalking you my friend......"Cracking good job bud! Regards: Shaun
  14. the South African

    Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster.

    If you do the Lanc then I will be watching very closely.As I have the same boxing and am still wanting to do it but only time will tell. Regards: Shaun
  15. the South African

    Fairey Firefly Mk.5 - 1/72nd ++FINISHED++

    Don't know why but this plane in my eyes at leat is a beaut.